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closed door meetings

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“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” 


Toby Ziegler had met many men who were put off by powerful women, by women who not only took no shit but called them on it too, by women who knew exactly how commanding and sexy they were. 


What idiots. 


CJ stood in front of him, fingers playing with his tie, eyes sharp but deadly serious. She stepped closer, standing between his legs as she looked down at him, every bit the queen that ruled the press room. 


He took off his tie, handing it over. CJ tilted her head, looping it around her neck, unbuttoning her blouse until it hung scandalously open, framed by his tie. 


Damn he loved her.


She stepped closer, hitching up her skirt and settling onto his lap. She unbuttoned his shirt with an easy flick of her wrist, squirming in his lap. Toby dragged his eyes away from her to check if she’d locked the door-


She had not. At any moment anyone could just walk into his office and see them.


CJ’s tongue circled the shell of Toby’s ear and he moaned, hands on her thighs, pulling her closer. 


“Jeanie,” he murmured , kissing the tender spot between her breasts. CJ’s breath hitched. 


She caught him by the wrist, moving his hand between her legs. CJ kissed him, soft and gentle as he pressed two fingers inside her. She moaned against his mouth.


CJ rose and fell, fucking herself on his hand while Toby watched, forever in awe of her. He pressed his thumb to her clit, making quick movements to match hers.


She was growing more frantic, each little gasp and whine sounding more and more desperate. With his free hand, Toby caught her chin, holding her still with their foreheads pressed together. 


“I’ve got you,” he whispered, “That’s it, Jeanie. You’re safe.” 


Her body clenched around his digits as she orgasmed. CJ gripped his shoulders, eyes closed and trembling in his hands. Toby watched her come undone, in awe the way he always was in these moments.


She slumped against him, face hidden in his shoulder as she gathered her strength. He stroked her hair, wiping his other hand on his pants. 


“We,” CJ’s voice was soft, right by his ear, “we have a senior staff meeting in a few minutes.” 


Toby chuckled, taking his tie back as she sat up, got up, out of his lap. She straightened her skirt, buttoned her blouse, smoothed her hair, all before reaching out to retie his tie. 


He stood, waiting as CJ gently wiped away where she’d left lipstick marks on his face. Opening the door for her, Toby placed a hand on the small of her back as she stepped past into the communications office.


“We will have to continue our conversation,” he said, hand lingering possessively on the flimsy silken fabric. 


CJ nodded, face innocent save for the smallest smirk as they walked down the halls, “Lunch then?”