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I'm coming home

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His alpha was on a 48 hr. shift and their kid was at school. He could have gone to a hotel and taken a good sleep before surprising them. But he was being stubborn, he wanted his next sleep to be in his husband’s bed with his alpha besides him. He missed the man so damn much it hurt. So as he got out of the airport and into his rental he grinned and knew what he had to do. He checked the addresses he had from his alpha having never been in L.A before since his family had moved here he didn’t really quite know what to expect. But the gps told him which way to go, and he followed it straight to the firehouse 118. When he got there and parked he got out rubbing his belly. His belly was the reason he was even home able to surprise his alpha like this in the first place.

15 weeks ago his annual heat leave ‘vacation’ with his alpha had been amazing. They’d spent an entire week locked up in a hotel doing each other senseless the entire week. He thought he’d been careful, but well stuff happens and a few months later a routine physical had found his little stow away while he was prepping for a mission. Needless to say higher ups were not pleased, not to brag but he was one of the best in the team and they told him so all the time. His team did only rescues, they were the ones called when someone had to be pulled out from behind enemy lines. Or a valuable civilian needed to get pulled out of a war zone. Did his higher ups or his team care he was an omega? Nope, he could do the job just as good as they could. Being pregnant though, threw a wrench into everything. Omegas with kids weren’t allowed to serve and were retired immediately when the pregnancy was discovered. Something about ‘priorities’ and Buck thought it was bullcrap but this was one fight he didn’t have it in him to push through. He’d accepted retirement and all it’s benefits and headed home. Which was how he found himself at the empty 118 now.

As he walked through the place the missing vehicles told him the team must be on a call. He hoped they wouldn’t mind if he served himself to something to drink and eat cause he was starving and his feet were killing him. Changing out of his uniform could wait since while uncomfortable with his growing belly he was used to it. His pants rode a little lower than usual now a days, and his shirt was stretched over his belly but it was fine. He’d gotten stared at on his way out of the airport even as some people saluted him in thanks for his service which he gave them a nod and a smile for.

20 min. Later the 118 pulled back into their normal spots and the team started coming out of their vehicles, some heading for the locker room and the showers while others headed upstairs to relax and get something to drink. An Asian man was the first to spot him and stop dead in his tracks to stare at him from the top of the stairs. The Asian man didn’t look like he knew how to react at first. He supposed it’s not every day you encounter a navy seal you don’t know eating your food at your table at the place where you work. Buck just grinned, he knew his alpha hadn’t told anyone about him. Hell it had taken the man a month and an earthquake to tell ‘em he had a kid. But he knew all about the team, and knew this had to be the guy his alpha called ‘Chim’.

“Uhhh…” Chim all but squeaked out, he knew that uniform but he didn’t know who this was. But hell he wasn’t about to tell a navy seal to stop eating either. Even if it was some random guy off the street the man was eating like he hadn’t eaten in days. He also knew the cap would be the first to start feeding the guy. Didn’t take long for Chim to spot the dusty, well worn looking duffel by the sofa either. So this was a recently arrived back home navy seal. “Uhmm… Can we help you? I’m Howard Han by the way, paramedic. Team just calls me Chim.”

Buck just grinned as he took another bite of his sandwich. His alpha had told him these people were nice, welcoming. But he’d honestly expected at least a ‘who the fuck are you’. After swallowing some more soda quickly he looked back at Chim with a wide smile that made the guy visibly relax and even melt a little. “Hi Chim, yeah I’m waiting for Eddie Diaz. I know he works here.”

“Huh… Kay…” Chim said with a curiously confused look and a raised eyebrow. The seal had leaned back and Chim had now spotted what was clearly a baby belly, meaning the seal was an omega. Now he was even more glad he’d gone with the soft approach. Though as he went over to the railing he had to wonder how such a tall, beefy looking dude ended up an omega in the first place, and more specially why that pregnant omega wanted Eddie. “Eddie! Someone up here for ya.” He yelled out to downstairs making Buck laugh. Cause well shit he could have done that. The whole team would be up here in seconds now.

Eddie came out of the lockers after a quick shower and a change and raised a confused eyebrow to Chim’s call but headed over to the stairs anyways. By the time he’d arrived there was a group of people already staring at whoever was there and he had to part through past Hen and the Cap to even see who it was. When he did he felt like the very air left his lungs.

“Hi alpha.” Buck was with a big grin, fluttering eyelashes at him looking slightly shy but amazingly happy to see him as he stood leaving his half eaten sandwich and half drunk soda on the table. As he stood Eddie spotted the belly and felt like the few breaths he’d been able to take left him all over again. He couldn’t scent him and he hated it but he could tell the omega hadn’t even showered yet and had probably come here straight from the airport. It took nearly a minute of him standing there in shock, his team around him confused as hell but quiet as mice as they waited to see what the hell was happening before his brain caught up and his feet moved and within a second he was wrapped around Buck, kissing him senseless as the omega wrapped his own arms around him and kissed right back.

“I guess they know each other.” Chim said with a laugh and a grin as everyone else chuckled. That made Eddie remember where he was and he broke off the kiss.

“Uhm… Guys… This is my omega.” Eddie said after clearing his throat and turning to his team. “Evan Buckley Diaz, This is my team.” He said back to Buck before proceeding to introduce everyone to him. There was a lot of ‘wow’ going on as everyone shook Buck’s hands and welcomed him to the 118 and such. Bobby of course headed right to the kitchen because clearly Buck needed more than a few cold sandwiches. So the team dispersed after that to give the two privacy while lunch was being prepared though most wanted to stay but a look from their cap. had sent them off. Eddie sat down at the table besides his omega holding his hand while Buck finished his sandwich with his free one and smiled at the little kisses Eddie gave his hand.

“I should probably know the answer to this but I have to ask.” Eddie finally said looking at Buck like he was studying his every feature. “What are you doing here? What?” He asked still confused, rubbing Buck’s belly.

“Well, we weren’t as careful as we thought we’d been.” Buck said with a laugh.

“Clearly.” They both laughed at that, Eddie leaned over a little more kissing Buck’s scent gland right where his bite was making Buck moan quietly as Eddie kept rubbing his belly.

“Check up before a mission, doctor discovered it. Commander and Captain found out, and let me tell you they were not pleased! I tried to tell ‘em I could come back but uhmm… They retired me, effective immediately, and put me on the next plane out.” Buck said now looking to the floor, and not at Eddie. “I got the retirement package with extras for good work, above and beyond and all that. But… no more career… I know you didn’t really sign up to have me home 24/7 so I’ll understand if you’re not…” Another kiss ended his rambling, the nervous and scared energy had been coming off him in waves that even his training couldn’t stop. This was the rest of his life and the alpha he adored. But if Eddie didn’t want him permanently he had no idea what the hell he’d do. So many in the past hadn’t wanted him either, it honestly surprised him when the kiss clearly told him Eddie did. Eddie held him there, both sitting tight next to each other, Eddie’s hand on his belly never leaving it’s spot and the other holding Buck’s chin up so he could look at those big blue eyes. Foreheads pressed together as a few tears ran down Buck’s cheek.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about… I’ve been praying to every god out there to bring you home to me. It’s all I want amor. You by my side so I don’t have to give you up again. Don’t ever dare to question that again, kay. I will always want you! Te amo tanto!” Eddie said in soft hushed tones between kisses and pressed foreheads, Buck’s eyes closed listening and hearing as more tears fell. This time they weren’t fear filled or anxious, this time they were just pure happiness.

“I love you too Eddie.” Buck smiled out as Eddie used a napkin to clean his face.

“What about this little one huh?” Eddie questioned sounding pleased and proud.

“Doc back at the camp said it sounded okay, but that I’d need a full check up on things once I was here. I haven’t felt bad at all, no nausea or anything but I didn’t know so haven’t exactly been careful and easy either. Have been eating like a pig though. Double the rations, my team kept laughing at it but they also gave me what they didn’t eat so i didn’t go hungry. They all laughed and said the hunger made sense when they heard. Some of ‘em wished you luck in keeping me fed.” Buck explained with a grin and Eddie laughed.

“You know I can’t cook, but I don’t think I’ll have much problem making sure you have food for you and our little one here. Christopher is going to adore having you home.” Eddie said with a laugh and a grin. Buck just leaned over and gave him another kiss.

“I’m sure we’ll both be safe and provided for. I can’t wait to pick him up from school and see his little face.” Buck said knowing what the alpha needed to hear even as he leaned over and kissed him again. They’d been in their own little bubble so long they hadn’t realized the time flying by them and the team now sitting around them at the table as Bobby put a huge bowl of spaghetti on the table. Buck turned at the smell of food and blinked. He hadn’t seen this much fresh food in a while.

“Welcome to the family Buck.” Bobby said with a chuckle and motioned for Buck to serve himself first. Which the seal did happily, he grabbed some of the spaghetti, some of the salad and Hen held him with the fresh bread before Bobby and the team also grabbed food. When Athena showed up and introductions were made the team was fully together. Questions started and laughs were had as the two explained how they met in the middle of a battlefield with Buck bleeding and coming into Eddie’s medical tent. How their superiors had practically caught them making out like a couple of horny teenagers but had said nothing except ‘remember to use protection I don’t need to lose my best man’ which just made them giggle as the higher ups left and they continued to make out. That seemed to surprise the team who hadn’t suspected Eddie capable of something like that but one fresh look at how Eddie looked at Buck and they laughed and understood. Lunch continued with more stories, more surprised looks at explanations because some of the team hadn’t realized he was a seal.

“I didn’t even realize seals could be omegas.” Hen said shocked.

“Oh yeah, they don’t care what the hell you are as long as you can survive training and pass all the physical tests.” Buck said with a laugh. “They’re gonna put your ass on suppressants, scent controllers, and the like anyways. No one’s going on a mission if they can still be smelled.”

“Soo.. uhh… How that happen then?” Chim was the one to ask. Everyone laughed and Hen ruffled Chim’s hair as if to say ‘you don’t ask that’ even if everyone was curious. Buck wasn’t surprised at the question though, he just laughed again as well, not minding it in the least even as Eddie blushed a bit.

“They have to allow heat/rut leave once a year for medical reasons. Everyone gets two weeks, you go wherever you want to meet up with your loved one or get ‘help’ from other sources. They don’t care what you do, just as long as you come back in two weeks healthy, and satisfied. Just you know… Stuff happens and sometimes little ones happen. My superiors weren’t happy but rules are rules. Omegas with kids or ones that get pregnant can’t serve.” Buck explained with a shrug. “Supposedly it changes our priorities too much.”

“I can understand that. I couldn’t imagine leaving my kid that long.” Hen said nodding in understanding.

“This is my first so I don’t know… I guess… But I’ll miss being out there doing rescues.” Buck said with a grin that hid a bit of sadness because at the moment he had no idea what else he’d do with the rest of his life. He didn’t see the look exchanged between the Cap. and Eddie.

“Your mate is kick ass dude.” Sal said from where he was eating, and laughter followed along with agreements with most saying they probably couldn't even pass half those tests as Buck explained what the tests entailed and some just visibly shook their heads and laughed more. Lunch continued with Buck easily blending in with the 118 family like he had always been there, like he belonged and the now former navy seal could see why his alpha had fallen in love with this team.

With a paid week off to help his omega settle in Eddie and Buck left with happy smiles on their faces to cheers, teasing, and clapping from the team and an agreement to show up at the weekend barbecue at the cap’s house. They passed by first to return the rental and as Eddie drove him to pick up Christopher from school and then go to what would be his new home he leaned his seat back when he saw they were stuck in traffic and as he fell asleep to Skylar Grey’s I’m coming home Buck could feel himself relaxing at the thought of his future. His alpha loved him, loved their future baby, they were going to pick up Chris from school. He was wanted, things were going to be okay.