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Art and Music for AgentMoppet's Too Many Mortals and Not Enough Heroes

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Cover Art:

An old, fan-shaped, bronze handmirror rests face down on a lush, red, velvet blanket. The mirror has a double eagle engraved in the handle, and the blanket is embellished with flowers. Text: Too Many Mortals and Not Enough Heroes by agentmoppet


picture of the bottom half of a woman dressed in a white shift. Her hands- one of which has a white ring on it- grab at a pink shawl crossing in front. Text: By the Goddess- the Too Many Mortals and Not Enough Heroes Fanmix

Track List and Lyric Sampler:

Venus // Bananarama

Goddess on the mountain top

Burning like a silver flame

The summit of beauty and love

And Venus was her name


She's So High // Tal Bachman

High above me

She's so lovely

She's so high

Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite


Venus // Frankie Avalon

Venus if you will

Please send a little girl for me to thrill.

A girl who wants my kisses and my arms

A girl with all the charms of you.


I Want to be Wanted // Brenda Lee

I want someone to share my laughter and my tears with

Someone I know I'd love to spend a million years with

Where is this someone somewhere meant for me?


Somebody to love // Queen (Anne Hathaway cover from 2004’s Ella Enchanted )

Each morning I get up I die a little

Can't barely stand on my feet.

Take a look in the mirror

And cry, lord, what you're doing to me.


Something to Talk About // Bonnie Raitt

I feel so foolish, I never noticed

You'd act so nervous

Could you be falling for me?

It took a rumor to make me wonder

Now I'm convinced I'm going under


I Won't Say I'm in Love // Susan Egan (from Disney's Hercules )

Girl you can't deny it, who you are is how you're feeling.

Baby we're not buying, Hon, we saw you hit the ceiling!

Face it like a grown-up, when you gonna own up that you got got got it bad?


Someone Up There // Michael Schiffman (from The Big Gay Musical)

If Providence deems we fall in love,

then there's nothing we can do.

And I cannot deny what I'm feeling deep inside,

And I think you feel it too.


Can't Buy Me Love // The Beatles

Say you don't need no diamond rings

And I'll be satisfied

Tell me that you want the kind of things

That money just can't buy


Money (That's What I want) // Barrett Strong (Backbeat cover)

Money don't get everything it's true

What it don't get,

I can't use

I need money


What a Girl Wants // Christina Aguilera

I only looked but I never touched

'Cause in my heart was a picture of u s

Holdin ' hands, makin ' plans

And it's lucky for me you understand


Venus // Anais Mitchell

I seen Venus, Venus leaving

I don't even know what it means

But I believe, I believe that she is

The only woman I ever seen


Runtime: Approximately 35 minutes.

Download as ZIP file available from Mediafire here