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Claws and Talons

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Blood drips from his maul as he narrows his eyes down at the Alpha that challenges him. The dhole transforms back into the man that had said he could defeat this Omega.

The servants dragged off the injured Alpha and a tail flicks as the leopard looks from his cage, looking to the lord of the fighting ring.

Lord Li Wei lifts his hand and Shen Jiu stalks off into the shadows as the exit is opened.

All that is left is blood on the dirt floor.

Three years he has been here. Shedding his name as Xiu Ya Sword, Shen Qingqiu.

Now he was only the final prize of this fighting ring. A male Omega that is also a powerful Leopard? Of course, Alphas from all over would come and challenge him.

From all walks of life, some from the streets to being raised from a silver spoon. He couldn’t be bribed and Shen Jiu always returned after kidnappings, killing all involved.

He brings in good money. Always a tournament that weeds out the Alphas till they get to him where they try and make him submit.

Li Wei had no issue if he killed the Alpha in question as long as it was a show for the active audience. Gambling on the outcome of the situation and Shen Jiu earning something in return at the end of the night.

Three years and nothing has changed.

He wears a leather collar covering his scent gland to add an extra obstacle to the Alpha that fights him. A force bit to his scent gland and he would be forced to be the mate of the opposite party. A submission.

The few times the collar has been torn off, Shen Jiu would dig his claws straight into their necks and rip out their throats.

He has no mercy to those who try to force him.

Tonight is different.

The leopard scratches at his scars on his arm. The binding and talismans feel uncomfortable.

Dragon talons dig into his arm as he pushes his disciple into the Endless Abyss. Red eyes narrow and fangs for the first time dig into the lower lip.

Shen Qingqiu was only glad that Luo Binghe was in a state of awe of presenting as an Alpha to even realize he was a Heavenly Dragon. He didn’t simply transform into the true beast he was when the opening to the Endless Abyss closed.

Five years have passed since then.

There was no way the dragon was going to find him.

A snow leopard enters the cage and blood from past fights already overwhelms his nose. The crowd cheers and Shen Jiu thinks if he was a knot-headed Alpha, perhaps he would have roared to encourage them on.

Anyone new to the crowd would see this prized Omega leopard with a bandage wrapped around his left forearm. No scars insight.

One would think, this must be lucky and just finish each exhausted Alpha as he is as fresh as morning dew compares to his opponent.

He beats every single one. From big hitters like bears and tigers to small clever foxes to even boars. Shen Jiu has become infamous for each win. A legendary Omega in this ring.

Perhaps he should have left.

He flexes his claws out as the gate opens for his opponent of the evening and Shen Jiu starts to snarl.

He zeroes in on the sound of paws against the dirt. So not anyone with hooves this time. The pace at which they were coming also told him the Alpha wasn’t a heavyweight like a bear.

So that leaves cats, canines, and foxes.

Finally, his opponent enters and he fixes his crouch.

Before him was a Tibetan Mastiff. Fur black as obsidian and equally dark eyes. Shen Jiu studies only for the few seconds he has before the dog growls and shows his fangs.

That mane was going be a problem.

The mutt launches at the leopard and he jumps to the side.

Powerful jaws miss his heel as he leaps into the air and twists, landing on the dog’s back. The crowd goes wild as the canine bucks to get him off as he digs his claws into the Alpha’s shoulders.

Though he rarely does this, he finds the situation in need of it. Shen Jiu uses his qi to enforce his fangs and dives into the back of the neck.

As soon as he bites, he gets a whiff of the Alpha. Shen Jiu freezes long enough for his opponent to land on his back, squishing the leopard with his weight and breathless.

His claws and fangs let go. He gets into a crouch as soon as the dog’s presence leaves. Darting to the side he roars and the dog answers with his own powerful bark.

He had to be wrong.

His scars hurt more as the dog charges him. Shen Jiu swipes at the snout of the dog. The attack doesn’t faze the canine and his jaw locks onto the leather collar.

Shen Jiu claws into the mane as the dog lifts him up and slams him multiple times into the ground. He hears the roar of the crowd as the dog thrashes him like a rodent he caught for his meal.

His gaze was going dark and he dug his claws in more.


The leather gave and the crowd erupted as the dog tossed the collar away. Shen Jiu quickly launches a last attempt to the throat of the opponent.

Fangs reach flesh and blood poured into his mouth.

The Alpha then did something he didn’t expect. He wasn’t being desperate to escape his fate but he put a paw over his shoulder and pulled him in.

He then felt the lick.

A lick straight on his scent gland.

The Omega lets go and the paw on his back acts as a snare. The dog flashes his teeth once again and flips him on his back.


Shen Jiu wants to attack with anything, but he couldn’t move.

Why couldn’t he move?!

The dog howls at his victory and the crowd starts to chant.

“CLAIM, CLAIM-“ Over and over and the Omega watches the Alpha tilts his head looking down at him. The dog then dips his head and Shen Jiu thinks he is getting his death when the Alpha dodges his scent gland altogether. No instead the Alpha rips his bandages off, revealing to the world after five years four red scars pulsing with demonic qi.

Then those dark eyes turn red and Shen Jiu knew he should be dead soon.

Luo Binghe had crawled out of the Endless Abyss as a new dragon and Apex.

An Alpha above all Alphas.

He could claim who he wanted when he wanted. Start heats with the first-time whiff of his matured scent. He was on the top. But Luo Binghe had wanted one thing. 

Shen Qingqiu

His former Shizun had disappeared. Leaving only a small legacy, a vacancy on a peak, and a sword. The dragon in him was furious that his treasure had disappeared from him.

Then he heard about the ring. A tournament of Alphas that signed up almost on a daily just to fight one Omega. An Omega that held his own for three years.

To called Luo Binghe interested an understatement.

He however couldn't enter the tournament as a dragon. His Omega would flee the scene. He praises his half-blood for allowing him to have a dual nature. His demonic qi supporting his dragon form and his spiritual qi his dog form.

His markings even when this close couldn't be felt till he enters the ring.

It was over as soon as the Omega drank his blood.

But he wasn't about to activate his Omega's heat in front of an audience. No matter how much he wanted it as revenge for the years.

Lord Li Wei dies that evening along with the rest of the witnesses in a blaze.

Shen Jiu isn’t safe in his leopard form. He always had power in this form. Less noticeable facial expressions. But his body language was always telling the truth.

He fucking hates Apex Alphas.

Luo Binghe is on top of him in his dog form, a threat. Shen Jiu had quickly transformed into his leopard form to escape the chance of the Alpha trying to mate with him while he was in heat. A heat his former disciple started.

But no, Luo Binghe has no morals that he won’t cross.

If Shen Jiu, as Luo Binghe’s new claimed Omega, wants to spend his heat in his leopard form, so be it.

That didn’t stop Shen Jiu from trying to claw his way out from under the mangy dog as he felt him.

… He wouldn’t….. Shen Jiu had heard how this Alpha has claimed many Omegas, Betas, and Alphas…..But even he wouldn’t-

Shen Jiu felt Luo Binghe lick his scent gland, where a new mark laid. Then a slight thrust as a warning.

His heat is about to be painful and even he didn’t know how he can last with a clear mind.

Shen Jiu huffs in his current form in defeat. Luo Binghe heard him and got off to allow the Omega to transform back. Jumping onto the bed, before fur becomes pale skin and green robes.

On the bed, the Omega looks to the Alpha that also changes back, a furl of black robes. A mockery of an infamous tea pouring scene comes to mind as Luo Binghe kneels. Then a smirk looks back up at him.

The power shift is too much.

Those fangs of a dragon barely peek from their hiding spot but Shen Jiu has a feeling they are going to dig into his very skin soon.