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Sunshine and Moonlight

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It wasn't unusual for either Kaeya or Diluc to be home late. After all, both of them had duties to fulfil. Whether Diluc was working a late night at the tavern, or exterminating pests in Mondstadt as a vigilante; Kaeya was either holed up in his office doing paperwork or stuck doing menial tasks for the knights. However, what was unusual was for Kaeya to arrive home first. Kaeya always prided himself with his work, despite all the criticism the knights received from people like Diluc. He often took on the work of his colleagues and superiors, providing them some respite especially during busy times like the Windblume Festival.

That's why when Diluc walked into Kaeya's Mondstadt apartment after a particularly long night of bartending, he was surprised that the door opened without the twist of his keys. His first thought was to still himself, reaching to materialise his claymore and silently approach whatever had broken their way into their home. Diluc tried to fight his tiredness, eyes darting across the room to observe his surroundings. His eyes eventually met with a familiar pair of boots laid sideways on the floor. Diluc let out a heavy sigh, dematerialising his weapon and carefully removing his own shoes and coat, placing them nearby in their respectful positions neatly. He picked up the carelessly discarded boots, placing them next to his own; not forgetting to lock the door behind him.

He walked further into the apartment, spotting a large figure in bed. Diluc let out another sigh, relieved that it was indeed his lover. He noticed an assortment of Kaeya's usual clothing strewn out across the room, creating a pathway from the hall to the bed. Another evident sign of Kaeya's carelessness was the window; curtains left open and violently blowing in the strong wind. Now that Diluc was wide awake thanks to the possible threat of an intruder, he decided to continue cleaning up the products of Kaeya's presumable tiredness.

By the time Diluc was done, he had changed into pyjamas; forgoing a shower as to not wake his lover. Sweat drenched his body after having to deal with the plethora of drunkards getting their fill on the final day of the festival. He was sure he needed a shower, but that could wait for the morning. He made his way to his side of the bed, removing the tie in his hair and placing it on the bedside table. Diluc slipped into bed and under the duvet, shuffling close to Kaeya, but not too close. His eyes were locked onto Kaeya's visage, admiring the stark contrast between his usual mischievous attitude and the peacefulness of his sleeping face. He watched the way Kaeya's chest rose and fall, toned muscles moving with his breaths. Blush crept on Diluc's cheeks as he soon noticed Kaeya was only in his underwear; as if his clothes all over the floor weren't a give-away. The embarrassment was quickly discarded as Diluc silently chuckled, recalling that the increase in temperature during the spring always got on Kaeya's nerves. Diluc watched the way the moonlight seeped in through the top of the window where the curtains wouldn't cover it; watched the way the rays of light illuminated Kaeya's azure locks. He was entranced by the way the light perfectly framed his face. Kaeya was beautiful.

Diluc knew this, but chose to never admit it to the man himself, knowing full well the methods Kaeya would use to tease him to death. Nonetheless, Diluc smiled, reaching out his hand. It hovered over Kaeya's face for a moment, hesitant. He eventually steeled himself and lowered it to grasp a small tuft of hair between his fingers. Diluc twirled the strands around his fingers, revelling in their smooth feel. His hand moved to lightly brush against Kaeya's cheek. Before he got the chance to caress it, he felt a shift in weight beside him.

"You're awake...?" Diluc asked quietly, just in case Kaeya was still sleeping.

He wasn't, and Kaeya replied with a husky tone to his voice. "I heard the door open, 'Luc. You know I sleep light, just in case there's something out there."

Diluc's brow furrowed at the thought, recalling earlier events. Kaeya shuffled closer to his lover, wrapping his arms around Diluc's back and rubbing lazy circles into the fabric of his pyjamas.

"You left the door unlocked."

Kaeya only yawned in response, pulling Diluc flush against his body.

"Kaeya..." Diluc began, still frustrated with the sheer laziness of his partner. "If you were awake, why didn't you say something sooner?"

Kaeya chuckled, pressing his forehead against Diluc's. "I just wanted to see how you would react. It's not so common for me to come home first, hm?"

Diluc simply hummed, too tired to bicker. He closed his eyes, losing himself in the warmth of Kaeya's embrace.

"I'm proud of you for working so hard during the festival, sunshine." Kaeya whispered, smirk forming on his face. Diluc's eyes shot open. His brow twitched, visibly irritated by the pet name.

Diluc buried his head in Kaeya's chest, hiding his embarrassment. "Sh-shut up and go to sleep!"

"Don't be silly, 'Luc. Now that I'm awake, I want to stay up with you~"

Diluc sighed, pulling his face upwards and slowly trailing his hands up Kaeya's neck, clasping them together. Kaeya took great delight in the way Diluc's features seemed to wobble with embarrassment; crimson blush staining his cheeks. Kaeya closed the short distance between the two by claiming Diluc's lips with his own. The kiss was short and chaste, but left Diluc wanting more.

Kaeya basked in Diluc's needy expression, waiting for him to take action.

"Don't be a tease..." He mumbled in response, eventually reciprocating and kissing Kaeya back. This kiss was longer, full of want and desire.

After they broke apart, Kaeya licked his lips. "That's what I do best~"

Diluc ended up breaking eye contact, the shamelessness of a kiss having seeped into his body made him shiver from his core. But Kaeya kissed him again, deepening the kiss and prodding his tongue against Diluc's lips. Diluc accepted the invitation, letting Kaeya ravage his mouth with vigour.

"Mmph!" Diluc whined, unable to keep up with Kaeya's assault on his mouth. Kaeya invaded every one of Diluc's senses, forcing his body to curve into Kaeya's as he craved to feel more of him in any way possible. Kaeya's hands pushed up the fabric of Diluc's shirt, hands finding purchase on his thin waist. Diluc's waist fit perfectly in Kaeya's hands, the satisfaction like placing the final piece in a puzzle.

Diluc melted as they continued kissing each other, lips plush and swollen against Kaeya's. He tangled his hands in the strands of Kaeya's hair, desperately tugging at the tie to let his hair flow freely against the pillow. The two of them mumbled unintelligibly into each other's mouths, chasing the ecstasy of their kiss. The sheer euphoria and passion in the moment made their minds go blank, leaving them only capable of continuing to kiss as if their lives depended on it.

Eventually, the two surrendered to their need for air and broke apart. They remained close enough for their breaths to mingle as they panted, gasping for air lost to their heated expression of affection and longing.

"You're so endearing when you're half-asleep, sunshine. I would love to go on, but for now, I think you should get some rest." Kaeya stated, voice husky as he spoke into Diluc's mouth.

Diluc still remained at the high of their actions, mind fuzzy. He struggled to comprehend Kaeya's words, especially since they were more like vibrations pulsing through his body. All he managed to get out was a needy whine, which reverberated through Kaeya and challenged his desires. He held back; now was not the time.

"Get some rest, firefly." Kaeya whispered, one hand moving up to the top of Diluc's back and the other remaining on his waist.

"It's... fine. I couldn't sleep anyway."

In contrast to his words, Diluc's eyes were already fluttering closed, mind wavering into the unconscious. He repositioned himself so his head was resting against Kaeya's chest, snuggling up into it.

"You're my new pillow." He murmured sleepily.

Kaeya chuckled softly, whispering into Diluc's ear. "Goodnight, my love."

He held Diluc close, lovingly rubbing his back and lulling him to sleep.



In the morning, Diluc woke up first. His limbs were intertwined with Kaeya's, inseparable. But, he did need to get up; so he tried to pry himself away from his lover. His futile attempts resulted in Kaeya waking up too, releasing a large yawn and repositioning himself. Diluc sat up, finally free from his partner's grasp. He placed his palms against the bed, about to get up but a firm hand around his wrist stops him.

"Don't get up- I'll do it."

Diluc didn't make any attempt to stop Kaeya. He watched as Kaeya opened the curtains, bright sunlight flooding into the room. Kaeya tilted his head, smiling before heading to the kitchen and beginning to prepare a cup of coffee.

Diluc gazed out of the window. Rays of golden sun hit his face and ignited the blazing crimson of his hair. The harmonious song of the birds outside and the smell of coffee enveloped his senses and put him at ease, prompting him to lean back into the pillow and relax. He didn't even realise Kaeya had returned until the smell of coffee became stronger.

Kaeya held out the cup, waiting for Diluc to take it from him. "When you're done, turn around for me?"

Diluc finished his drink and complied, slightly confused. Kaeya placed his cup on the bedside table and sunk into the bed behind Diluc. He brought his hands to the top of Diluc's head, running his fingers through Diluc's tangled hair.

Kaeya hummed a faraway song while calloused fingers began to gather up strands of hair, delicately weaving them between each other.

"Kae- I'm not a kid. I can do it myself."

"Shh, I'm just braiding your hair. I can't resist when you're just so... captivating."

Diluc blushed, too unbothered to fathom a reply. He closed his eyes, warmed by the sunlight but more so by the love of the person sitting behind him.

When Kaeya was done, he swung the braid over Diluc's shoulder and swivelled him around to face him. His eyes widened at the sight, taken aback by Diluc's morning glory.

"You look so beautiful in the sun, 'Luc."

Diluc fumbled at his side, reaching for his empty cup. He pretended to take a sip in an attempt to regain his composure.

"...And you in the moonlight."

Kaeya beamed, pleased to receive a heartfelt compliment from his usually snarky lover.

"Oh, you..."