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I Touch Myself

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Making ends meet in California had proved the rumors true, but Dave didn't mind even when they were struggling if it meant living with his boyfriend. Their basic, one room flat was cozy and intimate anyway, as he snuggled against the other not wanting get ready when an 8:30 p.m. alarm went off, but they couldn't afford for him to skip even if he was feeling unusually unenthusiastic about performing for the night. Despite the nature of his job and his boyfriend still adjusting to what all that entailed, he enjoyed it even after figuring out a crucial part of his identity that at the most caused him to feel indifferent.

He counted himself fortunate for he had danced around using the label or even mentioning it aloud, but regardless the man lightly dosing next to him had picked up on his demeanor on neutral days and went along accordingly.

"There's nothing wrong with it, baby," Corpse had remarked one day when he was more resigned than usual, "Are you afraid I'm gonna leave you!"

"Isn't it obvious?! ...Sorry, I just don't see why you wouldn't get annoyed when I couldn't care less to have sex especially when that's my bloody career!"

"Those days are few and far between," he remarked, opening his arms invitingly in case the older one didn't want to be touched either, grunting when the other fell against his abdomen, "But, even if they were more frequent, that's fine too. I just want to be with you, whatever that may look like."

Dave caught himself sadly smiling at the memory, twirling the simple black ring on his right middle finger, a gift that meant more than he had been able to express. Checking in with himself, as cheesy as it sounded, he was feeling favourable and held onto that update for when he would be asked, propping up on an elbow and kissing the clenched jaw gently, "Alarm's goin' off in a minute."

"Thanks for the warning." the other let out gruffly, leaning into the touch as his eyes fluttered open.

"I never get tired of that." he gushed, groaning loudly once the harsh ringtone blared from the nightstand.

Reluctantly removing himself from the bed and swiping away the noise, Dave braced for the cooled room as his naked form was revealed and felt an automatic blush start to rise. At work, he could fake having confidence, but at home his insecurities were constantly running on repeat in the background of his busy mind, ignoring it as he went to grab an outfit to cover his gear until he was on stage.

"How're you feeling?"

"Overall, well-rested. Sexually, well excited."

He hummed approvingly, watching as the older man slid on a red g-string followed by matching fishnets before a pair of white jeans covered the evidence, "You're gonna knock 'em dead, gorgeous."

"That's the plan," he retorted good-naturedly, slipping on a plaid button-up and stepping into a pair of black heels, "You mind driving me over after I do my makeup?"

"'Course, baby. I may stick around for a bit, if you don't mind."

"Aren't you supposed to go to the studio today?"

"Not till tomorrow evening."

"Then I guess I'll have to step my game up, hmm?" Dave asked teasingly, knowing that the bedspread was tented at his hips.

"I'm not gonna distract you?"

"Only a little, but I welcome it."

Ducking into the bathroom to let Corpse get settled and properly dressed, he took his time with applying a coat of black lipstick and a dust of red glittery eyeshadow. Satisfied with how he looked, a few quick camera shutter sounds went off in succession before the results were sent off to further bother his partner, covering his mouth as he laughed at the flustered sound that announced he had opened them.

Those were supposed to be for when you need to wank off between takes! 😘

"Fuck off, David!"

"You know I will," he countered, returning to the bedroom with a bounce in his step, "Ready!"

"I'm not done looking at that ass tho!"

"You'll see plenty of it soon enough."

Relenting, Corpse grabbed for the keys after securing a notorious mask and offered an arm that the other gladly took as they went to an awaiting, worn car. Luckily, the trip wasn't too far of a commute, yet the driver had refused to let him walk it in case he should run into some ignorant fucks; he had always been the overprotective type, so Dave had accepted the concerns.

"I'll see you inside." he gave once they had parked close to a side entrance, leaning over the divider to exchange a chaste kiss.

"You're gonna ruin your makeup…"

"No one will notice. 'Sides, I'd rather you mess it up than some twat giving me a facial."

Once inside, he self-isolated to a far corner and locked up his belongings to take a few minutes to mentally prepare. Most attendees would be regulars and most likely try to bargain with him on the 'over-priced' blowjobs they wanted out on the floor rather than opting for privacy. Rolling his eyes at the expectations, he waited for his name to be called out over the blaring beat of a usual song that accompanied and introduced his performance.

"Next up: Redmayne, dancing to 'If I Had You'!"

On cue, he pranced up to center stage in time to the pulsating beat, reaching toward the few top buttons already undone. Discarding the shirt, both arms lifting to fan out the rest of his hair. Hips gyrating, he managed to slip with ease from the bleached denim, pulling his barely covered body along the silver pole's length a few meters in the air and sliding down to slink back into the high heels waiting at the bottom. Climbing again, his lanky legs twisted elegantly as he maneuvered around for another moment, looking out to the crowd as he landed upside down on the final beat muffled by the enthusiastic cheers and claps he had come to expect.

Laying there to catch his breath before gathering his clothes and disappearing behind the curtains, Dave caught an unfamiliar eye that peaked his interest. Making a mental note, he went to freshen up from the overexertion and out away an everyday outfit, he hurriedly drank from a prepared water bottle and returned to the floor in search of the mystery person. Ignoring the wolf whistles and drunken gropes, Dave located him and strutted his way up, hands falling omto the spread knees as he leaned in impossibly close, noting the small gulp he took at being given attention from the dancer.

"I haven't seen you here before! What's your name, cutie?"

"J-Joel, I'm new around town."

"You don't seem so sure about that."

"I don't usually do this kinda stuff…"

"Don't worry, love, I'll show you the ropes. Shall we take this upstairs?"

"Don't I need to pay first?"

"We'll discuss the details." he assured, pulling the newcomer to his feet and leading the way to a stairwell.

Smiling softly to himself as he noticed a shadow following closely behind, Dave brought the blond to an unoccupied room down the second floor's hall and hurriedly closed it. Releasing the hand he held, the Brit lifted himself easily onto the edge of a lavishly decorated queen sized mattress, a single finger beckoning the man to join him.

"Flat rate's gonna be $300."

"No problem there."

"Good boy," he praised, watching as his cheeks pinkened, "So, how can I be of service tonight?"

"I'm so touch starved, just someone to feel me up while I get off."

"Right to the point, I can respect that. 40 for it."

"Yes sir, any rules?"

*We can make out, but no biting."

"Alright, sounds perfect."

Slightly hesitant, Joel toed out of his own jeans and a navy blue pair of briefs before returning to the bed where he pulled himself further towards the mountain of pillows. Leaning back comfortably, he palmed over an already erect member leaning against an inner thigh, capturing it skillfully as he began to slowly stroke. Draping over him, Dave started to rub an open hand over the opposite thigh while the other relaxed against the cushions and let out little whines that he thought were endearing.

"Mm, you make the prettiest sounds," he let out encouragingly, leg twining with his as the wandering hand continued along to his hip, other hand trailing up to steady him when a thumb rubbed at a nipple, "This okay?"

"Mhmmm," Joel let out, sucking in a breath as the other bent over and lapped at the budding peck, fingertip combing through the lengthy strands curtaining them both when it was suckled, "Shit, that mouth of yours…"

"That's my specialty!" he responded, ducking to the other areola and giving it the same treatment.

"I'll have to remember that for next time."

Dave perked up at that, yet tried to also not get his hopes too high as he let the sensitive skin slip from his mouth with an obscene plop. Reaching further, his painted lips slotted seamlessly with the other's, petting at his stomach as it began to tense. Pulling apart slightly, he batted his glittery eyelids innocently as Joel began to spasm and thrusted his hips into the air.

"You gonna cum for me, sweetheart?" Dave asked, smirking at the failed attempt of keeping quiet when a few moans preceded the long spurt, "That's right, let it all out."

"I'm, uh, not a one and done kinda guy…"

"That's fine, love," he stated, hovering his fingers over the other's, "I wanna feel that slender cock of yours. If you'll allow me?"

"Fuck, please…"

Happily obliging, he wrapped a skilled palm around the slim shaft and squeezed lightly before moving in time with the thrusts that followed. Halfway through the two switched positions, Dave finding himself rubbing circles into the leaking tip before leaning over to secure it in his mouth as another round of shockwaves sent the customer through another climax that caused him to collapse.

"Figured I'd give you a taste of what you're missing out on."

"I'm definitely coming back for more. Especially that, holy fuck…"

"I'm flattered."

"If you'll give me a minute, I'll grab my wallet."

"No hurry, rest a minute," Dave mused, leaving momentarily to grab a container of body wipes and clean the skin splattered by his release, "You've got quite the stamina."

"Is this included, or…?"

"For you, it is. Not many guys come in here with common courtesy."


"You get used to it." he remarked with a shrug, letting his guard down a little, moving to discard the used tissues.

"Well, damn…," he let out sympathetically, not knowing what else to say, "You shouldn't have to put up with that kinda treatment!"

"I do, anyway. Not just supporting myself if ya know what I mean."

"He's lucky to have someone so dedicated."

Dave smiled shyly at that, for he mostly saw himself as a bother despite being told otherwise at least once a week. In the silence, he straightened his lingerie as the client caught his breath and started to get dressed, looking up into bright blue eyes still blown wide with lust as well as some other emotion he couldn't quite place; God, it better have not been pity.

"Here ya go!" Joel let out as a trembling fist full of folded notes was handed over, "I think I overstayed my welcome a bit, so that should cover the rest of the next hour."

"I wasn't gonna make you pay it, actually."

"Keep it as a tip then."

Not knowing what to say, Dave stopped him from leaving another minute longer and pressed his lips firmly into the fuller set. Parting again, the newcomer was flustered all over again as he fumbled with the doorknob and let himself out, the Brit watching to make sure he found his way back to the main area when another figure came forward.

"Voyeur much?"

"Couldn't help myself," Corpse gave as a half-assed excuse, moving closer to tilt his partner's chin upward, "You're sexy on any day, but this? You're god-like."

Snorting at that level of compliment, he pulled the younger one into the same room and took no pause in taking the spot filled earlier. Not needing any invitation, he was pinned by the firm body once he was naked from the hips down. Harsh kisses exchanged and well-trimmed nails combed through loose curls, Dave let out an overdue moan as a thicker, well-oiled cock slid into place and began to pummel against his prostate.

"That's right, claim me," he demanded, thong falling helplessly to the floor when he kicked against broad hips to hook his ankles around his waist, "Only ever yours, Core."

"That's right, you are." he confirmed, dipping down into the space between neck and shoulder to leave behind a bruising mark.

"Clients are gonna see!"

"That's the point, Davey."

"Not that I'm complaining, looks hot on him."

Startling at the extra presence, Dave was already nearing the end of his rope with the reminder of the previously passionate escapade. Spewing out breathy beggings for Corpse to fill him, the older one started to spasm himself as his stretched walls clenched around his partner, letting out a loud, lone grunt as his seed spilled between their bodies. Not long after, his boyfriend was following suit as he shoved the last few hits to an overstimulated spot soon stuffed with his seed.

"Oh babe…"

"That's payback for this morning."

"I need to keep doin' it then, obviously," Dave countered, his dick dribbling an extra dollop when a firm smack to his ass vibrates through the room, "Fuck, needed that so bad…"

"Of course the boyfriend gets to break the rules…"

"That's fuckin' right," Corpse responded, seemingly not bothered by a random person having seen them in such a feral manner, "Think he got his money's worth, right baby boy?"

"Well, he did pay for two hours, after all."