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Electric Desire

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He promised, to be with you forever by the oath of a soldier

Protect you from harm, bare his fangs at anything or anyone who hurts you

Keep you warm at cold days and tell you stories from his hometown at night

Nothing made you happier and feel safe than being by his side

Nothing made him calmer than your gentle caress and smile

He yearned for this moment more than anything else

It was time…to move on…with you who made his heart bleed again without the painful drops of ice that used to be there before…


Both were in bed, enjoying the warmth of each other and some kisses here and there, then the temperature became hotter at thoughts invading your mind, his tall ripped body with the skin kissed by the sun, his ears you love to touch, his voice that makes you squirm “What’s on your mind..? you’re red” a tease, he knows how to make you flustered and that smug smirk on his face he only shows to you, he was ready to make you his when you were ready. Testing the waters, you start by kissing first then with a hand caressed one of his ears, it twitches and relaxes by the light touch “Keep doing that and I will not control myself…” Eustace growls while licking his lips and then yours.

“Then don’t, take me…now” that was the last you could remember before your body was slammed to the mattress, bouncing, gasping while air screamed for a pause with his intense kiss, he knows how much you like it sending waves of pleasure, he lets you breathe and both look each other in the eyes with affection. The erune whispers with his husky voice “I’ll make you feel good until you scream my name” with a grin he starts by kissing your neck with more passion leaving a bite and a suck with such intensity you don’t mind if somebody sees that, you’re tired to explain lame excuses that simply you’re his and he is yours.

The tall erune goes down to your chest, ducking your nipples making you jolt in pleasure moaning harder with each time, your downside is making a mess with wetness. He notices and starts with two fingers to prepare you, teasing with slow moves.

The burning sensation was eating you alive your senses, only a tiny electric feeling with waves of pleasure where time was just there, existing “More... pleaseee!” His ears moved backwards and lay flat to his head at the sound of your voice with those moans, no symphony in the skies was close to it as he removed his fingers, licks one of them and directs his face to your thighs starting with bites and then some squeezing, oh how much he loves to put his head in your lap when jobs were finished.

Eustace was taking his sweet time, sure he can fuck you quick and easy, but he silently admired your face drunk in ecstasy and love, he was feeling hot while his hunger was growing too as his groin felt uncomfortable, no more games... he thought as he took you right away being inside you.

You arched your back and screamed while adapting to the sensation of his length, feeling filled and cared, you were waiting for this moment since all the things that happened with the moon, you could tell that he was distressed when you almost lose your memories with that guy called Ellis.

A white noise clouded your mind as hard movements and rolling of hips made you fall into reality, you were having sex with the most beautiful erune who accepted your feelings and keeps you safe, maybe you don’t know but for him you are his everything.

The finale was around the corner by the speed and thrusts, his cock throbbing with each movement hitting the right spots inside you, it was crystal clear he made sure to make you feel good as mentioned before and all the vibrations, feelings, synchronization of your body, soul and heart with his were perfect, like in other circumstances would be better to meet instead of let fate make him suffer so much to the point to live by revenger, you were his savior and oasis in the desert that’s why Eustace wanted to pay back with every single cell of his being with you and only you, your order was his command.

Grunting like a beast he pulled out and let his seed splash all over your body, using the last bit of self-control and taking your hand because your orgasm was so intense you almost pass out. Bout chest feels light, your vision blurry while your heart pounds the rhythm of a drum nevertheless being on the arms of the gunslinger is the best thing ever, you will suggest a long bath together but for now some sleep does not sounds bad, under the pact with the lone wolf of being his light.