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It was a stormy day when Hyunggu laid his eyes on a nice cafe. The cafe wasn’t big but those dim lights radiated warm that was pretty much inviting. A guy with an apron welcomed him as soon as he walked in, guiding him to the corner of the cafe.

Quiet and cozy. Perfect.

He texted Yuto, sending his location, before taking a look at the menu. It was beautifully handwritten so he couldn’t help his awe. Two cups of earl grey and a slice of red velvet cake became his choice. He wanted to buy everything on the menu if he could. Sadly, he’s here with a limited budget.

Ten minutes passed by and the door finally opened revealing a Japanese guy in a heavy dark coat. He looked at Hyunggu with a smile, a slight one because his lips were frozen from the cold.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Hyunggu said, pointing at the drinks.

“A cup of tea is perfect for this kind of weather, Hyunggu.”

Yuto sat in front of him, sipping his tea with a moan of pleasure. The hot liquid flowed through his throat and gave a sense of comfort. At least it could help reduce the cold.

Both focused on warming themselves while talking. They talked about work, about Yuto’s new nephew, and even about the food they were going to try tomorrow. They talked and talked until they got to the part where Yuto complained about Hyunggu.

About Hyunggu being single, precisely. He had been with Hyunggu since they were five years old yet he hadn’t seen the boy dating anyone.

“It’s a little complicated.”

“There is nothing complicated about having a boyfriend.”

“It is for me,” the smaller boy sighed, “You see...I have this long list about my ideal type…”

Yuto huffed in disbelief, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
“I am not.”

Seeing his best friend being so sure, Yuto decided to lean back. He decided to listen.

“Tell me, then. Maybe I can find him.”

Hyunggu chuckled, taking a deep breath before he started talking, “First of all, I want him to be tall. Not too tall but tall enough.”

Yuto nodded along. Hyunggu was not that tall so he often found it hard to reach for things on the upper counter in the supermarket or when he had to change the light bulb. So that one was sensible.

“Second, it would be nice if he does music. I mean, I do music.”

Hyunggu was a talented dancer and songwriter so he bet it would be fun to have someone who was into music as a partner. Having the same interest means having more things to talk about.

“Third, he needs to be someone who loves being around kids.”

Kids were never absent in Hyunggu’s life. He taught dance lessons for kids during the weekend and he worked as a kindergarten teacher on weekdays. He also didn’t mind when his brother, Hui, left the kids on his watch. His nieces are truly the luckiest girls on earth.

“Fourth, money. Man, love can’t feed me.”

That’s true.

“We’re done with the materialistic part,” the smaller boy smiled, “Let’s get into the personalities.”


“So, first of all, I want someone who is soft and kind.”

Hyunggu was a lovely fluffball who took care of everyone and smiled a little too often. It would be nice to have someone as kind as he was. Yuto had the same thought. Hyunggu deserved to be treated kindly.

“I want someone who doesn’t get angry easily because I do.”

Unexpectedly, beneath his soft personality, Hyunggu did get pissed easily. He would get mad over the antagonists in the drama he watched and Yuto’s habit of skipping lunch.

You know. He was angry for some good intentions.

“He has to be patient and understanding too when it comes to my bad sides.”

Being the sensitive person he was, Hyunggu stressed over little things a little too much. He worried about a lot of things and when he did, he would shut everyone out. So, yeah, patience would be necessary.

“And fun, of course.”

Boring was very unlike Hyunggu. He was the kind of person who wouldn’t even flinch while standing on the edge of a cliff. The boy loved to ride extreme rides and he enjoyed going on some adventurous journey.

Nothing different when it came to his life. Hyunggu did try to run away from home when he was in high school.

“He has to have some warm hugs and cuddle me all the time.”

Hyunggu loved to cuddle. He was always clingy to everyone and sometimes it made him sad when someone refused his hugs.

Why would anyone refuse Hyunggu’s hugs, though? His hugs are literally the best ones.

“I want him to hold my hand all the time. When we’re home, when we’re on a date, and even when we’re crossing the road.”

Not that he wanted to mock, but Hyunggu was really bad at crossing the road. The boy would stop too many times and was always hesitant to take a step even though the pedestrian light was already green. That's why Yuto never allowed Hyunggu to wander alone, especially at night.

“It would be nice if he has a calming voice. You know, the kind of voice that I would love to listen to when I can’t sleep”’

Insomnia had been a part of Hyunggu’s life since high school. He had trouble sleeping every time he was tired or busy. Everything would be fine, he wouldn’t feel sleepy at all the next day, but he always ended up being super exhausted a week or two weeks after.

“And the last one.”

“The last one?”

“I want him to make me feel loved. Simple, right?”

Hyunggu finished enthusiastically. His eyes wander over the ceiling as if he was trying to imagine his ideal type. Yuto couldn't help laughing. His best friend looked very cute,

“You’re such a princess aren’t you? That kind of person doesn’t exist, Hyunggu,” he chuckled softly.

“Trust me, he does.”

Yuto rolled his eyes, “Oh really?”

“You exist.”

There was a pause after Hyunggu’s almost inaudible answer. Hyunggu quickly turned his head away, pretending to sip his tea while Yuto was still silent, trying to process the sudden information.

“Your ideal type is me?” he finally got to ask after the long silence.

Hyunggu tried his best to stay calm. His cheeks red and his heart was beating way too fast.

“Well, you see, I…” he stammered, “I grew up with you and somehow you became my standard for boyfriends? I….I don’t know. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“So have you found anyone?”

The smaller boy looked up. Watching cautiously as Yuto moved closer and reached for his hands. His breath hitched when the older’s skin brushed against his knuckles.

“Why are you asking?”

“I love the idea of being your boyfriend. If you don’t mind, of course.”

Both were a shy mess. They tried to avoid each other's eyes and cleared their throat to ward off the awkwardness. Yuto gave in, he gently touched Hyunggu's cheek so that the boy would face him.

"Will you be your ideal type's boyfriend, Kang Hyunggu?"

Hyunggu closed his eyes, facing Yuto's gaze was still too burdensome for him, "Do I have any reason to say no?"

"Okay. Don't open your eyes."

"Huh? Wha-"

Hyunggu was silenced by the other's lips. It was a gentle and soft kiss. Just like what he always imagined every time he stole a glance at Yuto's lips.

"I love you," Yuto blurted out between their lips.

"Do I have to say it back? You're like ... my ideal type since I was ten, Yuto."

Yuto pulled away, "That long? You haven't changed your ideal type for almost fifteen years?"


"Good to know, then."

"Huh?" Hyunggu frowned.

"You can never fall out of love. You'll love me and me only, Hyunggu."

A soft smile rose on the younger's face, "Confident aren't you?"

They laughed and Hyunggu tugged on Yuto's shirt, pulling him into another kiss.

















“You should stop, Adachi.”

“Why would I? That was such a beautiful memory.”

Hyunggu sighs. He goes back to cooking their dinner. Yuto loves having dinner at home. He loves home cooked meals for dinner to be precise. That’s why Hyunggu is cooking right now. The Japanese had asked him to bring his dinner to the studio.

“What are you cooking?”

“Curry. Are you okay with the menu?”

“I love curry.”

“Good. I’ll kill you if you dare to complain.”

Yuto's laugh is heard through the phone, “Come on and hurry up, Hyunggu. You shouldn’t let your husband starve.”

“Yuto!” the younger squeals, still shy from the new title they had given each other last month.

“I love you.”

“Do you want me to say it back?”

“You didn’t say it back two years ago. Can’t you say it for me now?”

“I love you more, Adachi.”

“You’ll always do. I’m your ideal type, anyway.”

“Adachi Yuto!”