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That One Time

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18 years old


James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser was wed to Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp on an early June day in a small, intimate ceremony in the garden at Lallybroch Farm attended by family and a few close friends.  Father Bain reluctantly agreed to do the wedding (after a significant donation to the church from Brian that went towards a new heating system).  


The Fraser family was in attendance, but much to Brian and Ellen’s disgust, Henry and Julia chose not to attend.  Brian gave the bride away in Henry’s place.  


The bride wore a lovely gauzy dress in cream with a sash made from the Fraser tartan.  The groom wore the traditional Scottish formal kilt.  


The ceremony was short and sweet, given the bride’s advanced pregnancy and swelling feet.  


A small family dinner was held, cake was cut and toasts were made.  There was no other celebration.


The groom whisked his new bride away to the same cottage where they held their prom celebration.  Given the advanced stage of her pregnancy, they decided it was best to stay as close to home as possible.  


The groom helped the bride out of her formal wear and tucked her into bed, where she promptly fell asleep on her wedding night.  


All in all, it wasn’t very memorable.  


Until the following morning…