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That One Time

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16 years old


Claire felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. 


Jamie:  Meet me after practice under the bleachers.  


Claire:  OK


Checking the time, practice would be over in 10 minutes.  She yelled as she headed out the door, “Mum!  I’m going to meet Jamie.  We’re going on a bike ride.”


“Is your homework done?”




“Alright, dear.  Be home in time for supper!”  


“I will!”


She mounted her bike and took off.  She and Jamie hadn’t had much alone time lately.  She found that the more they were apart, the more they craved each other.  She felt almost jittery as she pedaled, knowing that she’d see him in a few minutes.  


Reaching the bleachers, she glanced around and, seeing that no one was about, she got off her bike and pulled it underneath the bleachers behind the storage shed that was underneath.  She leaned her bike up against the back of the shed and stood next to it, excitement mounting as the time drew nearer.  


She felt him approach before she even saw him.  Jamie rounded the corner and dropped his gym bag, reaching for her.  His red russet hair was damp and he smelled like soap and some sort of after shave.  They stood, wrapped around each other, finding relief in their nearness.  Suddenly, he lifted her and pushed her back to the shed.  She gave out a muffled squeal as he lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist.  Claire held on around his neck and crossed her feet behind his back.  He looked at her with hooded eyes and claimed her lips.  


They kissed, craving all the things that they knew they couldn’t have, and craving all the things that they didn’t yet know about.  Jamie’s hands shifted and slid underneath the hem of her cotton athletic shorts so that he cupped the cheeks of her bare arse.  As their kisses became deeper and more...well, just MORE, she felt him shift her so that he rocked his hard length against her core.  This time, there was less fabric in the way.  Her thin cotton shorts and his gym shorts.  It felt so much better than before.  


Shifting again, he slid his hand up to her sports bra-covered breast and thumbed her hardened nipple.  She moaned, feeling the sparks fly all the way down to the spot he rocked against between her legs.  It vaguely registered in her lust-drugged brain that her knickers were soaked, aiding the friction that Jamie was creating.  


As the tension built between them, they rocked harder and faster, panting, chests heaving.  Without warning, Jamie squeezed her nipple a bit too hard.  The feeling caused her to gasp and she whimpered as the nerve-endings suddenly exploded between her legs.  She cried out as heat flooded her entire body.  She could quite literally feel the blood pulsing in her veins.  Between her legs, where Jamie was still furiously rocking, she became quite sensitive, each movement causing her to spasm and cry out further.  She felt her insides beating and pulsing, almost squeezing.  


She opened her eyes, quite dazed, and saw Jamie’s eyes tightly squeezed shut, his teeth clenched, head thrown back.  Abruptly, he dropped her legs to the ground and turned away from her and fumbled with his shorts.  A sharp cry emitted from him as his body spasmed.  He leaned into a support pole, fighting for control of his breathing.  


Claire’s legs felt like jelly and she slid to the ground, her legs splayed inelegantly.  


Jamie glanced over his shoulder with a sheepish look at Claire.  He fumbled with his shorts again and then turned back to Claire.  His face was red and covered with a sheen of sweat.  


“I’m sorry, Claire.  I didnae mean to let things go so far.”


Not exactly knowing what to say to that, she just nodded and smiled shyly at him.  


He cleared his throat awkwardly and asked, “Did I hurt ye?”


Huh?  “What?”


“Ye ken, when ye cried out.  It sounded like I had hurt ye.”


“  I don’t really know what that was, actually.  I just felt like my entire body exploded and then melted to jelly.”


Jamie's face changed from one of worry and concern to that smirky half-grin he did so well.  “Sae, ye’ve never felt that before?  Like that?  Tell me how it felt.”


Claire colored, embarrassed.  “No I haven’t.  Well, I got all tingly, like if you stopped doing what you were doing, I’d be disappointed.  And then I got this...this clenching feeling inside.  But not just there, though.  It curled my toes and my back.  Sort of like when you pull the bow back right before you release the arrow.  Then it was like a volcano.  Lava exploded...and...and it was almost like I could, you know, feel that in my veins.  What do you suppose that was, then?”


The more Claire described, the bigger Jamie’s self-satisfied grin got.  


“Ye’ve really never felt that before?

“No, I’ve said as much.”


“Weel,” Jamie took her hand and squeezed it as he leaned in to kiss her nose, “it sounds tae me like ye had an orgasm.”


Claire’s jaw dropped.  Was that…?  That was…?


“Speechless, eh?  I must write this down for future reference,” Jamie laughed.  


“Wait!  So when you turned away from me, did you...well, you know…”


Jamie turned a very charming shade of red and slowly nodded.  “It’s, weel, it’s kinda messy, ken, so I…”


“Oh.  I see.”  


And then,


“So was that your first time, as well?”


If Jamie had been red before, that was nothing in comparison to the shade that he became now.  “Erm, weel, uh...nae really.  I mean, it was the first time, with a girl, ken.”


“So when were the other times?”


“Gah Claire, that’s a wee bit personal, ye ken?!”  Jamie clearly didn’t want to talk about it, but Claire couldn’t help being curious.  


Claire leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips.  She whispered, “Tell me.”


He kissed her back and leaned his forehead against hers.  “In my dreams, mostly.”


“What do you dream about that brings all that on?”


Jamie rolled his eyes and grinned, knowing she wouldn’t cease until she got the answers she wanted.  “Mostly about ye.  One time, I dreamt of ye wearing that red bikini ye have and we did...well, we did what we just did, I suppose.  Other times, I don’t really know what brings it on.  It just happens, ye ken.  It’s called ‘wet dreams’.”


Claire nodded then grinned as the realization hit her.  “You like my red bikini, eh?”


“Och,” he pinched her arm lightly, “ye ken I do.  I like seeing all yer pearly white skin.”


They were startled when Jamie’s phone buzzed.  He pulled back to answer it.  “Hey, Mam.”


“Alright.  I’m just heading home.  Bye.”


“You have to go home?”


He frowned and nodded slowly.  “Mam has supper ready.”


Claire rose from the ground and Jamie followed her.  “I probably need to go, too.  Mum thinks I’m riding bikes with you.”


“I’ll see ye home, then, so it looks like that’s what we’ve been doing.”


Claire bent to pick up her bike and Jamie stopped her with a hand on her arm.


“Did ye like it, then, Claire?”


She threw her arms behind Jamie’s neck and kissed him thoroughly.  Pulling away before they started something again, she whispered in his ear, “Yes, Jamie.  I did.”