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That One Time

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16 years old


Claire was standing in the doorway with Geillie and Louise.  There was a party tonight at Charlie’s house.  Charlie and Louise had been dating on and off for sometime now, and were currently back “on”.  Louise had invited Claire and Geillie to stay the night at her house and go to the party with her.  Both readily accepted.  


Claire hadn’t been to many parties like this before and was a little on the nervous side.  Several liquor bottles were open and scattered across every surface in the living room.  She could hear a lot of yelling and laughing in the house.  It sounded like a game of quarters was happening in the kitchen.  A couple sat in a wing-backed chair, wrapped around each other kissing deeply, ignoring all that was going on around them.  


Claire ventured, “Er, I don’t suppose Charlie’s folks are here, then?”  


Louise laughed.  “Oh no!  They are both away at a conference halfway across the country.  Charlie was allowed to stay home by himself and decided to have a party.  Everyone who he invited agreed that they would behave and not mess up the house.  Charlie’s afraid he’ll get caught.”  


Geillis gestured toward Rupert and Angus moving toward the game of quarters going on in the kitchen and said, “I can see why he would be.  Ye ken how they get.”


Louise nodded gravely.  “Which is why Charlie is following them around carrying a waste bin.  I’m going to go help him in the kitchen.  I’ll see you both later.”


Geillie’s boyfriend of the week waved at her from the corner of the room.  “I’ll bet Jamie’s here somewhere.  Why don’t ye go find him, hen?”


Claire nodded.  She and Jamie had gone on a few dates and had attended several school activities together through the year.  They had slowly gotten closer as the year drew on, but she could tell Jamie was trying very hard to keep things under control.  He was always the first to stop when they kissed.  He was always the first to grab her wondering hand before it traveled too close to his belt.  And that’s not to say that he hadn’t been tempted, either.  He’d nearly touched her breast one evening but he caught himself, apologized, and backed away.  She was determined to be patient, though.  He was right, after all.  


She skirted the crowd gathered in the living room, standing on tip-toe to spot Jamie’s tall redhead.  Turning the corner, she followed the yelling and laughter until she found the quarters game in the kitchen.  


And there was Jamie.  He was flushed and laughing as he watched someone bounce his quarter across the table into the shot glass in the middle.  It landed in a cup.  The crowd yelled and the guy yelled, “Jamie!”  Jamie picked up the shot glass in front of him and he tossed it back and with a shudder and a grimace, he sat it back on the table.  Everyone cheered.  Claire watched the game for a while and during that time, Jamie had to take three shots.  Finally, the game was over and they switched players.  


Rupert spotted Claire and yelled for her to join the table.  “Hey-ho, Claire!  C’mon lass!  It’s yer turn!”  She glanced at Jamie, who had moved back to lean against the countertop.  He grinned his lopsided grin at her and winked at her.  


She took a place at the table and the game began.  By the time everything was done, she had had to take 3 shots, herself.  Her head was buzzing and she felt nearly like she was floating outside her body.  She walked out of the kitchen and wandered down a hallway in search of Louise or Geillie.  She hadn’t seen them at all since they’d arrived.  


Suddenly a hand grabbed her and yanked her into a darkened room, the door clicking shut behind them.  It was dark enough that she couldn’t make out anything.  She blinked her eyes, trying to adjust, and stuck out a hand reaching for the person that was in there.  She could hear them breathing.  Finally she touched a warm chest.  


“Who’s there?”


A familiar husky, whisky-laced laugh made her relax.  “Who d’ye think?”


He grabbed her hand that was resting on his chest and pulled her close to him.  Closer than they’d honestly ever stood.  She could feel the rise and fall of his chest.  She could feel the heat emanating off him.  She looped her arms around his neck as he slid his hands from her waist to her back.


“What are you doing?”


“I had a notion to snog my girlfriend.  Ye see, she is wearing this new outfit that is driving me crazy.”


Claire smiled, pleased.  Geillis talked her into buying these tight, low-slung jeans and had loaned her a short form-fitting shirt.  If she raised her arms, her shirt rose considerably, but not indecently (Geillis and Louise had assured her).  They had applied their makeup a little heavier and darker than usual to appear older, she guessed.  Geillie had worked her magic and tamed Claire’s dark curls into soft, gentle waves.  She thought she looked older, at least.  


Apparently Jamie approved.  


He kissed her with a little more enthusiasm than she was used to and didn’t mind it.  Suddenly she felt his warm tongue push its way into her mouth.  She tentatively touched it with her own.  They had never french kissed before.  She’d heard tell of it, but Jamie had held back.  


Not this time.  


Stars exploded in her head and she caught her breath.  A jolt of something...she could only liken it to electricity, shot down her spine and through her veins.  She felt lightheaded.  Jamie moaned low in his throat and tangled his tongue with hers.  She tightened her arms around Jamie’s neck and leaned further into him.  She felt his hands trail down from her waist to the top of her jeans.  She could feel his bare fingers on her skin.  


She was acutely aware of those fingers as they kissed.  They inched underneath her jeans and met up with the waistband of her thong (another new purchase attributed to Geillie, which she was most definitely NOT going to let her mother see in the dirty laundry).  He slowly traced the outer edged, feeling that which he’d never seen or dared touch before.  Pushing a bit lower, he met with bare skin on the bottom side of the strap.  


He pulled back and she heard his heavy breath, panting.  “Christ Claire.  What I wouldn’t give tae see ye…”


She kissed him again.  This time he grabbed her arse with both hands and pulled her into his hips, squeezing his hands.  He rocked against her and she felt him hard against her for the first time.  


Of course she knew what men looked like.  Geillis took great delight in flashing pictures of naked men on the internet at her just to see her blush.  Her curiosity had gotten the best of her when she, Louise and Geillis looked closer at the pictures Geillie had scrolled through.  She knew the mechanics of sex, of course, thanks to sex ed in health class.  She just couldn’t imagine how all...that...well, fit.  It just didn’t seem possible to her mind.  Mum had vaguely explained things in the most general of terms.  Julia found it very difficult to talk about it to her daughter.  And Claire found it even more difficult to listen to her talk about “it”.  


Jamie was holding her so tightly that she could barely breathe, yet she didn’t mind.  The alcohol had dulled her senses and made her less inhibited.  


She felt Jamie squeeze her arse tighter and he rocked his hips into her pelvis, slowly grinding them together.  She felt that addictive jolt of electricity move through her and she couldn’t help the moan that came out of the very depths of her.  She rocked back, liking the feeling, not quite knowing what to do, yet following what felt good to her.  Soon they set a slow rhythm of back and forth like the waves of the ocean.  


Suddenly, Jamie pulled back, their hips still pressed together, his chest heaving.  She could still smell the sweet peaty smell of whisky on his breath as he fought to fill his lungs with air.  Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the room.  They looked at each other, their senses overwhelmed with all the new feelings they were experiencing all at once.  They knew they were roaming into dangerous territory.  


Jamie whispered, “C-Claire?”


Their hips slowly rocked together still.  She could feel the hard length of him through their jeans.  Her fingers itched to touch it, to explore.  


She whispered back, “Yes?”


“Does...does this feel good tae ye?”  He pushed harder into her pelvis and hit a spot that caused her belly to tingle, rocking harder into her.  


She gasped as she felt the urge to reach...she didn’t know what exactly.  It just felt too good to stop.  




He turned them and walked her backward to the wall.  He edged his way between her legs and found the spot again, rocking slowly back and forth.  


“Can  I promise tae...stay on top...of yer bra,” he panted.


She nodded.


His left hand made its way from her hip to the hem of her shirt.  His fingers dipped under and slowly made their way up to her bra.  She held her breath as he softly explored the underside of her breasts, touching and learning her shape.  


As he placed his palm over her entire breast, she heard his breath catch and she felt the hardness against her leap, as if it had a life of its own.  He fought for air as his hand gingerly squeezed her breast.  


She felt his fingers brush across her hardened nipple and she gasped and moaned.  


“Do ye like that?”


“Yesssss…,” she whispered.


Just when she thought she couldn’t take another minute, he took his hand away and slid it down to the button on her jeans.  


“Can I...only on top of...yer knickers?


She couldn’t talk, couldn’t have answered if she had wanted to.  She nodded shakily, almost afraid.  But she trusted him with all that was in her.  


He fumbled with the button and zipper and slid his hand down, hesitating when he reached the edge of her thong.  Adjusting his position, he slid his hand further down and she felt his fingers touch her between her legs.  His fingers nudged and explored, sometimes a little harder than she would’ve liked.  She whimpered and he stopped.


“Did I hurt ye?” he breathed out.


She could only shake her head.  He leaned his forehead against hers and he explored a little softer.  


She almost didn’t hear him softly whisper, “Christ, ye are sae warm.”


Embarrassed, she tipped her pelvis back and his fingers slid forward.   


“Jamie, maybe...maybe we should stop.”  She was getting scared.


He took a deep breath and pulled his hand out, buttoning her jeans and zipping them.  “Ye’re right.  I’m sorry.  I dinnae mean tae go sae far.  It’s just that ye’re sae bonny and I cannae…”


He sighed and took a step back.  


She reached forward and put a hand on his chest.  She could feel his heart pounding against her palm.  


“I wanted you to, Jamie.  If I wasn’t ready, I would’ve told you.”


He hooked a hand around her neck and pulled her forward to kiss her.  “I dinnae ken how long I can wait, Claire.  I...I want ye sae badly!”  His accent, strong already, became thicker.  


Claire nodded almost imperceptibly.  But he felt it.  


She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket.  She almost ignored it, then decided to quickly check it just in case.  


Geillis:  Where RU?  We’re ready to head out.


Claire quickly typed an answer.  “I have to go.  Louise and Geillis are ready to leave.”


Jamie nodded.  “I’ll text ye later, then.”




“I’ll stay in here a while to cool down.”  He gave her one final kiss.  “Bye.”


“Bye, Jamie.”


Claire cautiously opened the door, checked to see that the coast was clear, and let herself out the door.