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That One Time

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14 years old


It was a particularly warm summer day.  Many had tried to escape the heat by heading to the local swimming hole.  


“Hurry up, Jamie!  Everyone is already here!”  She laid her bicycle down and took her towel out of the basket secured to the handlebars.  She kicked off her shoes and began shed her clothes, her new bathing suit being underneath them.  


Jamie sat his bicycle down and pulled his shirt off over this head.  He glanced over at Claire and suddenly his world shifted into slow motion.


That’s the very singular second that Jamie Fraser knew.  Just KNEW.  


Claire had bent over with her back to him to shimmy out of her shorts.  Jamie gasped when he really saw...SAW...Claire’s round, firm arse for the first time peeking out of her bikini bottoms.  She stood up and turned around and his eyes went to a place they had never gone before.  He looked at her breasts.  They were rounder and her nipples stood out behind the red fabric.  He had never seen how long her legs had become.  How shapely she was under her loose jeans and tee shirts.  She had developed curves in all the right places and…


“Earth to Jamie!”  Claire snapped her fingers at him.


Jamie blinked and shook his head.  Shite.  


“Hurry up!  I’ll race you to the water!”


He quickly plopped down onto the ground and propped his knees up to his chest, pretending to have a knot in his shoe.  “Naw, ye go on ahead.  I have a knot in my shoe.  I’ll be there in a minute.”


She turned and took off at a run and jumped into the water with a loud squeal.


Jamie finished taking off his shoes and then noticed an uncomfortable tightening in his swim shorts.  He looked down at the tent that was quickly forming and quickly brought his knees back up to his chest.  He tightly closed his eyes.




Christ!  He tried to picture anything but Claire and all her white skin showing under that red bikini.  He tried to think of anything but those nipples.  His brain just wouldn’t STOP.  


He rubbed his eyes and recited the Lord’s Prayer and the Rosary.  He thought of auld Grannie McNabb, who vaguely resembled a man and had more whiskers sprouting from her chin than she did.  He thought of the foul smell that came from Rupert’s oxters after a rousing match of footy.  


Warily looking down, it appeared that things had calmed down.  He stood, his back to the lake, and adjusted...things… and headed down to the lake at a run.  


He jumped into the water and doused Claire with a mighty splash of water.  She yelled and shoved water back at him.  He finally relaxed.  Apparently cold water worked, too.


Well.  That was new.