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Shirley deserves better.

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Plucky Duck rolled his eyes at Buster Bunny. Buster insisted more, "It's not that I'm gay or anything, but Babs just looks better in that tomboy style." Plucky crossed his arms and scoffed, "Buster, that's gay. Like literally gay, you just admitted to liking boys more than girls." The blue bunny glared at his friend and then slugged him in the arm before arguing in a huff, "No, you are gay." The green duckling rubbed his arm a bit before punching his arm and disagreeing, "No, you are!" Kablooie Duck walked in, wearing a cheerleader outfit. Skirt and all. Kablooie happily commented, "What is, motherfuckers? Guess who's trying out for cheer?"

The two males paused their argument to stare at the other male. They quickly turned their eyes away from him and tried to pretend they weren't looking. Buster Bunny questioned, "Kablooie, what in Sam Hill are you wearing?" Kablooie Duck smiled turned to a frown before he put his hands on his hips and snarled, "The same damn thing your hero wears before he screws Plucky's hero." Kablooie stomped over to them and huffed out smoke, "I thought you'd like it. Fuck, the only reason I'm doing cheer is so I can support you two in your dumb sports games! You know like a good boyfriend!?"

Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck at the same time spoke, "I'm not your boyfriend! I have a girlfriend!... You own me a coke! No I don't, you own me a coke!" Kablooie Duck threatened, "Oh yeah?! I'll fight Plucky's girlfriend!" Plucky Duck laughed off the threat, "As if, Shirley will probably use her weird powers and kick you into outer space!" So Kablooie went to find this Shirley, as he not only wished to earn his place as a good boyfriend but also craved battle against people stronger than himself.

Shirley McLoon sat at a place serving coffee, just outside the building. You know on the outside area with the umbrellas and tables. She wasn't having any coffee but they also served tea there. Suddenly a duck in a cheerleader outfit walked over to her and challenged her, "I am Kablooie Duck! I want to be Plucky's boyfriend so as Plucky's girlfriend, you must fight me!!" Shirley shrugged and sighed, "You can like have him." Kablooie Duck blinked in confusion before going to sit down next to her.

Kablooie noted, "You don't sound like you are happy with Plucky... Is there something wrong?" Shirley Loon drank some tea before explaining, "Plucky is like a total pig. He's always chasing after other girls and stuff." Kablooie Duck fumed at this, "You deserve better. Break up with his ass." She laid back in the outside chair and scoffed, "You are only saying that cause, like, you are dif gay for Plucky." The rando she just met glared at her before broiling his words, "I'm bi, not gay, prick."

The preteen boy assured the teenaged girl, "And I'm not just trying to break you two up. You do deserve better. A boyfriend should never cheat on his girlfriend." The teen girl smiled a little bit as she replied, "Thanks. Like, it's nice to talk to a guy who doesn't only see me as meat." The preteen smiled back to her and replied cheerfully, "No problem. We should hang out more." They shaked hands before parting ways.

Plucky Duck was still hanging out his friend, Buster Bunny. They were still doing their no homo dick measuring. Buster dug at Plucky, "You were looking at Kablooie." Plucky dug at Buster, "You were looking at Kablooie." Kablooie Duck appeared behind them and breathed out tiredly, "The Fuck is with you two? I thought you idolized Daffy and Bugs." The two teen boys jumped an inch in surprise. The teen duck coughed in surprise, "Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

"Listen the Fuck here," Kablooie Duck poked into the green feathers of the chest, raging, "Shirley deserves better than your tail chasing. Treat her with some fucking respect, you selfish worm!" Plucky Duck glared at him then poked his chest back while raging, "You come over to me, scream in my face, and nearly explode my heart out of my freaking chest!?" Kablooie grabbed Plucky's bill, pulling him in closer, and hissed like a damp fire, "Yes, I do. Do something about it." Then the 13 year old let go of the 14 year old.

The mallard grabbed the orange tank top and threatened, "Oh, I'll do something about it." The mutant duckling grabbed the white tank top and flirted with him, "Kiss me, Plucky. Go on, do it." The hare backed off as to avoid dealing with this. Plucky shoved him away, fuming, "Get away from me!" Kablooie stumbled back a few steps then shoved him back, boiling openly, "Then fucking make me, you fucking ass clown!!" The Mallard jumped on top of the radioactive mutant, the slightly radioactive duckling struggled against him so he pinning him down.

Kablooie Duck flirted harder, "Fuck me, you greedy coward! Come on, hotshot, hit me! I like it!" Plucky Duck went wide eyed and froze up. Kablooie pushed him to the ground and pinned him down. Plucky closed his eyes, expecting a punch but found instead a hug. He opened his eyes to see the other male duck embracing him close. The slightly younger boy comforted him, "I'm sorry for fighting with you. I was trying to flirt with you and..." The slightly older boy loosely held him back without saying anything back.

Kablooie nuzzled into the place where the shoulders met the neck, closing his eyes. Plucky was wishy-washy for a few seconds, "Maybe I should talk to Shirley." Plucky sighed to himself after that. Kablooie asked in playful mock, "I know now probably isn't a good time, but do you have a crush on Buster? Is it just a 90s thing to constantly insist you are straight like it doesn't become more suspicious the louder you say it or something?" The mallard grumbled loudly enough to be understood, "Shut up, you Disney character." The white duckling was offended by that dig but ignored it.

It was a nice moment. It seemed a waste to ruin it over copyright.

The End.