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Dying to know

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It was getting cold again and winter is a harsh season. Makoto enjoyed taking walks in a nearby park lately, not too far from his café. The cold helped to sort his thoughts and his thoughts definitely needed sorting at the moment.
He was as always so full of emotions ,but he didn’t quite know what to do with them. After reconciling with his father he still felt plenty conflicted. Forgiving really isn’t easy, he thought. he breathed in his hands to make them warm and sighed deeply.
Sometimes he wished his mother was still there with him, then he wouldn't feel so left alone in this world. Yet, he knows he's not actually alone, not anymore. He met rather unique people as a conman and had a bunch of exhilarating adventures he still dreams about.
Abbi, Cynthia, Kudo, Shi-won. They’re not bad people, not bad at all.
Except Laurent, that bastard, Makoto cursed. He never truly understood that man, but then again nobody does. He somehow knows all about the people around him but no one really knows anything about him.

Makoto wondered what he thought of him. Laurent tricked him multiple times, never including him in the master plan, he always kicks him head first in the water without telling him a thing. Was this his way of testing him? What a sick man.
But there’s something irresistible in his eyes, Makoto admitted. it’s so easy to just be swept away by him, maybe dangerous even. With his confidence he could pull everything off.
It’s not hard to tell that Laurent is a flirt, but sometimes Makoto swore he looks at him, as if he were special. Or does he just imagine it?

As he wanted to head back, his phone started ringing. Speak of the devil, it was Laurent.
“Edamame. You know you could at least text back once in a while”, Makoto heard him pretending to be hurt.
“You’re probably busy with your next scheme anyway”, Makoto was already annoyed by him, even though he hasn't seen him in months now.
“I always have time for you”, again with his cheesy lines.
“Anyways. A specific reason you’re calling?”
“But of course. I just wanted to inform you I’ll be staying a few days in japan. maybe you would be interested in some catching up?” Edamura is sure he had hidden motives, so he hesitated. It's always such an ordeal with laurent.
Then again, he could finally try to win some information from him, he was curious, he declared.


As expected they met up in a fancy bar. Laurent instantly spotted him, when he entered the room and gave him a warm smile. He wore a lavender shirt and some dress pants, his expression seemed irritatingly genuine.
"Edamame, you came!" he threw his arms in the air, a bit dramatic Makoto thought.
"Well, I'm a man of my words" he said, trying to keep his composure, while straightening his collar.

The conversation started a bit awkward and stiff, but after a few drinks they talked more freely about themselves, or to be precise Makoto spoke about himself. Too bad Makoto's initial plan backfired into him being the drunk one, while Laurent stays as mysterious as ever. Sure some “I missed you”s and flirtations slipped from him occasionally, but that was it. He only said things that would rile Makoto up, messing with him. But the alcohol only worsened Edamames short fuse and he soon snapped.



“What even am I to you? Am I just a pawn you can play with? I'm not your toy dammit Laurent”, he continued,
“I'm sick of you thinking I would just quietly go along with your plan, like a fool”
Laurent looked slightly pained. He was already used to Edamuras short temper, except this time it actually hurt him. He didn’t really know how to calm him down, so he tried a different approach.
"But you always exceed my expectations so nicely Edamame, it makes it hard not to mess with you", he moved his fingers across the table, "And I don't force you to tag along, yet here you sit. I wonder why that is." Laurent spoke suggestively and reached makoto's hand.
Makoto felt the warmth rush to his face, he found himself at a loss of words, stuttering something.
He hated the man in front of him. He hated his arrogant tone, his theatracity, his stupid blonde, long hair, his ocean blue eyes, the way he looks good in everything and that he's taller than him and that he’s always right.

Now he certainly couldn't handle that situation, so he shook Laurents hand off and wanted to storm out. But the blonde bastard grabbed his arm and said, "don't be like that edamura. Please, stay" surprisingly he almost saw desperation in his eyes. Makoto finally calmed down a bit and sat down again. Although he avoided eye contact and downed his remaining drink in one go.

Apparently he forgot that Laurent didn't let go of his hand yet. Seeing that he didn't react, Laurent slowly, carefully touched his fingers, then kneading them in circles.
Makoto shivered and finally glanced up to the French man. He just stared at him, his eyes heavily lidded and full of want. (I hate myself)
Could he have meant his advances seriously, Makoto asked himself.
He didn't want to admit it, but as much as he hates the man, he's also strangely attracted to the conman.

"Edamura" Laurent whispers in a hoarse voice. At that moment he would do anything Laurent would ask him of, he's convinced. Once again he was being swept away by him and he felt yet another hand slowly creeping up his thigh.

The next minutes were kind of a haze to Makoto. He found himself in an elevator and it felt like Laurents hands never left him, even for a second. Though his hands became gradually more greedy. Makoto couldn’t think about his irritation anymore, all he could think of was that he needed more. So he looked up at Laurent, grabbed his face and kissed him impatiently.

Makoto wasn’t that experienced ,so it was a bit sloppy at first. Laurent soon took over and put his hand around makotos waist. The kisses became needier and needier and Makoto was already out of breath. Laurent licked his lips to ask for permission and he obediently opened his mouth. Two tongues clashing against each other and exploring the new found territory.

They finally reached Laurent’s hotel room and when the door was closed, he practically jumped on Makoto. Makoto gave in to him, but he wasn’t quite satisfied with their dynamic.
He halted and grasped his hands.
“You’re being a bit hasty”, he laughed.
“Well I waited for this to happen for a long time, so please excuse my impatience” Makoto noticed his “impatience” touching his thighs.
“I never thought you were serious about your advances” Makoto felt a bit bad and thought for a moment, “Mh, the least i can do is to reward you then”

He pulled at his tie and gave him a chaste kiss. Then he made work of laurents belt and roughly pressed him to the door.
Makoto trailed a few open mouthed kisses along his neck, before biting down on his shoulder. Laurent tried his best not to be too vocal, but in his anticipation of his "reward" he uttered a deep, throaty moan.

Makoto's hands traveled lower and found the hem of Laurents pants. He pulled his zipper down and palmed him through his boxers.
"Mh", Laurent moaned again.
"Wow you're already this hard?", Makoto teased him.
Laurent didn't reply, instead he looked at Edamura with glassy eyes and caressed his face gently.
His thumb brushed his lips and pressed down on the bottom lip.
"Such a nice view", Laurent mused.
"It'll be even better" Makoto said, while pulling the french man's boxers down till his knees and freeing the pitiful erection.
"Daring today, are we?", Laurent looked at him almost sinfully. Makoto wet his lips.
He experimentally gave his cock a few strokes, before kissing the tip.

Makoto was still a bit upset with him, but at least he can return the favor of being toyed with, he thought.

Instead of answering he fully gulped down on Laurents dick. It was an enormous size, makoto choked a bit at first, but his pace became steadier already.
Laurent was usually so composed and calm, but now he's a panting mess, much to Makoto's joy. He felt himself getting hard.

"Edamura" Laurent tried his hardest not to buck his hips too much into Makoto's mouth, but he slowly lost control over any rational thinking.
Makoto languishly licked at the tip and added a hand to his base.
"I'm gonna cum" Laurent felt himself become putty around Makoto.
He felt his dick twitch around his tongue and he released Laurent’s cock. He spilled his cum all over Makoto's face.

"You're so dirty", Makoto said, while wiping some off.
Laurent Bit his lips, he never imagined Edamura this straightforward, even in his wildest dreams.

The alcohol was now fully out of their systems, although they both felt a whole different way of drunkenness.

Realising they were still only in the entrance area, Makoto hurried Laurent to the bed. Laurent’s hands were already all over him again, on his hips, pulling him closer in his lap, a hand under his shirt, another on his thigh. Makoto thought his hands were really warm and demanding, but not as rough to actually hurt him.
They were so close, Edamura could feel Laurents' breath on him and they were kissing so passionately, Makoto wondered if they’d melt together eventually.
As the playboy Laurent was, he knew exactly how to angle his face and how to move his tongue to get the reactions he wanted, leaving Makoto moaning quietly.

Makoto was the first to break off the kiss, to lick Laurent’s jaw and throat.
He then bit his earlobe and whispered “Strip” into his ear.
He could swear he saw Laurent blush a bit.
Laurent did as he commanded and unbuttoned his classy lavender shirt, taking his time with the buttons while locking eyes with Makoto.

Makoto was really turned on at this point, his erection almost painfully straining his pants.
“You got any lube?” he asked casually. (Or as casually as you can ask someone whether they have lube.)
“In the drawer”, Edamura was not surprised that he was prepared.


Makoto left a trail of kisses on his chest leading to the underside of his stomach.
Laurent was hard again.
Edamura spread his legs with his knee and kissed the inside of his thighs, causing Laurent to shudder.
He poured the lube on his fingers, first teasing his entrance, then plunging in, leading to a surprised yelp from Laurent.
Laurent accepted the fact that he lost all control he had over the situation the moment they stepped into his apartment and honestly it got him off.
Makoto added a finger, stretching him.
“Edamame” Laurent moaned.
“Wrong”, he thrusted his fingers up, curling them, reaching Laurents sweet spot, which resulted in Laurent screaming nonsense in french.
“Ma-koto”, he then corrected, breathless.

“You want another reward?”
Laurent nodded docile.

Makoto undressed himself, pulling his shirt over his head, unzipping his pants, pulling both his pants and underwear down and stepping out of them. He then reached back in the drawer and fished out a condom, he noticed earlier laying next to the lube. Laurent watched attentively, the suspense killing him.
He ripped it open with his teeth and rolled it on his member.
“Such a good boy”, he said while positioning himself at his ass and slowly thrusting inside.
Laurent almost screamed at Makotos relentless pounding and loudly moaned, which most likely disturbed their neighbors.
“Please, slow down a bit, love”, but Makoto was only spurred on because of his lovely moans and his tight hole.
Laurent then bucked his hips to meet with edamuras thrusts and in order to gain some control back, which almost caused Makoto to cum instantly.
He wanted to wipe that smug smile of his face, so he caught him in a deep kiss,sliding his tongue inside, moaning in between the kisses.
Makoto knew he’d reach his limit soon, so he slipped a hand between them and stroke laurents dick cruelly, causing him to moan in his mouth.

“Makoto”, at the sound of his name he bit his lips so hard he drew blood, “I’m close”
“Me too”, Makoto said and bent down to suck and bite Laurents chest, which will without a doubt bruise tomorrow. Following their climax, they muttered and screamed a combination of their names, incoherent nonsense and dirty talk. Laurent came first, covering his stomach in his own cum, not long after Makoto followed and came inside of Laurent, riding his orgasm out.

They were still in their delirium and Makoto fell on top of Laurent, exhausted.
The next minutes were absolute silence, except for a chuckle from Laurent, while he stroked Makoto’s hair, who was tucked under his chin, still panting, hugging the french bastard.


In the end he did find something out about Laurent. He likes being fucked into absolute oblivion.