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The Things We've Learned

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Izuku and Mikumo were four when their diagnoses came in.


Izuku and Mikumo were four when daddy started yelling at mommy and slammed the door behind him when he left.

Izuku and Mikumo were four when their lives changed forever.

Izuku and Mikumo were four when their friends became their enemies.

Izuku and Mikumo were four when they went from being at the top of their class to being at the bottom.

Izuku and Mikumo were four when they learned how to treat second and third degree burns.

Izuku and Mikumo were four and they lost daddy and they lost their friends, but they still had mommy.

Izuku and Mikumo were six when they lost mommy.

Izuku and Mikumo were six when they learned they really only had each other.

“Izuku, Mikumo,” the six year old’s, twins, identical twins, perk up at their mother’s voice coming their way. Putting their crayons down, they climb off their beds just as Midoriya Inko turns the corner into their bedroom, she smiles at them. “Babies, pack your backpacks, we’re going on a trip.”

Izuku bounces excitedly. “Where we going mommy!”

“Don’t say! Don’t say!” Mikumo waves his hands frantically. “I like surprises!”

The green haired woman smiles at them, there’s something different in her smile, they take note of, but don’t worry about it all too much, mommy just had a lot going on. “It’s a surprise. Pack your bags now.”

The twins nod, darting to their closet as their mommy leaves the room, throwing open the door, they snag their matching amber backpacks out of their closet, and begin packing, a shirt, some pants, underpants, socks, coloring books and crayons, some merch, their favorite stuffed animal, and a flashlight (just in case). The pull their favorite jackets on, dark green, their favorite color, stuff their feet in their hightops, navy blue, and dart out of their room.

Mommy’s waiting by the door, jacket on, shoes on, purse on her shoulder, keys in her hand.

Inko smiles at her boys when she sees them. “Ready babies?”

Izuku and Mikumo nod, smiling excitedly, wondering what the surprise was, where they were going. The step out ahead of their mother, hopping down the stairs to the ground level, she follows behind them at a slower pace. Hopping up into their car, they pull their backpacks around into their laps, buckling up, because safety was no accident.

They chatter excitedly, watching out the windows, trying to guess where they were heading, watching as they drove out of the city, into a wooded area, the middle of nowhere. They drive until they can’t see the city anymore, before stopping, the twins exchange confused looks, looking up at their mother when she turns around.

Her face is scary.

It’s cold.

She’s not smiling anymore.

Inko glowers at her children, her freaks, the reasons her husband left her. “Get out.”

Mikumo tilts his head in sync with Izuku. “But, mommy—”

“Get out!”

The twins squeak at her shout, scrambling to undo their seat belts, holding tight to their backpacks as they scramble out of the car, just slamming the doors closed when the car pulls away, does a U-turn, and drives away, leaving them standing in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere, with no one but each other.

They watch the car as it slowly disappears from sigh, Izuku sniffles, Mikumo sniffles, and they hold each other as they start crying, backpacks laying forgotten on the street, in the middle of nowhere, miles away from civilization.

Izuku and Mikumo learned at six that adults can’t be trusted.

Izuku and Mikumo learned at six that adults always leave.

Izuku and Mikumo were six when they vowed to never let anyone else in again.

Izuku and Mikumo were six when they promised they’d never let their hearts be broken again.

Izuku and Mikumo left Musutafu when they were seven.

They hold each other’s hands as they walk through the train station, wanting to leave, to get away from the town that had caused them so much pain, go somewhere new, where they could start a new life, where they could begin anew, where they could leave all the sadness, heartbreak, and abandonment behind and start fresh.

The people rushing about to their trains pay them no mind as they wander through the crowd, no one bats an eye at the two seven years walking hand in hand through the crowded train station all on their own, Mikumo yelps when he’s tugged to a stop when Izuku suddenly stops next to a train.

“Zu,” the one twin questions. “Why’d you stop?”

“Ku, let’s take this one.” The other twin points at the train, bound for the Island of Kyushu, the city of Fukuoka. “I wanna go there.”

Mikumo tilts his head. “Why there, Zu?”

“It’s an island, Ku, it has a beach.” Izuku tugs on his hand. “I wanna see a real beach.”

Mikumo nods slightly, makes sense to him, and he grins at his brother. “Okay, Zu, I wanna see a real beach too!”

The seven year old twins board the train, clutching at each other’s hands, looking around for an empty seat, they walk from car to car, trying to find a spot to sit, it takes them a search of four cars before they find a seat, a both seat, a man sitting on one side, the seat on the other side free.

Izuku and Mikumo exchange glances, the man doesn’t see them, hidden behind a newspaper, they do a quick game of rock, paper, scissors, which fails, because they always pick the same one, every time.

The one twin pokes his brother in the arm, Mikumo glares at him, and leans over to poke the back of the man’s hand. The newspaper lowers, and two sets of green eyes meet gold, the man looks young, they’re not good at judging a persons age, but they look old to them, young, but old, gold eyes, feathery ash-blonde hair, and big red wings on his back.

He smiles at them. “Hey, kiddies.”

Mikumo and Izuku smile back, Izuku points at the seat across from him. “Is that one open?”

The man nods and gestures for them to take it. “It’s yours.”

They grin and climb up into the booth, pulling their backpacks around, starring at each other, having a silent conversation, before smiling and nodding.

“So,” the man across from them leans forward, arms resting overtop his newspaper, and looks between them. “I’m Keigo, what’re your names?”

The one twin points a small finger at himself. “I’m Izuku.”

The second twin points a small finger at himself. “I’m Mikumo.”

“Well,” Keigo bows his head slightly. “It’s nice to meet you Izuku and Mikumo. Are you travelling alone?”

“Um..” The boys exchange glances and Mikumo speaks when they turn back. “Mommy and daddy are in the other car, there wasn’t enough room for us to sit with them.”

“I see,” the winged man nods, but there’s something in his tone that says he doesn’t necessarily buy it, and he eyes them carefully. “Well, you’re welcome to sit with me, I’ll make sure you two get back with your mom and dad once we reach Fukuoka.”

Mikumo bites his lip and turns to Izuku, the other twin tilts his head, turning his head slightly to look at his brother. “That’s….” Izuku looks back at him. “Okay, Mister Keigo, we wouldn’t wanna interrupt you.”

“Hey, it’s no problem.” The blonde man waves away his ‘concern’. “I can’t in good conscience not make sure two lil birdies get back to their mom and dad safely.”

“Umm…” Mikumo scratches lightly at his cheek. “Thanks…Mister Keigo.”

“Keigo’s fine kiddo.” The winged man smiles at him. “Mister Keigo is such a mouthful, just call me Keigo.”

“Tickets?” The conductor stops at their booth and looks between the three of them. “Tickets, please.” Keigo pulls his ticket out from the inner pocket of his jacket and passes it to the conductor, the older man scans the barcode and passes it back, before turning to the two seven year old’s. “Tickets, please.” Izuku and Mikumo exchange glances and the conductor sighs. “Boys, if you could come with me please.”

“They’re,” Keigo intervenes. “With me, Ogawa.”

“Of course,” the conductor, Ogawa nods, and the boys relax, slightly. “My apologies Hawks.”

“Hey, it’s cool.” Izuku and Mikumo turn to stare at the hero, how hadn’t they recognized him, how many other men did they know who had large red wings, their minds quickly jump to the question of: why is Hawks riding the train when he can just fly? “I should have said something sooner.”

Ogawa nods, apologizing once more, softly, before moving on. The twins exchange glances, turning back to the man across from them when he clears his throat, Keigo raises an eyebrow. “Lose your tickets?”

“Um, yea…” Mikumo rubs at the back of his head. “We must have dropped them before we got on.”

The train jolts slightly as it takes off, leaving the station, and the scenery outside starts moving.

“Uh huh.” Keigo clicks his tongue and nods slightly. “Must have.”

“Sooo….” Izuku jolts when Mikumo elbows him in the side with the silent command to change the subject. “Why are you riding the train when you can fly?”

Keigo doesn’t hide the fact that he knows that they’re trying to change the subject. “It’s supposed to thunderstorm, I can do it, but it’s not a good time flying through thunderstorms.”

Mikumo nods. “Makes sense.”

“Doesn’t it?” The hero eyes them before leaning back and reaching for his newspaper again. “Well, it’s a long ride, we’ll meet your parents at the station when we get there, gotta make sure you get back to them safe and sound, as any good hero would do.”

“Yea,” Izuku nods sagely. “Thanks.”

Keigo disappears behind his newspaper again. “Don’t mention it, squirt.”

True to his word, half way there, the sky opens up, rain pours from the clouds, the sky darkens, lightning lights up the sky, thunder rumbles around them. Keigo’s still hidden behind his newspaper. Neither one of them have spoken since they left the station, the incident with the conductor, and the twins whisper to each other in their own twin-kind language. Mikumo whispers to his brother and Izuku shrugs, whispering back, Mikumo shrugs.

They could move, but if they did, and the conductor saw them sitting somewhere else, considering he was under the impression they were there with Hawks, he might get suspicious.

So they stay, watching the storm through the window silently, looking over when Keigo finally sets his paper down, turns in his booth bench, leans back against the side of the train, stretches his legs over the length of the bench, and closes his eyes.

The twins wait a few minutes, leaning out of their bench to watch the conductor disappear into the car behind theirs, and exchange glances.

“I wouldn’t.” The two kids jump at Keigo’s voice, turning to look at him, he hasn’t moved, his eyes aren’t even open, and they have no idea how he knows they were planning on making a quick clean get away. “Can’t make sure you get back to your parents if you leave.” They exchange glances and slowly settle back into their bench. “Good choice.”

Izuku and Mikumo watch the hero carefully, as he slowly settles down, his breathing evening out, his head bowing slightly as he falls asleep. Izuku pokes his brother lightly, Mikumo looks over at him, he points to the aisle, and his twin nods, carefully, as to not wake Keigo, he slips off the side of the bench, Izuku slips off after him, and they creep away, passed the sleeping man.

Passengers look over at them when they shriek, when they’re lifted off their feet, into the air, carried back to the bench they’d just vacated, they watch as red feathers shoot out of their jackets and return to the hero’s wings.

Keigo hasn’t moved an inch. “Good try.”

The twins sigh in resignation, flopping back against the backrest, turning back to the storm out the window.

Izuku and Mikumo are seven years old when they learn that maybe not all adults hurt you.

Keigo hums, hands tucked in the pockets of his jacket, when the last person disembarks the train. “Weird.” His tone is light, but neither twin misses the edge it holds, and neither one of them turn to look at him. “I would have thought they’d have seen us, I mean, we’re right by the door.”

“Yea…..” Izuku glances at his brother for a small moment, Mikumo shrugs, eyes wide, he doesn’t know what to do now. “That is weird.”

“You know what’s even weirder?” The two small seven years turn when his voice is right behind them, meeting his eyes, he’s squatting behind them. “The fact that you two think you’re fooling me.”

“Um..” Mikumo glances at his brother, Izuku’s eyes meet his for a second, before they both turn back to Keigo, and meet his eyes, deflating slightly. “….Yea.”

“Why don’t we go somewhere and talk?” Keigo looks between them. “I know a small café near here, they have the best hot chocolate, we can go there and talk, sound like a plan?”

The twins bow their heads and nod. “Yea, sounds good.”


The hero rises, he pulls his hood up, and they take his hands when he holds them out, probably to make sure they don’t make a run for it, but then, feathers might be hidden on their persons too, just in case. He curls his wings over their heads, to keep them from getting wet in the rain, and they dart across the street, down an avenue, and the twins push the door open with their free hands when they come to stand in front of a café entrance.

Keigo shakes his wings out lightly, pulling them back, and lets go of their hands to lower his hood, before taking their hands once again, and guiding them forward to the counter.

An older teenager smiles at them. “Hey Hawks.”

The hero smiles back at her. “Hey Goto, can we get three hot chocolates?”

“Sure,” the cashier rings up their order, Izuku and Mikumo watch Keigo reach into his back pocket, after letting go of Izuku’s hand, for his wallet, and pass over the dough, before taking Izuku’s hand again. “We’ll bring it out to you.”

“Thanks Goto.” He turns, tugging them around gently. “Come on, nestlings.”

They claim a spot next to a fireplace, the café is vacant for the most part, an elderly couple are seated in an alcove reading books around a pot of tea. Izuku and Mikumo claim a squishy arm chair for themselves, sitting side by side, and Keigo claims one across from them. The three of them sit there watching each other silently until Goto brings them their hot chocolates.

The twins reach forward for their mugs at the same time the hero does so for his.

They all take a sip, Keigo smiles when their eyes light up. “Good, huh?”

Izuku and Mikumo nod in unison as they take another sip. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” the blonde man leans back in his arm chair. “Now, why don’t you tell me why you came all the way to Fukuoka by yourselves.”

The twins exchange glances, Izuku looks into his drink, and Mikumo pouts at the fact that he’s the one who’s left to answer the question. “We didn’t want to be in Musutafu anymore.”

Keigo nods, taking a sip from his mug. “Why?”

Izuku huffs softly. “Because, that’s where it all started to hurt. That’s where daddy left. That’s where mommy left. That’s where Kacchan stopped being our friend and started hurting us. Musutafu is where everyone hurts you and leaves.”

The hero rubs a finger around the rim of his mug. “Leaves?”

Mikumo sighs softly. “We’re quirkless,” he looks up when Keigo doesn’t say anything, the man blinks and takes a sip from his mug, and he blinks in surprise, but soldiers on despite his shock. “Um, anyway, daddy left when we were four when he found out we were quirkless.”

His twin nods slightly. “Mommy left when we were six. She told us to pack our backpacks with stuff because we were going on a trip—”

The other twin takes over. “—We drove out really far into the woods, we could barely see the city anymore, and mommy stopped the car and told us to get out—”

Izuku picks up after him. “—She yelled at us when we didn’t, so we hurried and got out, and then she drove away—”

Mikumo nods firmly. “—That’s when we learned that grownups only leave you and hurt you and make your heart hurt.”

Keigo watches them for a long moment, takes a sip from his hot chocolate, they take a big sip, because it’s yummy and it’s not as hot anymore, and then the man lowers his mug, curling his other hand around the side. “You poor baby birds.” They tilt their heads in unison, and he smiles, because that’s adorable. “You’ve been through so much heartbreak and you’re only little still.” He crosses his right leg over his left and rests his mug on his knee lightly. “Not all grownups are the same you know.”

Izuku makes a face and nods, the indication that he doesn’t believe him is obvious, Mikumo merely takes a sip from his mug. “All the grownups we’ve met are.”

“I’m a grownup.” The man adds in gently. “Am I hurting you?”

The greenettes survey him and Mikumo nods. “I guess not all the grownups we met are.”

“So, there’s one of two ways this goes from here,” Keigo raises his mug to take a drink. “One, I take you two to the police station and they take you from there.” Both boys exchange glances and the resignation that settles over them breaks his heart. “Or, two, you guys can come stay with me, I got room, we can take care of all the paperwork tomorrow.” The twins heads lift, and they stare at him with wide surprised eyes, and if his heart weren’t already broken for them, it would most certainly be now, the surprise in their eyes is a kind of surprise that they’re surprised someone wants them, and he nods lightly as he takes another drink. “Which ever you two want is fine with me.”

Izuku elbows his brother and Mikumo glares at him as he rubs his arm before turning back to the hero across from them. “No games?”

“Well, I mean, of course there’s going to be games.” Keigo winks at them and they smile. “But not mean games.”

“How long until you leave,” Izuku’s cautious and Mikumo nods in agreement. “Like everyone else?”

“I think you should know,” the winged man leans forward to set his empty mug on the coffee table between them, and curls his hands together, resting them on his leg. “That not everyone leaves.” He sighs softly. “I know you don’t trust me; you have every reason not to, you’ve be abandoned by everyone you’ve ever known, but not everyone’s like that.” He looks between the two twins. “If you come stay with me, I’m not leaving you, you’ll be stuck with me, whether you like it or not.”

Izuku and Mikumo exchange glances, sharing something between them, Izuku shrugs, Mikumo nods, then they switch, Izuku nodding and Mikumo shrugging, before they turn back to the hero before them. “We can come stay with you?”

Keigo smiles at them. “If you want to.”

They smile at him, the first smile they’ve smiled in a long time, and nod in sync. “We wanna come stay with you.”

Izuku and Mikumo were seven when they let someone back in.

Izuku and Mikumo learn, the day of their eighth birthday, a year after coming home with Keigo, staring down at adoption papers, that not every adult leaves you.

Izuku and Mikumo, on their eighth birthday, learn that they can have another daddy.

Izuku and Mikumo, on their eighth birthday, learn that they are wanted.

“You know what this means, right?” Keigo asks lightly, playfully, squatting in front of them, his back facing their nest, and their eyes lift from the forms to meet his. “This means I’m officially your daddy and you’ve officially got a home.”

The twins stare at him, a smile slowly over taking them, before they drop the papers and jump at him. The hero yelps at the impact, curling his arms around them as he’s swept off his feet, falling backwards into their nest, grunting softly when he lands, but smiles at the boys giggling.

“So,” Izuku and Mikumo look down at him. “That means you want us, daddy?”

Keigo grins, causing the twins to shriek when he rolls them over, laying over top of them. “It definitely means I want you two, baby birds.”

Izuku and Mikumo, on their eighth birthday, learn that even broken hearts can be made whole again.