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In The Closet

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Harry adjusted his uncomfortable tie for the ninth time today, ignoring his Coach's annoyed glare.


He hated Quidditch celebration parties with passion. There's a lot of women, alcohol and drugs, so he avoided this kind of parties like a plauge.


But his Coach forced him this time, because of Tom bloody Riddle, the Minister of the Ministry of Magic, who is attending tonight.


Still, he smiled fakely, waved and socialize, maybe he can sneak out later, when his Coach and teammates aren't watching him so closely. Because no way in hell would he show his face to Riddle after that night. That one-time night.


"Mr. Potter!" He tried to hide his flinched when he heard the demon-she's voice in the midst of the other voices.


Rita Skeeter. The bane of his existence. 


Okay, maybe he's exaggerating, but he also avoided the woman with all his might, lest she sink her claws onto him and never let go by the way she's always eyeing him like he's a piece of juicy meat ever since his popularity sky-rocketed at Quidditch.


But before Rita Skeeter reach him as he tried to ran away, a very seductive, powerful dark force slightly tugged at his senses and he knew without a doubt that the Minister is here.


Tom Riddle's magic is always powerful, alluring and intoxicating, the kind that you would instantly know when he entered the room just by the pressure.


Keeping his eyes down, he quickly strode passed the guests and away from the source of that power, politely declining conversations and autographs.


Reaching the secluded part of the mansion in one peace, Harry slowed his pace as he untied his tie, placing it at his pocket while unbuttoning a few buttons on his shirt, frowning all the while. 


He shouldn't have come here. He should've come up with an elaborate excuse.


"The exit's around here somewhere…" he muttered under his breath while raking his hand through his already messy, unruly hair after a few minutes of searching for the exit of the grand mansion.


"My, my, already leaving?"


He stiffened as he heard Riddle's smooth, taunting voice, his intoxicating magic rippling through the air like static, Harry's skin tingling in involuntarily anticipation.


Harry turned around slowly, his face already an emotionless mask as he raise a casual eyebrow at the man.


"Good evening, Minister Riddle,"


A sinful smirk form in Riddle's lips as he trailed his chocolate-colored eyes down his pale neck and exposed chest. 


"I thought we were passed the honorifics, Harry?"


He tried to squashed the feeling of something on his stomach when his name rolled on Tom's tongue quite seductively.


"Especially the way you screamed my name that ni—"


His eyebrow twitch "I don't know what you're talking about, Minister," yes, he should deny and deny and maybe, just maybe, the annoying Dark Lord in disguise would leave him alone.


Tom's eyebrow raised mockingly, because really, who is Harry kidding? Yes, he opened his legs to the Dark Lord like a fucking whore and all but screamed his name while orgasming because goddamn the man could fuck. And then Harry woke up the next day, horror and shock slapped him in the face along with a killer head ache, and he scrambled to leave the man's manor, his ass hole still full with Riddle's semen. After that, he avoided everything. Parties, interviews, Quidditch, going out. Strangely, the Dark Lord in disguise didn't search for him, as Harry thought he would.


It's as if the man knew Harry needed space and gave it to him, like a freaking decent human being. Ha. Funny. Tom Riddle; the Lord Voldemort, decent human being? As if. Maybe the man is just busy torturing some poor Muggles somewhere. Or humping one of his crazy followers.


But before he could form some witty retort, he felt a pull of space and time and before he knew it, he was trapped between a wall and a warm body. A side-along Apparition.


Narrowing his eyes calmly, he stared at the taller man's chocolate-colored eyes; quickly melting into crimson red "really, closet room, My Lord?" He said mockingly.


The man's magic entwined eagerly with Harry's, making him shiver at the feel of arousal and desire so apparent on the man's magic.


Lord Voldemort's eyes, now fully crimson red, stared at him almost obsessively as he gripped Harry's chin firmly.


"I would have brought us to my house,, but I have a feeling you wouldn't like that," his long, slender finger slowly pinned Harry's wrists beside his head, giving him a look that made Harry's whole body seem on fire.


Harry wished he could insulted the Dark Lord at his appearance, but the man hardly has any faults...beside being a sadistic, evil, obsessive fucker, he has very envious physical qualities. Like his face, yes, his face is...very nice. Or his body, his body is drool-worthy. And also his cock. Trust Harry when he says it's not small. He sometimes wonder how it fit inside him.


Speaking of cock, he could already feel the hard poke of the man's dick on Harry's stomach.


Riddle settled his knee between Harry's legs as he lowered his head to the smaller male's neck, inhaling Harry's scent.


Harry reared his head back while scowling, ready to spat some sort of insult but the taller man seized his head and sealed their lips together in a hot, messy kiss.


He almost didn't notice that Tom tied his wrists with his own tie while still gripping his hair tightly, almost painfully.


The sheer intensity of the dark emotions the Dark Lord is emitting is enough to make Harry trembled and whimpered in anticipation and unrestrained lust.


Harry released a shuddering breath when Tom release his lips and began to hissed in Parselmouth against his neck. Against his better judgement, his erection only few harder.


With a flick of his wand, Harry's pants disappeared magically, leaving only his crumpled white shirt.


Harry raised his arms and encircle them around Tom's neck while freeing the taller man's wavy, thick long hair in it's ponytail, grasping it just as tight as Tom was pulling Harry's hair in retaliation.


Harry let out a gasp as Tom grab his erection and began to stroke it slowly, pre-cum already leaking out.


Without thinking, he tilt the Dark Lord's head down to meet Harry's lips, standing on tiptoes to reach the man's unbelievable height.


He heard the Dark Lord chuckled amusedly against his lips, and Harry could feel his face burning up in embarrassment at the way he eagerly kiss him like a fucking love-struck school girl.


The Dark Lord's other hand reach down to grab Harry's ass while still gripping his erection, lifting him up and placing him in the large dressing table, knocking off some few glasses and shattering them loudly but Harry hardly heard from his own beating heart.


Damn. What would Ron say if he sees him now? Fraternizing with the enemy?


Emerald green eyes clash with crimson ones, both full with unknown yet intense emotions.


Harry tried to stifle a moan as the Dark Lord start to kiss his neck, leaving some noticeable bruises and hickeys.


"Nngh—! Haaah…" he panted when Tom entered two, long slender wet fingers inside him abruptly and making scissoring motions to loosen him. And since when did he get a lube?


Leaning his head against the Dark Lord's shoulder, Harry buried his head at the man's neck, muffling his uncontrollable moans and embarrassing cries. He can't help it, though, the Dark Lord knew how to fuck properly.


"F-fuck me, now," Harry panted, pulling the man's hair roughly, angling the man's neck as he bite down, hard enough to bruise.


He heard the Dark Lord cursed in pain or pleasure, or both while positioning his cock to enter Harry.


Harry glared impatiently at the Dark Lord, impaling himself with the Dark Lord's length and wincing in pain after. No matter lube or preparation they do, Harry would still feel pain because the Dark Lord's dick is fucking huge.


The Dark Lord's grasp on Harry's hair tightened painfully, grunting while thrusting into Harry, groaning in pleasure.


Moaning in combination of pleasure and pain, Harry clutched the shaking table's edges as Tom's thrust become faster, hitting his prostate each time and more vials crashing down the floor.


"Ahhh—haaah...ah—!" Harry didn't get a chance to even screamed, he came with choked cry.


The Dark Lord groaned, his strong jawline clenching as he felt something in his stomach coiled and his orgasm hit him like a sledgehammer, filling his cum in Harry.



A while later, Harry came out of the closet with a noticeable limp on his walk, his hair looking like a bird's nest, and with a few bruising bite marks on his neck.


Not even a minute passing, a certain Dark Lord emerged from the same closet, casually fixing his hair and suit gracefully, but with a satisfied smirk on his face, his crimson eyes glinting maliciously.