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i mean, i tried

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Tsubaki thought he knew what he was expecting when one of his committee-mates had told him a girl was waiting for him in the courtyard. A confession. That was obvious enough. It had been a while since he last rejected someone, so it only made sense that another one turned up.

Tsubaki was not expecting the girl to be the uptight Amane-san. She had certainly never come to any of Tsubaki’s volleyball matches (and if she had, Tsubaki certainly hadn’t noticed her). They were classmates, at least. She had the highest grades in their class, the second-highest marks in their grade, and was class president, so Tsubaki had not at all pinned her as someone who was looking for a romantic partner. It didn’t make any sense for her to confess to him, considering the most they’d ever spoken was when she asked him to deliver homework to his friend Makoto when she was out sick and the last time they’d seen each other was when they made eye contact while Tsubaki was visiting the library during committee time. Tsubaki noted that he had barely known any of the other girls that confessed to him either, so Amane’s confession was not completely unimaginable.

Tsubaki approached Amane expecting a confession, but instead, he got… a threat?

“Please stop visiting the library during committee time,” she ordered bluntly. “You're a distraction.”

“Huh?” Tsubaki said intelligently, before regaining his composure. “Why exactly?”

“We are meant to be at our respective committees during those hours, so if you wish to visit the library, you may do so before or after school hours that do not include time for committees.” Amane shifted her gaze to the side. “Though…” She trailed off and shook her head.


Amane cleared her throat and continued. “Though I have a suspicion you are not loitering because you are interested in the wide array of books we have here. An ulterior motive, if I may.”

Kaname was the first thought that crossed Tsubaki’s mind. Of course he was. Kaname was Kaname with all his Kaname-ness and whatnot, of course Tsubaki wanted to be around him. They’d just reconnected as friends again and he didn’t want to let that go to waste any time soon.

But why would this girl be talking about Kaname? It made no sense. Ulterior motive? There’s no way Amane would even suggest that it had anything to do with Kaname… Right?

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“You. Kaname. You should be at the health committee.”

Ah, so it was what this was about.

“Me and him aren’t like that. I’m sure that you could-“

“Stop. Not even close. Besides, you’re aware Kaname isn’t interested in girls, correct?”

“Uh, um, yeah?”

“Just making sure.”

“Wait, do you think that I-”

“I’m simply asking you to not bother the library committee while we are shelving and organizing. You can talk to Kaname any other time.”

“What am I doing different from anyone else?”

“Do I really…?” Amane sighed. “Flirting. You two are blatantly flirting with each other in front of everyone.”

Tsubaki felt his blood run cold.

“If this is your idea of a joke, it’s not really funny.”

“Oh, no, I didn’t mean it like that. Genuinely, you just flirt with each other all the time. I don’t care about yours or Kamane’s personal relationships, but when it starts interfering with the committee productivity, I have to say something.”