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Family Day (Or The Time We Finally Met The Twins Father)

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“I’m so excited!” Uraraka suddenly exclaims brightly, clapping her hands together against her chest, practically vibrating. “I haven’t seen my mom and dad in months!” The reasoning for it was saddening, she couldn’t really afford the train ticket to get all the way back to her prefecture, and no matter how many times they offered to pay for it, she turned it down, citing that she didn’t want to be a burden and waste their money, even though they’ve told her multiple times that it really wasn’t an issue. “I can’t wait to show them everything!” She turns to look at her friends. “Are you excited to see your dad?”

The twins don’t respond for a moment, engrossed in shooting zombies in the head in their video game, Mikumo eventually nods. “Yea, we haven’t seen dad in forever!” They agreed not to visit their dad if Uraraka couldn’t go visit her parents, so she wasn’t alone in the sadness, she’d told them they didn’t have to, but they’d stood firm, citing that they didn’t want her to be alone. “He’s coming all the way from Fukuoka.”

The gravity quirked girl whistles softly. “That’s a long ride on a train.”

“No,” Izuku shakes his head as he throws a grenade into a room to clean it out before entering and scavenging. “He’s flying here.”

“Oh,” Uraraka nods. “I guess that’s not to bad then, just a few hours, better than a six hour train ride.”

“Yea,” Mikumo nods, clearing the second floor of the hospital they were searching through, scavenging anything they could find. “It’ll take him at least an hour and a half, maybe two.”

She nods, elbowing the twin next to her when she sees a crawler in the corner of the screen, noticing it going unnoticed by her friend. “Miku, crawler, three o’clock!”

“Thanks, RaRa!” The twin shoots it in the head. “Didn’t even see it.”

“You’re welcome!” She chirps, watching them leave the hospital in search of a vehicle, and leans over to lean against the twin next to her. “What’s your dad’s name again?”

“Takami Keigo.” Izuku shrieks when one jumps on his back, Mikumo shoots it in the head, and Izuku bumps him with his shoulder lightly in appreciation. “You find that you already know him though.”

“I don’t….” Uraraka wracks her mind. “I don’t know anyone named Takami Keigo.”

“You do.” Mikumo disagrees. “Just not by that name.”

“Problem children,” both twins tilt their heads back at their teacher’s voice, Aizawa looks between them both, and then spares the girl a glance, but inevitably returns his attention to the designated problem children. “Families are going to be arriving in the next few minutes. We’re waiting for them outside. Let’s go.”

Izuku and Mikumo nod, dropping their controllers on the couch next to them, Izuku pushes himself up first, darting forward to turn the console off. Mikumo rises slowly, and stretches, cracking his back with a groan, sore from being hunched over for as long as he had been, and turns, holding a hand out to their female friend, to help her up.

The trio follow their teacher out of the lounge in their dorm, the twins stepping around to walk at the girl’s side, and she curls her arms through theirs, a bounce in her step. “I’m so excited!”

Mikumo and Izuku exchange smiles over her head.

“Really?” One twin starts.

“We couldn’t tell.” The other twin finishes.

She giggles softly and pinches their arms, making them squeak in unison, and shakes her head. “Don’t make fun of me, you jerks!”

“We would—”


Aizawa groans ahead of them when he hears them complete each other’s sentence. They grin at each other. Uncle Aizawa loves them, he knows it, they know it, he can deny it all he wants, but they all know the truth.

Their teacher pushes the front doors open, and Uraraka squeals softly, darting forward, making the twins stumble slightly as she yanks them forward as she pulls her arms free. “Mom! Dad!”

A plain looking couple, older, but nice, smile at her, jogging forward to meet her half way, and curl around her in a hug when they finally meet.

The woman, a tad on the plump side, short in height, long brown hair, fair complexion, squeezes her daughter. “Ochako, it’s so wonderful to see you!”

A man, the woman’s husband, obviously, Uraraka’s dad, curls a hand around the back of her head. “Look at how you’ve grown, Star Girl, we’ve missed you so much.”

“I missed you too!” The teen squeals brightly into her mother’s chest, hugging her for a minute longer, before pulling away, and turns to look at the twins, waving them forward, and they smile, tucking their hands in their pockets as they step forward. “Mom, dad, these are two of my friends, Midoriya and Akatani!”

“Oh my,” Mrs. Uraraka smiles. “Welcome, it’s so good to meet you both, we’re so glad to see our Ochako has made friends.”

Mikumo smiles. “She’s a really good friend to have.”

“She’s super smart and strong.” Izuku adds on.

Mikumo nods. “It’s nice to meet you too.”

“Yea, it’s super nice to meet you.” Izuku agrees.

“You look identical to each other,” Mr. Uraraka observes curiously. “Yet have different last names.”

The boy on the right nods. “We’re twins.”

“Izuku,” the boy on the left nods at the one on the right, Izuku, as he’s revealed to be. “Took our dad’s surname.”

“Mikumo,” Izuku nods at the one on the right, Mikumo, as he’s revealed to be. “Took out mom’s surname.”

“Ah, I see.” Mr. Uraraka nods, he points a finger at them in a fatherly way, but smiles. “No funny business with my daughter.”

“Trust us.” Mikumo holds his hands up. “We’re not into her like that.”

“Yea,” Izuku nods. “And, it’s not because she’s not worthy, because she’s a wonderful and beautiful girl, but she’s really not our type.”

“Ah,” Mrs. Uraraka nods in understanding. “I understand.”

Mr. Uraraka nods too. “I as well.”

“It’s a pleasure meeting you.” Mikumo smiles. “We’ll excuse ourselves so RaRa can show you around.”

“Yea,” Izuku nods and smiles. “We’re gonna go wait for our dad.”

“We understand perfectly.” Mrs. Uraraka smiles at them as her daughter leads her and her husband forward. “It was nice meeting you.”

They step forward, in perfect sync, nudging each other with their elbows, looking up when they hear Kirishima shout— “Guys! Hawks is here!”

Students turn to watch the number two hero land in front of the gate, stretch his wings out, and tuck them in as he steps forward, smiling at them as he does. The twins grin when the man stops and holds his arms open, whooping, they dart forward, their classmates and friends eyes on them, they feel them, watching them ram into the man, forcing him back a step, spreading his wings to counterbalance the impact, laughing as he curls his arms around the two teens in turn.

“Hey, baby birds!” The hero chirps brightly, curling his hands around the back of their heads, discretely pressing a kiss to the tops of their heads fondly. “Didja miss me?”

The twins laugh, uncurling from around the hero, ducking into his sides, wrapping an arm around his back, as his arms curl around their shoulders, and they step forward.

Mikumo laughs. “Like a wart.”

“Careful, baby bird,” Hawks chuckles. “Don’t wanna be punished for your sass while I’m here, do ya?”

“He’d deserve it.” Izuku chimes in.

Mikumo gasps. “Not as much as you would!”

“Boys.” Hawks squeezes them into his sides. “No fighting, misters.”

“Bros!” Kirishima calls and they stop in front of him and his parents, Hawks unwinds his arm from around Mikumo’s shoulders to shake the elder’s hands respectfully, and the teen gestures at the hero. “Hawks is here for you!”

“Yea—” Izuku starts.

Mikumo finishes. “He’s our dad.”

“Dudes,” Kaminari joins in next to the blonde teen. “You said your dad’s name was Takami Keigo!”

Hawks reaches over to shake his parents hands too.

“Yea,” Mikumo begins.

Izuku finishes. “That’s his civilian name.”

“We’re not gonna go around telling people our dad’s the number two hero—”

“We don’t want people to think we’re getting special treatment—”

“And for protection—”

“Incase any villains get any bright ideas—”

“And try to use us against him—”

“He told us not to tell anyone—”

“He was Hawks—”

“Just in case.” Izuku inevitably finishes

The Kaminari’s and Kirishima’s, their parents at least, look back and forth between them, like a tennis match, as they finish each other’s sentences. Their teens are unphased, as is the Pro, the three of them used to it at this point.

Hawks, or Keigo, chuckles at the two couples exasperated expressions. “It takes getting used to listening them finish each other’s sentences.”

Mrs. Kaminari nods. “I can see that.”

“I could barely keep up.” Mrs. Kirishima intones in fond amusement. “It was a pleasure to meet you Hawks.”

“Please,” the hero bows his head slightly. “Call me Takami, any friends of my boys, are friends of mine.”

“Thank you, Takami.” Mrs. Kirishima nods. “If you’re okay with it.”

He nods. “Of course, it’s fine.”

“It was a pleasure meeting you all.” Mrs. Kaminari agrees in her own right. “I’m glad to see my son has made some friends.”

Kaminari blushes and the twins snicker at him.

Keigo grins, winding his arm back around Mikumo’s shoulders, and squeezes the twins into his sides. “I’m glad to see my sons have made some friends as well.”

Mikumo and Izuku blush this time and Kaminari snickers at them in revenge.

The three families walk with each other up the path to the school and break off once their inside.

Izuku looks up at their dad. “Papa Bird, we wanna show you our project in Midnight’s class.”

“I’m down, kiddo.” The man nods, rubbing his arm with his fingers, curling his wings around him and his brother slightly. “Lead the way, baby birds.”

They turn down a hall on the left and Mikumo whistles lowly. “We saw you on the news last week.”

Izuku nods. “We saw you get thrown out of the sky by the guy.”

“And, you didn’t get back up.” Mikumo intones softly.

Izuku nods slightly again. “We called but no one would tell us anything.”

“We thought you were gone.” Mikumo whispers, softly, but not soft enough that the man can’t pick it up with his exceptional hearing.

Izuku curls his fingers in the back of his dad’s shift. “We thought we lost you.”

“We thought we were going to be alone again.” Mikumo says quietly, and Izuku nods slightly in agreement, both twins curls their fingers in the back of his shirt. “We were so scared that we lost our only parent.”

“Oh, baby birds.” Keigo forces them to a stop in the middle of the hall, looking down between them, pulling them around into a hug. “I wouldn’t leave you two that easily, I told you when I took you in, you’re stuck with me, whether you wanna be or not, stuck like glue.”

Mikumo presses his face into his chest and doesn’t say anything.

Izuku turns his head, pressing his ear to his chest, listening to his heart beat. “But, what if you do leave, where do we go then?”

“Well,” he wouldn’t deny it was a possibility, hero work was dangerous work, lives were lost all the time, it was a risk that came with the job. “If anything did happen to me and I couldn’t be there, you’d both go to Shinji, and after him you two go to Rumi, there’s a whole line of people you’d both go to, you two will never be alone again, that much is cemented.”

“Really?” Mikumo finally pulls his face away from his chest to look up at him. “You have backup plans?”

“I do.” Keigo pecks his nose lightly. “I made them the day after I took you two in.” He squeezes them close. “Let’s not think about that, though it’s a possibility, it’s not a likely one, I’m not an easy opponent to take out, that guy got a lucky shot in, I was distracted by careless pedestrians.”

“You’re right.” The twins uncurl from around him, return to his sides, and they continue their way down the hall. “You’re a badass bitch.”

“Language, baby bird.” He pinches Izuku’s arm lightly. “But, that being said, damn straight.”

Midnight looks up when they enter her classroom, and she smiles. “Hey Takami.”

Hawks returns her smile. “Hey Kamaya.”

The heroine nods at the twins. “Those two trouble makers here to show you their project.”

He nods. “Yep.”

‘Trouble makers’ was an apt title, he got calls about them at least once a week, it never got annoying, they were hilarious, they never got in trouble for the same thing twice, his twins were extremely creative and crafty, that didn’t stop him from inacting consequences though, usually it was turning off their mobile data or locking them out of their Xbox Live and PlayStation Network accounts. Video games were their drugs of choice. That and vine compilations on YouTube. And funny animal videos.

Their art teacher nods and gestures at the wall behind her. “It’s coming along really well. They got some true talent.”

Their mural was halfway completed, Keigo eyes it over in awe, and squeezes his boys close. “Eyas’s, you never cease to surprise me.”

“Hey, Midnight Sensei!” The trio of hawks turn at the voice joining them, Uraraka stops short, staring at her twin best friends and the hero with them. “Guys! It’s Hawks!”

Mikumo grins. “Yea!”

Hawks smiles at her. “You can call me Takami.”

Their classmate shakes her head. “Your dad is Hawks!”

Izuku nods. “Yep!”

Keigo shakes the Uraraka’s hands when they join them. “Pleasure to meet you.”

“You as well.” Mrs. Uraraka blushes, no one mentions it, but it does make the hero smile lightly. “Uraraka has told us so many good things about your boys.”

“She has, they sound like real gentlemen.” Mr. Uraraka nods. “It’s a breath of fresh air in these days.”

“Too true,” Takami nods. “Raised them right, no means no, woman deserve respect, period.”

“Agreed.” The girl’s father nods and looks between both boys. “Thank you, for taking care of my daughter, she’s told us about many trying times with one of your classmates.”

“Oh, yea—” Mikumo nods

Izuku whistles softly. “Grapist had it coming—”

“He doesn’t mess with her anymore—” Mikumo adds.

Izuku nods. “It’s still a work in progress for the others though—”

“But, we’re getting there.” Mikumo finishes.

Both twins nod firmly.

Mrs. Uraraka smiles at them. “We were just heading to the cafeteria for lunch, would you care to join us?”

Keigo nods. “It’d be our pleasure.”

The teens step forward ahead of them, their parents smiling when the twins automatically position themselves at her sides, as a barrier, and she winds her arms through and around theirs.

Uraraka squeezes their arms, and the two boys look down at her, trusting their friend to keep them from running into anything. “Guys! I can’t believe Hawks is your dad!”

Izuku laughs. “I can’t believe your dad likes us—”

“From the way you talked about him, we were sure he wasn’t—” Mikumo adds on brightly.

“We’re so relieved!” Izuku finishes.

Mr. Uraraka leans over slightly to address the hero. “Do they do that frequently?”

“Finish each other’s sentences?” The winged man nods when the other man nods. “All the time.”

“How on earth do you keep up?”

“I’ve had a few years of practice.”