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I Would For You

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“Calm down Kandy…”

Gottmik’s voice is gentle but warm and Kandy turns to stare at him, blinking at the look in Gottmik’s eyes. He’s always been so gentle when she needs him to be, especially when she’s the one working and stressed.

“I’m not…”

“Yes, you are. Breathe. You’re a total diva baby, and I love that but you having a panic attack is not the one. So relax. You know you’ll serve it up so just… relax for me, okay?”

Gottmik smirks when Kandy sighs but nods, kissing her cheek softly.

“That’s my Queen.”

Despite being afraid of a lot of things there’s something so warm in Gottmik’s voice that Kandy’s nerves fade. It’ll be easier when she’s on stage, it’s the silence before that gets her on edge. Gottmik’s always been gentle though, kind and warm hearted even when she’s a mess.

“I love you, Mik.”

“Love you too Kandy. Now… go show the world just how hot my Queen is.”

Gottmik smirks as he spanks Kandy’s ass and heads out to the seats near the stage. Kandy will be fine. He knows she will, she always is when it’s time to show up, show out and be a diva.