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Heavy and Hard is The Heart

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Technoblade had voices in his head that spoke all the time.
They said few words most of the time, they chanted in battle and they laughed with him and phil. It was never a completely bad time with the voices.
Yes they could be loud and overwhelming, though they had their limits. Most of them seemed to understand when to calm down.

Techno never thought much of them for such a long time. They would either vibe with him, laugh with/at him or chant while he was fighting. It was something easy to adjust too.

What wasn’t easy to adjust too was when the voices became embodied.

For shorts amount of time, different looking people would fade in and out of his sight at random moments.

What shocked him was the array of different people he saw when it happened

The first time it happened, there was a male who looked a little bit like ghostbur. Faded out with grey skin and a dead look. The male had blonde hair though and a black T-shirt with faded black skinny jeans. His hands were in his pockets as he stood there with a calm grin on his face. “Bruuuuuh. What a nerd” was what the seemed to young adult said. Then he faded out.

The second time it was a female teenager. With dark blonde hair that could be called maybe brown. She had a giant grin on her face. A tank top with sleeve holes that fell to her waist, a braid on the side of her head....and horns?..She had a tail too.
She had punched her fist up quickly beside Techno and brought it back down beside her, yelling “Wooo!!! Blood for the Blood God!!” with a laugh and then she faded out.

The voices were starting to appear with appearances more frequently. They all looked different. They all cheered him on or made (admittedly funny) comments most of the time.
Some had long hair, some with short. Some with different skin tones or skin patches that looked almost hybrid like sometimes.
They were never a bother when they appeared though.
One time, a few of them even looked at him in the eyes. Their eyes lighting up as they waved at him and then faded out of view.

It was serene most of the time.
When he was brewing potions a couple few of them would appear at once and just sit somewhere and make comments, or talk about something random with each other.
Some would even ask him questions, or ask for stories.

The only time it ever seemed to escalate above the calm and vibing times was while he was walking through the nether, through l’manburg and in the snow for Doomsday.
The voices...they we’re...singing?...

They were chanting and singing with angry looks on their face. The anger not pointed at Techno though.
They weren’t screaming and yelling though. They were softly singing with their heads held slightly low as they looked out.
“La la la la la la la…La la la la la la la...La la la la la la la...”
They all sang together, the same tune over, growing louder and growing sadder. The agony of those souls showing.
Techno was clueless. He kept walking as a chorus followed behind him. Trailing along, tears trailing down a few of their faces.
Some of the older souls holding the younger ones with an arm around them.
A few looked like they’d known each other, others looked like they were strangers to one-another but trusted anyway.

When he got into L’manburg, the voices continued to sing sorrowfully.
A tune he was beginning to mutter himself. A tune from way back when he used to scrape the sky itself and scar the earth.

Back before he found a place to call his own.
Way back when all the god knew was how to bleed.
Then he was only a man soon enough.
A man whom had a family, but a lust for blood that came out of injustice.

“ la la la...La la la la!! la la la!! la la..”
He sang out softly and lowly.
The people..
looked at him with pitiful smiles on their faces. Those who weren’t already, sat down on the grid of obsidian.

They smiled and held the hands of those they cared for, or those they had grown to care for.
Looking at each other and at techno with a serenity they had only felt a slim few times.
It was peace.

It was a peace that came after the wind blew.
The peace that Orpheus brought to the world as he sang his sorrow for the seasons and for his lost.

The peace that Icarus felt as the wind drifted through his hands and feet. Wax dripping down his back in a beautiful way as it dried when he hit water.

The peace that Achilles felt right before he shut his eyes. Knowing he’d get to be with his love again, and from there on forever.

It was a tragedy...truly..
But a beautiful one, that brought comfort to the lost souls that latched onto the God.
Onto the Man.
A man who had to watch the rise and fall of that of which he held dear.