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“Nanami-kun, how good are you at catching things?”


“I’d say I’m about average, Gojo-san. Why do you ask?”


“Ah, that’s good.” Nanami hears the rustling of something on the other end of the phone. “I’m going to drop Itadori-kun. I hope average is good enough for you!”



Nanami Kento is pretty sure that people in their mid-twenties shouldn’t have grey hair. Gojo is an exception, he’s had white on his head as long as anyone can remember. Nanami can’t recall when he started matching his “barely-qualified-as-a-senior” senior in the hairstyle department but he can pinpoint when his collection of ashen strands gets larger.


This would be one of those occasions.


Nanami Kento is not a flying sorcerer, nor can he charge into a fight with just his fists blazing with cursed energy. The universe gave him Satoru and Yuji for that. The universe is a little cruel, he thinks.


“You are not going to drop Itadori-kun from that height, Gojo-san.” Nanami says as evenly as he can, squinting upwards at the black dot that is probably Gojo and Itadori. The floating cursed spirit had one of Sukuna’s fingers, so, being the wonderful teacher he is, Gojo picked up Itadori by the collar and flew up to meet it. He left Nanami to pick off the smaller curses on he ground, which he took out with ease.


Gojo called Nanami when he realized that Itadori Yuji is not someone who can regulate infinity and had promptly passed out at the high elevation. Nanami can practically feel the blond withering away at his temples.


“I could keep him up here while I exorcise this thing, but he might run out of oxygen.”


Nanami wants to stab his cleaver into the ground right there and then. He’d take any normal, ordinary job as far away from Japan as he can get. He’ll feed stray cats on his way back to his apartment and smile at old ladies in the grocery store and-


He’s shaken by his internal groveling by a suspiciously Gojo-sounding yelp right next to his ear.


“That fucker! He bit me- oh.” Nanami hears. “Oh no.


Nanami’s face pales in dread along with his sideburns. “Oh no what, Gojo-san?”


“Well, the good news is that we have a minute to make sure our wonderful kid doesn’t turn into Splatadori Yuji.”


Nanami decides not to make a comment on how Itadori legally has no parents.


“And the bad news?”


“We’re about five seconds into that minute?”


Nanami actually stabs his cleaver into the ground, mostly out of frustration. “Why would you drop Itadori?”


“Sukuna decided to take a bite out of me! It was a reflex!”


Nanami groans, frantically searching the sky for all one hundred and seventy-three centimeters of Itadori Yuji.


“Tell me where he’s landing!” Nanami yells, putting the phone in speaker and shoving it into his breast pocket.


Gojo hums. “See that old tree stump? Three meters from that.”


“On which side, Gojo-san?”


“Just run to it and I’ll tell you when you get there!”


Nanami follows Gojo’s instructions like a video game character, eyes trained upwards for any flash of pink in the sky.


“Five meters to your right Nana- your other right!”


“There’s a right and a left Gojo. Pick one.”


“The opposite direction of where you were going before- well now that’s too far, Kento. Go one meter back.”


“Do not call me Kento while Itadori-kun is freefalling from the clouds, Gojo.”


“You sure are whiny today. Usually when you’re underneath me and whining you don’t mind when I call you Ken-“




Nanami hears the phone being shuffled around again, presumably as Gojo adjusts infinity to pinpoint Itadori’s drop zone again.


“Twenty-four seconds.” He informs. “Put your arms out farther. And bend your knees! If you break your knees then-“


“Let’s focus on not breaking Itadori-kun.” Nanami snaps. He can finally see the outline of Itadori making its way through the clouds.


“Relax a little, Kento! You’ve got this. T-minus fifteen seconds before Itadori touchdown!”


Nanami glares at an imaginary point beyond where Itadori is falling. “Exorcise the spirit already!”


He watches as Itadori’s form gets larger and larger and larger above him until theres a blur of pink and red and navy blue less than two feet from his face. His body goes flying backwards from their combined weights and Itadori’s impact. When Nanami opens his eyes, he sees the same field around him and there’s a heavy weight on his torso.




Nanami pats Itadori’s head, letting him stand up and regain his bearings again. He breathes a sigh of relief. Even if the universe likes to see him suffer, he can’t deny that things always seem to work out in the end.


“Kento?” The universe interrupts through somewhere in his disheveled shirt pocket. Nanami fishes it out with a scowl as he stands.


“Yes, Satoru?”


“If I fell, would you catch me too?”


Nanami hangs up.