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Battle of Fear and Trust

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I felt a slight chill as I stand in the doorway. I see Centauress healer, Verdana, wrapping bandages around a Faun arm. A little way from them, Glenstorm, the Centaur holds his crying wife. In the corner I watch the Bulgy Bear Sucking on his paws with his knee against his chest and tears wetting his fur. I can't remember even seeing a sadder sight, I tell myself.

"Don't suck on your paws, you will give yourself blisters." I tell the bear, before pouring him a cup of water "Here, drink this it will help calm your nerves,"

"Thank you, Your Majesty," He says before looking down at the cup, there was a part of me that wanted to say that it would be alright. That we had planned to get Caspian the throne and free them for the Telmarines, but after everything that happened this past week, I don't see how anything will be fine again.

I take a deep breath and pick up the clean bandages I had laid on the table. "Hello Verdana, those are the rest of the bandages I could find."

"Thank you, Queen Susan," The centaur smiles as she tells the wounded soldiers. It's odd that she would still call me Queen when I've done nothing to prove I am the Queen I was before. If I was really as grand of a Queen as the Narnians like say. Maybe if I were that Queen, I would have done more to get the Narnian out of that castle before the gate closed. I would have done more to stop Peter from going through with that pointless raid.

I look around the room once more to hold back the tears I felt in my eyes. "Has my sister been here?"

"Yes, she was helping a while ago, but she said she needs to talk to your brother, the High King,"

"Thank you Verdana, I'll see if I can find her," I tell her before leaving the room. There no one was in the hall, so I lean against the wall and let my tears fall. I could not bear t look at them for much longer it hurts too much to see the pain. Knowing there is nothing I could do, I could not heal their wounds, I could not bring back their loved ones.

I wish Caspian never called us back here. What good has our return done? What was the point in learning that everyone we knew and loved was gone, that our home was in ruins and the people we suppose to protect were in hiding? Why did have to find that lamppost, we could have stayed and stopped the Telmarines from taking Narnia? I close my eyes and listen to my breathing, I shouldn't dwell on the past, what's done is done that's what Aslan use to say.

Aslan, why did you leave us?

"Aww" I hear Lucy at the end of the hall. My eyes open and I ran in her direction. What was going on? Did the Telmarines find their way into the How, what were they doing to Lucy, and where are Peter and Edmund? My heart races as hear fighting in the room with the Stone Table, my brothers must be facing them now with Caspian.

I run into the room with the Stone Table to see a blue glow, and my heart stops when I see the source of the glow. There between two pillars was a wall of ice and in that wall was the face of the woman who hunted my baby brother's dreams, the women who had oppressed our people in her eternal winter for a hundred years. What is she doing I ask myself as I notice Edmund fight a Werewolf and a Hag on the floor and the Dwarf, Nickabrik. I know during our rain the witch's follower clam they had a way bring her back, I never thought…

I see Peter standing in front of the ice wall lowering his sword as stares at the cold-hearted monster. What is he doing? I wonder as I watch her hand rest from the ice towards my brother. No "Peter!" I ran to his side, but I must have been too close to the wall and I feel a cold hand on my rest. "Aww" she tightens her grip as I try to get away.

"Susan!" the others shout, as I stare at the witch. I want to pull away, but I couldn't get myself to move. Her grip was firm and her eyes, I could not stop staring at them, they were so cold and dark you could almost see the evil she has done and the joy she got from it. My heart pounds and I can't seem to beath. The only thing I can do is watch her smile at me.

"Well, I guess you will do." She says, my eyes widened as I feel her nails start digging into my skin,

"Aww" I scream at the same time I hear shouts of my family and Caspian. My heart was pounding and my hand was growing numb. I couldn't struggle, I couldn't even look away from her. Aslan, I say in my mind, I'm sure why he not…

The ice begins to crack, she lets go of my arm. I look to see the point of a sword sticking through the ice. The witch screams as ice shatter and falls on me, and I feel it touch my skin and some even get into my eyes and mouth. Cause me to get a cold headache and shiver through my body I never felt so cold, and my world went dark.

"Susan, Susan, wake up," I open my eyes to my siblings, Trumpkin, Caspian, and a few others staring back at me.

"Are you alright?" Lucy asks as I set up to see that I still in the room with the Stone Table. I still felt ice around me as I looked at the two pillars where the ice wall stood, but now I see a craving of Aslan, and the cold feeling seemed to melt away.