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(Theme) Parks and (Fake) Proposals

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Kara had finally convinced her wife to a trip to Disney World. Kara has never been before, and now that their daughter, Ellie, was almost three, Kara insisted that Ellie wanted to go to Disney to see all her favorite characters. Lena knew that Ellie would most likely not even remember most of the trip, but she could never resist her wife’s pout.

Of course, Lena caved, and as soon as Kara had spilled the beans that they were going, Alex, having never been either, was equally ecstatic as her younger sister. Thus, Lena decided to extend the invitation to both Alex and Kelly to visit ‘the most magical place on Earth’. The CEO also figured it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra pair of hands to help with Ellie.

So, that is how they all found themselves standing outside of the entrance to Disney. Kara and Alex bouncing around with child-like excitement as their wives stared at them with fond expressions.

Lena had gotten them Fast Passes and the best tickets that money could buy. They made their way inside the park, Lena pushing Ellie’s stroller as Kara ran ahead with Alex, the baby’s diaper bag bouncing on the blonde’s shoulders. Kelly walked alongside Lena as they watched their partners squabble over which rides they wanted to go on first.

“I thought this trip was for Ellie,” Lena interrupted, raising an eyebrow at her wife as both Danvers sisters turned to look at her.

“We can do the kiddy rides later,” Alex replied, waving a hand dismissively, “we’re going on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad first.”

“No,” Kara insisted, “we are going on the Buzz Lightyear ride.”

Alex scoffed, “you don’t even know the real name of the ride you want to go on.”

“Nuh uh,” Kara countered, “I do too. It’s Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.” Kara crossed her arms dramatically over her chest.

Alex rolled her eyes at her sister as they began arguing over which ride was better, their bickering increasing in volume.

Lena stuck her fingers in her mouth and let out a sharp and shrill whistle. The yelling immediately stopped as they all turned to Lena, a few random tourists also turning to look at the sound.

Lena put on her best boardroom and ‘mom’ voice as she glared at the Danvers sisters, “stop acting like children, or else we will send you two back to the hotel while Ellie, Kelly, and I enjoy the rides without you.”

Kara gasped, a hand going to her chest, “you wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me, Supergirl,” Lena hissed, voice low so that only Kara could hear.

Alex looked to her wife, hoping that she would back her up, but Kelly just raised an eyebrow, arms crossed over her chest.

“While you two were arguing like children, the three of us decided we wanted to go to the Magic Castle,” Lena said, voice leaving no room for argument. “Isn’t that right, El?” she looked down at the toddler in the stroller.

“Magic wastle!” Ellie squealed, clapping her little chubby hands together.

The Danvers sisters couldn’t argue with that as they followed behind Lena and Kelly, pouting slightly.

Lena felt like she should be worried once the bickering behind her died down and turned into conspiratorial whispering instead. Lena couldn’t hear what they were saying, but whenever she would glance behind her, the two sisters would pretend they were pointing and marveling at the nearest attraction. The CEO decided to ignore the behavior, for now, happy that they were giggling instead of arguing, even if it might have been about her.

“Wastle!” Ellie yelled, pulling Lena out of her thoughts as they stopped.

“Yes, baby, that’s the Magic Castle,” Lena smiled as Ellie babbled with excitement, wiggling in the stroller.

“Do you want to get a family photo?” Alex asked, holding up her phone.

Lena shrugged, “sure, why not.”

They arranged themselves for a photo as Alex asked them to smile, Kelly, making funny faces behind the camera to make Ellie laugh.

“How about one of just you and Kara?” Alex suggested, a slight smirk in place as she held up her phone, ready to take the picture.

Lena nodded, missing the look exchanged between the two Danvers sisters.

Kelly reached for Ellie’s stroller, pulling the toddler out of the frame as Alex messed with her phone settings. She set it to ‘video’ instead of ‘photo’ as she held up the phone, giving her younger sister a slight nod.

Kara reaches forward to grab her wife’s hand as she goes to kneel. Lena’s cheeks instantly heat up, knowing precisely what Kara was doing. She bats her wife’s hand away, glaring in Alex’s direction, who was cackling behind the camera. “You’re so embarrassing,” Lena mumbles, ducking her head as she reached for Ellie’s stroller.

“Come on, babe, don’t be like that,” Kara pouted, knowing Lena wasn’t really mad at her. She and Alex thought it would be hilarious if Kara fake proposed to Lena at various places around the park, knowing how much the CEO hated a scene. The blonde knew her wife wouldn’t actually be upset or too embarrassed, and she was planning on making it up to her anyway. Alex insisted that filming it and posting it to TikTok would get her ‘clout’ or whatever that meant.

“Jeju,” Ellie yelled as Kara turned to face their child.

“What is it, inah,” the blonde replied as she crouched down in front of the stroller.

“We come back to wastle for boom booms?” Ellie asked, clapping her hands together on the last two words.

“The fireworks?” Kara questioned as Ellie nodded in confirmation. The blonde looked up at Lena, Alex, and Kelly, who all agreed with the youngest Danvers-Luthor.

“Of course,” the Kryptonian responded, earning her a bright gap-toothed smile from her daughter.

The rest of the day was filled with rides, shows, and parading through the gift shops. Kara managed to eat three gigantic turkey legs, and Ellie now had two more stuffed animals.

When the sky began to darken, they all found their way back in front of the Magic Castle. They all took in the wondrous sight of the illuminated building before them. Taking advantage of a distracted Lena, Alex whipped out of her phone and started recording.

“Lena,” Kara began as she moved into a kneeling position again.

“Kara!” Lena hissed as she tried to grab Kara to stop her from kneeling. This obviously didn’t work as it was like trying to move solid steel.

The hero let herself be dragged up to a standing position by her wife as Alex laughed behind her phone.

Kelly couldn’t help but giggle a little bit at the sight of a usually poised Lena Luthor acting flustered because her wife kept fake proposing to her.

Thankfully, the rest of the night was relatively uneventful as Ellie somehow fell asleep during the fireworks.

They all went back to the hotel with matching grins on their faces.

The following day, they decided to head out to Epcot. While Lena had already been to most of the places in real life, Kara, Alex, and Kelly did not have the pleasure of doing so. Kara was the most excited to try all the different foods at the booths, while Alex was most excited about the alcohol varieties. Kelly was equally excited for both, and Ellie was just along for the ride.

After wandering around to the different sites, they decided to stop for a bathroom break. Alex, Kelly, and Kara headed off to find the restrooms while Lena stayed with Ellie.

As Lena slowly pushed a sleepy Ellie in the stroller, Kara returned, sauntering over and attempting to act casual.

“Hey babe,” Kara grinned, Alex following closely behind with her phone already recording.

Lena looked up at the sound of her wife’s voice. Once she caught the knowing look in her eye and Alex behind her, she began to shake her head, already knowing what was coming.

Kara began to kneel in front of Lena as predicted.

“Kara, Kara!” Lena scolded as she quickly stood up and smacked her wife in the shoulder.

Others turned to look at the “proposal” as Lena blushed and made herself busy checking on Ellie in the stroller while Alex ended the video with a laugh.

After Kara recovered from Lena’s “rejection” she insisted that Lena make it up to her with food. They all agreed that grabbing a bite to eat was their next step. Alex and Kelly wandered off to the Brazil marketplace booth to order some meat pie, while Kara insisted that they try something from the Greek marketplace booth.

Kara and Lena were still in line when Alex and Kelly had returned, a meat pie in Alex’s hand a vegan “tofu pie” in Kelly’s. They decided to wait with them, Alex sneakily pulling out her phone.

The blonde noticed what her sister was doing as she knelt in behind Lena in the line, waiting for her wife to turn around. Lena heard whispers around her as she finally turned around to find her wife kneeling. Lena flushed as she turned and walked away, Kara pressing her lips together to hide her laugher as Alex and Kelly’s eyes sparkled behind their pies.

Lena returned to the line as Kara planted a big kiss on her cheek in apology and ordered Lena the biggest salad on the menu to make up for it. They enjoyed their meal as Ellie happily babbled to her new stuffed animals.

“Mommy, Jeju, can we go see the animals?” Ellie asked once they finished eating as she wiggled in the stroller.

“Well,” Kara began as she looked at her watch, noticing it was already late in the afternoon and Ellie was due for her nap. She bit her lip, not wanting to be the one to break the bad news to the already cranky toddler.

“I wanna see da animals,” Ellie pouted as Lena crouched in front of her and unclipped her from the stroller, and set her down on the ground.

“Ellie,” Lena warned as the toddler crossed her arms and stamped her foot.

“How about we try and rest for a bit, mo ghrá,” Lena suggested as she moved to pick up Ellie.

“No!” the child yelled as she wiggled out of Lena’s grasp.

Thanks to Kara’s fast reflexes, she managed to grab the child by the back of the shirt before she could go any farther.

“Eliza Alexandra Danvers-Luthor,” Kara scolded, utilizing their daughter’s full name, “what did we say about running off?”

“I sorry,” Ellie sniffed, green eyes widening as she recognized Kara’s serious tone.

“Just don’t do it again, inah,” Kara warned as she could hear how fast her wife’s heart was beating.

“You promise to close your eyes for a bit if we go to Animal Kingdom first thing tomorrow morning?” Lena suggested as the toddler regarded her mother with narrowed eyes.

Ellie stuck out her hand as if to make a business deal as Lena took the little hand in hers and gave it a firm shake, “deal.”

Alex hid her smile at the cute interaction behind Kelly’s shoulder. Her desire for a little human running around their house blossoming in her chest.

“Ellie sorry for running,” the toddler’s green eyes watered with regret as she stared up at her mother’s identical eyes.

“It’s okay, El,” Lena soothed as she bent down to scoop the child up, “as Jeju said, just don’t do it again.”

Ellie nodded, burying her face into Lena’s neck with muffled sniffs.

Kara reached over and tickled Ellie’s belly, eliciting a slight squeal out of the child. Her tears were soon replaced with laughter as Kara tickled her and made faces.

“There’s my little super girl,” Kara smiled, ruffling her daughter’s blonde locks.

“I not wittle,” Ellie pouted as she slammed a tiny fist on Lena’s collar bone.

“You’ll always be our little girl,” Lena promised as she pressed a soft kiss to Ellie’s nose, who giggled in response.

“How about some ice cream?” Kara asked as Ellie’s face immediately lit up with excitement.

“Yes pwease!” she squealed, wiggling in Lena’s arms with joy.

They all headed for ice cream, ending the day on a high note. Ellie was already falling asleep; her ice cream cone clutched in her tiny fist as it dripped on Lena’s shirt.

“Want me to take her?” Kara asked, offering her arms out as Lena nodded, taking the opportunity to clean her shirt.

Lena smiled at her wife and daughter as they made their way back to the parking lot, trailing behind Alex and Kelly. Lena wondered just how she got so lucky to end up with a family like this.

The next day, they all arrived at Animal Kingdom with an excited Ellie in tow. This time, she was holding Kelly’s hand tightly in hers, dragging her aunt through the park to see the different sights.

“Kelly would make a great mom,” Kara smiled as she walked with her sister.

“Yeah,” Alex agreed, a lovestruck smile plastered on her face.

“You would too,” Kara added, bumping shoulders with her sister. She knew that Alex and Kelly had been working through the adoption process, currently in the interviewing stage.

“You really think so?” Alex asked, her insecurity bleeding through even though she tried to hide it.

“I know so,” the Kryptonian nodded, giving her sister a sincere smile, which Alex returned.

“Jeju! Auntie Awex” Ellie’s yell interrupted them as they turned to see where she was pointing.

“El wants to go on the safari,” Kelly explained once Kara and Alex caught up to them.

They all made their way to the queue as Kelly offered to park the stroller in the designated area. Ellie wiggled with excitement as she clung to Alex’s leg.

Alex made eye contact with Kara, eyes twinkling as she pulled out her phone. Kara caught on to what her sister was doing as Kelly reappeared just in time.

Kara knelt behind Lena, waiting for her wife to notice her. Ellie giggled at the sight of her mother kneeling on the ground, unsure of the significance of it.

Lena finally turned around as she noticed what Kara was doing and let out a small gasp. The people around her began to whisper as Lena’s cheeks flushed red. “Kara stop,” Lena whispered as she tried to see if the line could move any faster. She looked around and tried to pretend that she didn’t know who Kara was as her family members snickered behind her, even Ellie joining in.

Kara relented and stood up, wrapped her arms around Lena, and pressing a kiss to the side of her head, “sorry, babe, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

Lena didn’t respond but leaned back in Kara’s arms with a sigh, accepting the apology. The line moved ahead as they all boarded the ride, Ellie wiggling with excitement as Kara pulled the toddler onto her lap.

They enjoyed the ride with Ellie babbling and pointing to all the different animals along the way.

After retrieving Ellie’s stroller and depositing the sleepy child into it, they all headed out to find a place for a quick snack. They woke Ellie up from her short nap to eat some chicken nuggets as she quickly regained her energy.

Kelly checked her phone and informed them that a show was about to start nearby as they meandered their way over to the waiting area. Ellie was sitting patiently in her stroller, swinging her legs back and forth as she played with her stuffed animal.

Alex pulled out her phone as she turned on the ‘video’ and pointed it to her sister, “Hey Kara, it’s 7:11, make a wish.”

Kara reached into her pocket, pretending to reach for something as she turned to her wife, “Lena… I’ve been waiting my whole life-”

The young Luthor saw her wife walking towards her as Lena tried to stop her with a hand on her chest. This was just as effective as pushing on a brick wall, as Kara didn’t even budge. “Kara don’t,” Lena warned, pinning her best boardroom face to the blonde.

Kara ignored Lena’s look as she knelt anyway as Lena pretended she didn’t see Kara and hid from Alex’s camera behind Kelly.

Alex ended the video with a laugh as Lena send a glare her way, sticking her tongue out at the eldest Danvers from behind Kelly’s shoulders.

“All children,” Kelly shook her head right before the overhead speaker announced that the seating for the show was about to begin.

Later on in the afternoon, they made their way to the large gift shop since Ellie had insisted she wanted another stuffed animal.

Right in the checkout line, Kara cocked her head towards Lena to signal Alex to start recording. Alex produced her phone from her back pocket as she hit the big red button in the middle.

“Lena,” Kara began as she knelt on one knee.

“Kara,” Lena replied in an exasperated tone, reached down to grab Kara’s arm to drag the Kryptonian up to her feet.

Alex laughed as she stopped the recording as random people began to clap around them in confusion at the “proposal”.

Needless to say, they walked out of the store with many more items than intended, each of them with their arms full of various goodies.

Later that evening, as the sun had just begun to set, they decided to stop to allow Ellie a makeover before they had dinner at the Crystal Palace. Kara suggested that the toddler be allowed to have the whole princess makeover experience, but for some reason, the child protested.

“I don’t wanna be a pwincess,” Ellie pouted, “wanna be Supergirl like Jeju!”

Kara laughed nervously, fiddling with her glasses as the other parents with their children turned to look at her, “it’s just a figure of speech. It must be because I’m a reporter, and she must think I’m super, and I just happen to be a woman,” Kara rambled as Lena swooped in to save her as always.

“Darling,” Lena stopped Kara’s jumbled speech with a hand to her wife’s chest as Kara’s mouth instantly snapped shut, “if she doesn’t want the princess makeover, then she doesn’t have to get it.”

“But we paid for it?” Kara asked, brows furrowing in confusion.

Lena just raised an eyebrow at the blonde, seeing no need to remind her wife that she was a literal billionaire, and a couple of hundred bucks on a princess makeover wouldn’t so much as put a dent in her savings in any way.

“I want a superhero makeover!” Ellie insisted as the crew members working at the makeover salon laughed nervously.

“I’ll have a talk with them,” Lena said, putting on her CEO voice as she stalked over to the nearest worker before anyone could stop her.

A few moments later, Ellie sat on the oversized chair, getting her hair curled like Supergirl’s, a satisfied smirk on her face that eerily mirrored the one on Lena’s face.

After spending about half an hour at the salon with Alex bored out of her mind, it was finally time for Ellie’s big reveal.

After all the other children were revealed in their princess gowns, it was time for Ellie’s turn. She burst out from behind the curtains with her hands on her hips, red cape billowing behind her.

Kelly’ aw’ed at the sight as Alex immediately snapped a picture since Kara and Lena were too busy admiring their child.

Lena noticed Kara even tear up a little bit, Ellie appearing as almost a carbon copy of Kara minus her striking green eyes that were all Lena.

When the excitement of the reveal died down, they all headed outside to walk to the Crystal Palace for dinner.

“Lena,” Kara began waiting for her wife to turn around, “Lena,” the blonde repeated as she grabbed Lena’s hand and knelt on one knee.

“Kara,” Lena sighed with exasperation as she yanked her hand away.

Alex laughed, glad she caught that one on camera and the confused looks of many people in the background.

“Jeju and mommy silly,” Ellie giggled as she gripped Kelly’s hand.

“They are,” Kelly agreed with a laugh as they made their way towards the large restaurant.

Once seated, they all took their time looking at the menu and choosing the most appetizing dishes. After eating an average human amount of food for their entrees (Lena knew they would probably have to stop for a snack again later to fulfill Kara’s Kryptonian appetite), dessert finally arrived.

As soon as the plates were set down in front of them, Kara winked at Alex, who immediately pulled out her phone and began to record. Kara grabbed a spoon and started to bang it on her wine glass, “alright, I’d like to make an announcement.” She began to stand when Lena instantly shot out to grab her right forearm.

“Kara, Kara,” Lena hissed out as Kara began to kneel, “Kara, Kara, no, this isn’t funny anymore,” the brunette added, but her wife could see that Lena was trying to hide a smile.

Alex cackled from behind the phone as she ended the video with a shake of her head.

Kara held her sides as she laughed while Lena smacked her on the arm for causing a scene in the Crystal Palace.

After dessert was completed, Alex leaned over to whisper into Kelly’s ear as Kelly nodded and leaned over to ask Lena something.

Lena thought nothing of it as she handed her phone to Kelly, trusting her sister-in-law with her mobile device.

Alex sent over the video to Lena’s phone as Kelly pulled up Lena’s TikTok. The CEO rarely used it and did not have a single post, but apparently, her PR manager thought it would help her connect with the youth if she created one.

Kelly uploaded the video Alex took, making sure all the scenes were in there, picked a background song, and typed ‘my wife fake proposed to me all over Disney world because she knows I hate a scene’ and posted it.

Alex kissed the tip of Kelly’s ear in gratitude as Kelly handed Lena’s phone back to her. The young Luthor was none the wiser as she was too busy helping Ellie eat her food and not make a giant mess everywhere, not wanting to draw even more attention to their table than Kara already did.

Later on, that evening, as they all settled into their hotel beds, Alex got a series of texts from Lena that read: