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It’s one of those evenings when almost everybody is in Albie’s. Bernie has found herself chatting with Dom, but her eyes keep flitting over to Serena, who is the other side of the bar, in a group with Ric and some others. Serena is a little tipsy. Her eyes are sparkling, her lips are ruby red and her smile is infectious. Bernie could watch her all night. If she was a bit braver she’d go over and kiss her, but they’ve agreed to keep their new relationship quiet, just for a little while.


Ric is gesturing, expansively, around his chest. He makes a cupping motion.

“Boobs,” says Dom with a roll of his eyes. “Is that all men want?”

“Nothing wrong with a nice pair,” Bernie murmurs. Dom elbows her and they both laugh.

Ric makes a cupping motion. It’s clear that the boobs he is describing are large. Voluptuous, in fact.

And then Serena’s voice rises over the hubbub.

“Kill the idea that small boobs aren’t good boobs!” she says. “Size isn’t everything – as you should all know. Now a nice pair that just fit in your palm,” - she cups her hands around the air in front of her. “Neat, perfect, you can run your thumbs,” - she mimes as she speaks.


Bernie can feel her face going red. It’s nice to know that Serena appreciates her figure but she’d never imagined it to be so publicly revealed.

“Sounds like Serena is talking from experience there,” Dom says curiously. “I know Fleur was trying for ages to convert her. I wonder who managed it.”

Bernie isn’t quick enough to hide her face when he glances at her. She knows she’s red to the tips of her ears.

“Bernie!” he exclaims, rather loudly.

Dom’s timing couldn’t be better. Serena comes to a stop just as he speaks and in the sudden quiet his voice echoes through the room. Everybody turns to stare at the two of them, at the scarlet flush on Bernie’s face.

“Perfect,” Serena says again.

Bernie meets her eyes, feels warmth rush through her. To hell with keeping things quiet. “There’s something to be said for a larger size as well,” she says, with a wink. She crosses the abnormally quiet floor, catches Serena round her waist and banishes all her reticence as she presses a kiss to her lips.


There’s a wolf whistle that can only from Dom, and a delighted laugh from Ric.


“I heard you rhapsodising,” Bernie says, with a smile, as they break their kiss.

“Men,” Serena snorts, “What do they know about breasts?”

Bernie sighs as Serena runs her fingers down her arms. “How about an early night?” she suggests.

“My sort of girl,” Serena says.

They link fingers and head for the door. The last thing they hear as it closes behind them is a very loud and amused, “Well!” from Ric.