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Why do you eat my lunch? WHY?

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He runs away really fast. No time to explain, his life is at the stake. 


"Hey! Don't run!"


He opens a door and hides below a desk.


“Kyu! Minho! I-I'm going to die. I might not have a tomorrow… Help!”


He pants and catches his breath while his friends are waiting patiently.


Kyuhyun is not really that patient though, "what is it, Chwang?" 


"Ju-just now, *gasp* at the corridor..."




Changmin yawns loudly. It’s been a slow day at school. He buys coffee after eating his lunch to refreshen up his mind and eye.


I hope the break will never end, I just want to sleep right now.


He knocks into something solid and warm while his mind is wandering.


“Ah, I’m sorry!”


Oh no I just hit a person.


“Hey. That hurts so much,” a deep voice comes from this person he knocks.


Changmin looks up just to see someone glaring viciously at him. This person looks like he’s going to kill me. Changmin shivers at that thought.


“Erm… I-I’m sorry um…”


I can’t even speak properly. He’s so scared.


“I’ll be careful next time!! I’m so sorry!!” He screams while he runs.




“ I ran away to here.”


“You’re dead,” Minho said nonchalantly 


“You’re soo dead when you ran away,” Kyuhyun adds in dramatically.


“Ah. Is it actually Yunho Sunbaenim that you knocked? Not many students have scary faces here,” Minho asked.


“Huh!? You know about him?!”


“Well, our students are actually really peaceful inside and outside since we have a mafia son here in school with us. Name’s Jung Yunho, with his famous lackeys, Kim Heechul and Kim Ki-bum,” Kyu pipes in.


“He’s really scary! He’s rumored to easily fight and almost killed 10 people at once! He’s very strong and his glare is really scary that people just avoid him so they aren’t killed by him. I’m impressed that you run away from him just like that.”


“Oh my god,” Changmin is scared shitless. He just wants a normal life in this high school. Why did this happen to him?


“It’s okay Chwang, I’ll pick your body for you,” Kyu said.


Minho just chuckles at that


“You heartless people!!”


He waits and waits but no one charged or attacked him on his way home. Good. Maybe that Yunho guy just forgets about a no-one that knocked into him accidentally.




He comes home into an empty house. No, his parents didn’t abandon him. He’s the one who wants to live alone. It will help him to prepare for university life, he remembers saying to his mom.


What should I cook today?


He wants Japanese Food for today so he makes rice, chicken katsu, and some salad for his dinner.


He makes some more portions to bring tomorrow to school.


Speaking of school, he remembers that Yunho guy. A mafia son huh? Why did the school accept him? Did they bribe or threaten our school? He shivers at that thought again. Hope that Yunho really did forget about him.

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“I hope he’s not here.”


Changmin, the tallest one between him, Kyu, and Minho, hides behind Minho as they walked.


“Um, it’s hard to walk, you know?”


“Wouldn’t this make you even more obvious?” Kyu comments


“Shut up!!”


They arrive safely at the coffee vending machine.


“What are you buying?” Minho asked




“Here it is, but come alone tomorrow okay? We can’t go with you every day to buy your special coffee.”


“Thank you! But tomorrow please come with me again!” he takes the coffee from Minho’s hand, “but anyway I’m glad that he’s not here today! Let’s hurry before he came!”


“Wait Changmin watch-”






He falls and he plants his butt into the floor a bit too roughly.


“Ouch, ouch.”


“Chwang, are you okay?”


The person that he bumps in front of him takes the fallen canned coffee and gave it to him.


“Ah, I’m sorry, and thank you,” he looks up, “huh.”


“You. Are you holding on to something?” Yunho asked with his intimidating voice.


Oh no.


“I’m sorry, I just want to buy coffee”


“Do you have something with you?”




“Do you have something with you?” Is-is he asking me for money?


“Um! I don’t have money right now! I have some food though! I-if that’s what you meant!”


Help. He glances around to find both Minho and Kyu hiding behind a wall.

We pray for your safety. Kyuhyun mouths.




He feels Yunho’s hand on his shoulder and he’s forced to go to his class to give his lunch. His lunch! (well his second lunch, but it’s still his lunch!)


Why does it have to be like this?


He just looks down while Yunho eats his lunch. His lunch!


“Did you make this?” his deep voice interrupt Changmin’s thought


“Um, Yeah!”


“Is cooking your hobby?”


“Yes? No? Um, my hobby is eating so that must include cooking so I can eat delicious food every time I want to eat since a student’s allowance is limited.”


“Hmm. Are you bringing anything tomorrow?”


“Tomorrow would be… Gyudon… I think.”


“What’s your name?”


“Sh-shim Changmin!”


“Hm. Changmin. See you tomorrow.”


“Huh? Huh??”


“Ah give me one more.”


“Eh? Sure!”


Kyu and Minho appeared out of nowhere. 


“What happened?”


“He said see you tomorrow? And he’s eating my lunch! I think he’s extorting food from me!”


“At least you’re still alive.”



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After that, Yunho…


Yunho keeps coming to him for more lunch and food. HIS LUNCH.


All he knows about Yunho is, he… likes sweet drinks and strawberries so much. His tastebuds are sometimes like a kid’s. He doesn’t do any piercing since it hurts?? But have a tattoo somewhere that is mandatory (He doesn’t dare to ask where though.).


Yunho… Sometimes buy him his favorite coffee on the way to his classroom to eat his lunch.


Actually, he’s surprisingly... gentle.


Still have a scary glare though.




“Hey sunbae, buy me and Minho coffee too!”


“Buy it yourself.”


It’s been a few weeks and Minho and Kyuhyun start to appear again at breaks with him. They even eat together now. Four of them.


To avoid some glances, they eat at a secluded place, some old storage room that is actually clean and private. It has a big table and some spare old chairs.


... Did Yunho bribe the janitor to clean this place? It looks really maintained well.


The door suddenly opened and slammed hard against the wall. Two people appear. A cute boy and a feminine boy come through the door.


“Hey, Yunho! You haven’t hung with us during breaks! We finally found you in base #3!” The pretty man said.


“Hmph. I heard the rumor that he went to some underclassmen class to eat lunch,” the cute man said.


“...Aren’t you an underclassman too Key?”


“Well yeah, obviously Heechul.”


Key and Heechul? The lackeys of Yunho?


He glances at Minho to find him staring at Key while gaping his mouth.


Key feel a gaze and looks at Minho.


“Ugh, what the hell wrong’s with you. Are you a fish?”


“Oohh sassy,” Minho recovers fast and smirks at Key.


Changmin hopes that he never have to hear what Minho just said again. With that tone. Ugh.


Key lifts one eyebrow at that. Minho and Key just stare at one another. It feels like they are swallowing each other through their eyes.


“Hey. Changmin.”


Yunho’s deep voice cuts through the weird tension between Minho and Key.




“What do you call this?”


“Umm it’s called Chicken Nanban, another Japanese dish. Can it be that you don’t like it?”


“No, this… Is very delicious..”


Changmin feels happiness blooms in his chest. And nervousness for some reason.


“I-I see…”


“How do you make it? Is it hard?” Yunho seems really interested in this dish.


“It’s easy as long as you follow the recipe.”


“Make me that at your home! I want to eat your food again! It’s been so long since you cooked for me and Kyu!” Minho pipes in.


“Well then, when are you coming?” He feels excited about his friends coming over to his house.


“How about today? I’ll come to your class when school ends,” Yunho said.


“Okay, I’ll be waiting.” He said excitedly. 


Waittt, did I invite him?


“Hey! Don’t ignore me!” Heechul screechs


“Come on, we should be getting back now,” Yunho said calmly while leaving the room




Key and Heechul strides out, following Yunho.


“Hey min, Yunho is pretty attached to you, huh?” Kyuhyun said.


“Huh!? Is that so?”


“Feels like a lie that you are once afraid of him. You look happy having him around”


He feels a blush creeping up his neck and face.


“A-anyway what’s with Minho? He’s flirting with that Key!”


“Well, he’s cute. And sassy. I like sassy brats.”


Changmin and Kyuhyun just mock puke at that.






“Oh, come on let’s go- wait why does Heechul and Key come with you!?”


“Hey! That’s Heechul-hyung to you!”


Key just ignored him.


Minho suddenly goes straight to Key.


“Hey cutie.”




“Um, I don’t think I have enough to cook for 6, can I get some groceries first?”


“Sure! Free food yay!”

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He definitely didn’t blush when Yunho paid for and took his groceries. He can take the weight himself! But he lets Yunho do that. Payback for eating his lunch. Hmph.


He looks in front of him, seeing Kyuhyun and Heechul laughing at something Kyuhyun just said. They are gossiping about something. Of course. Kyuhyun is a heavy gossiper.


He hears some voice too behind him, but he doesn't dare to take a peek at Minho and Key. 


It’s weird but his friends and Yunho’s friends just mold naturally as if they were friends for long.


He looks beside him to find Yunho calmly walking while bringing his groceries. It’s a bit heavy he admitted, but Yunho just brings them easily as if it’s a bag of snacks, not some heavy chicken meats, a big bottle of soy sauce, Big jar of mayonnaise, and others.


 His arms look strong and big. I’m jealous.


“And here we are at Changmin’s house!” Kyuhyun announces.


Kyuhyun points to a small, cream-colored, cozy house. It has a small garden.


“Nice! Siwon’s house is bigger and fancier but this, I admit, is cozier” Heechul comments.


Who is Siwon?


Yunho as if reading his mind said, “Siwon is our childhood friend. Not from our school. He is a student of the rich school near our school.”


He gapes at that. That school is really expensive!


“Come on Min! I’m hungry!” Minho’s booming voice cuts through.


“Yea, yea.”


He digs his pocket for his house key and opens his front door.


“Where're your parents?” Yunho asked while the six of them went inside.


“They live in the city to work, and I live here alone so I can be independent and ready for university later. The house is cheaper here than there too.”


“Yunho lives alone too in an apartment, but he’s near me and Heechul. Yunho’s Daddy order.” Key pipes in.


“Hey, Key.” Minho’s serious voice calls for Key.




“Say Daddy once more for me?” Minho deepens his voice.


Everyone groans loudly at that.


“Oookayyy. Now shoo, go to the gaming room or somewhere while I cook for you guys.”


“Gaming room?” Key brightens at that.


“Yeah! Changmin has PS5 and a Switch!” Kyuhyun excitedly screams.


Key smiles brightly at that. His eyes are sparkling. He looks so cute even to Changmin.


Minho gapes. He looks so awestruck.


“Come on, where’s that gaming room?” Key excitedly tugs at Minho’s arm.


Minho doesn’t say anything and stiffly walks to the Gaming Room with Key in tow.


“Ugh I almost don’t want to go to a room with them in there but the PS5 is really tempting me,” Heechul said. 


He and Kyuhyun follow Minho and Key to the Gaming Room.


“Oh Yunho, just put the groceries there, on the kitchen counter.”


Yunho obeys and puts the groceries down.


“Okay now, you can go to the Gaming Room too.”




Yunho walked away and Changmin went to his room to change his clothes.


It is really satisfying to strip his sweaty uniform away until it's only his boxer.


He takes a t-shirt and basketball shorts to change into.




He looks into the sound source to see Yunho looking confused.


“Hey, where’s the-”


Yunho stops and gapes.


“Oh, you don’t know where the Gaming Room is?”


Yunho nods dumbly.


“Here let me show you.”


He walks by Yunho and He feels Yunho’s eyes on his body. He… forgets that he only wears boxers. Well, it’s only for a while. 


“Here it is.” He turns into Yunho.


Yunho slowly checks out and eyes Changmin’s front, from head to toe.


Changmin shudders and feels his nipple harden.


Yunho takes a sharp breath and walks forward.


Changmin slowly backs away until he bumps into a wall.


Yunho cages him and slowly lifts his hand,


...and rubs a nipple.


Changmin flinches and moans at the unexpected touch.


Yunho groans and dips his head into Changmin’s shoulder. Like he’s restraining himself.


He then straightens and looks into Changmin’s eye and says “It’s pink,” while licking his lips.


Changmin blushes madly at that and Yunho walks away to the Gaming Room.


“Hey, Yunho! What took you so long?” Heechul's voice comes through when Yunho opens the room’s door.


“I got lost.” He replied and closed the door.


Changmin feels his leg weaken and slowly slips down the wall to the floor.


“Wh-what was that?”

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He went back to his room and hurriedly wore his t-shirt and basketball shorts. 


He proceeds to wear his apron and goes to serious-cooking mode, forgetting the incident for a while.






A deep voice interrupts him. 


“Ye-yes?” he squeaks. Of course, it’s Yunho.


“Is it done yet? Can I help with anything?”


“Yeah, just help with preparing the plates and drinks.”


Yunho takes the stacks of food plates and brings them to the dining room.


He puts them accordingly with its fork and spoon.


“All right, call everyone to eat then.”


Yunho goes into the Gaming Room.


“Yay! It smells so good!”


His friends come pouring to the dining room and sit.


He sits between Kyu and Minho, while Yunho sits in front of him, followed by Heechul and Key.


Kyuhyun and Heechul talk about all sorts of gossip around their school, followed by excited Minho and Key talking about the game that they played. Changmin just nods along and sometimes comments on their talk too.


“This is so good!” Heechul excitedly said while eating his Chicken Nanban. “No wonder Yunho keeps you around!”


Key nods and says, “delicious.”


Yunho just digs at his food eagerly.


Minho almost cries, “it’s been so long. So delicious.”


Kyuhyun gives a thumbs up at him.


“Changmin, why don’t you become a chef?” Yunho asked.


“Um, I’m not that good, really,” he blushes.


“Is this what you call not that good!?” Minho protested, “I predict that in the future you will work in some fancy restaurant that only serves reservation guests! And I will come as much as I freely want as your best friend!”


He imagined that and smiled, “Maybe I will consider becoming a professional chef.”


“You should be!” Kyuhyun cheers.


They talked more for a while until it was late.


“Whoops, it’s a bit late. Let’s go home.” Heechul said.


Yunho and Key nod.


The three of them go home while Minho and Kyuhyun stay for the night.


He, Minho, and Kyuhyun all huddled up and talked before going to bed.


“So, when will you date Yunho?” Minho asked innocently




“It’s obvious that Yunho likes you,” Kyuhyun said.


“How do you know that?”


“Trust me, it’s a guy’s instinct, man.” Kyuhyun hits Changmin’s back repeatedly.


“Urk, that doesn’t prove anything.” He rubs his abused back, “and he’s a mafia’s son!”


“Isn’t it exciting falling in love with a criminal, like in the movies?”


“He’s no criminal!”


“Ooohh why are you defending him now, huh?”


“Cause he’s my friend!”


“Well, I will support you two fully,” Minho said.


“Urk, and you! Don’t flirt and create some sexual tension when we’re around!”


“Yeah! My single ass can’t take it anymore! I want to burn my eyes and ears when you do that” Kyuhyun protests too.


“Aww, it’s not that bad surely?”




They talked some more until they fell asleep.




Changmin groans at the alarm sound ringing.


“Urgh turn that off…” Minho mumbles.


Kyu just snored more loudly.


Changmin gets up eventually when Kyu and Minho just won’t get up to turn that damned alarm off.


He yawns and gets ready to bathe.


He strips and looked into the mirror


“It’s pink.”


He blushed when he remembered Yunho said that to him.


“Urgh, not in the morning.”


He washes up and gets ready to cook breakfast.


Kyu and Minho walk by when the scent of food reaches his bedroom.




They eat half-awake and silently.




“Thank you for the food…”


After that, Minho and Kyu take turns bathing.


Changmin prepares lunch for him and Yunho.




The three of them walked to school together.


Changmin doesn't bump into Yunho until it’s lunch break.


As usual, Yunho came and today Heechul and Key come with him too.


“Let’s go to base#3!” Heechul excitedly said.


They walked together and some students just stayed far away from their group. They looked scared and afraid of Yunho.


When they reached and sits inside base#3, Changmin can’t look into Yunho’s eye. He remembers yesterday and can’t help being awkward.


“Here’s your coffee,” Yunho said.


“Ah, yeah thanks, here’s today lunch.” he looks down to his lap.


He needs to act normal!


“... so are you free next Friday?”


He tunes in when Yunho asks him a question.




“Next Friday, teach me some easy recipes. I can’t ask for your lunch every time.”




So, when he teaches Yunho to cook, he’s going to be freed?


“O-okay, I’m free next Friday.”


“Good.” Yunho smiles warmly at him.


Changmin blushes. He can smile like that!?

Chapter Text

It’s Friday.

Changmin can’t stop thinking about Yunho coming to his house alone.

He tried asking Minho and Kyu, but they just laughed at him saying they don’t want to interrupt him and Yunho doing ‘things’.

“What things!?”

“You know, things!” They proceed to cackle.


He startled when Yunho’s voice was so near.

“Wh-what? Don’t scare me sunbae!”

Yunho frowns, “don’t call me that. Call me Hyung.”

“Okay, Hyung.”

“Let’s go.”

He walks with Yunho to his house. In the past, they walk in silence, Changmin’s still scared of Yunho, and Yunho doesn’t bother to make a conversation.

Now Yunho talks a bit more about Heechul doing some random things and Key disappearing (when Yunho and Heechul do find him, he is with Minho, talk about awkward) and getting embarrassed when being found by them.

Changmin laughs along and talks about Kyuhyun and Minho too.

Changmin is surprised when Yunho laughs. Yunho’s laughter is a bit unique and loud compared to other people that he ever met. Not unpleasant though.

When they arrive at his house, he changes his clothes and wears an apron. He laughs when he sees Yunho bringing his own apron and wearing them.

“Okay, first step. Hygiene is everything so wash your hand, wash your ingredients, and make sure the cooking utensils are all clean. Here’s how you wash vegetables…”


Changmin is done. So done. He never would’ve thought that Yunho is THIS bad at cooking. He had to stop Yunho several times when he just put some random ingredients or random measurements. OR doing steps in random orders.

He even dared to say that it’s ‘Yunho’s Style’ whatever that meant.

“Urgh! You need to follow the steps and ingredients needed! Follow what I’ve written for you!”

Yunho is hardheaded and proceeds to ignore him.

In the end, he saved the dish that Yunho makes.

“How… How can someone cook like you…?”

“It’s good in the end though.”

“Because I saved it Hyung… Please just follow the recipe next time.”

Yunho doesn’t reply to that.

Changmin starts to dig in. Delicious. He smiles happily while eating.

“Delicious right?”

He blushed when he realized Yunho was staring and smiling at him.

“Don’t say as if you’re the one who makes it this delicious.”

“Rude Changminnie.”


When he wants to ask about his nickname, Yunho starts getting closer and licks Changmin’s lips.

“There’s sauce, I’ve cleaned it up for you.”


Yunho smirks at his flustered expression.

“You’re so cute Changminnie.”

Yunho kisses him properly on the lips.

Changmin melted at the touch.

Yunho breaks away the contact too soon though.

“Not going to let the food cold,” and he proceeds to dig in again as if nothing just happened.
Changmin grumbles and continues to eat too.


“Hey hyung, I bought some strawberries yesterday, Do you want it for dessert?”

He can see Yunho brightens at that, “sure, thank you.”

After he cleaned the strawberries, he put them in a bowl and gave them to Yunho.

Yunho happily munches on it.

They watch some movies after that with strawberries as Yunho’s popcorn.

A hot kiss scene comes after that. He blushed.

Too long. Why they didn’t finish it already urk.



Yunho kisses him, eagerly this time.

It’s his first kiss and it feels amazing.

He melts when Yunho tilts his head to deepen the kiss.

They do that for a few minutes when Yunho suddenly bites his lower lips.

Changmin startles and opens his mouth.

Yunho then pushes his tongue in.


He can taste the strawberries.

He can’t help but moan when it feels too good.

Yunho groans at the sound he’s making.

When they pull apart, they were panting and catching their breath as if they had run for miles.

“Your expression is really sinful right now Changminnie,” Yunho dips his head and whispered at his ear, “makes me wanna eat you too.”

he shivered at that.

And moans when suddenly Yunho licks his ear.

“I love the sound that you are making. Let me hear it more.”

He rubs Changmin’s nipples with both of his thumbs.

The friction of his t-shirt makes him crazy and he moans loudly at that.

“Mm-hmm good boy.”

Yunho lifts his head and kisses Changmin again.

His thumbs are still rubbing Changmin’s nipples. He feels tingles in his chest that connect to his nether regions.

His loud moans are muffled by Yunho’s deep kiss.


Suddenly Yunho's phone rings loudly.

Changmin is startled.

Yunho's expression darkens and it scared Changmin a little bit.

"Sorry, Changminnie. Emergency. What a cockblocker..."

Yunho proceeds to pick his phone up.




This time Yunho's expression is beyond murderous.

Changmin can't help but whimpers and shivers at that.