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Why do you eat my lunch? WHY?

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He runs away really fast. No time to explain, his life is at the stake. 


"Hey! Don't run!"


He opens a door and hides below a desk.


“Kyu! Minho! I-I'm going to die. I might not have a tomorrow… Help!”


He pants and catches his breath while his friends are waiting patiently.


Kyuhyun is not really that patient though, "what is it, Chwang?" 


"Ju-just now, *gasp* at the corridor..."




Changmin yawns loudly. It’s been a slow day at school. He buys coffee after eating his lunch to refreshen up his mind and eye.


I hope the break will never end, I just want to sleep right now.


He knocks into something solid and warm while his mind is wandering.


“Ah, I’m sorry!”


Oh no I just hit a person.


“Hey. That hurts so much,” a deep voice comes from this person he knocks.


Changmin looks up just to see someone glaring viciously at him. This person looks like he’s going to kill me. Changmin shivers at that thought.


“Erm… I-I’m sorry um…”


I can’t even speak properly. He’s so scared.


“I’ll be careful next time!! I’m so sorry!!” He screams while he runs.




“ I ran away to here.”


“You’re dead,” Minho said nonchalantly 


“You’re soo dead when you ran away,” Kyuhyun adds in dramatically.


“Ah. Is it actually Yunho Sunbaenim that you knocked? Not many students have scary faces here,” Minho asked.


“Huh!? You know about him?!”


“Well, our students are actually really peaceful inside and outside since we have a mafia son here in school with us. Name’s Jung Yunho, with his famous lackeys, Kim Heechul and Kim Ki-bum,” Kyu pipes in.


“He’s really scary! He’s rumored to easily fight and almost killed 10 people at once! He’s very strong and his glare is really scary that people just avoid him so they aren’t killed by him. I’m impressed that you run away from him just like that.”


“Oh my god,” Changmin is scared shitless. He just wants a normal life in this high school. Why did this happen to him?


“It’s okay Chwang, I’ll pick your body for you,” Kyu said.


Minho just chuckles at that


“You heartless people!!”


He waits and waits but no one charged or attacked him on his way home. Good. Maybe that Yunho guy just forgets about a no-one that knocked into him accidentally.




He comes home into an empty house. No, his parents didn’t abandon him. He’s the one who wants to live alone. It will help him to prepare for university life, he remembers saying to his mom.


What should I cook today?


He wants Japanese Food for today so he makes rice, chicken katsu, and some salad for his dinner.


He makes some more portions to bring tomorrow to school.


Speaking of school, he remembers that Yunho guy. A mafia son huh? Why did the school accept him? Did they bribe or threaten our school? He shivers at that thought again. Hope that Yunho really did forget about him.