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Listen Boy, My First Love Story

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Cold. That was all Severus could feel. He would not allow himself to feel anything else.


He looks sullenly upon Godric’s Hollow- his home. The first house that Lily, James and himself lived all together. The place in which Harry was born. The place where Harry took his first steps.


Severus felt his eyes sting with tears. The house was in ruins. Lily’s garden was trampled. James broom shed was exploded, broom pieces were everywhere. The house was half exploded. Severus could still feel the remnants of the dark magic that was used there.


He takes a deep breath and opens the door. What he sees takes his breath away.


He chokes on his tears and drops onto the floor.


James… Bright, amazing, hot-headed, stubborn, handsome James.


James was lying on the floor, eyes glassy and staring at the ceiling. His blood pooled all around him. His glasses lay next to him, broken.


Tears run down Severus’ face, and he takes James into his arms.


“Oh- James…” Severus chokes out. His voice muffled by his despair.


He rocks back and forth, just letting the tears fall. Eventually he tears himself away from James.


Severus closes James eyes and heads upstairs with a deep breath. Tears still decorating his eyes.


He walks up the stairs slowly, looking at all the photographs on the wall.


Severus spots the picture of Harry and Lily in bed after he was born.


Lily had this beautiful but tired smile on her face as she looked at Harry. Severus feels himself start to cry again but he doesn’t let it happen; he runs up the stairs and into Harry’s nursery.


The nursery is in ruins. The door is off its hinges and on the ground. Lily lays on the floor lifeless.


Her beautiful green eyes were glassy and vacant. She stares at the ceiling.


Severus is about to cradle her into his arms when he hears Harry cry.


“Harry!” Severus runs to his son and picks him up.


The boy’s cheeks were stained with tears. His beautiful eyes were swollen with tears. He had a particularly nasty looking gash on his forehead. Harry had such a strong trace of dark magic on him that it reminded Severus of the Dark Lord.


“Oh, Harry… Papa will make it all better” He kisses his son on the forehead and wipes away some of the blood. He watches as some of his tears fall onto Harry’s cheek.


Severus wipes the blood and tears off Harry’s face and apparates to Gringotts.

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Malfoy Manor, Halloween 1981


Narcissa Malfoy was a notorious light sleeper. The smallest sound would wake her up. It was good because she was the mother of a very fussy baby boy, but sometimes she really hated it. But in this moment, she didn’t know how to feel about it.


“Lucius?” She had awoken to the sound of someone apparating into the room.


“Cissa-” Lucius looks distraught, his usually tame hair is frizzed and all over the place.


Narcissa gets out of bed and hugs her husband. “What’s wrong?” She says soothingly.


“He’s dead- The dark Lord is dead.” He chokes out. “You know what that means for us.” Lucius’ grey eyes are heavy with tears.


“We’ll do whatever it takes,” she says sternly “We’ll do the best we can for our son.” Her eyes soften. “It’ll be fine, we have enough sway in the ministry to fix it, I’m sure.”


“I love you Narcissa” Lucius says, his voice laden with tears.


“I love you too Lucius” She was about to kiss her husband when she heard a cry. “I’m going to go take care of Draco, you rest” with that she apparates to Draco’s bedroom.


The little boy had tears running down his cheeks, he looked like he was in pain. Narcissa didn’t know why until she looked closer. Draco had blood running down his forehead. “What happened, sweetheart?” She says this more to herself than to her son.


Narcissa wipes the blood off his forehead and sees the cut underneath. It was shaped like a lightning bolt. “How did you get this?” She cleans the cut then she heals it, watching it disappear from her son’s forehead. Narcissa doesn’t know how it happened but she just thinks that Draco managed to scratch himself or something.


She kisses the now smooth skin and picks up her son, cradling him in her arms. She sits down in a rocking chair and rocks the blonde boy to sleep.


The Burrow (POV CHANGE Molly Weasley)


Molly was exhausted, she had been up all-night taking care of her children. Ginny was being particularly fussy tonight.


Sometimes Molly wishes that she didn’t have so many children so close together in age, it was very overwhelming at times. But when she looks at her children’s faces that all goes away. She wouldn’t change her family for the world.


Molly patters around the kitchen, making herself a cup of tea when she hears twin cries come from upstairs. She turns off the kettle and rushes to Fred and George’s room.


The two boys are clutching each other, tears running down their cheeks. They both have blood on their foreheads, in the same spot. She rushes to her children.


“Hey, hey- Shhhh, it’s all right.” She takes the twins into her arms “What’s wrong?” She wipes the tears from their faces.


The two boys just bawled, not giving her an answer “Oh it’s all right dearies, just let me heal your cuts.” She quickly cleans and heals the cuts. She kisses the spots on their foreheads and puts them back to bed, deciding she’ll worry about this in the morning. Unbeknownst to her, Narcissa Malfoy just went through the same thing.