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Listen Boy, My First Love Story

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Severus Snape was cold.

He looks sullenly upon Godric’s Hollow. It was half exploded. Baby Harry’s nursery was destroyed.

Severus walks into the house with tears in his eyes. He sees his moon James lying on the stairs in a pile of his own blood. It takes everything Severus has to not drop down to hold James and cry; but he doesn’t have the time, he has to see Harry and Lily.

Severus steps over James and runs upstairs to Harry’s nursery. He sees his sun lying on the floor void of life. This time Severus does drop down to the floor to cry. He holds Lily, rocking back and forth, crying until he has no tears left.

Severus looks around the nursery for the thing that had come here for. He spots it.

His son.

Harry is lying in the crib crying for his mama and dada. Harry stops crying once he spots Severus, “Papa!” Harry cries.

Severus all but runs to pick up his son. Severus holds his son and just hugs him.

Severus is filled with sadness and relief. Harry was alive but Lily and James were dead. The Dark Lord was dead but for how long?

“I love you so much Harry” Severus says before he apparates them out to Malfoy Manor.