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The Three Lotuses of Cleansing Moon

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Wei Wuxian didn’t think being righteous in his own damn club would lead to this. Tied up and beaten till he was coughing up blood, bruises starting to form.

A hand grabs and tugged hard on his collar of his shirt. Wei Wuxian chokes around his clothed gag as he is lifted by Wen Zhuliu. Wen Chao is by a fire pit, a brand heating up.

“I thought it was made clear that these streets are mine and that includes buildings.” Turning around Wei Wuxian wanted to grin at just how unhinged and in control of the situation thinks he was.

The Wen gang as Wen Chao believes controls the sect that Wei Wuxian has set up shop for his club the Burial Mounds.

As for why he was tied up, beaten, and about to be branded by the signature symbol of the Wen gang. As he said, he was being righteous.

His bartender, Xue Yang, brought to his attention that a drink of a loyal patron was roofied.

In his club? HELL NO!

But no, as he leads the drugged lady away to sleep it off, Wen Chao had spotted him with his target, and now here he was.

“Strip him.” Wen Chao said as he picked up the heated iron, the sun brand red and ready to burn into anything it touches. Wen Zhuliu pulled his arms back and two lackeys tore his shirt to shreds. Dark threads landed and his torso was bare for the Wen gang members present to see.

Wen Chao walks over and before he can press the brand in, Wen Zhuliu spots the tattoo that decorates Wei Wuxian’s back.

“Young Master Wen-“

“Wen Zhuliu not now.”  Wen Chao grabs Wei Wuxian’s shoulder to steady him as the man naturally starts thrashing as the hot branding iron got closer.

“Wei Wuxian isn’t a part of any gang, correct?”

That had Wen Chao stopping but Wei Wuxian still struggled in his restraints.

Wei Wuxian wasn’t a part of any gang. He was just a simple club owner who resides in the Wen Sect’s territory. Why the hell was his bodyguard questioning this? If anyone else asked that dumbass question they would have gotten shot but Wen Zhuliu chooses his words wisely.

The two other lackeys present were told to hold Wei Wuxian, pinning him to the ground. Wen Chao walks to Wen Zhuliu’s side and finally sees the tattoo.

A red lotus in front of a moon that is tinted purple…

“Oh fuck-”

The warehouse was lit with gunshots and Wei Wuxian curled his body to avoid the bullets.

When all was settled and Wen Zhuliu and Wen Chao were both shot in the legs, a group of four men walked in. Yu Shengyan and Bian Yanmei quickly stopped Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu from making an escape.

The other two free Wei Wuxian from his bondage.

Then he was hugged by the biggest of the two.

“SHIDI, WE WERE WORRIED!” A teary-eyed Luo Binghe let go of Wei Wuxian, who chuckled at his worries.

“Father isn’t pleased.” The last man, the tallest, said while stretching his hand to Wei Wuxian.

“Of course he isn’t.” Wei Wuxian answered, accepting the hand and Luo Binghe quickly looked back to the remains of his shirt before shrugging off his jacket.

“Here.” Wei Wuxian takes the offered gift and finally, the trio turns to the remaining Wen members.

“What do we do with them?” Wei Wuxian asked.

The tallest picks up the brand left on the floor and studies it.

“Give them their own medicine.” Hua Cheng says.

Soon screams fill the air.

Wine is sipped and a middle-aged man sits in his condo. Purple robes pooled around as he lounges on a couch, waiting and then he sighs.

They were late.

“Perhaps we should wait a bit more.” Shen Qiao suggests and the purple-clad man looks up at his husband of fifth-teen years.

“I know.”

A door opens and the trio enters. Wei Wuxian getting a new shirt and also cleaned up.

“Sorry father, I had-” Wei Wuxian is stopped when Shen Qiao is up in front of him and is looking at the bruises forming.

“Did you into another fight?” Shen Qiao asked producing a handkerchief and wiping away any blood.

“No, but I’m sorry, baba.”  Wei Wuxian said Shen Qiao continued to clean the shortest of the young men.

The man on the sofa finally got up and stood at his husband’s side.


All three did as they were told and Shen Qiao just looked at his husband.

“This isn’t necessary-“

Red eyes turn to meet brown eyes.

“It is, Ah-Qiao.’ The man looks down at the three and says. ‘Apologize to your baba for being late.”

The three shift slightly to Shen Qiao and bow in their kneeled position.


Shen Qiao is led to the table that has been set with slightly cooled food. The man sits at the head of the table and addresses the young men.

“Now, how have my boys been?”  Yan Wushi asks.

The city has many gangs that work together. Some working closely with the government, others not at all.

Qishan Wen Sect for nearly fifty years had rule a good majority of the streets till close to twenty years ago the Cleansing Moon appeared out of nowhere.

Yan Wushi took over nearly forty percent of the original territory that Wen Ruohan had. Then a twenty-seven-year-old Yan Wushi meets a twenty-two-year-old inspector Shen Qiao.

Though he tried to hide the fact he was the Cleansing Moon triad leader. It did not last as Yan Wushi stopped a bullet for Shen Qiao during one of many encounters of theirs.

What also didn’t last was Yan Wushi being a lone leader.

Shen Qiao stood next to the triad leader, both in red robes by the start of summer. Two years and then a span of five months, Yan Wushi and Shen Qiao were new parents to three boys.

An eleven-year-old boy found by Shen Qiao on the shores of the Luo River. He didn’t remember anything and was renamed Luo Binghe.

Nine-year-old Wei Ying was found by the couple when walking in Yiling. Shivering and people just passing the boy. Yan Wushi carried the small boy that night while Shen Qiao gave the boy a new rattle drum to cheer him up. Luo Binghe was all up to the task to make sure that Wei Ying was comfortable and welcomed in the Cleansing Moon household.

Then at the start of the new year, the family of four went to a temple to say the yearly prays, late that new year evening. Luo Binghe and Wei Ying were the ones to find small eight-year-old Hua Cheng.

Shen Qiao was glad to have three boys to take care of. Yan Wushi though didn’t like them taking his Shen Qiao’s attention, he did enjoy his boys soon enough.

It was however never their intention to rope in the boys into the triad. The only thing that Yan Wushi allowed his boys was a tattoo on each of their backs.

Luo Binghe had a black lotus, Wei Wuxian a red lotus, and Hua Cheng a silver lotus.

He also had the requirement when it came to staying in the city was to set up shop in any of the territory he oversaw.

Luo Binghe opened his Proud Immortal Delights, Wei Wuxian his Burial Mounds Club, and Hua Cheng’s Ghost City Bar.

Yan Wushi loved his husband and his sons.

At his desk, Yan Wushi receives pictures of Wen Chao with a fresh brand on his cheek and Wen Zhuliu on his chest.

He would make all those who tried to hurt them pay in blood.

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Shen Qiao did a little investigating on the side when he first got his sons. It was more to fill in that insecurity that perhaps he was taking the boys away from a home that they already had.

He first checked missing children and only Wei Ying came up….. four months after they adopted him. That already sent red flags to Shen Qiao. Four months ago was the dead of winter. What would have been Wei Ying if Yan Wushi and he hadn’t spotted him?

A man by the name of Jiang Fengmian had made the report and Shen Qiao looked into his profile.

A father of two children, a daughter and son, and married to Yu Ziyuan. The man swallowed a bit when in the profile and the many pictures that anyone could tell the marriage was an unstable one.

What would happen if this Jiang Fengmian brought Wei Ying into his house?  What kind of mental and emotional damage would he get?

With that Shen Qiao asked Yan Wushi how he felt about courtesy names. The triad leader said he was using his like a normal name so he didn’t mind at all.

That was the day Shen Qiao discovered Xie Ling was his husband’s birth name. Either way, Wei Ying gained the courtesy name of Wei Wuxian for the less likelihood of the Jiang Patriarch finding his son.

Shen Qiao had a sour taste in his mouth at the thought of anyone taking his sons.

So next was Hua Cheng. He was harder to find but statically speaking he should have been in the range to be a high priority.

Shen Qiao went back to the temple where they found Hua Cheng and ask the monks in charge about his youngest.

They said they didn’t know the name but they did recognize the face when he produces a photo and said that a family of four usually came around with the youngster….till they didn’t.

It didn’t take a hard guess for Shen Qiao to suspect that Hua Cheng was abandoned because he was an expense.

That night, Shen Qiao asked if Hua Cheng wanted anything, anything at all.

The poor boy cried at that as he never was given a chance to ask for anything.

He simply asked for a silver necklace like Yan Wushi. When Yan Wushi heard this, the triad leader took him to the nearest jewelry store and said pick what you want.

His oldest turned out to be the hardest to discover his origins. After a mini therapy session where he tried to get anything to use but nope, Luo Binghe was a blank slate when it came to memories. The boy nearly cried because of that.

Shen Qiao didn’t push him to remember and that was that for a while.

It was their first summer when Yan Wushi was invited to a banquet held by Huan Hua Industry. The triad leader hissed in annoyance and said he would rather stay and eat Wei Ying’s cooking than go.




So Shen Qiao went in his stead. In return, Yan Wushi had to watch the boys by himself for the first time.

The former inspector greeted heads and representatives of multiple companies and works of government. He even spoke to Jiang Fengmian. The man in person seems well off and very formal. His wife, on the other hand, introduce herself before Jiang Fengmian could. While Shen Qiao has no problem with breaking tradition in how things work (with a woman introducing herself and not standing there like a decoration), he did find the gesture a bit rude and impolite in the current setting.

Then Shen Qiao met Lanling Jin Corps’ Jin Guangshan.



Shen Qiao never thought he would say it but this was truly a disgusting man. Infidelity while not anything new was usually something secret and not common knowledge like it was for Jin Guangshan’s case.

There was no evidence when he worked the force that they could charge the man for the sexual favors he was infamous for. No one came to report to them about anything and so the man was scot-free. Oh if there was ever anyone Shen Qiao wanted his husband to shoot at it was this man.

Shoot his d-

A mic was used and tapped at to get those in attendance their attention. Everyone turned to look at Zhuzhi-Lang.

“Tianlang Jun will lead the toasting.” And coming upstage was the CEO of Heavenly Bailu Construction, which has practically built this city from the ground up and would most likely have blueprints of each and every building. That’s what makes him dangerous to all triads that publicly own property. If they ever backstabbed Tianlang Jun then that just his go-ahead to snick them out to the cops.

Shen Qiao however is frozen for a different reason.

Tianlang smiles and all Shen Qiao could see was a more sinister version of his Luo Binghe.

The CEO gives toast and glasses are clicking while Shen Qiao's perspective is shattered.

He leaves the Banquet after that and cuddles up to Yan Wushi who was tucker out after wrestling the boys for remote rights.

Shen Qiao now has a good idea of each of his boys and wants to give them all the love and protection he can.

A light snore from his husband makes him smile and tucks his head under his chin to close his mouth for the night.

Yan Wushi probably already figured out his worry of people stealing their sons away but he always has something to hold against everyone.

Jiang Fengmian destroying his family himself. Hua Cheng's family could easily be dealt with by Child Protective Services. While Tianlang-Jun may be powerful in resources, he is only as good as the market. Also, a few scandals(No matter if they were real or fake) and a few shareholders pulling their shares from the companies would surely rock the market.

Would he really do all this just to make sure each of his boys is protected and stay with them?

Yan Wushi huffs in his sleep and curls around Shen Qiao.

Of course, he would.

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Yan Wushi is going to be honest.

He teaches his boys some bad habits.

Enough to where his Ah-Qiao will have all four on their knees giving them lectures on why they shouldn’t do these habits. Then Yan Wushi had to use his devilish good charms to get back into his Ah-Qiao’s good graces.

That works about half the time.

This was more to chip away at their secret of being triad leaders. If he just out rights tells them, he’ll break his boys. They (Luo Binghe) would cry that their life was a lie.

Now if he breaks them into something simple and over time, the impact of the truth won’t be nearly as bad.

So he taught his sons to pickpocket.

A Lantern festival was happening and Yan Wushi took his boys for the first time. Shen Qiao had gone off to the restroom when Yan Wushi bent down in front of his sons.

“Boys, today is the day to prove yourselves that you have this wonderful skill. Whoever can steal the most valuable thing gets a favor from Pa.” Yan Wushi winks and comes back up when his husband came back.

They had practice pickpocketing at home because if they did it in public and someone grabbed at one of the boys, Yan Wushi would have shot them on the spot. After a few weeks of practice, the Cleansing Moon triad leader was confident enough that his boys will be fine. (He unconsciously pulls at a knuckle brace in his own pocket.)

They had walked around with Shen Qiao explaining how the original Lantern Festival had started and Yan Wushi was only half listening. He was more focused on the fact his boys weren’t the only ones pickpocketing.

He didn’t worry because he was covering the back and his boys finish the diamond formation with Luo Binghe leading the way and Shen Qiao in the middle.

He did grab and twist the wrist of one teenager that thought it would be fun to ‘run’ into Hua Cheng and he plucked the silver necklace back.

When they round the corner Hua Cheng actually produces the teen’s wallet. Yan Wushi ruffs his hair and quickly gives Hua Cheng his necklace back and the money in the wallet before tossing it.

They buy lanterns to light up later.

When they do, the moment was peaceful for the triad leader. Just a second where the kids are grinning and Shen Qiao is smiling.

Yan Wushi hums in contentment and looks back at the rising lanterns.


Luo Binghe lost that night and Wei Ying came in for the win when he actually returned the item he stole.

The oldest son was taste testing his dish when he heard the bell open for his shop.  He wipes his hands and comes back to the front. His cafe was closed because his area was usually slow till later. He probably just forgot to lock the door.

“I’m sorry we are close at the-”

Luo Binghe's eyes lit up when he realizes who it was.


Shen Yuan grinned and came to the counter.

“I’m sorry if I came during your off hours.’ Shen Yuan produced a mirrorless camera that Luo Binghe didn’t even know where to start on how to use it. ‘ I was wondering if I could take a few pictures for the vlog?”

Luo Binghe smiles “Go right ahead. Shizun has permission all the time.”

Shen Yuan was a food vlogger who loves going around his city and making posts and videos about the smallest restaurants. He brings good business whenever he posts. Luo Binghe had started calling him Shizun when the older man had told him how to improve his shop. From suggestions on what to add to what to cut out, Luo Binghe took each thing to heart.

Shen Yuan actually has been coming around more often than Luo Binghe expected him to. Perhaps he was just trying to reach a marker in his video covering Proud Immortal Delights?

Either way, it was not actually Proud Immortal Delights that the two met.

Luo Binghe was actually at a wet market, getting some local supplies for his shop.

“Always support the community because they help make you who you are.” Shen Qiao would say. Luo Binghe did just that. Every morning he would come just before the crack of dawn and look at fresh ingredients.

“-and here they unload the fruits but it looks like they’ve been at it for a while.”

The young man looks up to see a well-dressed man taking footage of people at work. The man waves at the workers and some wave back.

Luo Binghe looks to a youth who just then walks by the vlogger. He shoves by, while not uncommon in a market like this with people going in and out and crossing paths, Luo Binghe narrowed his eyes.

He walks in front of the youth and then stops at a stall, pretending to look interested. He reaches back and then nods at the person running the stall.

Luo Binghe goes back to the oblivious man and coughs to get his attention.

“Excuse me-“ The vlogger looked out of his element for a second before stepping to the side.

“Sorry I’m in the wa-“

Luo Binghe holds out a phone, that had the vlogger patting down his pockets.

“You dropped this.” Luo Binghe said, handing back the device, and was surprised by how slender the fingers were.

“Thank YOU!” The vlogger bow slightly in thanks.

“No problem.’  Luo Binghe looked at the camera, now curious. ‘What are you recording for exactly?”

The vlogger seems to ease back into his own element and started to explain how he was vlogging on the process of a local wet market.

That was the day Luo Binghe met his most devoted patron.

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Hua Cheng looked at his phone and scroll through the multiple pictures that his brother, Wei Wuxian, sent him.

It had all started when Wei Wuxian was just hanging out for a bit before he had to open his club for the evening. He had only had his bar open for a few months and he gave his own thoughts on his bar.

“I don’t think I chose a good spot to open.” Hua Cheng had confect to his brother who was drinking away at one of his more popular drinks, an Emperor’s Smile.

Wei Wuxian stirs his drink and hums in thought, before looking around the establishment. His humming stops and looks back at his younger brother.

“Have you thought of adding decor?” Wei Wuxian suggests and takes a sip of his drink.

Hua Cheng looks around and does admit his bar is empty of anything too interesting. There were two TVs and Yan Wushi had pitched in to help renovate to give the bar a nice redwood finish. Outside of that, nothing really was appealing about the place. 

Suddenly, Wei Wuxian jerks his sleeve up, looks at his watch and sits up.

“Shit, shit, shit.” He repeated and was about a few paces away from his spot that he sat before charging back and finishing his drink in one gulp.

He runs to the door and was almost out.

“I’ll send you pics of what you should get A-Hua. Sorry I cut our time short. I forgot something that was happening today.”

Now here he was walking down the street to a place that Wei Wuxian had recommended to get decor.

“You need to sell the idea of ‘Ghost City'.” That was what his brother said. “Also dim the lights and use lanterns.”

‘Not a bad idea.’

He finally made it to the shop.

‘Scrapper’s antiques.’ He enters the bell rings, signaling his entrance, and hears a rustle at the back of the shop. He looks around and studies the fill to the brim shelves.

“Hello, are you looking for anything specific?” Hua Cheng turns around and sees-

‘Oh hell.’ Hua Cheng said and it took all his willpower not to blush as a man in a white dress shirt appears behind the counter and sets down a box filled with miscellaneous stuff.

“Um …. My brother had told me that I could probably find some decor for my bar here.’ Hua Cheng pulls his phone out and leans over the counter to scroll through the pictures that his brother had sent.

The man studies the pictures and nods.

“I have a few things you may be interested in.” He goes around the counter and Hua Cheng follows the man as he leads him around the shop.

Hua Cheng knows who he is and Hua Cheng didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

He’s only a customer here but what’s to say he is safe?

The man is Xie Lian and he is the son of the CEO of Xian Le Real estate. Hua Cheng actually knows him for another reason that makes the man turn around when he snaps his fingers and points at Hua Cheng.

“You’re Crimson Rain, aren’t you.”

Hua Cheng nods in defeat and before Xie Lian could speak, he replied with ‘And you are Dianxia.”

Xie Lian laughs nervously and scratches his cheek.

“I don’t go as often anymore.” Xie Lian admits.

So how they exactly know each other makes Hua Cheng feel slightly guilty for not telling at least his brothers. It was a dirty little secret that he tries to hide. He just couldn't resist the thrill of it.

Also, his baba would be a shame and his father would give him a huff before giving a wink of being impressed.

Hua Cheng was an active street racer and Xie Lian was one of the more interesting characters to appear at the races.

‘Dian Xia’ with his custom car Ruoye and ‘Crimson Rain’ with his car E-Ming. They had exchanged a few words here and there. Hua Cheng however always had a red bandana on covering the lower half of his face. So how did-

Xie Lian stops his nervous laugh.

“Sorry, it took me a minute to recognize your voice.”

Oh…. That’s how he recognized him.

Hua Cheng tried to keep his blush down as Xie Lian lead him around and grabbed the items his brother told him about.

Speaking of which, what made Wei Wuxian run out.

‘Shit, shit, shit, shit.’

Wei Wuxian skidded around a corner and dashes the last few blocks till he sees his club and the person he was meeting.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t keep you waiting did I?” Wei Wuxian said as the man looks at him as he pulls his keys out and unlocks the Burial Mounds.

“No.” Wei Wuxian just nods and the two enter. The man looks around.

“It’s clean.” The man dressed in a light blue attire states.

Wei Wuxian nods and laughs as he leads the man to the bar. “Of course it is. After you shut me down for a few days as a warning my staff and I scrub the whole place.”

Wei Wuxian went behind the bar and dug for ice in the cooler, placing them in glasses before looking back at the man.

“Would Lan Zhan like anything to drink?” The club owner asks.

Lan Wangji the health inspector nods.

“Just water please.”

Lan Wangji, affectionately called Lan Zhan by Wei Wuxian when he found out he too had a courtesy name, was the health inspector that was assigned ‘Burial Mounds’.

Oh, boy did it start out rocky for Wei Wuxian after the first inspection. Lan Health does not mess around when it comes to their health standards. But after that, Wei Wuxian saw the improvement in his club so whenever Lan Wangji came around, Wei Wuxian always offered him a drink.

Of course, Lan Wangji always says either water or tea. Something about he’s not allowed to drink on the job or something that Wei Wuxian has forgotten.

“So what did Lan Zhan need to check?” Wei Wuxian grins and mixes his own drink.

Lan Wangji picks up his paper, hiding his ever reddening ears behind the sheet. “The freezer.”

Wei Wuxian turns back around and smiles.

“Right this way, inspector Lan.”

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Yan Wushi sometimes wakes to a cold sweat and has to hastily leave the bed to splash cold water on his face. Shen Qiao would quickly follow after him and just lean on him, hugging him from behind.

Yan Wushi would turn around and hugged back, holding him like the precious treasure he was.

Shen Qiao would say he isn’t worth as much as Yan Wushi thinks. Yan Wushi buys so much land in Shen Qiao’s name after those kinds of comments.

Those nights are spent on the ground simply sitting on the bathroom floor before Shen Qiao pulls him up and brings him back to the bed.

Yan Wushi would bury his nose into Shen Qiao and his husband storks his hair till he is back asleep.

If one ever asks how Cleansing Moon came into power, it could all be drawn back to the most simple thing.


Sure the basic stuff was fine. But they made something special that had everyone coming back for more.

Phoenix Ascending was the name. Made into a simple pill and sold in threes. No more than four actually cause overdose and an immediate hospitalization was needed.

Yan Wushi built an empire from it but he had his own product for years. He couldn’t even feel a bullet if he was shot.

He however did feel shame when he did wake up and Shen Qiao was sitting next to him, tightly holding his hand after a particularly bad crash.

For five years, he was on Phoenix Ascending when he quite literally knocked himself out when he sobered for just a second to realize he was choking out Shen Qiao.

After that, it took Shen Qiao weeks to find the triad leader again. Then he promptly tackles the man to the ground and just hugged him till Yan Wushi returned it.

Then he was shot and then they got married.

Okay, that’s not the end but it would have been nice.

After Yan Wushi was shot, Shen Qiao took the chance to start him on the path of coming clean.

Getting clean started with Shen Qiao’s first action as co-leader of Cleansing Moon. Ridding all production of Phoenix Ascending.

Though many had disagreed with the decision, the money Yan Wushi threw at anyone who destroys a case of it was too good to be true/

He’s been like that for fifth-teen years now. He has had episodes where it feels like he is still on it.

Hua Cheng is the one that has Yan Wushi sitting down with him. Looking at the bag of the simple stuff. Luo Binghe and Wei Wuxian squirm under the watchful eye of Shen Qiao, who stood behind them while they sat on the opposite couch.

A small bag of weed that someone by the name of Jin Zixun gave him.

“I wasn’t going to-” Hua Cheng, at age thirteen, started but a glance from his father told him to stay silent. They sat like that for a long while before Yan Wushi moved.

Yan Wushi grabs the bag and grips it.

“I don’t want to see any one of my sons with any of this shit or anything like it.” Yan Wushi looked to Bian Yanmei stood by the door. He tosses the bag to him. He then stands and looks to all three of his sons.

“Do I make myself clear?” His sons bow their heads.

“Yes, sir.” Hua Cheng confirms, Luo Binghe nods biting his lower lip to stop him from crying under the gaze and Wei Wuxian gives a squeak of ‘Yes father.’

That evening, Shen Qiao did his best to ease Yan Wushi’s worries.

Shen Qiao was usually the one to give the boys any stern talking. But as soon as Hua Cheng had walked in through the door and set his bag down on the counter. Yan Wushi had smelt it over his afternoon coffee.

Yan Wushi didn’t even run that section of the triad anymore and actively avoids the areas that the stuff was sold.

He nearly lost it.

It took Shen Qiao and a really long, long hug to stop him from going off so hard that Hua Cheng would have shut down. Shut off to the world like he was at the beginning of being in the family. Yan Wushi didn’t want that at all.

Though Hua Cheng never said it, he saw Yan Wushi as a true father. He didn’t know much about Hua Cheng’s birth father but abandoning Hua Cheng wasn’t the only thing his father had done to him.

Do you know how long it took Yan Wushi to be able to throw an arm around Hua Cheng without him flinching? Two years.

He wasn’t about to have all that progress wasted like that.

Not over a fucking bag of weed.

The triad leader only wants what is best for his boys. He wasn’t even going to let them even think about getting on anything.

Later that week

Lanling Jin Corps dips in shares by thirteen percent(like a straight dip) and people panicked, resulting in even more of a drop.

Shen Qiao shakes his head but whatever makes Yan Wushi feel better.

The triad leader did however return that evening with a new silver necklace for Hua Cheng. To show him he wasn’t permanently mad, perhaps temporarily disappointed. This was his promise to Hua Cheng if he too can return it. That Yan Wushi wouldn’t set his fury on him at all if Hua Cheng never touches any poison they sell on the streets.

None of his boys ever touch anything.

Wei Wuxian did start a fight later that month in school when Jin Zixun tries to sell Hua Cheng more of it. Then he turned around and set his sights on Jin Zixuan when he tried to break it up.

Hua Cheng was pulled away by He Xuan and Wei Wuxian was suspended for a week after that.

Though Shen Qiao didn’t particularly like the actions Wei Wuxian took. Saying he could have tried using his words instead of his fists. He did commend him for holding up his values.

Shen Qiao is also proud that Yan Wushi was the bigger man and cleaned himself up to be better than before.

Chapter Text

“Ah-Qiao, let’s take the boys to Gusu Springs.”

Shen Qiao was reading a book with his glasses on with his husband just laying on his lap. He raises a brow at the suddenness of it.


The man with white streaks nodded.

“This weekend.”

Wei Wuxian left his club in the hands of Xiao Xingchen. He was really excited to be able to have a weekend trip with his family.

Luo Binghe leaves his restaurant in the hands of Sha Hualing and Liu Mingyan. Business has been good and Shen Yuan had told him he has uploaded the video for Proud Immortal Delights. The rush of new customers had him tucker out. A hot spring sounds really nice.

Hua Cheng leaves his bar in the hands of Yin Yu for the weekend. It would be the first time he left his bar in the hands of anyone for an extended period of time. The interior upgrade had really brought in business so Hua Cheng felt confident enough that it’ll be fine.

Bian Yanmei had said his concerns for Yan Wushi leaving so suddenly for a trip but the triad leader had said it’s best for him not to bring suspicion of anything.

Yan Wushi was currently driving down the road with Shen Qiao dozing away in the passenger seat. They were going to meet their sons at 5 at the Gusu Springs Resort.

‘He is so adorable.’ Even after fifth-teen years of being together, Shen Qiao still looked like his twenty-something self instead of his nearly hitting forty age.

They pull up to the resort in the mountain and soon a horn signals the arrival of their Red Lotus. Wei Wuxian jumps out of his xpeng and gives Yan Wushi a bear hug which the leader returns with just as much vigor. He then gives Shen Qiao a much lighter hug but just as tight.

A lighter tap of a horn and Silver Lotus appears. Hua Cheng gets out of his ‘E-Ming’ and gives his parents his own hugs(much lighter than Wei Wuxian but tight), before fist-bumping Wei Wuxian.

Then Wei Wuxian and Hua Cheng were pulled in from behind, Luo Binghe giving his shidis all his love. Luo Binghe then hugged Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi at the same time, the elder having to tap his oldest to let go.

Then Yan Wushi checked in for their private springs and room.

“Boys, meet at pool 10 in about-‘  Yan Wushi looks to Shen Qiao who looks at his watch.

“Thirty minutes should be good.” Shen Qiao answered and the trio nod in confirmation before their parents walk off.

“So-‘ Yan Wushi starts. ‘Is that enough time for us to-“

Shen Qiao puts his hand over his husband’s mouth but the damage has already been done. White-clad servants look to them before they try to cover their embarrassment.

“Please not now Yan-Lang.”

They get to their room and sadly his pleas were in vain.

He shouldn’t have said please and ‘Yan-Lang’ in the same sentence. Luckily Yan Wushi had ordered their food to be ready ten minutes after they arrive in the pool area.

Luo Binghe and Hua Cheng were the first to leave the room while Wei Wuxian decided to doze off. They both were wearing their swim shorts and Aloha shirt in their color schemes.

Hua Cheng split from his brother because it turned out he forgot his wallet in his car. By the time he comes back in, he nearly misses a step because his attention was stolen.

“I’m sorry sir. There aren’t any free rooms or pools at the moment.” The receptionist said and the man in a white shirt sighed. He had gotten caught and traffic and now this? His luck really was the worse.

Hua Cheng walked over when the man turned, almost like he was leaving and said. “GeGe?”

Xie Lian looked up surprised and then he smiles.

“Hello, San Lang. What are you doing here?”

Hua Cheng blushed at the nickname. It had been thought of by Xie Lian when Hua Cheng had said he was the third son of three brothers.

“My family is staying for the weekend.”Hua Cheng said and Xie Lian just nodded.

“That must be nice. They just told me that they didn’t have any free rooms or even an open pool.” Xie Lian admitted and Hua Cheng steps in the way of the door before the other man took a step.

“Why not join my family?” Hua Cheng said but Xie Lian's ears redden and Hua Cheng realized his mistake.

“I MEAN IN A POOL, JOIn my family in our pool room.” Hua Cheng corrects his offer, stumbling on his volume.

Xie Lian nodded and laughed behind his hand as the other tried to recover from his earlier words.

“I would love to.”

Luo Binghe found the pool room and was about to open it when from the corner of his eye he saw something that brightens his mood.

“SHIZUN!” Luo Binghe said and he threw an arm around the man who nearly slipped on the tile.

Shen Yuan turned and gave a grin to the other.

“Luo Binghe, what are you doing here?” The Vlogger asked.

Luo Binghe just smiled and continued having his arm around the man.

“Father wanted to take the family on a weekend vacation.”

Shen Yuan wanted to say more but two carts full of entrees and drinks pass them and stop in front of the pool room that the Cleansing Moon leader had booked.

Luo Binghe could see the drool that was dripping at the smell of all the food. The bigger of the two gave a wide smile and gesture to the carts.

“Would Shizun like to join us and try some food?” Luo Binghe suggested.

Shen Yuan nodded eagerly.

Hua Cheng makes it to the room with Xie Lian and he opens to see his oldest brother wave at him with a man munching away at a meat bun.

“Dage, who’s this?” Hua Cheng asked and Xie Lian actually answers him.

“You’re Shen Yuan the Xiu Ya food Vlogger right?” The man in question nodded and he only had one look at Xie Lian before he too spoke.

“Aren’t you the son the CEO of Xian Le Estates that donated billions of Yuan for the food truck lots?” The man asked before biting into another meat bun.

Xie Lian nodded, not really knowing about the donation but the company was right.

Wei Wuxian scratched his head as he passed by the numerous rooms. He was about to backtrack the best he could when a spa room was open and a man in white with blue accents swim shorts came out. Wei Wuxian was frozen for a second cause goddamn was the man fine and also-

“Lan Zhan?”

The name made the man freeze in place before he faced Wei Wuxian who was also wearing the same Aloha shirt and shorts his brothers had.

“Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji confirmed.

“What are you doing here?” Wei Wuxian asked getting closer and Lan Wangji throws a spare towel over his shoulder to give him more cover.

“Family owns springs.”

Wei Wuxian snaps his fingers and points at the other with a grin.

“So, does that mean Lan Zhan can help this poor customer on where their pool is?” Wei Wuxian asked and Lan Wangji nodded.

As soon as Wei Wuxian entered the private pool his brothers throw up their hands and he returns the gesture.

“My PEOPLE!” Wei Wuxian shouts and Luo Binghe gives him a cheer. Lan Wangji turns to leave but Wei Wuxian grabs him by the arm.

Perhaps he should have been more offended but the smile Wei Wuxian had when bringing him over stopped him.

Then they the six were all saying cheers and taking a shot in no time.

Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi were walking to their pool twenty minutes after the time they set.

“Yan-Lang, Please don’t do that again when the boys are waiting for us.”

Yan Wushi just smiled at his husband’s red cheeks.

“They’ll be fine.” Yan Wushi says as he grabs the knob to open the private pool room.

“What’s the worse that they can do?”

Then they open the door and see Hua Cheng was holding back a smaller man as he cursed out another man who Luo Binghe was trying to keep standing.

“SAN LANG LET ME AT HIM!” Xie Lian said and Hua Cheng tightens his hold when it seemed like the man was about to slip out.

“Shizun apologize please.”Luo Binghe pleaded and the man in his arms just hiccups and shakes his head.

“The XIE Le bought my favorite CUPcake.” Shen Yuan said before slumping more in Luo Binghe’s arms.

Yan Wushi and Shen Qiao looked at their middle child and see him near the pool edge with another man passed out on the tile floor.

“Oi, Lan Zhan? It wasn’t that much.” Wei Wuxian tapped Lan Wangji’s cheek before slapping him lightly. Shen Qiao soon comes over and kneels.

“What happen A-Xian?” Shen Qiao asked. Wei Wuxian turns a little teary-eyed and doesn’t notice golden eyes starting to open.

“We just had a drink and then these three couldn’t handle it. Shen Yuan said something, Xie Lian went off on him and Lan Zhan just was knocked out.”

Shen Qiao was about to reach out and comfort his son more when his wrist was grabbed.

“Lan ZHAN WAIT!” Lan Wangji however was in tunnel vision and all he saw was someone pretty trying to touch Wei Ying.

Lan Wangji gets up quickly and before he knew it his own wrist was grabbed by a much older man.

“No one touches A-Qiao like that.” Yan Wushi said and soon Lan Wangji had his arm wrapped around the offending arm.

Xie Lian spotted them and cheered them on. “KICK HIS ASS!”

Lan Wangji wasn’t ready when they have suddenly swung around and Yan Wushi flung them backward.

“YOU’RE COMING WITH ME, PRETTY BOY!” Then the two were in the water with the rest of the family shouting out either ‘FATHER’, ‘LAN ZHAN’ OR ‘YAN-LANG’.

That sobered Lan Wangji up and he finds himself in a chokehold.

“Ask for mercy.” Yan Wushi says and he only doesn’t kill the man simply because his son, Wei Wuxian, was crying for him.

“Mercy.” Just one word in such an anti-climactic tone had Yan Wushi pausing for a second and then laughing.

“A-Xian!” Yan Wushi pulls up Lan Wangji so they were at a more even height and tightens his grip. “Who’s this and why haven’t you brought him over? He’s hilarious.”

They calm down after that. Xie Lian passing out on Hua Cheng’s bed. Luo Binghe leading Shen Yuan back to his own room. Lan Wangji actually gives them free passes to make up for the trouble he caused.

Yan Wushi just laughed at the situation afterward but Shen Qiao got worried a bit for Lan Wangji’s safety for about a minute.

Chapter Text

In the Cleansing Moon Triad, there are two unofficial brothers to the Lotuses.

Bian Yanmei and Yu Shengyan, the second hands of Yan Wushi and Shen Qiao.

Of course, it hadn’t always been like that.

Bian Yanmei had joined the triad at the age of twenty after impressing a recruiter by outsmarting a Harmony patrol and stealing a shipment. He quickly became a favorite of Yan Wushi, leaving him to deal with small sections of the triad while Yan Wushi and Shen Qiao dealt with bigger issues.

If Bian Yanmei was the brains then Yu Shengyan was the brawn.

Yu Shengyan, age nineteen, coming in with a bang by blowing up one of the Wen Sect’s warehouses. Shen Qiao would later scold him about him bombing the warehouse that was near residential property but Yan Wushi was impressed.

Funny enough, the first thing the two did together after joining the infamous triad that had rule their streets was to take care of three brothers.

Luo Binghe and Hua Cheng got attach to Bian Yanmei pretty quickly, being the more patient of the two and willing to listen to them whenever.

Then Wei Ying (only in public he is Wei Wuxian) got attach to Yu Shengyan.

Though they were ordered by Yan Wushi to not tell the young boys at all about Cleansing Moon, that didn’t stop Yu Shengyan from taking a young Wei Ying downtown and setting up some ‘home alone traps’. Wei Ying being the mischief he was, got in and even improved on some of the traps.

Yu Shengyan didn’t tell him what they were for exactly but he said ‘Don’t worry A-Ying, they will spring on what they need to.”

Much later, Shen Qiao gets a call that his old acquaintance, Yu Ai, was found at the scene of an old apartment complex with ‘Green Ghost’ Qi Rong. Both quickly escaping the scene but Shen Qiao found it suspicious that his old ‘friend’ is once again trying to work with the triads.

What he later finds out in more detail is that the place was rigged. From faulty boards to Blair horns set to go off for hours. Someone had known the building was a meeting place.

Yu Shengyan would later take Wei Ying to his favorite restaurant that makes great lotus root soup for a job well done.

Bian Yanmei had helped Luo Binghe to pick his shop location, keeping him out of shadier neighborhoods and near the markets and banks(where there are cameras).

The eldest thanking him at every chance and always giving him the best treats he has ever had.

Bian Yanmei had been informed by a lackey to check out some questionable activity.

Here he was on a Wednesday night, going through a crowd getting ready for their racers to come by the finish line.

Cheers started to roar and Bian Yanmei looked to the path the drivers were taking.

Drifting into view were two cars, a white custom Toyota 86 and a red Corvette. They cross the finish line and the crowd erupts as instant slow mode shows that the Corvette won and the people quickly gather their winnings.

Bian Yanmei however watches the drivers get out of their vehicles, one in a white face mask and the other a red bandana. To his surprise, they embrace. It was a tight hug and then two men came forward. 

He watches the two men grab at each other, one probably having said something to the other. Though the white wearer tries to break them up, it was the red driver that caught his eye.

When the red driver, went to the side did Bian Yanmei get closer to confirm his suspicions.

It was a practice block from stopping a drunk from running into him that Bian Yanmei knew he was right.

Then his shoulder was grabbed and he was pulled back slightly.

“Bian Yanmei, aren’t you on duty?” Bian Yanmei swallowed, trying to moisten his throat and nod.

“I’m sorry sir. Did you know-“ The hand patted twice before letting him go and his leader joined him.

It was a cold evening and so Yan Wushi was wearing only a leather jacket to keep warm. That and his silver necklace were the only indications that he had some power. Outside of that, Yan Wushi looked like a veteran watcher of street racing.

“Hua Cheng drives well. Don’t you think, Bian Yanmei?” Yan Wushi didn’t even look to his second hand, watching as his son just quickly grab a water bottle and return to his companion.

Bian Yanmei only nodded.

“Sir I wasn’t here for-“ Bian Yanmei started but Yan Wushi was gone by the time he even said 'sir'.

Then there were screams of people saying ‘SCATTER’.

Hua Cheng and Xie Lian quickly push Feng Xin and Mu Qing into their cars and drive off as the cops arrived at the scene.


Yu Shengyan laughs his ass off on the roof across the street, having been sent there to watch out for anyone.

He spotted a few people of interest.

Kunye, Zhuzhi-Lang, Wen Xu, Jin Zixun, and Bai Wuxiang, from multiple gangs and shady parts of town.

Later the two reported back to Shen Qiao, who only nodded and asked for a hard copy of the report before dismissing them for the evening.

Shen Qiao leans back in his chair and soon he feels hands land on both his shoulders. Soon the hands are gripping lightly, digging into tense muscles before releasing.

“A-Qiao doesn’t need to work so hard.” Yan Wushi says, kissing his husband on his brow before just holding onto him.

“How was the race, Yan-Lang?” Shen Qiao asked, reaching up and holding onto one hand that held him.

“Hua Cheng won against his cursing sailor.” Shen Qiao chuckled once, remembering how Xie Lian had bolted to meet them properly and say sorry for the mess he had caused while drunk the previous night.

Luo Binghe had said it was fine and Wei Wuxian and Yan Wushi had to hold back their laughs as they remember Xie Lian actually getting out of Hua Cheng’s grip and throwing a chair at Shen Yuan.

Shen Qiao seeing sober Xie Lian thought he was a polite young man to have met.

Then Yan Wushi told him how he followed Xie Lian one night, to make sure he wasn’t anyone out to get Hua Cheng and found them street racing.

Yan Wushi of course told Shen Qiao to always bet on their son. Shen Qiao had always had a winning streak so he did it the first few times before he told his husband he was on his own in the betting ring.

“Xie Lian is more of a collector than a sailor.”

Yan Wushi only hummed once, just content with spending time with his A-Qiao.



“So I think Hua Cheng is dating Xie Lian.”

Shen Qiao chokes on his paperwork.

Chapter Text

Wei Wuxian blinks, his mind is blank. 

‘Did I hear that right?’ He shakes his head.

“Can you repeat that please?” Wei Wuxian asked the woman on the other side of the desk.

Luo Qingyang looks at this young (handsome) man and can’t help but think she kicked a puppy.

“I’m sorry but your request to adopt has been declined by the director.”

Wei Wuxian nodded and got up. He barely was out the door of the office before tears started to blind him. He quickly gets to the restroom and goes to the stall.

He wipes away his tears and controls his breathing.

Wei Wuxian has a lot of time on his hands. His club was more of an investment and after he manages the supply orders and does his weekly staff meeting, he goes and volunteers at Yiling Orphanage. He’s been going there for months and he has gotten attached to one kid.

Wen Yuan was his name. He isn’t concern about the name Wen. His bodyguard is a Wen.

(Wen Ning flipping an excited customer at the club before he could touch him. The club went wild for that.).

The boy was like a leech and the two were just inseparable. A chubby face and a grin that stretches wide made Wei Wuxian think of his birth parents. Freelancers that weren’t getting any work before they had told Wei Ying they were going to be back soon.

Their bus had crashed and Wei Ying had dodged the landlord before he enters the apartment. The man had always looked at Wei Ying in a way that had his hairs standing on end.

Then he was on the streets for two months.

It was so cold that night. He had looked up when two pairs of shoes stopped in front of him.

That evening he met his pa and baba. Yan Wushi gave him his gloves and Shen Qiao his scarf then a gift of a rattle drum that night. Then he met his older brother Luo Binghe. Later his younger brother Hua Cheng joined them.

That was the start of his family that isn’t blood.

Wen Yuan felt like family.

So Wei Wuxian had put in a request to adopt him.

Now here he was tearing up at the missed opportunity.

He pulls out and calls up the one person who could help him.

“Listen here you Bald Donkey. My son has been generous with his time and money. But here I’m hearing that you are declining him a chance to take a child off your hands.” Yan Wushi sits on the other side of the desk of the director of the orphanage, Abbot Xueyin.

Yan Wushi narrowed his eyes at the man and Xueyin remained unfazed by his words, at on surface level. He has practice Buddhism for decades now and has no use to get riled up by a few words.

“This is true. A background check showed that he owns a club and I found that an unsuitable environment for a child to be raised near.” Abbot Xueyin said, filing papers. “Besides there is already another, much more qualified candidate to take Wen Yuan in.”

Yan Wushi didn’t show any aggressive reactions. He couldn’t, that would mean the other party won. Besides, he can’t let Wei Wuxian feel unqualified to raise a child.

He had one trick up his sleeve. The Cleansing Moon leader knows Abbot Xueyin’s true nature.

Kissing up to anyone with the power to have a higher position than he does.

Back when Xueyin was in the underground business, he was the one organizing the trade routes. He also chose the fee and the locations on where the product was purchased.

If anyone studied the city layout, they would notice a surprising amount of Buddhist temples popping up. Even when there was no need for them.

Then Xueyin was evicted out of his position at the time because the Wens and other gangs were fighting amongst themselves and Cleansing Moon as the territory shifted.

Now he runs an orphanage, which could only mean one thing.

“Now donkey, wouldn’t it be sad if someone found out about your little shop?” Yan Wushi only had to watch how the man paused in his work and crunch at the corner of the paper he was holding.

Yan Wushi just shrugged his shoulders, ‘It would be a shame if word got out that you, Abbott Xueyin, were using kids in a sweatshop.”

Xueyin took in a deep breath before looking the triad leader straight in the eye.

“What do you want?” 

Yan Wushi’s demands were simple.

“A-YUAN, LOOK AT YOU!” Wei Wuxian is kneeling down beside his son, Wei Yuan. (Protection reasons and Wen Yuan wanted Wei Wuxian’s surname.”

Wei Yuan was looking at the mirror in new clothes that the two were shopping for.

It was a simple white tiger roaring on a black t-shirt and then his new black pants. Of course, he has chosen other outfits. His palette is limited to black and white for him. Some light blues here and reds there. Wei Wuxian was spending nearly his whole weekly salary on his boy.

The boy in question was grinning and nods eagerly.

Wei Wuxian nearly tears up.

Back when he was younger, he would have never thought life would get him here. He didn’t think he could have someone to spoil.

“Alright, A-Yuan, let’s go check out, and then let's go meet your uncles and grandparents for dinner.”

“You must be A-Yuan.” Shen Qiao said, kneeling to eye level with the child who was hiding behind Wei Wuxian. A hand landed on the fluffy hair and Wei Yuan looked up at Wei Wuxian, encouraging him to come out.

Wei Yuan slowly came around the leg he was hiding behind and Shen Qiao could see what his son saw in the child.

When Yan Wushi and he had found Wei Ying, curled up with only light clothes for the cold night, it took the both of them a few minutes for the boy to open up to them.

Wei Yuan nodded shyly and Shen Qiao just gave him a soft smile.

“If you want, call me ‘YeYe’.” Shen Qiao said and Wei Yuan soon was giving him a hug.

“A-Xian, Come,’ Shen Qiao led the way inside the Korean BBQ restaurant that Luo Binghe chose, carrying Wei Yuan in. ‘ Your brothers and father are already waiting.”

Luo Binghe and Hua Cheng were already at it, cooking the cuts of meat and Yan Wushi was chewing on a beef rib. Spotting his husband, Yan Wushi finishes his piece and gets up.

Wei Yuan curls up a bit as Yan Wushi comes towards them and Wei Wuxian just ruffles his hair to ease him. Yan Wushi does hold a bit of air of intimidation. Yan Wushi looks at the young boy before looking to Wei Wuxian.

“A-Xian,  Aren’t you going to introduce me? I thought A-Qiao taught you some manners.” Yan Wushi said, giving his middle child a light chop to the head that had Wei Yuan cracking a small giggle at Wei Wuxian’s pout.

“A-Yuan this is my father. Father, A-Yuan.” Wei Wuxian said and Yan Wushi let the introduction pass for now.

“Little A-Yuan can call this one ‘Zufu’.” Yan Wushi states, earning a smile from Shen Qiao and a much shyer grin from Wei Yuan.

Soon Wei Yuan was enjoying his meal, sitting on Wei Wuxian’s lap and his uncle Hua and Luo cooking the meat on the grill in front of them.

Shen Qiao of course order vegetable sides for the family.

Wei Yuan’s eyes went wide at the beef his uncle Hua gave him and he leans back, looking at Wei Wuxian with a large smile.

“A-Niang, Can I have more?” Wei Wuxian gave him a wide smile.

“Of course A-Yuan can have all the food he wants.”

Shen Qiao was sitting across from him, raising a brow but it was Yan Wushi who fired the question.

“A-Yuan, Who’s your A-Niang?” Yan Wushi ask with a slight curl to his lips.

Wei Yuan of course pointed to Wei Wuxian.

Shen Qiao then felt his brow ease but his curiosity peaked.

Who was A-Die?

Luo Qingyang received a call and she let her expression sadden for a second as she told the person the other side the news.

A sigh was heard and the call ended.

Leaning back in his chair, the man sighs.

Lan Wangji missed his chance to adopt Wen Yuan.

He was going to miss being called ‘A-Die’ by the little one.

Later Lan Health receives an anonymous tip about the orphanage not being up to code.

A month later, Abbott Xueyin is sent to prison and Luo Qingyang taking over as headmistress.

Chapter Text

Luo Binghe was pleasantly surprised when Shen Yuan invited him to a restaurant that he wanted to try out.

A branch of Huan Hua industry specializes in the culinary arts and from what he read after light research was opening a place near his shop.

He did find out it was a more formal restaurant and he quickly calls the only person he could think of.

Shen Qiao both pities and sympathies with his eldest as he tries on new cloths in front of him.

“Baba, should I wear this or this?” His poor son was blushing so hard that one would think he was a shiny apple.

This Shen Yuan must mean a lot to him for Luo Binghe to be struggling this much.

Luo Binghe is looking at himself in the mirror, before his shoulders are slumping.

What if Shizun decides he isn’t all that great to be around? What if this is the last time he sees him in person?

Luo Binghe is biting his lip and is a little teary when his cheeks are dapped a bit with a handkerchief. He blinks and looks to his baba.

Shen Qiao has a hand on his shoulder.

“Luo Binghe, look at yourself.” Shen Qiao gestures to the mirror and Luo Binghe does see his being and Shen Qiao.

“You don’t need to overthink like this. Be yourself.” Shen Qiao is then panting down some wrinkles on his shirt.

“Just use your best manners and you’ll be fine.”

Luo Binghe gives his baba a tight smile before pulling him into a hug.

The evening he woke up with no memory, he was terrified. Clinging onto the towel that was over his shoulders, he had looked to the man that was making a phone call.

“I can’t - Yan-Lang…. Please just come home.” The man is hangs up and is soon kneeling beside him.

He’s on a couch. He must have sat up.

The man is giving him a new towel. He gladly accepts.

“I am Shen Qiao. I found you in the river… Do you remember your name?” The man…Shen Qiao asks and he is soon thinking.




He tears up and shakes his head.

Shen Qiao allows the boy to hug him and after a while, he does let go.

Shen Qiao gives him a handkerchief to wipe his tears.

“How about I give you a name till you remember? Will that be alright?” Shen Qiao asks and he is soon nodding.

“How about…. ‘Luo Binghe’? I did find you in the Luo River.”

Luo Binghe accepted his new name.

Luo Binghe stands on the pier, looking down at his namesake. The river is fast flowing this time of year. He watches the dark water.

It was because of it he was where he was.

Was he glad to have been adopted by Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi? Was he content with being the best brother he can be?

Luo Binghe tucks his handkerchief into his pocket.

Would he change it?

Luo Binghe perks up when he hears a call and sees Shen Yuan waving him from the other end of the pier.

He would change a single thing.

Tianlang Jun was many things.

Heartless wasn’t one of them. Okay perhaps not as much as people make him out to be at least.

He will take anyone down if they dare threaten him.

At the moment he is having a moment looking down at a photo that has worn down over time.

A woman is smiling as he is hugging her from behind.

Tianlang Jun misses her every day.

Su Xiyan was his true love and she was gone like a spring flower.

He has been mourning for more than ten years.

They had been separated for awhile. Tianlang Jun crossing paths with his love and giving her his affection as much as possible.

However Su Xiyan didn’t want to be a housewife. She wanted to make a name for herself. He felt pain that day when she broke it off.

Tianlang Jun keeps the ring he had wanted to give it to her all those years ago.

But then he received the news of a woman found dead in the river. He would have ignored that news report if he wasn’t called down to the station because he was the emergency contact on a card she carried.

He got drunk that night, trying to rid the pain of seeing her dead on the table. But the real kicker was finding the next photo in her apartment.

She had her smile on her face as she is knocking foreheads with a little boy. On the back of the photo says ‘my little Xing.’ Su Xing or in another life Tian Xing was the boy’s name.

They never found the body but he hasn’t lost hope. He wouldn’t believe that the star would die that quickly.

His nephew had shown him a video, a restaurant that they should try. The narrator was quite informative to new viewers. Having the video set up in a way that was easy to follow. However, this Shen Yuan person wasn’t the one of interest when he watches the video for the first time.

He was so caught up in the making of the pastry on screen that when it flashes to the owner of the shop, he was thunderstruck. The young man explaining the dish was smiling the same smile that Su Xiyan.

He had found his son. Tianlang Jun puts the photos away and looks to the river.

“Luo Binghe….Would you want to meet me?” He questioned.

Tianlang Jun had watch the small clips that his son were featured in. He sees himself and Su Xiyan in him.

The young man has grown up well.

He just wish he had someone to thank for raising him so well.

Chapter Text

Mu Qing and Feng Xin didn’t expect to wake up suddenly in a room, hands tied behind them and instantly locking eyes on each other.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!!” Feng Xin instantly got as close as his restraints allow and Mu Qing got closer as well.

“ME? WHAT DID YOU DO? I HAVEN’T DONE JACK SHIT!!” Mu Qing yelled and both continued their little yelling match.

What they failed to notice was a lithe man watching on in amusement, munching away on candy, sitting on the opposite side of the table that was situated in front of the duo.

A light chuckle finally caught the other party’s attention and they locked their gaze on the man. The man giving them a grin, showing off a little fang.

“What a show.” The man stated before digging into his little candy bag for more.

Mu Qing felt his blood pressure rise and it was Feng Xin who exploded.

“AND WHO ARE YOU?” Feng Xin asked and the man just dug his right pinky into his ear. If anyone paid attention they would notice he was missing his left.

“No need to be loud.” The man said and the captured duo was going to go on when from the shadows came another, much more imposing and muscular man. He only looked down at his companion before rolling his ice color eyes.

“It would be ill-advised to mock them, Xue Yang.”

Xue Yang only shrugs his shoulders before he looked up at the other.

“So, Mobei Jun, where is the big boss? These two won’t shut up.”  Xue Yang asked, completely ignoring the duo that was slowly going red in the face.


Yan Wushi was pleased to hear that Mobei Jun and Xue Yang were able to get the two men he saw that were close acquaintances with his son and his lover. (He doesn’t care if Hua Cheng hasn’t made it official.)

Walking down the hall to actually meet them to make a deal was fun. Yu Shengyan darting in front of him as soon as they caught the sound of ruckus.

The triad leader and his right-hand man walk in on Xue Yang trying to get Feng Xin’s legs off his neck and Mu Qing was having his forehead pushed back by Mobei Jun, the man trying to bite at his face. All this while the duo is still tied up in the chairs.

“Impressive.” Yan Wushi states and all movement stops, Mobei Jun quickly throws Mu Qing back and Xue Yang twists Feng Xin’s ankle, getting out of his leg hold.

The capture duo groans in frustration but shuts up as soon as their two kidnappers bow to the man with white streaks.

“Sir.” Both said and kept their heads down as Yan Wushi came closer.

“Are these the two I requested for?”Yan Wushi questioned and Mobei Jun is the one to answer.


Yan Wushi watches as the two friends glare at him.

“Leave us.” The triad leader orders.

Xue Yang and Mobei Jun quickly make their exit and with a nod from his leader, Yu Shengyan also leaves.

Mu Qing and Feng Xin watch as Yan Wushi pulls up a chair, seating across from it.

“Now tell me-“ Eyes narrow on the two and sweat begins to build on their brow.

“-How would you like to work for me?”

Shen Qiao was doing a report when he got a call from Bian Yanmei about their newest recruit.

“She only asks that we give her time to think about the offer.” Shen Qiao gives his approval and sets down the file that shows Yushi Huang.

“Get into contact with her in a week’s time.” Shen Qiao states before hanging up.

The Cleansing Moon Leaders worry for their sons. That is just how they are with them.

So they have people watching them.

The funny thing is the fact they are working separately on who is working for who.

Sha Hualing and Liu Mingyan were recommended by Bai Rong when Luo Binghe was hiring. Shen Qiao thanked his old friend.

“Shen-Lang can ask anything of me. If he needs this one to take him in then he is more than welcome.” Bai Rong had once told him. Even long after he was married to Yan Wushi, she was his closest ally and agent on the inside of the other ‘demonic’ sect.

“I don’t think Yan Wushi would want to hear you call me Shen-Lang.” Shen Qiao says while giving her a small smile.

Shortly after the ladies were hired, Mobei Jun enters the picture with his boyfriend Shang Qinghua. Mobei Jun fit into the role of co-manager and Shang Qinghua was the accountant.

Then Wei Wuxian had opened his club and Yan Wushi had an encounter with a special little thief. Xue Yang was hired as bartender of Burial Mounds soon after. Shen Qiao had sent Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan to watch his middle child.

Now the hardest was Hua Cheng.

Hua Cheng in the years that he had under their care doesn’t trust easily.

In the beginning, he took to Wei Ying and Luo Binghe before he got comfortable with Shen Qiao. Yan Wushi had to sulk a bit when his youngest couldn't handle his presence, alone, for more than a minute.

So here they are(of course not knowing the other is doing the same thing) hiring/recruiting people of interest to watch Hua Cheng.

It was after careful watching that Yan Wushi saw just how comfortable his youngest was to Mu Qing and Feng Xin. So he had Mobei Jun and Xue Yang bring the two to him to have a little chat with.

Shen Qiao however had watch from a broader view and witness how Xie Lian would have a lady with him. Yushi Huang was her name and Bian Yanmei was given the task to track her down.

Shen Qiao had only wanted her to watch out for his youngest while he was at the races.

In do time, this would later be the best thing they've done for their boys.

Chapter Text

Yan Wushi sighs and he was glad Shen Qiao had more patience with people than he did. Yan Wushi was definitely more trigger-happy than he would care to admit. If anything, he riles his enemy up before going for the killing blow.

Sadly he can’t do that at the moment.

His boys had been going through a bit of a speed run course with Yan Wushi and Shen Qiao before they decide to send them off to school.

Yan Wushi didn’t want a tutor for them simply because he wouldn’t trust them to come into his house or taking his sons away for even a day.

Shen Qiao had made the suggestion that they educate their sons themselves.  A bit of bonding while also teaching them.

Yan Wushi took the task of giving his sons history lessons and writing….And that’s where everything went downhill.

“How is it that bad?” Yan Wushi handed Shen Qiao the homework he had their sons do.

Shen Qiao’s eyebrow twitched and mentally agreed.

All three of their boys had terrible handwriting. Luo Binghe was a little more forgivable with his situation. However -

Yan Wushi nearly slammed his head into his desk trying to process just how bad the writing was.

Shen Qiao came to save the day once again.

“Have you thought of teaching them to steady their hand strokes?”

So Yan Wushi came up with the grand idea to throw hobbies at his boys.

Luo Binghe took to cooking fairly quickly. When his frosting and icing on his cakes improved did his writing also became better.

Wei Ying was a bit of a lost cause till Shen Qiao took him to a clear area of their mansion filled with stones and gave him a rake. Later that day, Shen Qiao checked on his middle child as he was working to even out the grounds.

He had to go slow or the lines would have the chance to become uneven.

Later, Wei Ying’s writing did become better.

Yan Wushi did take a minute to get Hua Cheng into anything.

Turn out he took to art.

He would carve wood, marble, and even jade. Luo Binghe loved his jade pendant that Hua Cheng crafted for him. Wei Ying wears the onyx amulet that looks like a tiger that his younger brother gave him.

Shen Qiao was surprised when Hua Cheng presented him with a bamboo staff with a complex design that would make anyone else envy Shen Qiao.

Yan Wushi was fine when he didn’t receive any gifts from the many mediums of art his son took on.

But his handwriting still didn’t improve.

Yan Wushi was resting at his desk one evening when he heard the door shut.

He lifted his head and found a small little ink piece.

It was all of them at the shrine and Yan Wushi almost shed a tear as he read ‘my family’.

Later Hua Cheng improves the art with a few members that join their odd dynamic of a family.

Chapter Text

Allow this Author to be curious.

Which couple did you originally come for? Which one have you fallen in love with? Who’s your favorite character so far? 
Also your Favorite reference?

Chapter Text

There was once a time when Shen Qiao had to be the voice and stable body to fall back on.

They were once at a lakefront at Lotus Pier and there was a moment Shen Qiao couldn’t find his oldest son. He swam to the shore, waving at Yan Wushi to keep swimming with their other sons.

He grabbed a beach towel and track down Luo Binghe.

It took him only a few minutes to find his son. He was curled up against and was damp. Damp in sweat and trembling as his head was tucked into his knees.

Shen Qiao didn’t say anything but put the towel around his eldest son.

It was late spring. They had gone a bit North to get to Lotus Pier and he could understand why his son was acting like this.

Luo Binghe didn’t need to tell him to know what was going on.

Luo Binghe had been shivering and in need of medical assistance when Shen Qiao dove in after him while in the river. Yan Wushi had not been pleased when Shen Qiao called him about jumping in the Luo River.

Then Yan Wushi actually met the scared and confused Luo Binghe who had been recovering from a mild case of Hypothermia and having gotten frostnip on his ears.

Luo Binghe just in general hasn’t fully recovered to enjoy the coolness of the water and the helplessness of not being able to swim.

After that, it has taken Shen Qiao a while to help his eldest recover from his trauma but it comes in like a chill and Luo Binghe just needs a moment.

He was there to hold Wei Ying as he cried into his chest.

An excited dog had run up to the young child, scaring him half to death. Wei Ying instantly jumping to his closest parent which was Shen Qiao and curling up. Going into a panic state as he flashed back to when he fought for food with hungry dogs that were on the streets.

Yan Wushi only had to throw a glare in the direction of the irresponsible dog owner. The dog in question was a well train one, leaving as soon as it was called to return.

Wei Ying didn’t let him go and he just rocked him. Shen Qiao held Wei Ying as he cried his heart out, shivering and trembling in his arms. Yan Wushi called for Hua Cheng and Luo Binghe who were playing on the playground.

It took years for Wei Wuxian to get over his phobia of dogs. Not instantly darting as soon as he hears a bark in the distance.

He however still got goosebumps when a wet nose would come his way.

His heart had stopped for a moment when during a festival celebrating the founding of the city, Hua Cheng got lost.

Yan Wushi quickly sent Yu Shengyan and Bian Yanmei to search for the nine-year-old.

Hua Cheng would later tell him he had darted when he had spotted his older biological brothers working at a candy stall. He had feared that his father was near and he wanted to hide.

Somehow that meant he climb a model of the historical structures that would tower the streets.

There was a yell and Yan Wushi and Shen Qiao haven’t ever run as fast. They found Hua Cheng being held by a performer that was representing the crown prince that founded the city.

Yan Wushi took Hua Cheng from the young man and Shen Qiao was too shook to notice his son was blushing from the experience.

Yan Wushi would need him on the days when work was just too much. Working with the Mayor to running the triad was stressful for the older man.

Shen Qiao would soon take the workload off of his husband, having usually gotten done with his by then.

Yan Wushi would ask him not to worry about that and join him for a warm bath.

Depending on how bad the day was, Shen Qiao would join his husband and just soak for a bit.

Then there were the moments when Yan Wushi would have a backslash from a nightmare of Phoniex Ascending. Shen Qiao would just hold him then.

He would be there for Yan Wushi till the end.

He is always there for his family that he forgets it works both ways.

Shen Qiao had pushed to adopted his boys because he too was adopted.

Qi Fengge had taken him in under his wing at the tender age of four. His father was an investigator and wanting to also enforce the law, Shen Qiao became an inspector.

Shortly after he graduated Qi Fengge sadly passed away from cancer. He was a lively character, always encouraging Shen Qiao to do his best and learn the best way to keep good in the world.

Shen Qiao can’t say the path of co-leader of the infamous Cleansing Moon triad was the path he would have gone on to improve the city he lived in but here he was.

It was the fifth year since Qi Fengge passing and Shen Qiao had gone to visit the grave of his father.

He wasn’t there for long before a small shuffling of feet join him.

Yan Wushi joined him. Kneeling beside him and lighting incense. Shen Qiao didn’t need to look behind him to know his boys were also there. Luo Binghe with cakes, Wei Wuxian with some messages and talismans, and Hua Cheng with a wooden plate with Qi Fengge craved into it.

Shen Qiao teared up a bit when that happened.

He forgets that it wasn’t just him in this family that was there to support.


Yan Wushi would smile to himself each time he thought of those times. He loved Shen Qiao for being selfless in his love. Giving his patience and care to his sons and Yan Wushi and not asking for anything in return.

Yan Wushi however would pay him back a thousand times over if he could.

Chapter Text

Zhuzhi-Lang found the meeting place easy enough. An underground casino with a backroom that would normally be for poker. It however was being used for the gathering of gang members, wild cards, and powerful heads of the community.

When he was lead to his seat he could see what all these people have in common. All had a spark in their eyes that screamed murder.

The one that had his hair sticking up was the cop. Yu Ai was his name and he may not be up to date on every arrest done but it was suspicious that the same cop kept getting all these criminals.

Wen Xu was a man he wouldn’t want to run into at the bar. He had his lackeys with him at all times but Zhuzhi-Lang was more scared of his father. The patriarch of the Wen Triad was a legend in these parts and even thinking of messing with him was a strike against your safety.

Jin Zixun of Lanling Jin Corp was also present but he doesn’t really care for the lesser heir to the Jin fortune.

Last of the guest was the wild card, Bai Wuxiang. A man that hid behind a mask. If he didn’t want to run into Wen Xu in public then Bai Wuxiang was the one he didn’t want to be left alone with.

All these people didn’t compare to the old dog of the streets, Kunye. The apprentice of Hulugu and the public head of Tujue Triad. What made the Tujue Triad interesting is the fact was they weren’t all together. They were in many places at once. That was what made this triad a danger to others, for which of their underlings were working for Tujue.

Sitting at the center of the poker table, Kunye looked around as the door was locked.

“We all came here for the same reason.” Kunye brought forth four folders. He takes out three of the thinner ones first.

“I believe each one of you has heard of these lotuses.” Kunye stated and after the folders were spread to show off the pictures that were clipped onto each one, did he get small reactions.

Jin Zixun had a more petty reason for being here and had more personal experience with the one he was after. As soon as he saw that stupid grin did he slam his fist into the table. First, it was humiliation in grade school to not being able to attain the property that was now the Burial Mounds Club.

Zhuzhi-Lang didn’t need to focus on the biggest of the so-called ‘lotuses’ to know his hunch was right. His Uncle’s son was real and alive.

Bai Wuxiang narrowed his eyes on the ‘Crimson Rain’ unmasked as in the photo he was cleaning a glass of his. He dug his fingers into his thigh as he thought of the gains, fame, and fear he had lost to this single person. Behind his mask, he smirks.

He would make him feel pain.

Wen Xu narrowed his eyes on all three of the photos.

So these were the three that have permanently scarred his brother Wen Chao. If the other three guests in this room didn’t take action then the Wen Triad will gladly take over and torture them like they have never dreamed about.

Kunye flicks the last folder onto the table.

“We however can’t take care of them without taking out the Moon.” Kunye announced and with only a single photo, taken from a distance at a race did the four guests get their first view of the main threat.

“We need to kill the leader of Cleansing Moon, Yan Wushi.” Kunye took out a knife and stab the photo of Yan Wushi in a relaxed position. After they were done, he would never relax like that again.

Bai Wuxiang tilted his head being the first to answer. “And how do you plan on taking out Yan Wushi?”

A small knock rang out from the door, Kunye nodded to the guard at the door, and in came in another wild card that Zhuzhi-Lang didn’t expect to see.

Sang Jingxing a man known for his underground black market from brothels, human trafficking, weapons, and drugs made you wonder how he didn’t get caught. Jin Zixun ducked his head. He didn’t need to make eye contact with the person that made his uncle a very pleased man.

Sang Jingxing walked in and took a seat next to Kunye.

Kunye nodded to the newcomer and looked back to Bai Wuxiang. “The Tujue Triad and Sang Jingxing will be taking care of this bastard.”

Kunye directed his attention to the folders that were left.

“I only need you to take care of these three, preferably permanently.” Wen Xu and Jin Zixun smirked at that. Bai Wuxiang hid his smile behind his mask and Zhuzhi-Lang didn’t make his own reaction.

He doesn’t think he can go through with killing someone.

When they were dismissed did Zhuzhi-Lang call his uncle.

“Can we talk?”

Luo Binghe grinned away as he watched another of Shen Yuan’s videos. His commentary was top-notch and would make him laugh.

He hoped for more nights like this.

Wei Wuxian dozes away on his couch with Wei Yuan curled up with a bowl of popcorn, watching whatever was the hot new kid’s movie.

Wei Wuxian didn’t mind the peace.

He did wish he had someone to help him take on the energy that was Wei Yuan.

He does think of the ever-so-patient Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian didn’t think he would want to hang around him or his son.

But maybe he could be wrong.

Hua Cheng made a virgin Piña Colada and he made sure the little umbrella was just right.

A small laugh from behind him made him grin.

Handing off the drink, Hua Cheng watch as Xie Lian take his first sip.

After the whole drinking drama at the springs, Xie Lian had sworn off alcoholic drinks. He however wanted to spend time at the Ghost City Bar.

“Is it good, Gege?” Hua Cheng had to ask, leaning on the counter and watch the smile deepen.

Xie Lian set down the drink and nodded.

“It is fantastic, San Lang.” Xie Lian answered and Hua Cheng’s heart just fluttered.

Oh, how he lives for these moments.

Yan Wushi looked down from the condo that looked over the city.

Shen Qiao was leaning into his side and Yan Wushi only smiled at his love. He kissed his temple before laying his head on top.

Whatever happens in this world of theirs, he only wishes for the best for his Ah-Qiao.