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Congratulations Kunimitsu

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The text came in around an hour after everyone but the Seigaku regulars had cleared out of Kawamura sushi for the night. Tezuka was sitting off to one side, minding his own business and vaguely listening to Fuji endlessly talking to Kawamura, so when the distraction of his phone happened, he eagerly took it. Unknowingly, his phone chiming had captured the attention of Fuji; having just broken off his previous conversation. The furious blush that consumed Tezuka's face as he stared at his phone screen only served to intrigue Fuji further.

Peering over Tezuka's shoulder, Fuji read aloud the text on the screen. "To my darling Kunimitsu, if you're up for it after all the stress of the day, you are more than welcome to stay the night with me and who knows what we'll get up to ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°), forever yours, Atobe." With no luck, Tezuka hurriedly tried to move his phone out of Fuji's line of sight, alas Fuji was quicker and snatched the phone from his captain’s grip whilst continuing to read. Tezuka was blushing even more furiously now if that was even possible.

As the text message came to an end, there was silence for a moment before Fuji shouted in amused outrage "TEZUKA!" This loud exclaim piqued the interest of the other Seigaku members who convened in Tezuka's corner as they eagerly threw questions at Fuji about what was going on.

Before anyone else could read his very private text message, Tezuka forcefully grabbed it from Fuji's grip and pulled it against his chest, coincidentally over his heart. Fuji was staring incredulously at Tezuka, his eyes darting between the phone and Tezuka's reddened face. As the meaning behind the message sunk in, Fuji's stare of disbelief turned into a smirk that really said everything.

Ever the innocent and peacemaker, Oishi spoke above everyone simply asking "Tezuka who in earth has the power to make you blush with just one text?" This served only to increase Tezuka's level of embarrassment at this situation. He mumbled under his breath "Atobe..." just quiet enough for only Fuji to hear who was standing next to him, the smirk not leaving his face, if anything it only grew at Tezuka's quiet admission.

"Are you going to go?" Fuji whispered into Tezuka's ear, making the hair on the back of his neck quiver is fright.

Tezuka pondered the question for a moment, it wasn't as if he didn't know what Atobe was suggesting they do. It was more that if Tezuka went - and he really wanted to - Fuji would know exactly what he was getting up to and he would be mercilessly teased for the rest of his life, or at least until he could escape Japan. However, not going to Atobe's house wasn't something he wanted, never mind Fuji's teasing. Tezuka wanted to go visit his boyfriend and that's just what he was going to do.

"Of course I'm going." Tezuka muttered under his breath. Fuji let out a silent laugh at that. "Well, you better be on your way then."

Huffing slightly to himself, Tezuka stood up and made his final round of goodbyes to his overly emotional teammates - save for Echizen, that boy would not know emotion if it ran him over. At the door Tezuka said one last goodbye, another congratulations and a promise to meet up the next day for another celebration; they'd probably never win nationals together as a team again. It was bittersweet, but with his next destination in mind, the bitter taste would be completely replaced by the overwhelming sweet taste of his boyfriend.

Finally, Tezuka approached the extravagant entrance way that began the endless grounds of Atobe's family's mansion. He pressed the buzzer, almost missing it as his hands shook in anticipation. "Tezuka, is that you?" The unmistakable crackling of his boyfriend’s melodious voice resounded. "Yeah, it's me." he responded, and the gates opened, as if a pair of arms welcoming into their embrace.

Atobe met Tezuka halfway up the driveway and immediately pulled him into a tight hug. Tezuka returned the gesture as he heard whispers in his ear of "I'm so proud of you Kunimitsu." Their embrace lasted several minutes before Tezuka pulled away and gazed into his favourite pair of stormy ocean-coloured eyes. Atobe's lips were moving but Tezuka was lost in the depth of his deep blue orbs. "Mmmm?" he replied. Atobe sighed contentedly and repeated his question "You do realise my intentions by inviting you here, right?" Tezuka breathed happily as Atobe carded a hand through his hair. "Yeah, Keigo I do. Let's go inside shall we?" He gently took Atobe's hand in his and pulled him in the direction of the mansion. "To the bedroom it is then."

When they reached Atobe's rather lavish bedroom, Tezuka felt himself being dragged more forcefully until he was pressed against the door, the lock clicking closed. With an arm either side of his face, Tezuka was trapped in the best way possible. It was then that their lips, like two galaxies in the night sky, collided with such force that it knocked the wind out of him for a brief second. Their lips, moving in perfect synchronicity, pressed together and were filled with overflowing emotion. Tezuka's entire focus zeroed in on the beautiful man in front of him, the things he made him feel, the sensations that courses through his veins.

Coming to at least one of his senses, Tezuka had enough in him to murmur against his partners lips, "Are your parents’ home?" Atobe pulled away for a moment to stare into Tezuka's eyes "Why? Are you worried they'll hear us?" Tezuka rolled his eyes and pressed a sweet kiss against his boyfriend’s lips. Unashamedly he breathed sensually "It's my first time, I get to be as loud as I want." Atobe's eyes filled with an intense amount of lust and desire as he dragged their lips back together.

"Bed, now!" Atobe commanded. The two managed to somehow fumble their way over to the silk sheets pulled taut over an impressive, bigger-than-king sized bed. All the while their locked lips never disconnecting. Tezuka ended up on top, pressing Atobe's lithe frame into the bedsheets, imprinting his form in the silk.

Hurriedly, Atobe grabbed and pulled at Tezuka's shirt. Their lips had to be broken apart as Tezuka finished the job and practically ripped his shirt from his body, inelegantly throwing it onto the floor. The rest of their clothing vacated their bodies in similar fashion until they were completely naked in each other’s arms.

Atobe took this as his chance to swap positions, he confidently flipped them over so that he had his boyfriend right where he wanted him. His hands began to wander up and down Tezuka's body as their lips finally parted. Tezuka happily submitted to his boyfriends advances and completely relaxed in the comforting presence of Atobe.

Atobe pressed a kiss to the side of Tezuka's neck, eliciting a deep guttural moan from the boy underneath him. Atobe's teeth sunk into Tezuka's neck as he sucked and bit at the skin, leaving behind a very dark and prominent mark. He kissed it once more before continuing his journey around Tezuka's body. Next, his lips found the dark nubs that stood to attention upon his chest. Playfully smirking, Atobe kissed and then bit one nipple whilst bringing his other hand up from, where it was lazily placed on Tezuka's leg, to fiddle and pinch at the other. More and more moans spilled from Tezuka's mouth as his back arched in response to the delightful stimulations, his manhood beginning to leak from the pleasure. Atobe removed his mouth from its current location and kissed his way down to Tezuka's pale prick before he nuzzled his nose against it, breathing in the scent.

Atobe sat up and looked directly at Tezuka, using his insight to gauge Tezuka's reaction. Tezuka looked completely wrecked, one arm was pressed against his forehead, the other thrown to the side. He was panting heavily, and his face had never been filled with more colour. Beads of sweat trickled down his body and formed rivulets that followed the curve of every muscle on his toned chest.

Having Atobe look at him with such adoration was nice but Tezuka was extremely worked up and needed release soon. "Keigo..." he whispered. "Kunimitsu, you're gorgeous, and I'm the only one who gets to see you like this. I'm so lucky." "Keigo!" was the only response he got; a moan so sensual that Atobe couldn't hold it in any longer.

He pounced. His target: that delectable penis that belongs just to him. Atobe's lips closed around the tip of it whilst his hands situated themselves on Tezuka's inner thoughts, gently rubbing circles into the flesh there, occasionally pinching the skin. "Ahhhhhh!" Tezuka groaned as he moved his pelvis in an attempt to gain even a small amount of friction. Atobe didn't let that happen as he pulled his mouth off with a pop. "Gnnngh" Tezuka reacted to the loss of that warm orifice. "Patience my love, it's a virtue." Tezuka grumbled in reply but it quickly turned into a moan of pleasure as Atobe captured his penis in his lips and forced his mouth to take in every inch of Tezuka's length.

Tezuka's back arched again as he pushed back into Atobe's mouth even further than before. The familiar pressure he recognised from his regular masturbation - well regular ever since he first laid eyes on his phenomenal boyfriend - was starting to build up. As Atobe continued to suck and lick at his length, the build-up of pressure increased. His release came suddenly, in strips of hot white liquid that filled Atobe's mouth and intense moans that flooded the room. Tezuka though he should pull out but Atobe diligently swallowed every bit of his boyfriend's seed. Tezuka's body collapsed against the sheets as Atobe detached his mouth from Tezuka's length.

As Tezuka's breathing began to go back to normal, Atobe did the single most sexiest thing that Tezuka had ever seen.

Atobe grabbed a pot of what could only be the most expensive lube ever and several condoms to go with it. He then slicked up two of his fingers and reached round to his hole. Before Tezuka's brain could comprehend what was happening, Atobe's finger pressed against the tight ring of muscles and he breached himself. Atobe let out a deep moan as he continued to open himself up, getting ready for Tezuka. Once he was satisfied, Atobe grasped one of the condoms, unwrapped it and very sexily rolled it onto Tezuka's length which had completely re-hardened after watching his boyfriend finger himself. "Safety comes first, love." Atobe declared whilst Tezuka responded with a very breathless "Get... On... Me!"

"As you wish darling." he giggled. "Keigo!"

"Alright, alright."

Atobe kneeled up and shuffled himself until he was lined up with Tezuka's very proud standing length. He gently guided their bodies together and Tezuka entered Atobe's carefully stretched hole. Atobe arched his back in unrivalled pleasure as his sank down fully onto Tezuka. Tezuka's hands found Atobe's hips, and he dug his nails into the skin there, holding his lover in place before thrusting very slowly to force their bodies even closer together. They gradually became one person as their breathing matched up and their thrusts followed the same patterns and their eyes locked, fuelled by intense love. Prior to today, Tezuka hadn't spoken those three words, he hadn't needed to. Atobe, for all his pompous attitude, could read Tezuka much more easily than anyone else. But in this moment, their hearts and bodies had become one in ways they hadn't before.

"God, Keigo. I love you so much." Atobe looked slightly shocked at Tezuka's reaction, pausing their steady rhythm for a moment. That was all that was needed for Tezuka to thrust once more and directly hit that sweet spot deep inside Atobe. He screamed in pleasure and hurried the pace up. "I love you too, Kunimitsu." He breathed heavily as he was pushed over the edge into ecstasy. The tightening of his muscles sent Tezuka over the same edge and the two boys moaned in complete pleasure at the same time. Atobe gently pulled himself off of Tezuka, as the latter removed and tied the come filled condom and collapsed into the slightly sweaty embrace of his lover.

The two boys snuggled closer to each other and pressed a final gentle kiss to each other lips. Completely sated and ridiculously happy, the two were pulled into the endless land of dreams, not before Atobe whispered one final time into his lovers ear "Congratulations on winning nationals Kunimitsu." A smile graced Tezuka's mouth as he whispered back "Thank you my love."