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Property of Tyrannus

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It slips out accidentally the first time.


Being with Baz is incredible— he’s like a damn explosion of force and strength and sheer animal magnitude, and fuck is it sexy— but sometimes my mind wanders. I’m only human (well, mostly human). 


Like, most of the time I’m focused on where his tongue is and what it’s doing, but sometimes the thought of tongues brings to mind other things. Like scones. And then I think about dinner or tea or whatever meal is next.


I think it’s pretty good actually. Like there’s extra space in my brain now that I’m not so hyper-aware of every single touch and whether or not I’m doing everything right. I’m more relaxed, which both Baz and I are very happy about.


Anyway, I didn’t mean for it to happen. But here I am, watching Baz in a particularly compromising position, and the glint in his eyes when he looks up at me, burning and flashing with intensity, makes me think about when I used to watch him on the pitch. 


When Baz was making a particularly expert football play, his eyes always had a sort of mad gleam in them then— he was fucking fast, and ruthless. Vampire speed helped, but mostly it was just him


So, I’m thinking about one time when I was sitting at a game with Gareth, and when Baz made an especially good shot, Gareth yelled out: “GO TYRANNUS!” 


I should know better. Everyone knows not to call him that. I mean, Baz absolutely obliterated Gareth in a crushing verbal roast later that day after the match.


But it just slips out. 


“Go, Tyrannus,” I choke out in a half whisper.