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Rayne's Dirty Fantasies

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If someone is reading this, GO AWAY! These are private. None of this happened. I wrote it all because I’m super lonely, I’m currently horny, and I have no porn. I’ve also been alone on this dinosaur island for so long that I’ve forgotten what sexy people can do for me and I felt like reminding myself.

So yeah. Don’t keep reading. These are for me… If you keep reading anyway… don’t you dare judge me.


This is the story of how the Gods finally saw fit to answer my prayers.


I’m just a normal person you see. My name is Rayne. I barely know how old I am at this point. The last thing I remember from… before… I was twenty-six, working as music tech and roadie, but now I’m on a strange island, which may or may not be a giant terrarium in space. I’ve been here for over a year now. So am I twenty-seven? Twenty-eight?


That shit is depressing to think about. Whatever the case may be, I got a mirror not too long ago. You know what I’ve noticed? I’m in the best shape of my life. Want to know why? Because I spend all day every day running from hungry predators, doing construction work on the homestead I built for myself, tending to a modest farm plot, hunting oversized animals for meat and hide, and playing with my little family of dinosaur friends.


Seriously, I would have killed to have this body back in the late 2010s. Sadly I’m a big fan of sugar. But I digress. I’ve examined myself in the mirror. I’m not even being narcissistic when I say… I’m fucking hot right now. My butt could crush rock, you could freaking ski down my hips, my six pack abs are prominent, but I don’t look starving, my broad shoulders… I’m still a little self conscious about those, but since they’re attached to my rippling muscled arms, I can’t say I’m THAT put off by them… The biggest thing that puts me off is my modest chest. They’ve only gotten smaller during my time here. I guess I’m not storing as much fat in them as I used to…


Point is I love how I look. That’s a rare thing for me. I look like a chiseled Olympian who could kick your ass, or fuck you all night long depending on how you approached me… But I’m all alone. There’s nobody to admire me and help me put this body to use. Years, of pent-up sexual aggression are driving me nuts. I found some relief when I finally managed to craft a dildo that wouldn’t chaff (don’t use stone, I polished it for hours and it still hurt) or give me a splinter (be VERY careful with wood. It serves well but it’s… yeah…). I did manage to perfect “self care” tools but there are some things only another person can provide.


I’ve never been one for prayer. But one night… I’d had a decent helping of “mejoberry” wine, and I’d been dancing around a bonfire mostly naked (its kinda liberating from time to time…) while my pack of Raptors hopped about with me. When I left the fire and trudged inside, I might have been a little hot and bothered. Dancing around the fire had brought back back pleasant memories of the times before the Island. Of sneaking around in the woods to make out with my boyfriends when I was a teenager, or the one time my serious girlfriend yanked me on top of her while we were camping together. Also… being naked outside does fill me with a bit of an illicit thrill even if I know nobody’s watching…


But anyway, I wandered upstairs, teasing myself as I went, and letting my mind run wild. I stripped off my underwear and lay down, letting my fingers work their magic. It wasn’t long before I was ready for my favorite toy. It took thirty failed attempts to get right, but this baby is made of smooth polymer. I’d made it ridged, and experimented until it was JUST the right size. The ridges made every thrust grind pleasantly at my inner walls and I’d finally gotten the perfect curve so that with normal thrusts, they just barely grinded against my g-spot. But when I was getting feverish… I could thrust a little harder… and then it really starts grinding. I grabbed the lovely toy and started to play.


My mind wandered, mostly to my old celebrity crushes. Beautiful men, and women danced in my head. They whispered to me, and for a time I just let go. I was no longer alone… I was with sexy people enjoying a night of passion… This would have been a nice successful self-service… but after a good ten minutes… my own brain decided to sabotage me. “You’re still doing this yourself…” It said.


“Well duh. I always masturbate myself” I retorted, trying to keep my rhythm going.


“You know what I mean. Don’t get snarky with yourself.”


“I’m kinda busy here brain.”


“You want someone else to share this with. Then you want them to hold you while you both fall asleep. You’re lonely.”


“Damn it, fuck you, brain…” And with that… my session was ruined. I dipped my beloved instrument in a bucket of water and wiped it off before lying back, sighing in frustration… and sadness. I’m not sure why I did what I did next… I guess I figured “what the hell.” I shut my eyes and called out to any deity that would listen. “Gods… Save me from my libido and loneliness.”


Seconds later, the freaking world exploded… or at least it sure seemed that way. There was a crash of thunder that sounded like it came from ten feet out my window, followed by a blinding crash of light. Then… something smashed into the ground outside. It hit hard enough to shake my whole house. I fell out of bed, and almost stumbled down the stairs I was so startled. Even in my slightly inebriated state, I had enough presence of mind to grab my shotgun, and light up a torch before jogging outside to see what the fuck just happened.


A few yards from my house, a crater had appeared. Sand and debris were everywhere, and some of my dinosaur friends were running around scared. I whistled to them to calm them, as I approached the mysterious crater. It must have been a meteor… Or maybe one of those supply crates malfunctioned and fell from the sky… But that’s not what I found. What I found, was a man. He was on one knee as if he was an action star and had just leapt off a building. He wore a lustrous red cape, and what looked like dark leather armor. His arms were bare, showing off his rippling biceps. In one hand he held a hammer that looked heavy as hell, but he held it as though it weighed nothing. He rose to his feet, sweeping aside his rugged blonde hair to stare at me with his equally rugged face. His eyes were crystal blue, and he sported a short blonde beard.


“Milady!” His voice was commanding, powerful, but not disrespectful. With one arm he tossed his cape back over his shoulder, then stepped forward, and freaking kneeled before me, like I was royalty. I only got to see his face briefly, but I was pretty sure I recognized those handsome features.


“Uh… Chris Hemsworth?”


“I know no “Chris” milady. I am Thor, Son of Odin, of Asgard.”


“Uh… alright…Please don’t say “milady.” I have a thing with that.


“As you wish. Pray tell me mila... Ma’am… Do I have permission to look upon you as you are?”


“What do you mean…” Oh shit, I’m naked… My hands flew, to cover up so fast I ended up slapping myself. “I uh… You’re Thor… Like, the “Thunder god” Thor?”


“Indeed. I’m humbled you know of me.” He kept his eyes respectfully downward.


“That sound, the crater… that was you?”


“Indeed” he repeated.


“Why are you crashing down next to my house in the middle of the night?” I noticed my closest dino-friend, Lindsay the Spinosaurus trudging sleepily up to us, likely to investigate the noise.


“The gods saw fit to answer your prayer, milady. I was only happy to volunteer to answer it personally. A woman who stayed alive through your ordeal, she is an exceptional woman.”


“My prayer… wait… Were the gods watching me jill off?”


“No milady… Sorry Ma’am… They only heard your prayer.” At this point, all eighteen feet of Lindsay arrived. Without casting his gaze anywhere near me, the beautiful Viking of a man stood up with a smile, and held out a welcoming hand to her. She sniffed him curiously before leaning forward to let him pet her. “What a magnificent beast!”


“So you’re telling me that…”


Lindsay cut me off. “For fuck’s sake Rayne, these are YOUR fantasies. He’s here to fucking plow you. You know it, I know it, enough with the buildup already!”


“You know I cant get into it without some semblance of… wait a fucking second did you just TALK!?” I cast my eyes towards my friend in disbelief.


“Girl… he’s here because he knows what you want. He wants to give it. Because you are amazing.”


“Okay, fine, I’ll ignore that you can talk. I’m not amazing, I’m just surviving.” Lindsay turned and freaking raised her eyebrows at me. I held my ground. “Furthermore, you know how I feel about rushing into relationships and my feelings about consent.”


“Why do you assume I would know that? You JUST learned I could talk.”


“Because this is MY head, damn it. You’re just a visual metaphor for a part of my own psyche that’s super pent up and horny right now.”


“Uh Huh… And are you going to listen to that part of your psyche? Or are you going to sit there and agonize about writing your own smut some more?”


God damn it. She had me. What AM I waiting for? I’ve got Thor here… “So Thor?”


“Yes Ma’am.”


“You’re here to satisfy my… cravings?”


“Indeed. But only if it truly is your wish. I’d be glad to provide a moments comfort to you during your struggle.”


“Oh… It’s not comfort I’m looking for… at least not yet… Are YOU okay with that?”


“As I said… I volunteered. Consider this my enthusiastic “yes.”


I smirked… and I might have subtly licked my lips… “Ho man, I’m gonna have a heart attack. Okay… I’m down… But stop calling me ma’am.”


“Of course… Rayne.” His sparkling eyes flicked toward me, and he flashed me a smile that would have evaporated my underwear if I’d been wearing any.


“Lindsay… You should go…”


“You’re not even going into the house are you?” She replied.


“Lindsay! Now… please….”


“Fine… Fine… Don’t make a mess… actually… make a big mess…” She winked at me before she stomped off.”


Then… I gave the fuck in to my most carnal desires. “Thor… You can look at me as I am…” As he turned those beautiful eyes towards me, I pounced on him. This place may have made an animal out of me… He caught me, and his powerful frame held me for a few seconds before we collapsed into the dirt of the crater.


I basically buried my mouth against his. His rugged beard might have stung if I cared about that. He smelled… woodsy… earthy… His big strong arms slid around my bare back and crushed us together, deepening the dance our tongues performed. But at the time… I was in no mood for too much foreplay. Roughly, I parted us and sat up, straddling him. Just to make sure he was ready, I rocked my hips, grinding myself against his rapidly rising bulge. Then I tore the armor off his chest.


Good lord he was gorgeous. He had a torso you could grind meat on. Every rippling muscle was sheer perfection. I kept up my grinding, as much as I was able, while I buried myself in that perfect chest. I breathed in his scent, I tasted his six pack abs, I ran my hands over his perfect pecs, and just… drank him in. That didn’t last long… I was restless. I slid myself down, so I could pull off his boots.


“Someone is eager” he said with a sly grin.

“You have no fucking idea...”


Finally I tore the last of his clothing away. I marveled. He wasn’t by any means huge. But there was definitely something… divine about his surging erection. I couldn’t resist taking a taste. I ran my tongue up and down his length, eliciting a groan from him. I worked my way up, tasting his salty flavor, until I reached the tip. I teased back his foreskin, and took little licks at the head.


“You are a tease.”


I just grinned… Then I damn near swallowed the length of him. I could just barely take in his full length. For a few luscious minutes I bobbed up and down his manhood. Soon his hands were working their way through my hair. The way they worked my scalp somehow got me more feverish… so before we both got too excited, I stopped.


I sat back up and pushed him back onto his back… and got into position over him. I was… so ready for this moment. His heavy breathing was all the confirmation I needed. I lowered myself onto him, using a hand to guide him inside of me. I kept it slow to tease us both, but I was eager… too eager. Once he was in about half way, and I was reasonably sure I wasn’t about to hurt myself… I just started rocking myself. Back and forth, up and down, over and over. Each time he slipped in and out sent a twang of pleasure through my core. He kept me steady with one arm, and used the other to explore me as best he could. He fondled my chest, ran his hand up and down my side, and squeezed my ass while I kept picking up speed.

The man doesn’t lack for stamina, I’ll give him that. But neither do I.


I’m not sure how long I spent just… reaming myself onto his amazing cock. Ten minutes? Twenty? It felt incredible. It didn’t overstuff me, nor did it jab my innards (unless I rocked particularly hard). He just… slid pleasantly, stretching and working me just right. The friction we built up was glorious, and no matter how fast I went, it just kept going smooth. I lost track of time. Soon, even the stamina I built up sprinting away from Utahraptors was getting close to spent. I was sweating from every pore, every one of my abdominal muscles was straining, and I was rapidly running out of breath. I didn’t stop though. I felt my long awaited climax rapidly approaching. “I’m close my love” Thor murmured beneath me, through gritted teeth. His exploratory hand stopped wandering, and he seized my hips with both hands.


I put my own hands on his chest to stabilize myself, and we were both ready for the final stretch. I picked up even more speed. The friction almost burned it was so good. I was so close. I bounced so hard even my little boobs started to hurt, and I could almost hear my muscles screaming. I felt myself biting my own lip as I lost all control… then the planets collided. Stars swam, my fingers curled into claws, and I cried out into the night as a powerful orgasm burst from my vagina and up my spine.


I felt his member burst within me as well, his body spasmed beneath me, which further intensified my own climax. We rode our respective orgasms to their mind numbing conclusions, then I damn near blacked out… I held it together long enough to lift myself off of him, before I collapsed. He caught me with those big strong arms and held me to his burly chest. I breathed in his scent as I caught my breath, and waited for my bones to return to a solid state.


He spent another ten minutes just holding me. I won’t lie… that was almost as good as the sex. I buried myself in his chest, his arm draped over me, and just… relaxed, letting my limbs tingle. I could tell immediately my pussy was going to be raw for a few days… and it was fantastic. Thor lovingly stroked my hair, kissed my head. He never let me forget that I wasn’t alone. I was lying there in the arms of a thunder god, languid, loved, and content.


“How long till you can go again?” I mumbled.


“I’d need another half hour or so… But I’m afraid I must decline.


“What? This is my damn fantasy! I should get the happily ever after treatment!”


“We both know this is a sex fantasy my love. And you want to leave the possibility for other devious adventures. That means I’ll be back. Perhaps I’ll even bring friends…” I quivered at the thought. “Any suggestions?”


I didn’t have to think for long. I knew exactly what the next fantasy was. “Can you save Lexa from dying and fix her planet so she and Clark can leave their people and live happily ever after? Lexa’s death in that show was stupid.”

“Your sexual fantasy is about someone else living happily ever after?”


“Yeah… why? Is that weird?”


“I suppose not. Very noble of you… But it may take me some time. I suppose I’ll have to destroy that troublesome machine, and figure out how to disable a decrepit nuclear reactor… All in a days work though.” I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or not… His tone remained so… genuine… the whole time.


“Next time YOU’RE with me… I want to see what YOU can do” I said with a mischievous grin as I poked him in the chest. “… To ME… Just so we’re clear.”


“I look forward to it…”


Begrudgingly, I kissed Thor deeply, before rolling off of him and allowing him to get dressed. I could only smile dreamily as he bid me farewell, and began swinging his massive hammer in circles, before hurling it (and consequently the rest of him) into the sky and out of sight.


A few minutes later, I opened my eyes to find Lindsay staring down at me with her fiery “Sauron” eyes.


“You had freaking Thor here, and all you wanted to do was ride him?”


“What? I haven’t had sex in… I don’t even know how long now. I wasn’t in the mood for anything fancy.”


“Eh… that’s fair. How was it?” All I could do was smile dreamily and giggle. “You’re definitely gonna be walking funny. You should get back inside, there’s a giant crocodile wandering over…