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hell to heaven, you were my escape

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Iwaizumi was exhausted. His body had been feeling heavy all day, his sides and stomach were aching and he felt like he was getting a fever. He had barely made it through practice and had spent a good majority of it avoiding Oikawa who was sure to have noticed something was wrong. He had a freezing cold shower, enjoying the way it cooled down his overly heated skin. It was Friday, which usually meant ramen day, but he was definitely going to have to go home instead. 
He changed quickly into casual clothes, a pair of black jeans and a jumper with Godzilla on it, knowing he was going to be too hot but not really having another choice as it was all he had packed this morning.
“Hurry up, Iwaizumi!” Hanamaki called, swinging open the door just as Iwaizumi reached it.
“Oh, finally,” He glanced at Iwaizumi before his face crinkled with concern, “you okay? You don’t look so good.”
Iwaizumi left the locker room and shook his head, regretting it as dizziness overcame him for a second. 
There was a chorus of yells and shuffle of movement as everyone dived to grab the suddenly falling Iwaizumi.
He blinked awake a few seconds later to find himself lying on the floor, head cushioned on Oikawa’s lap.
“Iwa-chan! Are you okay?!” Oikawa asked, peering down at him worriedly.
“Yeah, just got dizzy for a second.” He answered, sitting up slowly to avoid getting dizzy again. 
Oikawa frowned, reaching over to press a hand against his forehead, eyes widening at how hot it was.
“What the hell, Iwa-chan! You’re burning up,” Oikawa scowled, “this is why you were avoiding me in practice today.” He accused.
Iwaizumi just shrugged, too exhausted to fight back. This was enough to convince Oikawa that Iwaizumi wouldn’t benefit from a scolding, so instead he helped Iwaizumi up carefully.
Oikawa turned to address the rest of the team who were standing back, nervously watching.
“You guys go on without us.”
They left with a chorus of ‘get well soon!’ And feel betters’, leaving Oikawa to help Iwaizumi home.
Oikawa informed Iwaizumi’s mother what had happened, before helping Iwaizumi into bed and then leaving as his mom came up with cold cloths and told him she would look after him. Trying to fight Iwaizumi’s mom would always prove pointless.
Iwaizumi woke in the middle of the night, sweaty and panting, his body and sides aching, yelling in pain. He faintly registered his door opening and his mom being there for a few seconds, before leaving and returning. She was muttering under her breath softly, stroking his hair back as she placed cold cloths on his head. She forced him to sit up and made him swallow down two pills and drink water. He had never been in so much pain in his life. He didn’t remember much of the next two days; it was all a haze of sweat, pain and crying, accompanied with constant presence of his mother. He woke up, not knowing the day and panicking when he saw it was Monday at 10am. He was supposed to be in class right now. His body was sore and his sides ached painfully. His mom’s scent was unusually present, as was his own usually faint scent- it was overwhelming. 
There was a gentle knock on his door.
“Yeah?” Iwaizumi said, wincing at how his voice cracked unpleasantly.
The door opened and his mom came in holding two big bottles of water. She passed them to him and waited patiently as he chugged both of them easily.
“How are you feeling?” She asked when he had finished.
“Like sh- Bad.” He said sheepishly. His mom just smiled.
“What happened to me?” Iwaizumi asked.
“You presented.”
“What?!” Iwaizumi choked, “But, I’m 18, how? You’re supposed to present from like 12-15!”
“Some people present late, and when omegas do their presentation is often painful. The older you get, the less your body grows. At 18, your height is pretty set and you’ve almost finished going through puberty. It’s more painful when your hips widen and your body gets ready for a mate.”
Iwaizumi listened, apparently absorbing what was said to him before freezing.
“Wait- did you say OMEGA?!” Iwaizumi yelled, panicked.
Iwaizumi’s mom nodded.
“What! I can’t be! I’m not-“
“There’s nothing wrong with being an omega,” his mom cut him off, “you should be proud. I’m proud to have an omega son.” She smiled gently down at him.
Despite him mom’s reassuring words, he still panicked.
“What about volleyball? I’ll be the only omega on the team!”
“Then, you’ll just have to show them how great omegas are,” she said stroking his hair gently, “plus, status doesn’t affect sports or any such thing anymore.”
Iwaizumi relaxed from the soft strokes of hands through his hair.
“Yeah, not by law. That doesn’t mean prejudice has completely disappeared. There isn’t many omega athletes compared to alphas and betas.”
“I know and I wish it was different. Hajime, you should be proud of being an omega, but remember, it’s not the only thing about you. You’re going to start hearing phrases like ‘he’s good for an omega’ and you need to let people know you’re good because you’re you, not because you’re an omega.
Iwaizumi nodded, “like Hinata.” He mumbled.
“What was that?”
“Hinata is a middle blocker on the Karasuno team, he’s a stereotypical omega in looks - short and pretty - and loads of people say he’s good ‘for an omega.’ Kindaichi actually said it once and a couple of the others told him off for it.”
“Your team is made up of good people, Hajime, you’ll be fine.”
With that, she left to let him sleep.
Sighing, he found his phone that had been buried in his bag and connected it to the charger so it wouldn’t die (it was at 13%) and checked his messages. Sure enough, he had hundreds of texts from Oikawa, but also a couple from other team members.
He clicked Oikawa’s contact, briefly skimming the first few which were all Oikawa begging him not to die even if he was an ‘ugly brute’ before scrolling down to the bottom.

To Shittykawa:
I’m fine, idiot. I’ll be in when I’m better. Thanks for bringing me home.

He was careful not to specify he might be in tomorrow, knowing Oikawa would just come to his after school and he was not ready to reveal his omega status yet.
After that, he responded to his team mates, just a simple text saying he was fine and thanks for their concern. He didn’t mention his presentation, weirdly nervous at the thought of them knowing. He briefly wondered what his scent was like to others- he could faintly smell himself but no-one could smell what they fully smelled like to others. He scowled, he better not smell too strong. People didn’t really have bad scents, but there definitely were some people who had overpowering ones. Oikawa had a pleasant scent of rain and fresh cut grass, not that Iwaizumi would admit that to him.

He put his phone down and fell asleep, faintly registering it was pretty gross of him to sleep in his sweaty sheets but he couldn’t be bothered to shower and change them yet. His mom woke him up at 4pm, calling him down for food. He stumbled downstairs, his stomach growling loudly at the smell of food.
He gaped at the amount of food on the table - eggs, rice, fish, ramen, chicken, spinach and agedashi tofu.
His mom laughed at him.
“You’ll finish it, trust me.”
He gave her a doubtful look, “I don’t think I will.”
“Wait until you start eating.”

His mother was right. Once Iwaizumi had started eating he hadn’t seemed able to stop, shovelling it down quickly while she watched on in amusement.
“You ready for dessert?” She asked when he had finished. He nodded happily and she placed down mochi and milk bread for him to eat.
She couldn’t help but smile at the scent of content, happy omega filling the room. He had a wonderful scent, and one she thought complimented Oikawa’s almost perfectly.
“Mom, what’s my scent like?” He asked, as if he had read her mind.
“You smell wonderful dear, like flowers, trees and fresh air and earth.”
“No, I mean is it overpowering?” He asked, concerned.
“Not at all, it’s a scent that would help loosen up a room.” She said.
“What does that even mean?” He said, scrunching his face up.
“You know when you walk in a room with someone who has a strong scent and it’s kind of overpowering?” She said. He nodded. 
“You have a scent that would cut through it. People would notice that the room smells less strongly and try and figure out whose scent was causing it.
Iwaizumi frowned.
“That sounds like it’s overpowering.” He scowled, before shifting uncomfortably, worried.
His mom shook her head, “it’s like opening a window in a sweaty, hot room. It makes the room more comfortable - it’s pretty rare to have a scent like that,” she turned to the counter and pretended to do something, “you and Oikawa would make a wonderful power couple.” She turned back around as Iwaizumi turned red and spluttered.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” He said, still bright red as he glared at her.
“Oikawa smells like rain and grass, you smell like fresh air, earth and flowers. Both scent profiles are quite mild but very fresh. Together you two would smell like the outdoors. It’s like you were meant for each other.” She smiled dreamily, ever the romantic.
She glanced at Iwaizumi who had turned even redder at her explanation.
“Whatever, you’re crazy.” He said firmly, standing up and gathering the dishes.
“I just want you to know that I approve of you and Oikawa dating.” She said happily.
“I know mom! You’ve been saying that since we were kids!” He said, still blushing.
“His parents agree with me!” She chorused back.
Iwaizumi just groaned as he continued pulling plates towards him and piling them up.
“Leave those, Iwaizumi, I’ll do them.”
“It’s okay, mom, you cooked.”
She ruffled his hair affectionately, “I raised you so well, it’s okay though, you’ve had a rough few days, go and shower.”
“Are you sure? I’m not sure your old woman arms can carry all these dishes.” He smirked.
“I take it back, you’re an animal, go and shower, you stink.” She said with a a laugh as she moved the dishes to the sink.

When he got to his room, he answered his ringing phone.
“Oikawa, what?”
“Why did you ignore all my texts? And my calls?” Oikawa complained loudly.
“I was sleeping and then I ate food. What do you want Oikawa?” 
“Iwa-chan is so stupid. Obviously, I want to know if you’re okay! I practically carried you ho-“
“You did not carry me, Shittykawa.”
Oikawa ignored him and continued talking, “And then you didn’t answer anyone’s texts all weekend and then responded with ‘I’m fine, idiot.’ What kind of response is that?” Iwaizumi faintly registered that Oikawa must have gone around all weekend asking the others if Iwaizumi had responded to them. He smiled, even if the actions were completely shameless.
“You’re the one who called me an ‘ugly brute’ in your texts.” Iwaizumi retorted.
“Whatever, Iwa-chan. Are you okay?”
Iwaizumi sighed, “yes, I’m fine.”
“Are you coming back tomorrow?” Oikawa said excitedly.
“Uh, my mom said to see how I feel tomorrow.”
Oikawa groaned loudly.
“Okay, Iwa-chan.”
“I’m going to shower now.” Iwaizumi said, hanging up before letting Oikawa speak, smirking because he knew it would piss Oikawa off.
He showered and changed his sheets, sliding back into bed and falling asleep almost instantly.

His mom woke him the next day, asking if he felt okay to go to school. He nodded reluctantly, he didn’t want to go, but he was able to and he just needed to get it over with.
He showered and dressed, his stomach tight with anxiety. It wasn’t even a big deal to be a male omega and he wouldn’t have cared so much if he had presented at the normal time, but everyone saw him as a beta and now he was going to go in as an omega. 
He didn’t eat any breakfast despite being hungry, unable to stomach anything and made his way to school slowly. He opened his class room door slowly, he was early so he knew Oikawa, Makki and Mattsun wouldn’t be there yet. There were a few people in there who turned to look at him as he walked in and sat down at his usual desk.
Eiiichi, a boy he was good friends with, approached him.
“You presented?” 
Iwaizumi nodded.
“Cool, you have a nice scent.”
Iwaizumi smiled, “thanks.”
“Your presentation was pretty late. Mine was so early, I was 10. Can you imagine? A ten year old alpha in class. Everyone was scared of me, they all complained I smelt funny.” He said, shaking his head.
Iwaizumi grimaced, “that’s rough man.” 
Eiichi nodded, “Can’t complain much though, at 10 we hadn’t even had classes on presentation yet so people didn’t even know much.”
“Did they do any classes on it after you presented?” Iwaizumi asked.
Eiichi shook his head, “nope, a teacher just pulled me aside and told me what I needed to know, and it was like the bare basics. My dad’s a beta and my mom’s an omega so they didn’t know much to help me.”
“They gotta do more to support people when they present. You get like a shitty powerpoint - they basically expect parents to fill their kids in and don’t even acknowledge that parents may not be the same gender.” Iwaizumi said.
“I know, it’s so shit.”
“How’s basketball going?” Iwaizumi asked, switching the topic to something more upbeat.
“Decent, I scored record points in the last game,” he grinned, “you should come over at lunch sometime, I wanna beat you again.”
“I wouldn’t sound so cocky about winning for someone who was almost beat by a guy who doesn’t even play basketball.” Iwaizumi smirked.
“Damn Iwaizumi, you really gotta play like that. Come over to the basketball court tomorrow at lunch and I’ll grind you to dust.”
“Will do, I’m excited to see you lose.” Iwaizumi said.
Eiichi smiled and punched him on the arm.
“I love the confidence, it’s a pity it’s all misplaced though.”
Iwaizumi snorted, “like hell it is, there was barely any point difference last time we played.”
“I so went easy on you.” Eiichi said with a smile.
“All that sweat from you ‘going easy.’ Damn, you must pour like a shower when you play for real.”
Eiichi blushed and caught Iwaizumi in a headlock as he ruffled his hair.
Iwaizumi was too busy laughing to try and break free from the headlock straight away but managed to stop laughing eventually. He attempted to punch the other boy in the stomach but his hand was caught.
“Missed me, missed me.” Eiichi taunted.
“Are you five?” Iwaizumi asked, preparing to stand and knock him over.
“Excuse me, you’re blocking my seat.” Oikawa’s bored voice came from somewhere behind them. It was the voice Oikawa had when people were fighting and getting in his way. Oikawa had always been pretty disinterested in rough housing; it was why Iwaizumi always managed to beat him.
Eiichi finally released Iwaizumi and stepped back, “sorry Oikawa, didn’t see you there.”
Oikawa ignored him in favour of gaping at Iwaizumi who in all fairness was a ruffled mess and at school without telling him.
“Iwa-chan! You didn’t tell me you’d be in tod-“ Oikawa cut himself of, staring at Iwaizumi and blinking, stunned.
“You presented?!” Oikawa half shrieked.
“Shut up Shittykawa.” Iwaizumi ordered.
Oikawa pouted and sat down and Iwaizumi nodded his hello to Makki and Mattsun.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Iwaizumi.” Eiichi said, ruffling Iwaizumi’s hair again before wandering off. Oikawa pouted jealously.

Iwaizumi shifted uncomfortably as his three friends stared at him.
“What?” He finally snapped, glaring at them.
“Why didn’t you tell me you presented?” Oikawa asked, glaring right back at him.
Iwaizumi just shrugged, “didn’t come up.”
Oikawa flicked him in the forehead, “I called you, you could have mentioned it then.” He whined.
“It’s not that big of a deal.” He said, shrugging again. Oikawa sat back and stared at him contemplatively, a complicated look on his face.
“What are you thinking about?” Iwaizumi asked.
“Nothing, Iwa-chan. Did you guys do the math homework?” Oikawa said, turning to Makki and Mattsun who had been watching the two, interestedly.
“Yeah.” Makki said, pulling it out and showing it to Oikawa.
Mattsun turned to Iwaizumi, “where are you going with Eiichi tomorrow?”
Iwaizumi didn’t glance up from his phone at the question, missing the way Oikawa went rigid beside him and turned to stare at him, completely ignoring Makki, “we’re gonna play basketball at lunch tomorrow.” He responded.
“But, you said we could do extra practice tomorrow at lunch.” Oikawa whined.
Iwaizumi finally looked up, frowning, “did I?”
“Yes you did, Iwa-chan. That’s so unfai-“
Iwaizumi leaned back in his chair, “Yo, Eiichi, rain check on tomorrow’s basketball game, I had other plans I forgot about.”
“Sure, definitely, not you chickening out.” Eiichi teased, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah, that sounds like me. Thursday lunch time.”
Iwaizumi turned back around and let the front legs of the chair thump on the ground, picking his phone back up and completely missing Oikawa’s jealously for the second time.

Unfortunately, Iwaizumi had to stay behind and get the catch up work from the previous day before he went to practice, meaning he entered late late. His entrance to the gym caused a smaller stir than he was expecting. There were a lot of double takes as people realised that he was an omega but no-one said anything. He apologised for his late arrival and began warming up.
The college team they were having a practice match against arrived shortly after and they began to set up for the game. Iwaizumi noted there were two omegas in the official line up, strangely pleased.
“Iwaizumi, I want you to sit out on this one.” The coach said loudly. Iwaizumi froze. So did a few others on the Seijoh team. They all turned to look at the coach in confusion.
“Why?” Iwaizumi asked, his chest tight with anxiety because he had a bad feeling he knew why he was being asked to sit out.
“No reason, I want to see how the team plays without you.” There was a silence in the gym. Iwaizumi’s mind flicked back to what his mom said about showing the team how good omegas were and realised bitterly he wouldn’t even have a chance.
 No, he wasn’t just going to take this, he knew and so did everyone else on the team, the reason he was being asked to sit out.
He glanced at his team mates, a few were looking down at the floor awkwardly but a couple looked angry and confused.
“Why do you want to see the team play without me?” Iwaizumi asked, tilting his head back slightly and looking at the coach with half lidded eyes. It was an arrogant, aggravating expression, meant to piss off the coach. It worked.
“Don’t question me, now hurry up. You’re holding up the team.”
Silence again.
Iwaizumi waited to see if any of his team mates would speak up. They didn’t. Bastards.
“Is this because I presented as an omega?” He finally asked, face set.
There was a rustle of murmurs, specifically from the other team. He caught the two omegas exchange a disgusted look. 
The coach had stilled, staring at him furiously. He obviously hadn’t thought Iwaizumi would question him at all, let alone blatantly confront him about his prejudice.
“Last practice you had no problem with me playing on the team, even told me I better do a good job today. I present over the weekend and all of a sudden you want to see how the team plays without me?” The anger had crept into Iwaizumi’s voice now, and the whole gym was on edge, especially the alphas who were naturally attuned to being cautious around omegas anger. Omegas were dangerous when they got too angry, they ran the risk of going feral, an elevated state of emotion where omegas were fully defensive and had to be calmed down forcefully most of the time by a close dominant alpha or a pack of omegas they were close with.
There was another tense silence.
“You disgust me.” Iwaizumi’s voice was so full of anger and venom, a couple of alphas physically reacted, taking a few steps back.

The deafening silence in the room was broken by the omegas from the other team.
“We won’t play if he doesn’t.” One of them said, face stiff with anger.
There was an instant chorus of agreement from the whole team, including the coach. Iwaizumi faintly wondered that was like.
“Start the game.” The coach said curtly.
Iwaizumi played like he never had before, his blood was still pounding and he was still furious. He went after every ball, slamming them down hard, occasionally smashing through their three person block when he thought about his coach and his team who hadn’t even said anything. During the breaks and timeouts, Iwaizumi didn’t go over to where everyone was gathered, leaning back on a far wall angrily instead and trying to ignore the concerned glances of the other team.

The game ended, the other team winning the third set and they began to pack away. 
“You played well, Iwaizumi.” Seijoh’s coach said. Iwaizumi ignored him.
Iwaizumi made sure to avoid his team mates as they all finished tidying up. He went to leave for the locker room and jumped when a hand settled on his shoulder. He turned around wearily to see the two omegas who had spoken up behind him.
“Hey, we just wanted to check you were okay. That was pretty rough back there.”
“Yeah, I’m fine, thanks though, for you know, speaking up.” Iwaizumi said.
“No problem, man. It shouldn’t even have been needed. I’m Sato Rin,” the omega who had spoken said gesturing to himself,  and this is Takahashi Kaito.”
“Nice to meet you, I’m Iwaizumi Hajime.”
“You presented pretty late.” Sato said.
“Yeah, from what happened today I was obviously lucky because I might not have even made it on the team if I had been an omega when I did try outs.”
“Your coach sucks. There are no other omegas on your team right? I’ll give you my number and we can talk sometimes. It’ll be nice for you to have someone on a volleyball team you can vent to about omega stuff.” Takahashi said, smiling at him brightly.
“We’re gonna go and get some ramen after this, you can come with us if you like.” Sato offered.
“Oh no, it’s okay, I don’t want to intrude.” Iwaizumi said, feeling kind of overwhelmed with how nice they were being.
“You wouldn’t be, it’ll be nice to get to know you.”
“Uhh…” Iwaizumi said, still unsure. He did want to go with them but wasn’t sure if he was intruding.
“The tall setter dude is staring over here pretty intensely, he looks like he wants to talk to you.” Takahashi said, smiling cheekily.
“Yeah, okay, I’ll come.” Iwaizumi said quickly, making the pair laugh.

Takahashi put his hands on Iwaizumi’s shoulders and quickly steered him out of the room and towards the exit doors.
“Hey wait, I’ve gotta get my stuff from the locker room.” Iwaizumi said, staring towards the room apprehensively.
“I can get them for you,” Sato offered, “I wouldn’t want to go in there if I were you.”
“No, it’s okay. I can get my stuff.” Iwaizumi said.
“Don’t worry, I GOT IT!” Sato half said half yelled as he ran towards the locker room and barged in, resulting in a few alarmed shouts.
“Wheres Iwaizumi’s stuff?” He asked the shocked faces staring at him.
“Why do you want to know?” Soto turned to see the tall setter from Seijoh staring at him, eyebrow raised.
“We’re going to get ramen and I said I would grab his stuff.”
Sato cut off the alpha with a sigh, “can someone answer please, I don’t have all day.”
A guy with thick eyebrows pointed at Iwaizumi’s bag sitting on the bench and Sato snagged it, nodding a thanks as he ran from the room.

“Just so you know, I think that setter is pissed at me.” Sato said as he handed the bag over.
“His name’s Oikawa, he’s my best friend. He’s probably pissed I’m avoiding him but it’s fine. Ugh, I wish I had showered, I feel gross and sweaty.”
“I hear that.” 
They walked to a nearby ramen place, chatting and having fun the whole time. They gave him some pointers about his second heat and told him about their crushes, both alphas on the same team as them.
He had a good time and he was glad he went with them.
He arrived home and made him way to his room, craving a shower desperately.
He let out a surprised yell at the sight of Oikawa sat on his bed.
“Oikawa, what the hell!” Iwaizumi shouted, hand pressed to his chest.
“Why did you leave after practice? I wanted to talk to you.”
“I went out to eat with two people from the other team.”
Oikawa stared at him intently.
“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything at practice today.” Oikawa said, painfully sincerely.
Iwaizumi nodded, “thanks.”
“Coach is a dick.” Oikawa then proceeded to say, flopping down on Iwaizumi’s bed.
“Yeah sure, make yourself comfortable.” Iwaizumi snarked.
“Will do Iwa-chan.” Oikawa adjusted Iwaizumi’s pillow under his head as Iwaizumi dropped his bag on the floor.
“So, what was your first heat like?” Oikawa asked casually, hands tucked behind his head.
Iwaizumi choked, “what the hell, Oikawa? Who asks something like that?”
Oikawa pouted, “we’re best friends Iwa-chan, of course I would ask.” Iwaizumi’s cheeks were a furious red as he glared at the idiot sprawled out over his bed.
“It wasn’t a heat, it was a presentation. There’s a difference.”
“What’s the difference?” Oikawa asked, confused.
“A presentation is learning your status, a heat is when…” your body wants a mate and is a heightened state of arousal is what he was going to say but didn’t. Iwaizumi went red again as he trailed off, right, he was not having the conversation with Oikawa.
“Is Iwa-chan all embarrassed?” Oikawa cackled loudly. 
“Fuck off and die.” Iwaizumi said firmly, throwing a book from his desk as hard as he could at Oikawa.
There was a satisfying thump as it connected with its target and an even more satisfying yell from Oikawa.
“I’m going to shower Shittykawa.” Iwaizumi said, glaring at the boy who was rubbing his leg.
Oikawa just stuck his tongue out in response as Iwaizumi left.

He returned in twenty minutes, feeling refreshed and clean, to find Oikawa fast asleep and buried in his bedsheets. He shook his head fondly before pulling out his catch up work and getting started. His stomach growled loudly after a few minutes of working and he frowned, running his hand over it slowly. Ever since presenting he felt hungrier than usual and was constantly craving fruit. Shrugging it off, he wandered downstairs and  cut up some melon and strawberries and grabbed a chocolate milk from his fridge before resuming his work.
It was pretty easy and didn’t take him too long to get through. He put it aside and started on his homework, glancing at Oikawa who was still fast asleep on his bed. Iwaizumi needed to wake him up soon or it would ruin his sleep schedule, he planned to do it after finishing the homework.
“What are you doing?” Oikawa’s voice shocked him out of his deep concentration.
“Finally decided to wake up you lazy ass?” Iwaizumi said, briefly glancing over his shoulder at the other boy. Oikawa’s hair was a ruffled mess as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Cute, Iwaizumi’s mind supplied. He told it to die.
“I’m not lazy, I was tired. What you doing?” Oikawa asked again.
“Just finishing off this homework.”
“You’re such a nerd, Iwa-chan.”
“Says the one who is obsessed with aliens.”
“You’re the one who aces exams with barely any studying!” Oikawa retorted, pointing at him accusingly.
Iwaizumi smirked at him, “jealous much?”
Oikawa scowled and stuck his middle finger up. He noticed the plate and chocolate milk carton on the desk and pouted.
“Where are my snacks?” He complained loudly.
“You were sleeping idiot.” Iwaizumi said as he turned back to his work, yawning widely.
“Why don’t you take a nap, Iwa-chan?”
“Don’t need one,” Iwaizumi said, completely proving himself wrong as he yawned a second time,” I don’t want to fuck up my sleep pattern.”
“A small nap won’t hurt, come on,” Oikawa said, standing up and ushering Iwaizumi over to the bed, “you can nap while I do my homework.”
Iwaizumi gave in without resistance; he was tired and he had finished his work for the evening anyway.
“You can help yourself to snacks.” He said drowsily as he slid under the warm sheets.
Almost instantly his cheeks lit up with a blush at the scent of Oikawa all around him. He couldn’t deny the comfort it provided him with.
He pushed his face into the pillow and let sleep take him.

Oikawa was d y i n g. The sight of sleeping Iwaizumi was usually enough to send Oikawa into gay panic but with the soft scent of pleased, safe omega Iwaizumi was radiating Oikawa really couldn’t cope.
The bedroom door opening snapped Oikawa out of his borderline creepy staring. He turned to see Iwaizumi’s mom standing there.
“Oikawa, hello.”
“Hi aunty.” Oikawa smiled.
“Could you let Iwaizumi know I’ve got a night shift tonight and he’ll have to cook or order in.”
“Sure thing.”
She hesitated at the door for a second, “how was school for Iwaizumi today?” She asked nervously.
Oikawa was close to Iwaizumi’s mom and Iwaizumi was close to his parents. Iwaizumi’s dad had left when he was around 8 and they never really spoke of him.  
“Well, there was an incident today at practice…” By the time Oikawa had finished telling her what had happened, her face was contorted in rage.
“Are you kidding me?!” She shrieked, obviously forgetting Iwaizumi was asleep.
Oikawa shook his head, “I feel bad, I should have said something.”
“I’ll call the school tomorrow.” Iwaizumi’s mom said firmly.
“Don’t do that.” Iwaizumi’s said drowsily as he sat up in his bed.
“Hajime, if you think I’m going to-“
“Mom, it’s fine, I don’t need to be the little omega who went running to his mom for help.” Iwaizumi said, rolling his eyes angrily.
“Hajime, that’s not the point.”
Iwaizumi closed his eyes, “mom, I know you’re just trying to help, but please let me handle this alone.”
She sighed and nodded.
“Okay, Hajime, I’m out tonight so you can cook or order something, okay? I sent some money to your bank account already.”
“Thanks mom.”

Oikawa and Iwaizumi didn’t speak much about what his mom had said, instead ordering food and watching Netflix until Oikawa left for home.
“See you tomorrow, Iwa-chan!” Oikawa said, waving as he walked down the path.
Iwaizumi made his way back up to his room and flopped on his bed, struggling to push away the anxiety about practice the next day.
To his surprise, absolutely nothing happened. Coach Irihata treated him the way he had before Iwaizumi had presented and acted as if the incident had never happened. Despite the normality, Iwaizumi couldn’t bring himself to fully relax, he just knew something was going to happen.
He was right, but once again was surprised. 
It was after Friday practice. They had just finished tidying and were all starting to leave to go to the locker room when Coach Irihata asked to speak to him. Iwaizumi walked over nervously, glancing at the door anxiously where everyone had left before him. This was it, he was going to be kicked off the team, and coach would probably use some excuse about his attitude and he would never play with Oikawa again and this was literally the end of volley ball for him and-
“I want to apologise Iwaizumi.” 
He was pulled out of his spiralling headspace by the coach’s words.
He blinked up at him, uncomprehendingly.
“I want to apologise for my behaviour on Tuesday,” he shook his head and stared Iwaizumi in the face,” my grandson is thirteen and plays volleyball. He presented as an omega on Tuesday evening and my daughter was telling me how he was crying when he found out he was an omega because he was scared he wouldn’t be able to play volleyball anymore. The anger I felt at anyone dismissing him because of his status and belittling his talent was immense. Then I realised I’d done the same to you and I want to apologise. I don’t expect an instant forgiveness because I’m your coach but want you to know I sincerely regret it.”
Iwaizumi just nodded, completely dumbfounded.
“You can go ahead and change now, I have no doubt Oikawa is complaining about you making him wait.” There was a knowing twinkle in the Coach’s eye that made Iwaizumi blush and turn away hurriedly.
“Thanks for the apology coach, and I do forgive you.” Iwaizumi said over his shoulder as he exited the room. 
To say he was happy was an understatement. To have an adult apologise so sincerely and humble themselves so much, it meant a lot to him. He knew it shouldn’t have even come to that in the first place but he would take what he could get. He walked into the locker room practically glowing, the strong scent of happy omega attracting the attention of pretty much everyone.
“What’s up Iwaizumi? You look really happy.” Makki asked, raising a brow as he took in Iwaizumi.
“Iwa-chan, hurry up and get changed, I want a nap,” Oikawa complained petulantly,” and I want you to tell me what you’re smiling about.” He added suspiciously. Iwaizumi noted the coach was right about Oikawa’s reaction and hurried to shower and change.

They made their way to Iwaizumi’s house, his house was normally the go to because his mom was often out and they could be as loud as they wanted. 
“Well, what were you so happy about at school?” Oikawa asked once he had made himself comfortable, once again, on Iwaizumi’s bed.
“Coach apologised.” Iwaizumi quickly explained what had happened to Oikawa who listened attentively. 
“Get off my bed.” Iwaizumi demanded, trying to shove Oikawa off.
“Ow, Iwa-chan! I wanna take a nap. Go and do your homework, you brute.” Oikawa said, trying to shove Iwaizumi off the bed in retaliation.
“I want to sleep and it’s my bed!” Iwaizumi said, redoubling his efforts to shove the taller boy off.
“You can sleep later, don’t you have homework to do?” Oikawa complained, trying to bite Iwaizumi’s arm as he began succeeding at pushing him off.
“I’m tired now, sleep on the floor you shit - OW! You fucker!” Iwaizumi yelled as Oikawa succeeded in clamping his mouth down on his arm.
“I’m not sleeping on the floor.” Oikawa huffed, taking the time to bury himself into Iwaizumi’s sheets as Iwaizumi rubbed his bitten arm.
“You bit me!” Iwaizumi said, incensed at the other boys indifference.
“That’s what you get from trying to shove me off the bed. Can you imagine if I had been injured? You would have been mobbed by my fans.”
“Like I care.” Iwaizumi growled, lying down and pulling the sheets over him and taking them from Oikawa.
“What the hell Iwa-chan! Share with me at least!” 
“Can you shut up, you’re so god damn loud.”
Oikawa was silent for a second, and Iwaizumi closed his eyes, lulled into a false sense of security before two arms snaked around him and Oikawa’s face was buried in his hair, Iwaizumi’s forehead resting against the other boys collarbone.
“What the hell are you doing Shittykawa?” Iwaizumi growled. He didn’t give the other boy a chance to respond, instead taking the time to head butt his chest nice and hard. Gay panic made him do stupid things, like head butt his crush when he hugged him.
“Ow! Why are you such a violent brute?” Oikawa complained, rubbing the spot Iwaizumi’s head had made contact with.
“You’re annoying, and you bit me.” Iwaizumi said in response.
“I need blankets to sleep.” 
“You don’t even need them, you’re like a god damn furnace and by the end of the night you kick them all off anyway.” 
“I can’t sleep without feeling warm. It’s not my fault you’re always cold.” Oikawa glared at him as he tried to tug the sheets from his strong grip on them.
Iwaizumi ignored him, closing his eyes again.
“If you’re not gonna share with me, I’m going to use you as a human heater.” 
Iwaizumi ignored him so Oikawa wrapped his arms back around Iwaizumi cautiously. Iwaizumi still ignored him. Oikawa let out a pleased hum and snuggled closer, getting comfortable and soon falling asleep, a soft blush on his cheeks.
Iwaizumi’s cheeks were flushed, his face buried in Oikawa’s chest. The alpha’s arms felt nice around him and made him feel safe, and being surrounded by Oikawa’s scent relaxed him, not too mention the natural warmth of Oikawa’s body heating him up.  He pressed closer, hand curling in Oikawa’s shirt before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

Iwaizumi’s mom stuck her head around Hajime’s door to tell him she was going to be working another night shift and smiled at the sight in front of her. The two were curled up against each other, Hajime’s face buried into Oikawa’s neck and hand clutching his t-shirt and Oikawa’s face was pushed into his hair, his arms wrapped tight around the omega to hold him close. She was certain the two would end up dating at some point, and briefly wondered whether Iwaizumi’s presentation would move things along faster. She left the room quietly, unable to keep a smile from her face.

Oikawa woke up slowly, a warm solid weight half on top of him. He opened his eyes blearily to see Iwaizumi practically sprawled on top of him, the other boys limbs wrapped around him tightly. He wasn’t surprised, out of the two, Iwaizumi was the biggest cuddler and they often woke up with Iwaizumi cuddled into him. Oikawa always teased him about it and it never failed to make the other blush. He would snap out a response that it was only because Oikawa was warm and he was always cold. It was cute though, and Oikawa enjoyed it. Oikawa managed to reach over and grab his phone, and saw that a few hours had passed since they napped. He ran his hand through Iwaizumi’s hair gently, calling his name to wake him up.
“Iwa-chan… time to get up.”
Iwaizumi stirred slightly against him, pushing his face closer into him. Oikawa chuckled and called him again, this time shaking him slightly to try and wake the boy up.
“Hmm, warm, not getting up.” Iwaizumi’s grumbled against his neck, hot breath tickling Oikawa’s skin and making him flush slightly. He couldn’t help but chuckle, smirking when he felt Iwaizumi freeze against him. Iwaizumi moved off him quickly, sitting up straight, his cheeks burning.
“Morning Iwa-chan! Did you enjoy using me as your pillow?” 
Iwaizumi glared at him, cheeks still burning and picked up a pillow to whack Oikawa with it.
“Are you hungry?” Iwaizumi asked, clearly deciding not acknowledging it was the best call of action. He stood up and stretched the sleep out of his body.
“Not really.” Oikawa said, tapping away at his phone and deciding he could tease Iwaizumi some more later. Iwaizumi frowned and pressed a hand to his growling stomach, staring down at the floor, contemplatively. He was kind of concerned about the drastic change in his stomach capacity - he felt constantly hungry lately and had taken to eaten double his usual breakfast and adding a snack between breakfast and lunch to his day. He was usually hungry after practice but never normally as hungry as he was now. He sighed and tucked it away in his mind to ask his mom about.
“-chan, Iwa-chan-“ Iwaizumi glanced up at Oikawa who was calling him and watching him carefully.
“I’m going to get something to eat.” Iwaizumi said, hoping Oikawa wouldn’t follow him and start questioning his odd behaviour.
He had no such luck.
“What’s wrong, Iwa-chan?” Oikawa said as he got up off the bed to follow Iwaizumi downstairs. It was futile to lie to Oikawa so he told the truth.
“I was just thinking about how hungry I am lately.” Iwaizumi said.
“You looked really worried about it.” 
Iwaizumi shrugged, “I don’t want to gain weight.” He said, pulling open the fridge and taking out strawberries and watermelon. 
He looked at Oikawa who was trailing his eyes down Iwaizumi’s body.
“Stop looking at me like that, idiot!” Iwaizumi hissed, embarrassed.
Oikawa ignored him, “you don’t look like you’ve gained weight.” He responded. 
Despite still trying to fight back blush, it was reassuring to know he hadn’t actually gained weight, but it still didn’t solve why he was so hungry. 
He focussed on cutting up the watermelon and putting the fruit into a bowl, jumping when he realised how close Oikawa was to him.
“What are you doing-“ 
“Actually,” Oikawa was frowning worriedly now, “I think you’ve lost weight.” He reached out and gathered the excess material of Iwaizumi’s shirt in his hand, bunching it together to pull the material tight to Iwaizumi’s skin as Iwaizumi’s face set on fire.
“Shittykawa, do you want to get punched?” He said, embarrassed, trying to squirm his way out of Oikawa’s gentle touch where one hand rested on his hip. Iwaizumi wasn’t completely comfortable with his new body. The change hadn’t been anything drastic or noticeable if one wasn’t looking for it, but his hips definitely flared out more than they used to, making his waist look smaller than it was.
“Stop squirming.” Oikawa demanded seriously, as he stared at Iwaizumi’s midriff.
Iwaizumi stilled, still blushing, wondering why Oikawa’s demands sounded so hot to him. He quickly shoved the thought aside and pitched a scowl on his face, still holding still.
“Are you done staring yet?” He grumbled, annoyed and embarrassed.
Oikawa stepped back and let him go.
“You should ask your mom if it’s normal to be so hungry and still be losing weight. Have you been eating more?” It was interesting to see Oikawa so invested in the conversation, his eyes pinned to Iwaizumi’s face intently.
“Yeah, I guess. I’ll ask.” Iwaizumi said, picking up his bowl and wandering back upstairs, Oikawa trailing him. 
He sat cross legged on his bed, eating slowly as he watched Oikawa attempt to win a round of Mario kart. He set down the bowl, three quarters empty and was startled when Oikawa picked up the bowl and thrust it at him.
“Finish it.’ He said simply, turning back around. Iwaizumi should have known Oikawa would get like this, he was overly invested in Iwaizumi’s health, which was fair as Iwaizumi was the same way about him. 
“I’m not hungry anymore.” He responded setting it back down. He wasn’t expecting Oikawa to turn fully around and narrow his eyes at him. 
“Iwa-chan, eat.” There was a hint of alpha demand in there that made Iwaizumi scowl and flick him on the forehead as Oikawa grinned but nevertheless he picked up the bowl and shoved a piece of watermelon in his mouth, exaggeratedly chewing to show Oikawa he was eating.
Oikawa smiled, pleased, and ruffled Iwaizumi’s hair affectionately before turning back to the game. Iwaizumi tried to ignore his pleasure at pleasing the alpha and carried on eating.

The pair spent the evening relaxing and playing games, Iwaizumi gloating about how much better he was than Oikawa. He had just beaten him for the 6th time at Mario Kart and was bragging before a sharp pain pulsated across his lower stomach, stretching hip to hip. He let out a groan of pain, letting his body fall back across the bed and taking a deep breath.
“Iwa-chan? Are you okay?” Oikawa asked panicked. 
Iwaizumi responded with a groan before forcing himself to sit up, clenching his teeth to stop himself crying out from the pain.
“Get me my phone.”
Oikawa hurried to obey, handing Iwaizumi his phone and hovering nervously behind his shoulder to see what Iwaizumi was doing.
A quick Google search should tell him all he needed to know. He googled ’newly presented as omega and sharp cramps’ waiting impatiently for the results to load. Another spasm of pain hit him and he fell back again, groaning as he hit into Oikawa.
“Sorry, sorry!” Oikawa said, moving out the way and helping Iwaizumi lie down carefully.
“Read what it says.” Iwaizumi said, shoving his phone in the vague direction of Oikawa.
“Hmmm, it says ‘newly presenting omegas can expect to deal with discomfort within the first few weeks of their presentation. Sharp cramps become more frequent the later an omega presents, and though they are not dangerous, can cause omegas to be in great pain. Treatments for cramps include over the counter prescriptions and hot water bottles.’ “I’ll get you some painkillers and a water bottle.” Oikawa said, leaving the room quickly. 
Iwaizumi made a pitiful attempt to worm his way up the bed, failing drastically. The thought of standing up pained him, but so did the current position he was in. The top half of his body was on the bed whilst his legs rested on the floor. He wriggled again, pushing up with his legs and gritting his teeth against the jarring motion on his stomach.
“Do you need some help?” Oikawa’s voice floated from the doorway.
Iwaizumi put up a middle finger in his vague direction before attempting, quite pathetically, to get up the bed again. He heard Oikawa sigh as he walked over.
He made to pick Iwaizumi up.
“You better not pick me up, asshole!” Iwaizumi said, pride temporarily overtaking the pain.
“Stop being so dramatic, Iwa-chan. I’m only helping.” Oikawa said, sliding his hands under Iwaizumi’s body and picking him up easily.
(A/N - if you don’t think Oikawa could easily pick up Iwaizumi you’re crazy, especially with those strong ass serve arms he has :P)
Iwaizumi glared up at him as Oikawa set him down on his bed properly.
“When I have my strength back, I’m going to punch you for that.”
“Sure you are,” Oikawa said, smiling indulgently at him, “here, take your medicine.” He handed Iwaizumi a bottle of water and two painkillers, helping him sit up to take them.
“I really will.” Iwaizumi threatened after swallowing the pills down. 
“I know.” Oikawa responded, very obviously not taking anything Iwaizumi was saying seriously. He pushed the other boy into a lying position and placed the two hot water bottles on each side of his waist so they overlapped on his stomach.
“I can do that myself!” Iwaizumi blushed, pushing his hands away.
“Iwa-chan, just let me take care of you okay?” Oikawa said, pulling the blankets up to cover the boy.
“I don’t need you to.” Iwaizumi whined petulantly. Oikawa couldn’t help but smile at how cute Iwaizumi was. 
“I know, Iwa-chan, but I want to.” That eventually silenced Iwaizumi as he blushed quietly. 
“Now try and sleep,” Oikawa said, brushing his hand through Iwaizumi’s hair, “you’ll feel better.”
“I just napped though, I’m not tired anymore.” Iwaizumi yawned, contradicting himself as he fell asleep.
Oikawa just smiled down at the sleeping omega, completely enamoured.

Iwaizumi woke not long after falling asleep, Oikawa still next to him, scrolling on his phone with one hand and playing with Iwaizumi’s hair with the other.
“You feeling better?” Oikawa asked after noticing he was awake.
Iwaizumi sat up gingerly, relieved at the lack of pain.
“Yeah, I’m good.” 
“Can we get food now? I’m hungry.” Oikawa said. Iwaizumi nodded, gesturing with his hand to his phone for Oikawa to just order something.

After eating, Iwaizumi flopped backwards onto the bed, pouting.
“I’m not going to be tired now.” He complained, just as Oikawa yawned widely.
They blinked at each other.
“Go to sleep.”
“I’ll stay up and keep you company.” They said at the same time.
They glared at each other.
“If you’re tired, go to sleep Shittykawa.” 
“I’m not that tired.” Oikawa said.
After arguing about it for a few minutes, Oikawa smirked.
“Iwa-chan, I’m not going to sleep.” Oikawa said, adding a touch of alpha voice to his statement. Iwaizumi’s cheeks flushed slightly but he maintained a fierce glare.
“If you think that’s gonna work on me you’re dead wrong, you bag of trash.” 
Oikawa gaped, “that is so rude, Iwa-chan!”
It was Iwaizumi’s turn to smirk, he sat up, leaning closer to Oikawa.
“Kawa,” he muttered gently using slight omega trance, “you should go to sleep, I don’t want you to be tired.” Iwaizumi gently rubbed at Oikawa’s shoulder.
He glanced at Oikawa’s face, cheeks flushing red at just how affected the alpha was. 
He nodded at the omegas words, “I should sleep if you’re telling me to.” Oikawa said, a strange quality to his voice. His arms went around Iwaizumi to tug him down to sleep with him. Iwaizumi didn’t resist, too busy trying to get his emotions into control at the sight of Oikawa reacting so strongly to him. Despite sleeping a bit earlier, he fell asleep with relative ease and woke early the next day to Oikawa holding him tight against his body. He wiggled slightly, trying to escape Oikawa’s grasp.
Instead, it resulted in a pleased moan from Oikawa. The boy moved against him, groaning lowly into Iwa’s neck. His cheeks flushed and he arched slightly into the alphas body on instinct before forcibly stopping himself. He tried moving away again, this time more gently but Oikawa pulled him tighter and groaned again, his hands gripping Iwaizumi tightly as he moaned into the pillow. 
“Oikawa, you shit,” Iwaizumi said, deciding the best course of action was brute force and shaking the alpha roughly, “get up already.”
Oikawa blinked into consciousness slowly. He watched Oikawa’s cheeks flush darkly as he realised his own arousal and willed his cheeks to not get red.
“Uh, did I say-“
“Aside from gripping me like I was some sort of life line and,” Iwaizumi’s cheeks flushed at this and he looked away, “moaning, you didn’t say anything.”
Oikawa squeaked in embarrassment, “Iwa-chan, you could have spared me the embarrassment and pretended you just wanted to go to the bathroom or something!” 
“If I were you I’d be more concerned about that squeak you just let out than anything else. Though I shouldn’t be surprised, you are some sort of rat anyway.” Iwaizumi said, smirking.
“How rude Iwa-chan. Did you use omega trance in me yesterday?” He said, obviously looking for a different conversation topic. Iwaizumi decided to show mercy.
Iwaizumi nodded, “it worked scarily well though, so maybe I accidentally used it a bit strongly, sorry.”
Oikawa shook his head, “No, the omega trance itself was really mild, my alpha only barely noticed it. I just felt really compelled to listen for some reason.”
“It was probably your natural instincts informing you that I’m superior to you in every way.”
Oikawa glared, “I don’t think so.” 
He studied Iwaizumi’s face intently for a few moments.
“I think it’s because I’m not used to you being an omega.”
“Probably.” Iwaizumi shrugged, completely unconcerned if he hadn’t accidentally put the other boy into a big trance.
“It was actually quite hot.” Oikawa commented nonchalantly.
Iwaizumi choked on air.
‘“What the hell!” 
Oikawa just chuckled, “calm down Iwa-chan, it was just an objective statement.”
He looked up slyly at Iwaizumi from under his lashes, “you know Iwa-chan, omega trance doesn’t require touch to work.”  Iwaizumi flushed again, he felt like he had been in a semi permanent state of flustered since last night.
“Shut up.” He responded, finally getting up to make his way to the bathroom.
He slammed the door on Oikawa’s laughing. 

A few days later and Aoba Johsai was playing a match against a team they hadn’t played before. Almost immediately, their libero had made a beeline towards Iwaizumi, smiling at him as often as he could. Iwaizumi had looked disarmed at the intensity of the libero alpha, but had smiled back slightly nonetheless. Makki punched Oikawa’s arm and gave him a look, informing him he was doing nothing to hide his rage and jealousy. 
He breathed in when the whistle blew for him to serve and sent a heavy, rage filled serve straight for their libero, scowling when he managed to receive it. It wasn’t received with ease though, and Oikawa tried to take comfort in that. He caught Iwaizumi eyeing him slightly, obviously trying to figure out the motive behind the serve. Oikawa wasn’t going to tell him it was jealousy. 
He continued with the match in the same way, targeting their libero as much as he could. The match was close but Aoba Johsai ended up losing, fuelling Oikawa’s jealous temper even more. During clean up, Oikawa avoided Iwaizumi, worried his possessive aggression would accidentally show itself. His attempt was futile because when he glanced up the libero was talking to Iwaizumi.
Oikawa inched his way closer to hear their conversation.
“Your receives were excellent, you could easily play the libero position. Though, your spikes are definitely ace worthy. It was incredible watching you play Iwaizumi-san.” The alpha said, smiling at him brightly, resting an arm on his shoulder.
Oikawa grit his teeth, now that stupid libero’s scent would be all over his Iwa-chan. 
“Iwa-chan! Are you slacking off cleaning duty?” He called out playfully as he made his way over. 
Behind him, the rest of the team exchanged glances, it was no surprise to any of them that Oikawa liked Iwaizumi, and that he got easily jealous, except to perhaps Iwaizumi who seemed to be oblivious to it all. 
“You’re the one who slacks off when it comes to cleaning duty, Trashkawa.” Iwaizumi said bluntly.
Oikawa laughed,  resting his hand on Iwaizumi’s shoulder so that he was sandwiched between the two alphas. 
Over the top of Iwaizumi’s head, Oikawa glared as hard as he could at the alpha. He looked taken aback, before he smirked at Oikawa.
“C’mon, Iwa-chan, help me take down the net.”
“No, I’m talking to Iwaizumi-san right now, maybe one of your other team mates could help, they don’t seem to be busy.” The libero said, gesturing behind Oikawa where most of the team was unsubtly watching what was going on.

Iwaizumi was not stupid. He knew the two alphas were fighting over him, he just hoped Oikawa was doing it for the reason he wanted.
“No, Iwa-chan is my best friend, and I want his help.” Oikawa half whined, half growled.
“I just want to get his number because he’s attractive and smells good, you guys can talk all the other times you spend together.” The libero said. Iwaizumi flushed at the blatant admiration in his tone whilst Oikawa looked murderous. 
“Don’t ta-“
Iwaizumi jabbed his elbows roughly into both of the alphas stomachs. 
“I’m not an object to be fought over, assholes.” He growled, stalking away as the two alphas let go of him to bend over and press their hands to their stomachs.
“Kyoutani, get over here and help me with this net.” Iwaizumi said, his voice giving no room for arguments. 
Kyoutani grumbled but nodded, making his way over. 
Oikawa pouted as he watched Iwaizumi leave before glaring over at the libero.
“Stay away from Iwa-chan.” He warned.
“If you haven’t tried courting him you know you have no claim over him right?” The libero said.
Oikawa sighed, “I know, but we’ve been best friends for so long, I’m scared if I try and court him and he rejects it, it’ll make things awkward.” Oikawa whined. The libero watched the setter, feeling sorry for him. The expression on his face was so forlorn and full of sadness he sighed and conceded. 
“Fine, I’ll lay off him, you seem you to have your hands full enough without the added competitiveness of a superior alpha.”
Oikawa scowled, before his expression morphed into one of gratefulness and confusion.
“Why are you going up so easily?” He asked suspiciously.
“To be honest, I caught Iwaizumi-san staring at you quite a few times in the match, but I figured if it was one sided maybe he would accept my advances, but now that it’s obviously a two sided thing, there’s no point home wrecking and getting my heart broken in the end.”
Oikawa went red as he glanced at Iwaizumi who was drinking water as he leaned against the wall. 
“Maybe you’re the one that needs that water.” The libero snickered, obviously catching the desire on Oikawa’s face.

Oikawa assumed that Iwaizumi wouldn’t mention the incident in the gym. He was wrong. They were nearly home but, Oikawa had family over, so they wouldn’t be spending the evening together. Iwaizumi cut through Oikawa’s usual chatter.
“What was that in the gym earlier?” Oikawa instantly clocked what he was talking about and decided to play dumb.
“Hmm, what are you talking about?” He asked, casually.
Iwaizumi raised an eyebrow at him, not buying the fake casualness.
“With that libero, I would have thought your stomach would remember even if your brain didn’t.”
“I just wanted Iwa-chan to help me with the net, that’s all.” Oikawa said, grinning at him.
“Really? All of that glaring for a net?” Iwaizumi asked.
“All of that unnecessary touching?” Iwaizumi smirked, pleased at being able to use Oikawa’s words against him.
Oikawa opened his mouth. 
“You’re one to talk,” he said loudly, pointing at him, “you’re the one who used omega trance and touc-“
“If you’re an option for me, you have to let me know you are.” Iwaizumi said, cutting through Oikawa’s het up talking.
“See you tomorrow, Oikawa.” Iwaizumi said, making his way to his front door and leaving Oikawa gobsmacked in the street. 
Instantly his face filled with heat, and he reached his hands up to slap the blush out of them.

The next morning, they met at their usual spot and acted as though the day before hadn’t happened. It was a Friday, and Oikawa had spent the whole night thinking about what Iwaizumi had said to him. He had decided to confess whilst they were walking back home. It was casual and low-key, and he knew Iwaizumi would appreciate it. Unfortunately he didn’t have time to implement his plan.

It was the last class of the day and Iwaizumi wasn’t feeling well. His hips and back were aching and he felt uncomfortably warm. He briefly considered it being a heat but brushed it off, he had presented barely over two weeks ago. He should have known things worked differently for him when he had presented so late. He made his way to practice groggily, arriving so late the locker room was empty when he arrived. He let out a weary sigh as he changed slowly before making his way to the gym. He pushed the door open, annoyed that it felt weirdly heavy in his lethargic state. His eyes caught Oikawa, and then he caught a strong whiff of Oikawa’s scent and had to close his eyes and balance himself against the door as a bout of arousal so strong it made him dizzy hit. Oikawa was across the room and next to him in seconds, grabbing Iwaizumi before he fell. Iwaizumi let himself fall against Oikawa completely, biting down hard on his lip to hold in a desperate whine. 
Oikawa smelt so good, and he was so strong, managing to hold Iwaizumi up completely. Oh God. Iwaizumi needed to go home and he knew it.
“Gotta get home.” He managed to grit out. He glanced up at Oikawa, and bit down even harder on his lip at the look on Oikawa’s face. His eyes were completely black, lips parted and possession etched into every line of his face as he gripped the omegas body hard enough to leave bruises. Iwaizumi’s tongue darted out to catch the blood on his lip from biting down on it and Oikawa eyes darkened even more somehow and he pulled Iwaizumi even closer to him. 
Oikawa closed his eyes, telling himself to get it under control. He blinked his eyes a few times, eyes darting around the gym to where most of Aoba Johsai was stood frozen. He wasn’t surprised. 
Iwaizumi was the only omega on the team, the rest was a combination of betas and alphas. He glanced desperately at the coaches for help, both of whom were mated and unaffected. He shuddered at the feeling of Iwaizumi’s breath on his neck, the feel of his body pressed against his own. 
“His mom will be here shortly to pick him up, Oikawa. Just get him to the changing room, one of us will come with you and take over. I would tell you to give him to us but I don’t think either of you will respond well to that. Oikawa nodded jerkily, preparing to shift the omega. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye, and focused on it. Kyoutani was moving slowly, eyes locked on Iwaizumi’s form. 
Alphas had evolved to the point where they didn’t move completely on instinct, but it required a lot of control. The most Kyoutanni would be able to do is get close to the omega, if he tried anything, Iwaizumi would go feral, and that would be a disaster. None of this flashed through Oikawa’s mind, instead, all he thought was a snarled ‘MINE’ and he growled deeply, causing all of the alphas in the room to back away slightly and submit. He didn’t think of the consequences of his alpha dominance on Iwaizumi who shuddered against him and moaned into the skin of his neck, hands gripping Oikawa’s arms tightly as his knees almost gave out.
“Fuck, okay, I need to get you out of here, I’m sorry, Iwa-chan.” He muttered softly. 
He counted to three in his mind before lifting Iwaizumi up, trying to not too mentally check out at the way Iwaizumi automatically wrapped his legs around his waist. He moved quickly, supporting Iwaizumi’s back with one hand and pulling open the door with another. The coach followed them out, and pulled open the changing room door. Oikawa sighed in relief as they moved into the changing room. He hadn’t realised just how on edge he was having so many alphas and betas staring at his Iwaizumi. 
The only dilemma he faced now was trying to get Iwaizumi to let him go.
“Iwa-chan, you need to let go.” Oikawa said gently.  The omega faintly registered what Oikawa was saying, and tilted his head back to glance up at him. His eyes were completely glazed over as he nodded.
“Gonna let go, don’t drop me.” Iwaizumi got out.
Oikawa nodded and gently lowered the omega to the bench. 
“I’m gonna go now okay Iwa-chan.” 
Iwaizumi nodded, “thanks ‘kawa.” He mumbled.

Oikawa took a few moments to calm himself down before he returned to the gym.
“Are you okay, Oikawa? Do you need to go home?” Coach asked.
Oikawa shook his head. The last thing he needed right now was to be home alone with thoughts, where his mind would be able to replay the whole scenario in his head over and over. The way Iwaizumi had moaned into his neck, the feel of his breath and the way he gripped at Oikawa desperately. He shook his head to clear his thoughts.
He pushed open the door to the gym and relaxed slightly at the fact that it had returned to its usual scent, instead of being a mix of strong alpha dominance and Iwaizumi’s heat scent. 
“Right! Let’s get started with practice!” Oikawa said, deciding the best course of action was lack of acknowledgement.
“You really gonna act like that whole thing didn’t happen?” Kunimi said, raising his eyebrows.
Oikawa sent him a level, irritated look. “Iwa-chan wouldn’t want us all standing around talking about it,” he narrowed his eyes, “show some respect for your senpai.” He said dangerously. 
The usually indifferent Kunimi bowed his head in apology. 
Oikawa nodded in return so he knew all was well and began organising practice as usual.

“He handled that surprisingly well.” Mattsun said to Makki at the end of practice when Oikawa was putting stuff away in the storage cupboard.
Makki nodded, “the amount of control was kind of scary to be honest, to have the man you love go into heat in a room full of alphas and betas is rough and then having the control to barely react when they were all close to each other like that. That’s crazy.”
Mattsun laughed, “you mean he barely showed his reaction, I don’t think he was barely reacting at all. They stopped talking about it when Oikawa emerged, instead deciding to show some sympathy and asking him if he was okay.
“Yeah, I’m fine, but seeing Iwa-chan like that…” Oikawa’s eyes glazed slightly as he mind replayed what happened. He shook his head to snap himself out of it, “I just hope he’s okay, it’s his first heat so it’s probably going to be quite rough on him.”
“You took good care of him, a suprisingly decent move on your behalf.”
This led to Oikawa’s usual whining and complaining and they moved on with the day.

At home Iwaizumi was in pieces. His whole body was on fire and he was hard and aching. All his mind wanted to do was replay Oikawa’s taking care of him again and again. He moaned desperately into the sheets at the thought of Oikawa pinning him down roughy and kissing him. There was no doubt that Iwaizumi was the strongest on the team, but it didn’t mean Oikawa was weak by any means. Iwaizumi’s mind supplied him with imagery of the ease at which Oikawa had supported his body and then lifted him and carried him into the changing room. He moaned, close simply at the thought of Oikawa completely dominating him. He wanted Oikawa, wanted to be good for him. Oikawa’s possessive growl replayed in his mind and Iwaizumi came unexpectedly with a sharp jolt, crying Oikawa’s name into his pillow. It wasn’t enough to satiate him, and all he could think about was the feel of Oikawa against him. He had never had sex before but he felt empty. His bedsheets were a mess, covered in sweat and other substances. He whimpered at the tightening feeling in his stomach and again when he slicked, the sensation new and unsettling. He sobbed into his pillow, a mess of arousal and confusion and pain. He felt so empty, and he couldn’t understand how he would ever get used to what was happening to him. All he wanted was Oikawa, he needed him. Oikawa would take such good care of him. He let out a desperate sound as he pushed a finger into himself for the first time. It felt so weird but strangely good, it helped ease the weird aching in his core. His mind supplied him with a flood of memories of Oikawa’s long, slender fingers and Iwaizumi groaned into the pillow again, Oikawa would probably be able to get so much deeper than Iwaizumi could.
He spent the next two days in the same state until Monday rolled around and he woke up no longer over heated and aroused, but bone numbingly exhausted and with the desperate urge to pile up all the clothes and soft things in his house and around his room onto his bed. The urge to nest somehow won over his hunger. He forced himself up and dragged the sheets off his bed, and stumbled down to the kitchen to shove them in the washer. After reading his moms note attached to the fridge, he made his way back upstairs, putting a fresh set off bed sheets on. He took his time in the shower, soaping himself all over thoroughly and trying not to think about who he had spent his first heat thinking about. He was unsuccessful. 
Iwaizumi pulled on an old t-shirt, baggy and misshapen from years of wear but all the more comfortable for it and then glanced uncertainly at his bed. His body was screaming at him to gather warm, soft things but he didn’t exactly know where to start. He sighed and then grabbed the blanket from the back of his chair. Once he started he couldn’t seem to stop, piling and rearranging things almost obsessively until they felt perfect. He wandered to his mom’s room, pulling a few of her less worn possessions into his arms and then adding them as well. He reached into the drawer of clothes that were almost exclusively Oikawa’s, courtesy of him being at Iwaizumi’s pretty much daily. An hour or so later he crawled into the nest, all tension completely leaving his body. He knew he needed a few other belongings, namely from Makki and Mattsun, but he had no idea how he was going to get them. He enjoyed the main scents of his mom and Oikawa though, and it wasn’t long before he fell asleep ,completely relaxed for the first time in a long time. 
He woke up so hungry he felt weak. All he had eaten through the days of his heat was a few protein bars and slices of bread, and lots of water. Dehydration during heat was scarily common amongst omegas and Iwaizumi didn’t want to have to deal with that on top of everything else.
He went downstairs and ate quickly, relieved to see messages from Oikawa telling him he better hurry up and come back to school and to stop slacking of practice. It looked like they were going to brush off the whole Iwaizumi going into heat thing and he was grateful for it. 
He responded quickly, tapping out a few insults in response to Oikawa’s, huffing a small laugh when Oikawa rang the second the messages went through.
“Iwa-chan! Are you coming to school tomorrow?”
“Yeah, probably.”
“Okay, good, because you’ve been slacking off and as the team captain I might have to punish you. Anyway, listen to what happened yesterday…”
Oikawa fell into a conversational spiral and Iwaizumi could only laugh softly, occasionally chiming in to save someone from being completely obliterated by Oikawa’s commentary of them. He curled up into his nest as the alpha continued talking, pressing a hand to the deep ache in his chest, wishing that Oikawa was with him. 

The next morning he woke still on the phone call, and rolled his eyes. It’s wasn’t too uncommon for them to fall asleep on the phone. The later it got in the night, the more Oikawa’s voice took on a deeper whisper talk that relaxed Iwaizumi and had the ability to put him to sleep. He changed sleepily, wolfing down his breakfast and slipping his lunch into his bag before making his way to meet Oikawa. 
Throughout the day, Oikawa noted Iwaizumi smelt of him a little stronger than usual and failed to to keep the grin off his face all day. Iwaizumi punched him for his creepy smile but Oikawa ignored him aside from pouting and a classic ‘mean, Iwa-chan’. They raced home from school together and wasn’t until Oikawa was up the stairs before him and pushing open his door that Iwaizumi remembered his nest on his bed. His cheeks flushed as Oikawa gazed at it.
“I bet Iwa-chan has loads of stuff from his precious Oikawa-san in there.” Oikawa responded in the most Oikawa way he could, and Iwaizumi punched him and told him to shut up. Oikawa made his way into the room and sat on Iwaizumi’s chair. Despite Oikawa’s casualness surrounding the whole affair, Iwaizumi couldn’t stop feeling distinctly awkward. The alpha obviously picked up on it and told Iwaizumi to stop being embarrassed over nothing.
“It’s really not that big of a deal.” He said, pretending like his heart wasn’t exploding over the fact that many of the items in the nest were indeed his, and the image of the omega asleep in the nest his brain supplied.
“I guess.” Iwaizumi shrugged uncomfortably. He dropped his bag on the floor and crawled into the mess of blankets, unintentionally closing his eyes and relaxing his shoulders. 
“I don’t want to do the maths homework,” Oikawa complained, “everyone knows pretty people can’t do ma-“ He cuts himself off with a yawn and Iwaizumi eyed him. Oikawa usually napped after school without fail.
“Have a nap idiot, I’ll move my nest.” Iwaizumi said.
“No! It’s fine Iwa-chan, I don’t want you to pull it apart. You only just made it right?”
“It’s fine, I can just remake it.”
“Iwa-chan I’m not going to let you pull apart your nest just so I can have a nap.” Oikawa had the stern quality to his voice that Iwaizumi knew meant he was not going to budge. He pouted and considered.
“You…,” Iwaizumi blushed and looked away from him, “You can sleep in my nest if you want.” He mumbled.
At Oikawa’s lack of response, Iwaizumi glanced up and blushed harder at the awestruck expression on the alphas face.
“Really?!” He finally responded.
Iwaizumi couldn’t blame him, it was a big honour to be allowed near or in an omegas nest. It was most common amongst mates, of course, and omega friendships, but it wasn’t uncommon for omegas to invite alpha and betas into some of their nests if they were very close. It was always considered a privilege though.
“Yeah, I guess, but don’t get too happy about it!” Iwaizumi warned him. 
“Yeah, yeah Iwa-chan, are you gonna nap too?”
Iwaizumi nodded, watching as Oikawa carefully climbed into the nest. Nest was too much of an organised word for it in Iwaizumi’s opinion, it was simply a mess of blankets and clothes all jumbled up together. 
“Is this okay?” Oikawa asked, settling down carefully.
At the omegas nod, he opened his arms and gestured for Iwaizumi to lie down with him. Iwaizumi complied and curled into him. It felt right to have Oikawa there.

Oikawa woke warm and content and gazed down at the still sleeping omega in his arms. As if he could feel the staring, Iwaizumi woke slowly, blinking himself awake and rubbing his eyes.
“How long have you been awake?” He asked sleepily, glancing up at Oikawa under his lashes. 
Oikawa didn’t answer to preoccupied with staring at him. He was gorgeous, tan skin, strong muscles, green eyes, messy hair. Not to mention his personality, stubborn, the most caring on the team, intelligent, always thinking ahead, funny, selfless. Oikawa loved everything about him. Iwaizumi sat up, eyebrows creased in confusion.
“Oi, Shittykawa! Anyone there?”
Oikawa sat up as well, blinking himself out of his stupor. 
“Hajime…” He murmured.
Iwaizumi’s eyes widened and his lips parted in surprise.
Then Oikawa was moving forwards, one hand on Iwaizumi’s cheek, the other under his chin to tilt Iwaizumi’s face up, and he was kissing him. Iwaizumi was frozen for a split second before moving his lips against Oikawa’s. Then Iwaizumi was shifting and Oikawa was pulling the shorter boy into his lap, swiping at his lower lip to gain access to the rest of his mouth. Iwaizumi resisted though, and Oikawa couldn’t help but laugh into the kiss, pulling back slightly to look at Iwaizumi fondly.
“So typical of you Iwa-chan.”
Iwaizumi went to respond but Oikawa was pulling him in for another kiss, swiping his tongue against Iwaizumi’s lips again. He expected the omega to try and do the same to him, and snaked a hand into Iwaizumi’s hair, giving it a nice, firm tug. Oikawa smirked as Iwaizumi whined in surprise. He pushed his tongue into Iwaizumi’s mouth, generating another needy moan from the boy. 
“You know, I was going to start courting you on Friday.” Oikawa said breathlessly when they finally pulled away from one another.
“Only after I told you to hurry the fuck up about it.” Iwaizumi quipped.
“You’re the one who decided to go into heat and delayed it even longer.”
“Instead of courting me properly, you decided to make out with me in my nest, how improper.” Iwaizumi teased with a smirk.
Oikawa grinned, “Oops, now come back here, I want to make you moan for me like you did in the gym.” Oikawa said, voice low.
Iwaizumi flushed, “shut the fuck up Shittykawa!” He said, but still leaned in to kiss Oikawa anyway.