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Memories Can Go A Long Way (Extended Version)

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One day about a month after Aubrey and Chad's honeymoon, she came home from the supermarket.

"Hey, Chad. I'm home," she yelled as she came in the front door with two heavy grocery bags.

"Hey, babe," he replied as he saw Aubrey struggle with the grocery bags. "Here, let me give you a hand with that," he said, grabbing one of the grocery bags and the two set both bags on the counter.

"Thank you. Those sure were heavy. There are more in the car," Aubrey said as the two headed out to the car to grab the remaining grocery bags.

"With all the stuff you bought, we'll have enough food to get us through the next two weeks," Chad said.

"I don't doubt it," Aubrey said before her phone started the ringing. “Oh, that’s the Lodge. I should probably take this. Could you put the rest of the groceries away for me?

“Sure thing,” Chad said.

“Hello?” Aubrey asked, answering.

“Aubrey Donaldson?”

“Yes?” Aubrey asked.

“We need you to come down to the Lodge right away!”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Aubrey asked.

“There was a fire and the property has now burned to the ground.”

“What?! I’ll be right over,” Aubrey said, hanging up.

“What’s going on?” Chad asked.

“The Lodge has burned to the ground,” Aubrey recapped.

“What?! I’m coming with you,” Chad said as the both went out the door.

They quickly drove to what was the Lodge. Aubrey was sad to see the property burned to the ground. "I can't believe it's over. This place was the one thing keeping me in Atlanta," she said, crying on Chad's shoulder. He put a comforting arm around her.

"I know, it's so sad. Especially since this is the place I met you," Chad said as the two shared a heart wrenching moment.

Later that evening while the two were getting ready for bed, Aubrey was still saddened by what happened.

"It's a shame, you’re running a successful business one day, and the next day it's gone," Aubrey said.

"Well, if it's the one thing that kept you in Atlanta, maybe we could look for a house somewhere else," Chad said.

"What exactly are you suggesting? Are you implying that you want to move?" Aubrey asked.

"Well, you know how some of the Bellas live in New York now?" Chad asked.

"Yeah," Aubrey said.

"I was thinking we could find a house in the city or someplace close to it," Chad said.

"Maybe. I mean it would be great to live close to the Bellas, but Atlanta's been my home since forever," Aubrey said.

"I understand, and I don't want you to feel pressured to do this," Chad said, reassuringly.

"Do you really think we can find a good place to live?" Aubrey asked.

"It's possible. I'll look online at available houses in that area, and then I'll get on the phone with a realtor," Chad said.

"Okay," Aubrey said as Chad went on the computer and looked at available houses. After a long thorough search, he found a few good matches.

"Hey, Aubrey. Come here, I found some good options for us," Chad said as she came over to the computer.

Aubrey looked at the house options Chad found and was in favor of a few of them.

"Well, which one do you like best?" Aubrey asked as Chad clicked on his choice.

"This one right here. It has enough space downstairs for a dining room/living room, a kitchen on the left, a staircase in between the rooms, and best of all, two or three bedrooms upstairs," Chad explained.

"Well, that's definitely more space than this apartment," Aubrey acknowledged.

"Yeah, and the best part is, it's at an affordable price too. Especially with the money leftover from Amy’s wedding gift," Chad said.

"$200,000?" Aubrey asked.

"It's actually a lot better price than I thought," Chad said.

"Where is this house?" Aubrey asked.

"Paramus, New Jersey," Chad said.

"That’s less than an hour from where Beca, Chloe, and Amy are living. Let's do it!" Aubrey said as the two hugged.

By late September, Aubrey and Chad moved out of their Atlanta apartment and into their new home in Paramus.

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One week later, Stacie came home with a very sad face.

"Hey, Mom. I'm home," Stacie said, bummed.

"Why the long face?" Stacie's mom asked.

"I just got fired," Stacie said.

"Awww, I'm sorry," Stacie's mom said, hugging her.

"Thank you. I needed that job so I can afford to raise Bella," Stacie said.

"I understand. But if you need help finding another job, I have an idea for you," Stacie's mom said.

"I'm listening," Stacie said.

"Before I explain, I hope you wouldn't mind having to move," Stacie's mom said as Stacie's phone rang.

"Hold that thought, Mom," Stacie said as Aubrey was calling with a FaceTime request. She answered.

"Hey, Stacie," Aubrey said.

"Hey, Aubrey. How've you been?" Stacie asked.

"Chad and I just moved into our new home in Paramus," Aubrey said.

"New Jersey?" Stacie asked.

"Yeah. We wanted to live someplace close to some of the other Bellas," Aubrey said.

"At times like this I could use being around our fellow Bellas," Stacie said.

"Is everything okay?" Aubrey asked.

"Not really. I got fired today," Stacie said.

"Sorry to hear that," Aubrey said.

"Thanks. My mom is talking to me about moving someplace else to look for a new job," Stacie said.

"Well, there are plenty of homes available here in New Jersey. Why not look for a place here," Aubrey suggested.

"That's a wonderful idea. I'm going to go talk to my mom about it right now," Stacie said.

"If you move here, I can definitely help you look for another job," Aubrey said.

"I would appreciate that. I'll call you later when I know what I'll be doing," Stacie said.

"Talk to you later," Aubrey said as she hung up.

"Sorry about that mom. Did you have someplace in mind you wanted to move to?" Stacie asked.

"Well, after overhearing you on the phone, I was thinking if it's New Jersey you'd want to move to, that could be arranged," Stacie's mom said.

"Really?! Oh my god, Mom, you are the best!" Stacie said as she and her mom hugged.

"I care that my daughter and my granddaughter are happy, and if my daughter wants to live close to her friends, we'll make it happen," Stacie's mom said.

"Thank you so much. The Bellas will be so happy to see me, and even Aubrey offered to help me find a new job," Stacie explained.

"Well, let's look at what's available, and then we'll move within a couple of weeks," Stacie's mom suggested.

"Sounds like a plan," Stacie said.

Two weeks later in mid-October, Stacie, her mom, and Bella moved into an apartment in Trenton, New Jersey. Hours after Stacie got settled into her new place, she texted her address to Aubrey who showed up three hours later. When Aubrey showed up, she knocked on the front door and Stacie answered.

"Hey, Aubrey. Come on in," Stacie said as Aubrey entered the apartment.

"Nice place you got here," Aubrey said as she and Stacie sat down on the couch.

"Thanks. I will admit moving to a new city can be overwhelming at first, but if it means living close to the other Bellas, then it's totally worth it," Stacie said.

"I agree. When Chad and I moved to Paramus, it was a big first step for us. But at the same time, it's great getting to meet up with other Bellas," Aubrey said.

"Yeah. I'll be spending the next week looking at things to do around the city. Maybe you could take me job hunting while I'm at it," Stacie suggested.

"Sounds like a plan. You tell me if you see anything that might interest you and we'll look into it," Aubrey said.

"Yeah. I have some ideas in mind, but I'll have to see if they're even available to offer," Stacie said.

"Well, can you name a few?" Aubrey asked.

"I could be a barista," Stacie said, imagining herself behind a counter at a Starbucks.

"Okay, but I think you could do better than that," Aubrey said.

"Alright, well maybe I could get a job as a bartender," Stacie said, thinking about corkscrews and wine bottles.

"Maybe...that is if you don't mind being out till 2 a.m. serving drinks. But maybe you should look for a job during the day," Aubrey said as Stacie thought hard until an idea popped out.

"I GOT IT! You know how I'm a rather good dancer, right?" Stacie asked.

"How could I not forget?! Your dancing skills during those Bellas competitions were amazing," Aubrey acknowledged.

"Exactly! So maybe I could get a job as a dance instructor," Stacie suggested.

"O.M.G.! Stacie that's a wonderful idea!" Aubrey said.

"You really think so?" Stacie asked.

"Totally!" Aubrey said.

"Well, in that case, how about tomorrow we drive around looking at dance studios that have job openings," Stacie suggested.

"Sounds like a plan. I'll pick you up at 10 a.m. tomorrow," Aubrey said.

Stacie did get a job at a dance studio teaching. Her students ranged between the ages of six and twelve. It was a full-time job so she was able to earn enough money to keep supporting her daughter Bella. The studio she worked at was only a few blocks from her apartment, so she could easily walk to work and back.

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Shortly after Stacie, her mom, and Bella moved to Trenton, Lily/Esther was finishing up sewing a dress, when she received a call from Flo.

"Hey, Flo," Esther said, answering

"Hey, Lily..." Flo said.

"Flo, remember, I go by Esther now," she said, correcting Flo.

"Sorry. So, Esther, I have some big news," Flo said.

"Me too. You go first," Esther said.

"Okay. My fruit truck business just got a new location," Flo announced.

"Awesome! As for me, I’m moving to Providence because that’s where I’m opening up my new seamstress shop," Esther said.

"No way! That's where my fruit truck business is going," Flo said, excited.

"That is so cool!" Esther said, excited.

"Yeah. When are you heading to Providence?" Flo asked.

"About two weeks," Esther said.

“That sounds great!” Flo said. 

“Yeah. What would you say about the idea of being roommates? I mean, I already got a one bedroom apartment, but I can ask the landlord if I can get a two bedroom instead," Esther offered.

"Well, if you do that, it’ll save me the need of having to find a place. Not only that, but it’ll save me money," Flo said.

"Wonderful. I look forward to seeing you soon," Esther said.

"Ditto," Flo said.

"Later," Esther said, hanging up.

Two weeks later, they met up at the Providence airport before taking a cab to their new apartment.

Thirty minutes later, Esther and Flo arrived at their new apartment. 

"I got to hand it to you, Esther. This place could definitely work," Flo said, noticing the amount of space inside.

"I’m so glad I was able to get that bigger place with two bedrooms and that there’s plenty of space inside for all of our stuff," Esther happily said.

"What do you say we chillax for a bit before we unload our luggage," Flo suggested.

"Sounds good to me. I had a rather long flight and I could relax for a bit," Esther said.

Esther and Flo sat on the couch watching TV until sunset. At that point, they finally decided to unload their luggage into their new bedrooms.

Once they were done unpacking for the day, the two Bella roommates got ready for bed.

"So, any idea where your new seamstress business is going to be?" Flo asked.

"I have a general idea. It’ll be somewhere on the south side of town. What about your fruit truck business?" Esther asked.

"I should know by tomorrow," Flo said.

"Me too," Esther said. They shared a yawn.

"For now, I'm going to get some sleep. Good night, Esther," Flo said.

"Good night, Flo," Esther said as the two went to bed for the night.

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At 9 p.m. on the night of October 24th, Chloe came home to an empty apartment.

"Beca, I'm home!" she yelled but got no response. She then found a note on the counter.

"Dear Chloe,

The DJ'ing gig I had tonight was a disaster. People hated the song choices I prepared and booed me all night. As if that weren't enough, I was verbally abused on the way home, so much that I started crying after walking three miles. The pain was too much for me to handle. Maybe I just need a friend to talk to. If you need me, I'll be out on the roof of our apartment building.


On the roof, Beca was sitting in a lawn chair drinking a bottle of wine when Chloe arrived carrying a second chair.

"Hey," Chloe said, settling down next to Beca.

"Hey," Beca said back. "Care for a glass?"

"Sure," Chloe said as Beca poured some of the wine into a glass and handed it to her. "Thank you. So, are you feeling okay?" Chloe asked, concerned.

"Tonight was the worst night of my life!" she said, tearfully.

"I'm sorry that happened to you. I've had my bad days too. We all have them," Chloe said.

"What would you've done?" Beca asked.

"I'd cry my eyes out for a while, and then I'd talk to someone. Someone who's easy for me to talk to about these things. Think back to seven years ago; when I first met you during your freshman year at Barden, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. And if it wasn't for that day, I wouldn't be here with you right now. Think how much happier you were since you and I bonded over being Bellas," Chloe said, prompting a montage of flashbacks to play in Beca's mind.

At the Activities Fair...Hey, what about her?

In the shower...You CAN sing!

At auditions...Oh, wait; there's one more.

At the initiation...Don't worry; it's Boones Farm.

Hood Night...I think we're going to be fast friends.

All those memories reminded Beca about what made her the happiest.

"You're right. I remember when my dad made me join a club on campus. I remember how when you invaded my shower that day, you encouraged me to audition to be a Bella. After you and I bonded over the Bellas, my life was happier than I ever thought it would be," Beca remembered.

"Despite all the ups and downs you had with Aubrey back then?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah. Hey, I wonder what she'd say if she were here right now," Beca thought as Chloe's phone rang.

"Well, maybe you could ask her yourself," she said as she answered her phone with a Facetime call. "Hey, girl."

"Hey, Chloe. I hope I didn't wake you up," Aubrey said.

"Far from it. You wouldn't believe the night I had," Chloe said.

"Are you up on the roof?" Aubrey asked, noticing her background.

"It's a long story, but I'm here with Beca," Chloe said.

"Hi, Aubrey," Beca said.

"Hey, Beca. I have some news that I was going to wait till morning to share, but I just couldn't help it," Aubrey said.

"What is it?" Beca asked.

"Yeah...tell us," Chloe asked.

"I'm pregnant!" Aubrey said.

"Oh, my god!" Beca yelled, speechless.

"Aubrey, that is wonderful. Congratulations," Chloe said.

"Thanks! I'll tell you more about it later," Aubrey said.

"Wait, Aubrey, before you hang up I have a question for you," Beca said.

"Shoot," Aubrey said.

"So, after a bad DJ'ing gig I had tonight, Chloe reminded me of how happier I was when I was a Bella. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?" Beca asked.

"Beca, ever since you became a Bella, you've taught me so much. I'd probably remind you of that and how far you've come today," Aubrey said.

"Thanks. That really means something. Anyway, congrats on your pregnancy," Beca said.

"Thank you. Well, it's almost midnight, I should go to bed. Good night," Aubrey said.

"Bye!" They both said before hanging up.

After they hung up Chloe looked at her watch.

"Come on, let's go to bed," Chloe said as the two folded up their lawn chairs and headed back to their apartment while also carrying what was left of that bottle of wine Beca was drinking from.

"Hey, I just had a bright idea, let's text all the Bellas about Aubrey's big news before we go to sleep," Beca suggested.

Chloe pulled out her phone and sent a group text to all the other Bellas reading "Newsflash: Aubrey is pregnant!" before going to bed.

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On Thanksgiving Day, the Bellas had dinner at Aubrey and Chad's house.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Bellas!" Aubrey said as she and Chad brought the turkey out to the dining table.

"I know a lot of you are prepared to ask the obvious question: 'Boy or Girl?' The thing is, we don't know yet," Chad said.

"We go in for the sonogram test around Valentine's Day," Aubrey said, excitedly.

"I'm really happy for you two. I can see it now...Bella having a playmate," Stacie said as she fantasized about what she just said.

"I can definitely see that, Stacie," Aubrey agreed.

"Personally, I'm hoping it's a girl," CR said.

"Well, we've already got names picked out regardless of the gender," Chad reported.

"And if it's a girl, we're going to name her after two of you," Aubrey said.

"In that case, we'll all cross our fingers," Chloe said.

"Yeah!" The Bellas cheered in agreement.

"So, how long have you lived here in Paramus?" Beca asked.

"Well, it all started with one painful day not long after our honeymoon," Aubrey said, recalling that day. "I was coming home from the supermarket and while Chad was helping put away the groceries. I received a distressing phone call that my old retreat, The Lodge of Falling Leaves had burned down to the ground."

"So, we quickly went over there to see what was going on. And when we saw that the property really was gone, all we could do was cry. It was a sad loss for both of us. Not just because the place meant a lot to Aubrey, but as you all remember, it was the place I met her," Chad added.

"So, after how saddened we were by losing the Lodge, Chad pitched this idea to me..." Aubrey said.

"I suggested since most of the Bellas live in New York now, that we try to find a place to live close to there," Chad said.

"And we found this beautiful home in Paramus, New Jersey," Aubrey said.

"We used our leftover honeymoon money to help buy this house," Chad said.

"And don't forget a fraction of that $180 million I got from my father contributed as well," Amy added.

"That too," Chad agreed.

"So, Cynthia-Rose, you and Denise had an announcement to make, right? Well, in that case, the floor is yours," Aubrey said.

"Okay, so for a while now, Denise and I have been debating on whether we should give birth to a child or adopt one," CR said.

"So, we recently decided to adopt one," Denise said.

"And as of a few days ago, we are now officially on the adoption waiting list!" CR announced, excited as the other Bellas cheered.

"Thanks to our share of that $180 million we received from that USO Tour, we are happy and thankful that we can afford it since adoption is rather expensive," CR added,

"Well, either way, we'll cross our fingers and hope you two get approved," Aubrey promised as the others in attendance agreed.

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On the evening of December 23rd at Aubrey and Chad’s house, the doorbell rang and Aubrey went to answer it. She opened the door and much to her surprise, her dad General Mike Posen had come home for Christmas.

"Dad!" she said, excited to see him.

"Aubrey!" Mike exclaimed and the two hugged. Afterward, he saw Chad at the door. "Chad! How goes it?" he asked.

"Nice to see you again, General Posen," Chad said.

"Please come in," Aubrey said as the three sit down at the kitchen table.

"It feels so great to finally spend Christmas with you guys after all these years," Mike said.

"Yeah. Even though we haven't seen you since our wedding," Aubrey reminded him.

"I know. After I found out you two were having a child, I decided to retire from the Army," Mike said.

"What? Why would you do that?" Aubrey asked.

"As much as I enjoyed serving in the Army, I know how important family is to me," Mike said.

"Well, I for one am glad our child will get to meet his grandfather," Aubrey said.

"Yeah. I mean, I may not see my dad this Christmas, but I'm glad my mom is coming by," Chad said.

"Hey, Dad, remember our last Christmas with mom?" Aubrey asked, the two lost in memory.

An 11-year old Aubrey opened a Christmas present.

"Oh, it's a soccer ball. I don't even play soccer," Aubrey said.

"Well, think of it this way - maybe you could learn," Mike said.

"I never thought back then I would play on my high school's soccer team," Aubrey reminisced.

"Was your team any good?" Chad asked.

"We were division finalists one year," Aubrey said as the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" she said, answering the door.

"Aubrey!" Amy said, excited.

"Amy, what a surprise to see you here," Aubrey smiled.

"Beca and Chloe are in Atlanta spending Christmas with their families and I have no place to go. So I figured I'd spend Christmas with you and Chad," Amy said.

"Sounds wonderful. Come on in." Aubrey invited as Amy walked in the house. "Dad, this is Amy. She's one of the other Bellas."

"Nice to meet you, Amy," Mike asked.

"Pleasure is all mine, Mr. Posen," Amy replied.

"Nice to see you again, Amy," Chad said.

"You too, Chad," Amy said.

“Amy’s going to be spending the holiday with us,” Aubrey recapped.

"Really?" Chad asked.

"Yeah, like I mentioned to Aubrey, I have no place to go this year. I don't know where my mum is and my dad's serving a life sentence in jail," Amy explained.

"Well, good riddance if you ask me. Your dad was not a very nice man," Aubrey said.

"I know. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about him ever again," Amy said with a sigh of relief.

"Well, Amy, I can assure you this'll be a great Christmas," Chad promised as his phone rang. "Excuse me, I got to take this," he said as he went into the kitchen.

"So, Amy, I was wondering, why didn't you go with Beca and Chloe for Christmas? You could definitely afford it," Aubrey asked.

"I know. And I still have a lot left from that $180 million. I guess I didn't think of it," Amy admitted.

"Well, you're definitely welcome to spend the holiday with us," Aubrey said.

"Guys, guess what...My parents are coming into town for Christmas!" Chad said, excited.

"No way! Chad, that is wonderful," Aubrey said.

"Thanks. She flies in tomorrow. I'm very excited!" Chad exclaimed.

At 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Aubrey and Chad went to pick up Chad's parents at the airport.

"So where are they?" Aubrey asked as Chad's parents came down an escalator.

"Mom! Dad!" Chad yelled as he went over to hug his parents, Kathy and Mark Donaldson.

"Merry Christmas, son," Mark said.

"Dad, I'm surprised you were able to come home for the holidays," Chad said.

"I'll tell you all about it later," Mark said.

"For now, let's get to your house," Kathy said.

"Let me help you guys with those bags," Aubrey offered as she helped load the car.

Thirty minutes later, they arrived back at Aubrey and Chad's house.

"Nice place you got here, son," Mark said.

"Thanks, Dad. We cleaned up the guest room for you guys. Right this way," Chad directed as he led his parents to the guest room.

"This will work," Kathy said, showing approval.

"So, Dad, I figured you wouldn't be able to come for Christmas. Did something happen?" Chad asked.

"Much to my surprise, we were all allowed to come home for the holiday this year. When I received word about it, I immediately called your mother and we both got on a flight over here," Mark said.

"Glad you did. Aubrey and I are really excited to spend time with you two," Chad said.

"Likewise," Kathy agreed as she and Mark got settled into the guest room.

"Hey, guys. About time you got back," Amy interrupted.

"Oh, hey. Mom, Dad, this is Amy. She's one of the other Bellas," Chad said.

"It's nice to meet you, Amy," Kathy said, shaking her hand.

"Pleasure is all mine, Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson," Amy said.

"The rest of the Bellas are spending Christmas with their families and Amy had nowhere else to go. So she's spending Christmas with us," Chad explained.

"Do you not have any family, Amy?" Mark asked.

"I do. It's just I haven't heard from my mum in so long and my dad's serving a life sentence in jail," Amy said.

"What did he do?" Mark asked.

"When we were on the USO Tour earlier this year, he kidnapped most of the other Bellas and held them hostage on his yacht," Amy reported.

"I have to agree with Aubrey; he deserves to be in jail for life," Chad said.

"Well, I don't mean to break up this conversation, but it's getting late, Chad and I are going to go to bed. See you in the morning," Aubrey said as she and Chad went to bed for the night.

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On January 19th, Stacie and Aubrey were shopping at a nearby supermarket.

"Thanks for coming shopping with me, Stacie," Aubrey said.

"No problem. Bella's been rather fussy since we ran out of her favorite food, so we might as well get some more," Stacie said.

"And this'll definitely prepare me and Chad when we have to start shopping for our soon to be born son," Aubrey added.

"Well, that won't be won't for a few more months," Stacie said.

"Let's just hope he doesn't grow up to be a hunter," Aubrey said, humorously.

"What are you talking about?" Stacie asked, confused.

"Remember that remark you made at our first Bellas rehearsal?" Aubrey asked, prompting a flashback.

"That won't be easy; he's a hunter," Stacie said, gesturing to the area between her legs with swinging hands.

"You call it a dude?" Beca asked.

"You know, I completely forgot about that," Stacie said.

"Then it's a good thing I'm here," Aubrey said, brightly.

"I know when Bella gets older, she's going to wonder who her father is. But even I don't know," Stacie said.

"Maybe one day, you might want to find out. It won't be much longer before she starts playing 20 Questions with you," Aubrey said.

"I know, right?" Stacie said as Aubrey's phone rang.

"Hey, Chloe," Aubrey said, answering her phone.

"Hey, Aubrey. I was just calling because I just had this bright idea and I couldn't hold it in any longer," Chloe said, excitedly.

"What is it?" Aubrey asked.

"Well, when we get close to your son's birth, I want to throw you a baby shower!" Chloe announced.

"A baby shower?" Aubrey asked, surprised. "Chloe, that's a wonderful idea."

"Thanks. We'll even invite the rest of the Bellas," Chloe suggested.

"How could I protest to that?" Aubrey asked.

"I'll get all the details out once I know them. Later," Chloe said as Aubrey hung up.

"What's going on with Chloe?" Stacie asked.

"She's throwing me a baby shower and inviting all of the other Bellas," Aubrey said.

"How wonderful. Now I feel bad I didn't tell you about my pregnancy much sooner. If I did, you could've thrown me a baby shower," Stacie said.

"I know. But why don't you keep us in the loop if you ever decide to have another child. If you do, we'll make it happen," Aubrey said.

"Deal!" Stacie exclaimed.

Chapter Text

On Valentine's Day, Aubrey and Chad were out to dinner.

"I can't believe we're here at the exact same restaurant where we spent our first Valentine's Day together," Aubrey said.

"I know, right. Hard to believe this'll be our last one before we become parents," Chad mused.

"It's a shame that it's never going to be like this again," Aubrey said.

"Well, look on the bright side, with many of the Bellas living close by, we don't have to look far for a sitter if we ever need one," Chad said.

"Yeah. Stacie did tell me she was looking forward to Bella having a playmate," Aubrey remembered.

"Well, let's look into that. I think it's a wonderful idea for our son to have a childhood friend," Chad said.

"Hey, remember what happened on our first Valentine's Day together?" Aubrey asked.

"Aubrey, I'm home. You'll never guess what I got you..." Chad said, holding a bouquet of roses.

"(gasps) Awww, Chad, you got me roses?" Aubrey asked.

"Do you like them?" Chad said.

"They're so beautiful. This was so thoughtful of you. Thank you, Chad. And Happy Valentine's Day," Aubrey said.

"Same to you, Aubrey," Chad replied as the two shared a kiss.

"Whoever would've thought that it would end up being a Valentine's Day to remember," Chad said.

"Right?!" Aubrey asked.

"I will admit, at first I was hesitant to buy roses that day because some people are allergic. But then I thought, if that really was the case, you would've said something a while ago. So I knew I had to go for it," Chad said.

"And look what happened," Aubrey said.

"Right?!" Chad asked.

"I want to enjoy every moment of this while we can. It won't be like this next year after our son is born," Aubrey said.

"I know. But I also know that we're going to raise our soon to be born son to do wonderful things," Chad said.

"And I for one hope he'll be able to have a healthy friendly relationship with all the Bellas," Aubrey said.

"I don't doubt he will. When you introduced me to the Bellas that day at Cynthia-Rose and Denise's wedding, I saw how much they love you and how you've bonded with them," Chad said.

"Bonding with them was the hard part, but I'm glad we all got to where we are today," Aubrey said.

"And I'm proud of how far we've come," Chad said, proudly, as the two shared a kiss.

Chapter Text

On March 17th, Aubrey and Chad were working on what would soon betheir son's new bedroom.

"What's with the green getup?" Aubrey asked.

"Did you forget today is St. Patrick's Day?" Chad asked.

"Silly me. How could I forget," Aubrey said.

"Don't worry, I won't pinch you for that," Chad promised.

"So what's going on today?" Aubrey asked.

"I figured since we both have a day off today, we could spend it converting our guest room into a nursery," Chad suggested.

"Good idea. Though there's not much we can do right now," Aubrey said.

"True. But as long as it's on my mind, it's best to start preparing," Chad said.

"Yeah. I'm trying not to buy a lot of baby-related stuff before the baby shower," Aubrey said.

"But what we can do is decide on the wallpaper and wall decorations," Chad said.

"Yeah. We don't want this room to look girly," Aubrey said. 

"I can show you some swatches and we can decide from those what'll work," Chad said.

He showed Aubrey a few swatches, they had a few disagreements before finally deciding on a perfect wall design.

"This one will be perfect," Aubrey enthused.

"I know, right. I'll go call someone to get this done and then we can work on moving this stuff out of here," Chad said.

"Great. Looks like we have a plan then," Aubrey said.

"Yep. We just have to remember tomorrow to move this stuff out of here so the carpenter can do his thing," Chad said as the doorbell rang.

"I wonder who that could be," Aubrey thought as she went to answer the door. "Hey, Stacie...what's up?" she asked.

"I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go with me to look at cribs," Stacie suggested.

"Good idea. We'll eventually need one," Aubrey said.

"A month before Bella was born, my mom helped me pick out the perfect crib. So I figured it was my turn to help you," Stacie added.

"Well, I can't argue with that. Do you need Chad to watch Bella while we're gone?" Aubrey asked.

"No, Chloe's watching her for a couple hours," Stacie reported.

"Alright, then. Let's go," Aubrey said as the two left the house.

Not too long afterward, Stacie and Aubrey arrived at a store where they got to look at different kinds of cribs.

"This place is full of nice cribs. I think I see a few I might like." Aubrey said.

"This one is similar to what I got for Bella. It has a security lock on it to keep Bella from trying to escape," Stacie said.

"That's a wonderful idea, Stacie. I sure wouldn't want our son getting lost," Aubrey agreed.

"Right. The last thing a new mom needs is something else to worry about. Like that time Chloe freaked out over the Kennedy Center aftermath," Stacie said, prompting a flashback.

"We won three championships. Whatever happens in there we're gonna be fine. Maybe it's time to think about other stuff," Beca said.

"What other stuff?" Chloe asked.

"You know, school, jobs, life," Beca said.

"This group IS my life! I've intentionally failed Russian Lit three times so I could be a Bella," Chloe said.

"You know I still question to this day why she would do that just to stay a Bella," Aubrey wondered.

"I know, right. If anything she could've passed the class on the first try and then come visit us anytime. We would've loved to have her," Stacie said.

"Yeah. So anyway, I like this crib the best. I'll take it!" Aubrey said, satisfied.

"Let's go ring it up," Stacie said as the two went to a cashier to pay for the crib. It was blue colored with the security lock Stacie mentioned.

When Stacie and Aubrey returned, Aubrey and Chad put the crib together and tested it out to make sure it was sturdy enough not to break apart.

Chapter Text

On April 10th, all of the Bellas except Emily and Flo showed up at Aubrey and Chad's house to celebrate Aubrey's 30th birthday.

The doorbell rang and Chad went to answer.

"Hey, ladies. Come on in," Chad said as the Bellas came inside the house carrying birthday presents.

"Where's the birthday girl?" Chloe asked.

"Oh, she'll be down in a bit," Chad said.

"Hey, everybody," Aubrey called out, coming downstairs.

"Happy Birthday, Aubrey!" Chloe exclaimed.

"Thanks and I'm so glad to see you all today," Aubrey said.

"We all brought presents. And don't worry, these aren't for the baby shower next month," Beca assured her.

"Oh, that reminds me; Aubrey, these came in the mail for you," Chad said, showing Aubrey two birthday cards.

"Oh, birthday cards from Emily and Flo. I'll open up Flo's card first." Aubrey said as she opened a card with a voice message.

"Hey, Aubrey. Happy Birthday! Sorry I had to miss the party, I had to fly back to Guatemala for a funeral. But I'll see you next month for the baby shower. Take care," Flo said in the card's voice message.

"That was so nice. Thank you, Flo," Aubrey said.

"Okay, how about we read Emily's card and then we'll get to the cake," Chad suggested.

"Sounds good to me,” Aubrey said, opening Emily's card which also contained a voice message.

"Hey, Aubrey. Happy Birthday. Just wanted to send my best wishes from Atlanta. I miss all you aca-awesome Bellas. But I'll be in town for the baby shower. See you then," Emily said, in the card's voice message.

"Thank you so much, Emily. We miss you too," Aubrey said, feeling blessed.

"All right, Bellas. What do you say we bring out the cake," Chad suggested.

As Chad brought out the cake, he lit the candles before everyone started singing a perfect rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Aubrey.

Afterward, Aubrey blew out all the candles in one blow.

"Alright, everyone. Before we cut the cake, what do you say we get to the gifts," Chad suggested.

"Here, Aubrey. This one is from me and Beca," Chloe said as she handed Aubrey an envelope.

She opened the envelope and inside a birthday card was..."A $50 gift card to Taco Bell?!" Aubrey asked.

"During my freshman year at Barden, Taco Bell was our go-to lunch spot," Beca remembered.

"I never would've guessed. Chad, you up for a taco sometime?" Aubrey asked.

"Sure," Chad said.

"Here, Aubrey. This one is from me." Stacie said.

She opened the envelope and inside a birthday card was..."A day at the spa?!" Aubrey asked.

"I figured you could use good pampering before you become a mom. And I'll even come with you," Stacie said.

"Thank you, Stacie. We should plan on it soon," Aubrey suggested.

"Here, Aubrey. Why don't you open my gift next," Chad suggested as he handed a wrapped gift to Aubrey. "I hope you like it. I had some help from Jessica and Ashley on this one."

Aubrey opened the gift to reveal..."A framed photo of the Bellas at graduation? I always wondered if I'd get to see this," Aubrey said.

"Well, I told Jessica and Ashley that I never got to see that picture either so they helped me think of the idea and I framed it for you," Chad replied.

"Thank you so much, Chad, Jessica, and Ashley. What do you say we put this up in our bedroom later," Aubrey suggested.

"Good idea," Chad said.

"Alright, girl. This is from me," CR announced as she handed Aubrey a wrapped gift.

Aubrey opened the gift to reveal, "a CD of songs?" Aubrey asked.

"I made you a playlist of some of your favorite 90's songs," CR said.

"That was so thoughtful," Aubrey said.

"I remember when we first started Bellas rehearsals, you were stuck in the 20th century. So listening to the songs on this CD will make you feel less homesick," CR pointed out.

"Homesick? What are you talking about?" Aubrey asked.

"Come on now, don't act like you don't remember," CR said, prompting a flashback.

"This is a list of all the songs we've ever performed, and you'll notice we only do songs made famous by women," Aubrey said.

"There's nothing from this century here," Beca complained.

"That's because we don't stray from tradition," Aubrey said.

"Okay, okay, you caught me. Though there are some days I'll branch out into stuff from this century," Aubrey said.

"Good," Beca said with a smile.

Chapter Text

On May 17th, at Beca and Chloe's apartment, the two were getting the place ready for Aubrey's baby shower.

"Okay, let's go through this again. We want everything set for the baby shower," Chloe said.

"Relax, Chloe. It's not like it's different from just us throwing a standard party," Beca said.

"I just want this baby shower to go perfectly for Aubrey's sake," Chloe insisted, wanting the best for Aubrey.

"It will. All of the Bellas will be in attendance, and we got plenty of food to get us through the day," Beca said.

"Alright. Well, everyone will be arriving soon, let's just finish getting everything ready," Chloe suggested.

Later that day, all the Bellas arrived for the baby shower.

"Chloe, I got to hand it to you, you really went all out to make this happen," Aubrey commented.

"I knew I wanted today to turn out perfectly," Chloe said.

"It already is. As long as I'm here with you and the rest of the Bellas, this'll surely be a fun time," Aubrey said.

"More fun than the time you caught a foul ball at a Braves game?" Chloe asked, prompting a flashback.

At a Braves game, Aubrey noticed the batter hitting a foul ball. The foul ball approached the section Aubrey and Chloe were in. Aubrey got her glove ready and caught the ball on the fly!

"Oh my god; Chloe, I caught a foul ball!" Aubrey yelled, excitedly.

"Way to go, Aubrey! Keep that in a safe place; you never when/if you might catch another one," Chloe said.

"Now that you reminded me, I think I still have that foul ball. I'll have to look for it later," Aubrey said.

"And if you don't, maybe you and Chad could go to a Yankees game to try and grab another one," Chloe suggested.

"Yeah. But for now, I'm here to have a good time with my fellow Bellas." Aubrey said.

"All right, Bellas. I see you've all had some time to mingle, but I believe it's time to get to the gifts," Chloe announced.

"I'll go first," Emily offered as she handed Aubrey her gift. "I think your son will really like this one," she said as Aubrey opened the gift.

"Oh, it's a cute teddy bear. Thank you, Emily. Our son will love it," Aubrey said.

"Here, Aubrey, why don't you open my gift next," Chloe suggested as she handed Aubrey her gift. Aubrey proceeded to open it.

"Oh, it's a baby blanket," Aubrey exclaimed.

"I almost asked my parents to find the one I had as a baby, but then I realized that wouldn't be the best idea since you're having a boy," Chloe said.

"Well, nevertheless, I like how this blanket is warm and fuzzy. Will come in handy if he ever gets too cold. Thank you, Chloe," Aubrey said.

"Here, Aubrey, this one is from me and Ashley," Jessica said as she handed Aubrey their gift. Aubrey then proceeded to open the gift.

"A book?" Aubrey asked, looking at the gift.

"It's a baby book," Jessica pointed out.

"Oh, well thank you, ladies," Aubrey said.

"Okay, Aubrey, This one is from me," Beca said as she handed Aubrey her gift. Aubrey then proceeded to open the gift.

"These look like baby monitors. These will come in handy if Chad and I ever need a sitter. Thank you, Beca," Aubrey said.

"Okay, Aubrey, this one is from me," Stacie reported as she wheeled her gift over to Aubrey. Aubrey then proceeded to open the gift.

"It's a toy chest?" Aubrey asked.

"Yep. I got a similar one for Bella," Stacie confirmed.

"Oh, well, thank you, Stacie," Aubrey said.

"Okay, Aubrey, I hope you like this one. Amy and I made this together," Flo said as she handed Aubrey their gift. Aubrey then proceeded to open the gift.

"It's a mobile. It's one that you hang above the crib, right?" Aubrey asked.

"Yep. I hope he likes it. I thought of the idea and then Flo came up with the design," Amy explained

"Thank you all for these wonderful gifts. Chad and I are really looking forward to when our baby boy is born," Aubrey said.

"Alrighty, then. Let's get some good music up in here," Beca suggested. The other Bellas agreed as she turned some music on.