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Memories Can Go A Long Way (Extended Version)

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On April 10th, all of the Bellas except Emily and Flo showed up at Aubrey and Chad's house to celebrate Aubrey's 30th birthday.

The doorbell rang and Chad went to answer.

"Hey, ladies. Come on in," Chad said as the Bellas came inside the house carrying birthday presents.

"Where's the birthday girl?" Chloe asked.

"Oh, she'll be down in a bit," Chad said.

"Hey, everybody," Aubrey called out, coming downstairs.

"Happy Birthday, Aubrey!" Chloe exclaimed.

"Thanks and I'm so glad to see you all today," Aubrey said.

"We all brought presents. And don't worry, these aren't for the baby shower next month," Beca assured her.

"Oh, that reminds me; Aubrey, these came in the mail for you," Chad said, showing Aubrey two birthday cards.

"Oh, birthday cards from Emily and Flo. I'll open up Flo's card first." Aubrey said as she opened a card with a voice message.

"Hey, Aubrey. Happy Birthday! Sorry I had to miss the party, I had to fly back to Guatemala for a funeral. But I'll see you next month for the baby shower. Take care," Flo said in the card's voice message.

"That was so nice. Thank you, Flo," Aubrey said.

"Okay, how about we read Emily's card and then we'll get to the cake," Chad suggested.

"Sounds good to me,” Aubrey said, opening Emily's card which also contained a voice message.

"Hey, Aubrey. Happy Birthday. Just wanted to send my best wishes from Atlanta. I miss all you aca-awesome Bellas. But I'll be in town for the baby shower. See you then," Emily said, in the card's voice message.

"Thank you so much, Emily. We miss you too," Aubrey said, feeling blessed.

"All right, Bellas. What do you say we bring out the cake," Chad suggested.

As Chad brought out the cake, he lit the candles before everyone started singing a perfect rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Aubrey.

Afterward, Aubrey blew out all the candles in one blow.

"Alright, everyone. Before we cut the cake, what do you say we get to the gifts," Chad suggested.

"Here, Aubrey. This one is from me and Beca," Chloe said as she handed Aubrey an envelope.

She opened the envelope and inside a birthday card was..."A $50 gift card to Taco Bell?!" Aubrey asked.

"During my freshman year at Barden, Taco Bell was our go-to lunch spot," Beca remembered.

"I never would've guessed. Chad, you up for a taco sometime?" Aubrey asked.

"Sure," Chad said.

"Here, Aubrey. This one is from me." Stacie said.

She opened the envelope and inside a birthday card was..."A day at the spa?!" Aubrey asked.

"I figured you could use good pampering before you become a mom. And I'll even come with you," Stacie said.

"Thank you, Stacie. We should plan on it soon," Aubrey suggested.

"Here, Aubrey. Why don't you open my gift next," Chad suggested as he handed a wrapped gift to Aubrey. "I hope you like it. I had some help from Jessica and Ashley on this one."

Aubrey opened the gift to reveal..."A framed photo of the Bellas at graduation? I always wondered if I'd get to see this," Aubrey said.

"Well, I told Jessica and Ashley that I never got to see that picture either so they helped me think of the idea and I framed it for you," Chad replied.

"Thank you so much, Chad, Jessica, and Ashley. What do you say we put this up in our bedroom later," Aubrey suggested.

"Good idea," Chad said.

"Alright, girl. This is from me," CR announced as she handed Aubrey a wrapped gift.

Aubrey opened the gift to reveal, "a CD of songs?" Aubrey asked.

"I made you a playlist of some of your favorite 90's songs," CR said.

"That was so thoughtful," Aubrey said.

"I remember when we first started Bellas rehearsals, you were stuck in the 20th century. So listening to the songs on this CD will make you feel less homesick," CR pointed out.

"Homesick? What are you talking about?" Aubrey asked.

"Come on now, don't act like you don't remember," CR said, prompting a flashback.

"This is a list of all the songs we've ever performed, and you'll notice we only do songs made famous by women," Aubrey said.

"There's nothing from this century here," Beca complained.

"That's because we don't stray from tradition," Aubrey said.

"Okay, okay, you caught me. Though there are some days I'll branch out into stuff from this century," Aubrey said.

"Good," Beca said with a smile.