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Memories Can Go A Long Way (Extended Version)

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On the evening of December 23rd at Aubrey and Chad’s house, the doorbell rang and Aubrey went to answer it. She opened the door and much to her surprise, her dad General Mike Posen had come home for Christmas.

"Dad!" she said, excited to see him.

"Aubrey!" Mike exclaimed and the two hugged. Afterward, he saw Chad at the door. "Chad! How goes it?" he asked.

"Nice to see you again, General Posen," Chad said.

"Please come in," Aubrey said as the three sit down at the kitchen table.

"It feels so great to finally spend Christmas with you guys after all these years," Mike said.

"Yeah. Even though we haven't seen you since our wedding," Aubrey reminded him.

"I know. After I found out you two were having a child, I decided to retire from the Army," Mike said.

"What? Why would you do that?" Aubrey asked.

"As much as I enjoyed serving in the Army, I know how important family is to me," Mike said.

"Well, I for one am glad our child will get to meet his grandfather," Aubrey said.

"Yeah. I mean, I may not see my dad this Christmas, but I'm glad my mom is coming by," Chad said.

"Hey, Dad, remember our last Christmas with mom?" Aubrey asked, the two lost in memory.

An 11-year old Aubrey opened a Christmas present.

"Oh, it's a soccer ball. I don't even play soccer," Aubrey said.

"Well, think of it this way - maybe you could learn," Mike said.

"I never thought back then I would play on my high school's soccer team," Aubrey reminisced.

"Was your team any good?" Chad asked.

"We were division finalists one year," Aubrey said as the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" she said, answering the door.

"Aubrey!" Amy said, excited.

"Amy, what a surprise to see you here," Aubrey smiled.

"Beca and Chloe are in Atlanta spending Christmas with their families and I have no place to go. So I figured I'd spend Christmas with you and Chad," Amy said.

"Sounds wonderful. Come on in." Aubrey invited as Amy walked in the house. "Dad, this is Amy. She's one of the other Bellas."

"Nice to meet you, Amy," Mike asked.

"Pleasure is all mine, Mr. Posen," Amy replied.

"Nice to see you again, Amy," Chad said.

"You too, Chad," Amy said.

“Amy’s going to be spending the holiday with us,” Aubrey recapped.

"Really?" Chad asked.

"Yeah, like I mentioned to Aubrey, I have no place to go this year. I don't know where my mum is and my dad's serving a life sentence in jail," Amy explained.

"Well, good riddance if you ask me. Your dad was not a very nice man," Aubrey said.

"I know. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about him ever again," Amy said with a sigh of relief.

"Well, Amy, I can assure you this'll be a great Christmas," Chad promised as his phone rang. "Excuse me, I got to take this," he said as he went into the kitchen.

"So, Amy, I was wondering, why didn't you go with Beca and Chloe for Christmas? You could definitely afford it," Aubrey asked.

"I know. And I still have a lot left from that $180 million. I guess I didn't think of it," Amy admitted.

"Well, you're definitely welcome to spend the holiday with us," Aubrey said.

"Guys, guess what...My parents are coming into town for Christmas!" Chad said, excited.

"No way! Chad, that is wonderful," Aubrey said.

"Thanks. She flies in tomorrow. I'm very excited!" Chad exclaimed.

At 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Aubrey and Chad went to pick up Chad's parents at the airport.

"So where are they?" Aubrey asked as Chad's parents came down an escalator.

"Mom! Dad!" Chad yelled as he went over to hug his parents, Kathy and Mark Donaldson.

"Merry Christmas, son," Mark said.

"Dad, I'm surprised you were able to come home for the holidays," Chad said.

"I'll tell you all about it later," Mark said.

"For now, let's get to your house," Kathy said.

"Let me help you guys with those bags," Aubrey offered as she helped load the car.

Thirty minutes later, they arrived back at Aubrey and Chad's house.

"Nice place you got here, son," Mark said.

"Thanks, Dad. We cleaned up the guest room for you guys. Right this way," Chad directed as he led his parents to the guest room.

"This will work," Kathy said, showing approval.

"So, Dad, I figured you wouldn't be able to come for Christmas. Did something happen?" Chad asked.

"Much to my surprise, we were all allowed to come home for the holiday this year. When I received word about it, I immediately called your mother and we both got on a flight over here," Mark said.

"Glad you did. Aubrey and I are really excited to spend time with you two," Chad said.

"Likewise," Kathy agreed as she and Mark got settled into the guest room.

"Hey, guys. About time you got back," Amy interrupted.

"Oh, hey. Mom, Dad, this is Amy. She's one of the other Bellas," Chad said.

"It's nice to meet you, Amy," Kathy said, shaking her hand.

"Pleasure is all mine, Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson," Amy said.

"The rest of the Bellas are spending Christmas with their families and Amy had nowhere else to go. So she's spending Christmas with us," Chad explained.

"Do you not have any family, Amy?" Mark asked.

"I do. It's just I haven't heard from my mum in so long and my dad's serving a life sentence in jail," Amy said.

"What did he do?" Mark asked.

"When we were on the USO Tour earlier this year, he kidnapped most of the other Bellas and held them hostage on his yacht," Amy reported.

"I have to agree with Aubrey; he deserves to be in jail for life," Chad said.

"Well, I don't mean to break up this conversation, but it's getting late, Chad and I are going to go to bed. See you in the morning," Aubrey said as she and Chad went to bed for the night.