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Memories Can Go A Long Way (Extended Version)

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On Thanksgiving Day, the Bellas had dinner at Aubrey and Chad's house.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Bellas!" Aubrey said as she and Chad brought the turkey out to the dining table.

"I know a lot of you are prepared to ask the obvious question: 'Boy or Girl?' The thing is, we don't know yet," Chad said.

"We go in for the sonogram test around Valentine's Day," Aubrey said, excitedly.

"I'm really happy for you two. I can see it now...Bella having a playmate," Stacie said as she fantasized about what she just said.

"I can definitely see that, Stacie," Aubrey agreed.

"Personally, I'm hoping it's a girl," CR said.

"Well, we've already got names picked out regardless of the gender," Chad reported.

"And if it's a girl, we're going to name her after two of you," Aubrey said.

"In that case, we'll all cross our fingers," Chloe said.

"Yeah!" The Bellas cheered in agreement.

"So, how long have you lived here in Paramus?" Beca asked.

"Well, it all started with one painful day not long after our honeymoon," Aubrey said, recalling that day. "I was coming home from the supermarket and while Chad was helping put away the groceries. I received a distressing phone call that my old retreat, The Lodge of Falling Leaves had burned down to the ground."

"So, we quickly went over there to see what was going on. And when we saw that the property really was gone, all we could do was cry. It was a sad loss for both of us. Not just because the place meant a lot to Aubrey, but as you all remember, it was the place I met her," Chad added.

"So, after how saddened we were by losing the Lodge, Chad pitched this idea to me..." Aubrey said.

"I suggested since most of the Bellas live in New York now, that we try to find a place to live close to there," Chad said.

"And we found this beautiful home in Paramus, New Jersey," Aubrey said.

"We used our leftover honeymoon money to help buy this house," Chad said.

"And don't forget a fraction of that $180 million I got from my father contributed as well," Amy added.

"That too," Chad agreed.

"So, Cynthia-Rose, you and Denise had an announcement to make, right? Well, in that case, the floor is yours," Aubrey said.

"Okay, so for a while now, Denise and I have been debating on whether we should give birth to a child or adopt one," CR said.

"So, we recently decided to adopt one," Denise said.

"And as of a few days ago, we are now officially on the adoption waiting list!" CR announced, excited as the other Bellas cheered.

"Thanks to our share of that $180 million we received from that USO Tour, we are happy and thankful that we can afford it since adoption is rather expensive," CR added,

"Well, either way, we'll cross our fingers and hope you two get approved," Aubrey promised as the others in attendance agreed.