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Kablooie Duck lays dead and dreaming

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Before we start, I would like to get a few things out of the way. This takes place in a dream after death. At least a form of death for fictional characters. The place beyond the story's end. None of this is canonical.


Got it?




I was going to write something on April Fools but after 2020 nobody deserves to be tricked with the body horror I was planning. I then planned to write some porn about how preteens think about sex and that's fine but it's actually kinda gross to make porn about underaged people if you don't have a point for doing it but then I thought nobody would get the point of that April Fools joke and it might be seen as hypocritical.


So here's this instead.


I hope you like it.


Kablooie Duck awoke from his dreaming to the void. He thought briefly, 'This can't go on forever... I feel like I'm dying all the time.' The endless nothing simply stared unfeeling and apathetical. It was merely aging, as a cartoon character (even under the arguable realism that comes from more modern cartoons as the version of we see here comes from an alternate universe of Ducktales 2017 where he was canon, I have a whole 2 series about it) aging and death is unfamiliar.


This was the first time he'd been awake and aware of his own aging. Kablooie shaked in his non physical condition, still thinking to himself, 'Can you feel it ending? Did it ever really start?' The non existing being that was formerly a duckling floated through the lack. For a moment or what could be seen as a moment given the lack of time space, his mind was silent. Until he thought more, 'Keep on going, and you will find that the end is just a state of mind.'


A more hopeful view to save off the fear of death. Yet what else should be expected of a Toon? And yes if you are asking and have noticed, these are the lyrics for one version of American Psycho Musical and that does have symbolic importance. Yes, I will explain the symbolism if you ask. For anyone who is confused, I apologize that you walked in on the 3 season episode 12 of this multi series train wreck.


Returning to the existential crisis,

Kablooie Duck hoped to himself, 'You go on without me, maybe I'll stay behind. Because there's no finish at the finish line.' ... He's breaking the fourth wall. Quit that! Kablooie smiled sadistically as best he could given his lack of physical form. He didn't stop, 'No, Fran. I don't think I will stop. I think instead I'm going to enjoy making you suffer.' I'm cutting off this reference if you aren't going to keep up your end, sadist.


Kablooie closed his eyes, returning to dreams. The extra triplet dreamt of his waiting being over. It was a common dream, it's second being seeing his mother Della Duck and seeing his step dad Bugs Bunny. Although those dreams were more platonic than this. As he was a preteen boy, he dreamt of being in a bed with his crushes. Due to his short visit to Acme Looniversity, the fact that the only thing he shares with his biological father (Daffy Duck because yes I headcanon that the triplets are Daffy's children) is their shared lust for rabbits, and Kablooie's own daddy issues. Those crushes were Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, and Plucky Duck.


The imagined forms of the three friends laid sleeping in the bed. The preteen duckling hugged them close to himself. The Fire delighted to embrace them, "Finally! Now I have them, my beloveds!!" Still they slept peaceful, in the form that they were the last time he saw them, just as he remembered them. The Flare noted silently to himself not to show his crushes to his hero, Negaduck, as his idol would likely be critical of so called "sappyness" displayed. Which is to say, Negaduck would see two, cute, bunny rabbits and immediately begin shooting.


The Flame sat up, no longer embracing them, trying to decide which one was first. He went with Babs as she was a rabbit, pink, and probably able to beat him up. All things he liked in girls at or near his own age. The Explosion got on top of her, creepily gleeful in his excitement, "It's so good to see you again, Babs. To feel you." Kablooie hugged her and cuddled her close, kissing her forehead and cheeks. He was about to kiss her lips but stopped in a overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame. It felt wrong. The preteen thought why it felt wrong.


He was suddenly hit with a memory of him crying and scared while three Buzzards stood over him. The 13 year old boy backed off of her unconscious body, thinking in discomfort, 'I can't do this... Then I'll be like those monsters. But she's not real, this isn't the real Babs. But then why do I feel guilty about this?' The Firecracker breathed out, sitting on the edge corner of the bed. He watched her, trying to puzzle together his pre teen angst but found himself distracted by ideas of the teenaged girl.


Mainly just her overpowering him, because he's just like his dad in his choice of rabbits and he's a preteen boy who likes girls who can beat him up so what else did anyone expect?


The Firework moved back to the pink bunny, laying on top of her again to sus out where he was uncomfortable. The Firebug wrapped around his arms carefully and slowly, feeling right still. He cuddled Babs, still feeling right. He kissed her forehead and cheeks, thinking it was okay as he knew those kisses as platonic affection. The Fireproof Flammable kissed her nose and was disgusted at himself suddenly. He almost cried as he only felt guilt and shame, spiraling into thoughts of how he was a monster that deserved to be destroyed and he should do it.


You know, because trauma.


The duckling turned her to face him, flopped himself on her chest, and begged Babs Bunny to forgive him. Kablooie Duck pleaded, "Please don't hate me. Please don't leave, Babs. I'm sorry I did that without asking you first." Then he looked up to her face and remembered she was still sleeping and this was all still a dream. Kablooie nuzzled into Babs' chest, sniffling and shaking from the tears that almost came. One of his clawed hands pulled over Buster and Plucky, he nearly sobbed, "I love you all and I'm never letting go!"


He noted to himself to never show anyone this weakness, at least not until his crushes felt the same way for him.


There is a chapter two.