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It’s that time of the month again, where everything turns out to be the desire to search for a mate and bond, for life. He neglected such feature because of past events but since he met you his heart belonged to you and he swore to never let you go, however tables turn that now his emotions are running amok to take you and claim you by all means, but by no circumstances will be without your consent he’ll deal with the pain if needed to. For the best Eustace decided to leave for a while without even a goodbye his chest hurts but he had better days.

As the captain you have the responsibility of checking your crew members, smiling and with a large list you see that most of them are doing good, with the exception of Eustace who is nowhere to be found, asking his whereabouts the former Society members plus Cassius didn’t know where the erune could be. Sighing you thank the cooperation and in the nick of time night brings its curtain full of stars showing a beautiful view of the skies on which you enjoyed cold nights with him and hot cocoa, talking sweet nothings with a big smile on your face which was all the gunslinger needed to be at peace, that and petting his fluffy ears.

You miss him dearly “Eustace…” at the whisper of his name the wind carried the message to the holder in an attempt to bring back his silhouette to the ship, despite promising being by your side it was for your own good. A week passes and you decide to embrace an adventure with the goal of meet him again, not buts or ifs were allowed at the thoughts awaking that something could happen to him “Please be safe...” arriving at night in a town with not so much population, nice weather and beautiful lights you ask for him with a photo somehow you got from Ilsa, a young woman knew he was staying at a local inn not so far from the actual location, hope rises and dashing without any ado you run like your life depends on it with nothing on mind, how he would react or apologize of being gone for so long without an explanation that’s for later. Before knocking the door, you hear some sounds, his voice releasing little growls and pants like a wolf resisting something.

Opening the door slowly the sound of his rifle being charged and aiming roared “Show yourself...” at the second he saw you his visible icy eye widened by the shock you found him “Captain…I…” lowering his weapon he closed his eyes avoiding anything at the moment, his hears flat “Please…leave” more than an order it was a plea “Are you ok? don’t look good” worry in your face as you approach him, he tried his best to be far but the bed was kind of limited in space controlling the little restrain he has on himself.

“I need…you” using all the willpower his fogged brain could help to articulate words and tell the message, your scent was driving him crazy to the point at the slight touch of your hand with his releasing a gasp Eustace was on top of you with a passionate kiss, tongue asserting domination on yours and you don’t feel bad at all because you felt the electric feelings the erune has towards you and that his heat was so high the less you could do is to help him quench his desire and dry thirst.

Clothes on the floor and he leaving marks everywhere, your neck specially, to let everybody know you’re his and he’s yours a lick here and there making you moan frenetically with bliss. He’s proud of making you feel good at least he’s not the only one “Already wet huh?” smirking he touches more where you know you can squirm, with his wild drive you could notice how his body gets hotter and almost ready to be as one.

With the heat dominating his thoughts Eustace warned “Captain…I want you to be my mate…it’s ok if you don’t and just help me with this…but nothing could make me happy than that” he whispered with dark tone on his voice, rutting his body with yours and his cock leaking already…so that’s why he left, because he was afraid of hurting you, but long ago you read about it that mature male erunes have a mating season where they choose their life partner and have sessions to demonstrate they’re capable of breeding and taking care, you felt bad for not noticing that the gunslinger suffered alone for so long “I want to…” with a faint smile because of your own desire you embrace him with that answer and touch one of his ears, that sent him on edge to prepare you for receiving his full length.

You felt everything, his care about you, his wish to protect you at any cost, with every hard thrust you felt in heaven because even if it’s a little painful you love him and will do the same to maintain the peace and quiet he likes so much, Eustace is like the beast and you the beauty he searched for. Misunderstood by most people you are the relief he needs… “I’m close…!” growling and howling he bites your shoulder leaving a little fine line of blood and licking it and you moan of pleasure, harder, wishing more “more…more...!” you could not help but say aloud what you want, making the tall erune to feel ecstasy and move like an animal with something else growing which was his knot he tried to stop but it was too late.

Both bonding with intense orgasm you collapse by his side while he’s still inside of you, somehow it wasn’t that painful but it was going to be a while until it the knot slows down, Eustace’s eyes were fixed at you while he pats your head “Thank You…” a faint smile his lips showed at you before a quick kiss, he apologized later however you mentioned you don’t mind his intensity , his expression was unreadable at the moment while both were taking a bath near the room, after all no more guests were there, then he expressed his gratitude by carrying you to the bed and sleep with him for the night, too many things happened in short time while his calm demeanor came back sighing he lets you to be on his arms, with protective care.

“I’ll do my best to meet your expectations” you could not hear those words until the next morning, when he took your hand.