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No one really knows when their world is about to turn upside down. One regular, Autumn Monday, they would be average people living their lives, one day at a time, and next thing they know, unimaginable things would happen, as if they were bound to, with the only purpose of changing the course of their lives.

The thing is, even while living them, people would not be aware of how powerful these events are but looking back, they realize it little by little. Their world would have already tumbled and everything would be already all over the place yet somehow, perfectly where it needed to be.

One thing Beca Mitchell did not know when pushing the door open to her final interview at Perfect Records is that her entire life was about to change, the moment she entered the glass doors of the company’s president.

The first thing that hit her as she opened the door was the cool air dominating the room, giving more power to the chills already overtaking her body. Beca had been sweating only minutes before, too nervous to contain it all inside, and too starstruck to do anything about it. 

The fresh graduate had just landed her final interview at one of the biggest record labels in New York and she could not believe her dreams just might come true. 

Given her limited experience of only two years of internships and small gigs, the aspiring music producer thought it would be much more complicated to land a job opportunity in one of the biggest record labels in the music industry. 

She has been elated when she first received an email requesting a meeting to further discuss her application. Amazement would also be an understatement of her feelings when she heard back from the company’s HR to go back for a practical test and an interview. And finally, the last phone call she received, booking her for a final interview with the president left her over the moon.

It had been nothing but increased excitement and adrenaline from that moment on… until this morning when it finally dawned on Beca that she would be meeting one of the greatest, most successful people in the music industry and that person might actually consider hiring her. 

What she should have thought of when she thought about possibly getting hired, is also possibly being on her way to achieving her dream job and being a successful music producer. However, what she did think of when she thought about that are all the things that make her unworthy of such a job title. She thought about every flaw in her, every insecurity resurfacing and bringing back with it every reason why she would not be good enough to be hired.

In moments like these, Beca thanks the universe she has friends like Stacie and Cynthia Rose to hype her up when she needs it. They have both been there for the brunette ever since college. They had graduated and moved in together in a decent-enough apartment in New York, living off their graduation gifts’ money at first and, soon after, their mediocre salaries combined. Sure, it was tough sometimes and the girls had to juggle more than one job at a time to pay the bills but it was worth the hassle.


“You’re going to be just fine, B,” the former had yelled at Beca from the shower. “You clearly have the potential. No one’s got your ear for music. Tell her CR.”

Cynthia Rose, instead, came in with two cups of black coffee to help Beca get enough energy for the day after a sleepless night. Not that she needed the extra kick for her nerves, but black coffee has always been her definition of a nutritious breakfast.

It also might be the reason she was able to stand where she was and not pass out from the lack of sleep induced by a restless night of tossing and turning in bed, carried to Anxiety Island by the constant irritating thoughts that came with the interview jitters. 

She looked up in an attempt to scan the room that she has only had a glance at from outside the glass walls. The first thing her eyes landed upon, however, was the woman behind the dark, oak desk. On her black chair, the woman sat, dressed in a black blazer over what seemed to be a black v-neck, short red hair tied into a low ponytail, looking like a queen on her throne. The confidence was radiating off her and she seemed to own the place even with only half of her face showing. 

She had her neon orange headphones covering her ears.

Who even buys neon orange headphones?

Beca scrunched her nose at the thought. She noticed that her eyes were fixated on the small screen before her and her eyebrows knit in concentration. She had the tip of a pen between her teeth and she was chewing lightly on it. It was clear that the woman was working on something. Beca’s eyes then traveled a little bit further up her face again then landed on the almost vertical, two-inch scar on the upper side of her left eyebrow that the redhead attempted to hide behind a thin layer of foundation. It only added to her badass attitude. 

Beca swallowed the lump starting to form in her throat.

Still standing at the door, and knowing it was probably too late to turn away and run for the hills now, the brunette shifted on her legs and decided to clear her throat in hopes of getting some attention without making herself look like a fool. She found out that her plan worked when the redhead looked up from her laptop screen, lowered her headphones to rest them on the crook of her neck, and looked Beca dead in the eye. Only then did Beca catch a glance of her full face. 

Her breath hitched, stuck in her throat, in the middle of its way to her lungs that were suddenly begging for air; in front of her was the sexiest, most beautiful woman she has ever seen in her twenty-three years of living.

The woman’s eyes were intoxicatingly blue. 

Beca was never one to pick favorites when it came to colors, insisting that those were not needed as long as black existed- and no, black is not a color; it’s a known fact black is the lack of color. But at that moment, if anyone had asked Beca what her favorite color was, she would have easily picked the sky-crystal blue that made the eyes that were currently boring into her soul.

“Hi, you must be Beca”, said the redhead in the most cheerful tone, the warmest smile now on her lips, “I’m Chloe Beale and I’m the record company president.”

And just like that, the intimidating demeanor that Beca had associated with the redhead completely fell apart… with the rest of Beca herself.


A few seconds of silence made Beca remember that she was still at the door, her hand on the handle, probably looking like a complete idiot; that, and she hasn’t said a single word so far. This was not going well.

“Hi- Hi, Ms. Beale. Yeah, It’s um... I’m Beca Mitchell. Here for um, my interview.” Not. going. well.

“Oh sure, come on in,” the woman gestured to Beca to enter the room. “Oh, and it’s Chloe, please. I’m not much older than you, and I’m not keen on formalities.”

As she let go of the door handle, Beca felt her fingers cramp up, saw her knuckles nearly turning white, flexed them to reduce the ache, and suddenly realized how strong she had been holding that handle. Nerves? No. She doesn’t know what those are. She’s got this. She only had to pretend like she didn’t care and everything would be fine. Right?


Beca slowly took small steps into the room and finally got to the desk where she took the place that was wordlessly designated for her by Chloe. It was one of those fancy designer white chairs with no armrests or even a comfortable back to properly sit on. It was in an odd S-shape and Beca’s fears of -literally- falling out of the chair heightened, which only added to her anxiety. Great. Now there was one more way she could ruin this once-in-a-lifetime shot.

All through the process, Beca felt Chloe’s eyes following her every movement. She also felt her heart rate increase by a hundred beats per second. But who’s counting?

To ease her anxiety, she fumbled through the papers in her lap and checked if they were all there for what felt like the twenty-eighth time that day. It was only still 10:00 in the morning. But again, who’s counting?

So much for not caring. 

“So, this is your last interview,” Chloe started, “I’m not going to be going over the usual questions, I want to make this short and cut straight to the point if that’s possible.”

Beca nodded slightly, mentally preparing herself for the questions she had rehearsed dozens of times.

“I see you have passed every checkpoint we have with flying colors. I have quite the feedback from every person who has interviewed or assessed you. One even went as far as to describe you as the next musical prodigy; said this company would be lucky to take you in.”

Chloe turned the papers in the files that were in front of her now, checking some highlighted lines in her pages. Clearly, she’s done her job on going thoroughly, very thoroughly, over Beca’s profile.

“I guess I only have one question left for you, Beca Mitchell. The answer to that will determine whether or not you will make it in this company.”


Chloe looked straight into Beca’s eyes and the latter felt her heart still. She tried to get it to start working again because now was not the right time to be having a cardiac arrest. She could hear the seconds ticking as Chloe played with the pen between her thumb and forefinger. Finally, the woman before her spoke up.


“Do you sing in the shower? And if so, what songs?”

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Ten minutes. Beca was ten minutes early as she passed through the automatic glass doors and across the lobby. She needed exactly two minutes for the elevator ride thus making her eight minutes early in total, for her daily morning check-in. Not bad on the first day if you ask her.


She might have not slept last night, and stared at the ceiling of her bedroom, and counted the hours that seemed to fly by as she got lost in her mind full of all the “what if”s that could happen on her first day. She also might have gotten startled when she heard Stacie open the door of her bedroom and close it once, then twice before opening the big wooden door of their apartment to go on her daily run. She knew, then, that it was 5:30 a.m. She might have gotten up after that and carried her worry with her from her bed to the couch of their living room. But who cares?


She's on time.


A ding signals her arrival to the third floor, where she would be working - at Perfect Records, she reminds herself. This won't be her first time entering this floor and passing through the offices, but it would be her first time as an employee. Beca took the time to take it all in as she stood on the door. The offices were starting to buzz with people arriving and getting started on their work for the day. She observed their contact up-close. Everyone greeted each other with such a warm and happy vibe, save for the few grumpy faces that Beca assumed were not morning people. She would understand.


"So, any first-day jitters?"


Beca jumps at the masculine voice that was way too close to her liking. She turns around and sees a familiar face staring right at her. Brown hair, brown eyes, fuckboy smirk, it was definitely familiar. 


"Beca, right? Benji's neighbor?"




"Yeah, it's… me!", Beca gives the guy before her a fake smile, not ready to be dealing with him at such an early hour. She tries to remember his name but nothing clicks. "I am so sorry but I'm terrible with names".


She tries to offer him an apologetic smile, not really meaning it but hoping it will seal some kind of unspoken deal where she smiles a lot, and eventually, the guy in front of her disappears. 


"Jesse", there goes her hope, "I'm Benji's best friend and I moved in with him last week".


"Oh, that's… great", replies the brunette, not really knowing what to do with that information. 


"I work here too, have for the past year. I’m a songwriter. Hey, maybe we can carpool together sometime, you know since we live in the same building and all."


This guy was getting very annoying very fast. He was being pushy and the brunette did not expect her first-ever encounter at work to be such an unfortunate one. She didn’t want to make a bad impression by telling him off so she chose her next words carefully.


"Yeah, that's… not gonna happen." Beca shakes her head and tries to back away. 


"Why n-"

"Swanson, away from my newbie." A voice cuts Jesse mid-sentence and Beca turns around to identify the source. 


White heels. White suit, underneath which a single piece of satin somehow forgot to serve as a crop top and is merely acting as a bra. A white clutch held tightly between long, thin fingers. And to complete the look, round sunglasses raised from covering gorgeous blue eyes to topping a low red ponytail. Chloe Beale.


Beca didn't think she could ever see an angel in real life, yet here she was looking at one - with a mouth slightly agape at the view. 


"Sorry, boss. I was just being friendly."


Jesse raises both of his hands in surrender and walks away from the brunette. 


"Good morning, Beca. I need you to come with me." 


The redhead signals the newbie to follow her with a simple flick of her head as she passes by her and steps into the hallway. The latter has a hard time getting a grip of herself, trying not to get lost in the smell engulfing her. She quickly regains her senses and rushes to catch up with her boss. 


Once in her office, Chloe motions to Beca to take the chair and for a brief second, Beca considers the odds of her never going through her final interview and reliving this day over again. Fortunately, however, Chloe speaks up:


"Beca, I am so happy we got you on board.”


“Oh thank you, I am flattered.” Beca rushes her words. “And thanks, for saving me back there, he’s not the smoothest guy.”


At that, Chloe gives the brunette in front of her a simple wink and continues.


“I am excited to see the wonders that will come out of you. I've studied your file carefully and decided to assign you to my top trainer, who also happens to be the head of the production team."


As Chloe utters the last few words, the door of her office opens and in comes a tall, skinny man with ruffled hair and a light beard.


“Ah, there he is.”


"Morning, boss. I got your morning report, your schedule, and your coffee, extra sugar, extra cream, and decaf." The guy has a heavy English accent. He throws a wink in Beca's direction that she finds as weird as someone having a decaf morning coffee -it’s supposed to wake you up and it can’t do that without caffeine. But then again, her boss seems to be a conundrum Beca has yet to figure out. So she remains silent on both matters. “Flo is running late and won’t be here before 10.”


Chloe nods to that.


"Theo, meet your trainee for the next fifteen days. This is Beca Mitchell." She turns to the newbie. "Beca, Theo will be training you and getting you acquainted with both the company and the job. I hope you will use this to your benefit. He's a guy with a lot of experience and has a lot to teach you if you are willing to learn. I'll be getting daily reports from him on your performance and if anything else comes up, you can report directly to me."


Beca can only nod at Chloe's words and hope she doesn't mess anything up.


"Any questions?" The redhead proceeds to ask.


"No, all good," Beca answers as she gets ready to start her training tour.


"Great. The Morning board starts in 20 minutes. You can go now." Chloe addresses both of her employees.


Once having exited Chloe's office, Theo turns to Beca.


“Morning boards are morning meetings where we discuss our daily goals and get assigned our tasks for the day. Every Friday, half an hour before office hours end, we also have a weekly evaluation to check on our progress.”


Beca nods her head and makes a mental note of the information she’s just received. She was used to the morning meetings in her last internship; she knew it was a thing most companies did. The weekly evaluation, however, was a new thing. It proved how professional this place is, and how well-organized everyone is. There was no messing around, no “I’ll do it during the weekend” if one was having a lazy Friday. This is serious shit.


“Alright, meanwhile, we’ll take a tour of the office,” Theo says and leads the way, the brunette following closely behind.


“You don’t talk much, do you?” asks Theo, trying to pull a few words out of his trainee.


“Oh, I do. I’m just… observing.”


“Well, you can observe from here the structure of the company. The ground floor, or first floor,  is for the reception and the lobby, for the guests, the glamorous events, and so on. Second, we have the PR and legal teams, HR is down there as well. You know, the adults. You won’t need them much though, you report directly to Chloe, or me. On this floor, we have the most fun. As you can see, there’s the production team, songwriting team, design, media and marketing, the fun stuff. Last but not least, we have the fourth floor. It’s where all the magic happens.”


“Recording studios?” Beca asks with a tilt of her head.


“You’re a smart one. I like your thinking,” replied Theo. “Yes, the recording studios. Soundproof, distraction-proof, and failure-proof. Everything that goes on in there must be perfect.”


Theo resumes his walking as he adds “Now as a music producer, you will most likely spend your time in the office, the meeting room, and the recording studios. Questions?”


“Nop. All clear.” is Beca’s reply.


Theo ends up showing Beca around her office and getting her acquainted with everything she is going to need before joining Chloe and the rest of the staff in the meeting room. After a recall of the daily schedule ahead and an assignment of the tasks for every team, everyone goes back to work.


In this meeting, Beca learns a lot. She learns that her boss does absolutely not joke about anything work-related. She learns that said boss is very attractive in white, or maybe it’s the suit, or because she’s in charge. Whatever the reason is, she is very, very attractive. Beca also learns that the boss in question somehow manages to maintain equal levels of professionalism and friendliness among her employees and they all respect her for that. She makes sure to pay attention to the part in which her name is mentioned so that she doesn’t make a complete fool out of herself.


The rest of the day goes by smoothly, with Beca getting acquainted with all the equipment and meeting some of her teammates and everyone she needs to work with. 



“So, how’d your first day go?” Stacie asks her the minute Beca walks into the apartment.


“Hello to you too.” Beca throws in, a sarcastic tone underlying her words.


“Well?” Stacie has her hands on her hips and is waiting for Beca’s answer by the time the brunette ditches her bag by the door and turns around to face her.


“It was good, nothing too heavy, just introductory stuff… you know, training.” Beca casually replies. Her day consisted of moving from one place to the other and getting introduced to everybody she would be working with.


At her reply, Stacie let out a puff of air and Beca only arched her eyebrows at the reaction.


“You know that’s not what she’s asking about, B. She wants the juicy details.” Cynthia Rose chimes in as she passes by her, putting on her jacket and unhooking her bag from its place by the door.


“Thank you!” Stacie motions over to Cynthia Rose, as if showing Beca the good example she should look up to, and widens her green orbs to incite Beca to share. “Any hotties?”


“God no, just really creepy guys, one of them being Benji’s best friend.” Beca sighs as she grabs a beer from the fridge and goes over to the couch.


“Alright ladies, don’t wait up for me. I got a hot date tonight. Congrats on your first day Mitchell, you will rock this.” CR gives both girls a wink as she exits the apartment without waiting for a second more. What is it with people winking today? Is that a common thing now and she has somehow missed it?


“Have fun!” shouts Beca before turning to Stacie to find her eying her. “What?”


Beca and Stacie have been best friends since high school. They both know each other like the back of their hands. They have spent almost every day since high school together. All the highs and lows that they have experienced together have allowed them to form a very special connection. By now, Stacie easily recognizes that the faint blush that rises on Beca’s cheeks is a dead giveaway that Beca is hiding something from her, something that has to do with her attraction to a particular someone perhaps.


And so Stacie resorted to her ultimatum; staring at Beca until she breaks under pressure. 


“Fine, it’s my boss, okay?” comes Beca’s response no longer than a minute later, way sooner than Stacie had expected. “Her name is Chloe, she’s like drop-dead gorgeous. She’s also way out of my league and off-limits.”


“Chloe…?” Stacie incites her to dive deeper into the details.


“Chloe Beale.” The brunette huffs with a roll of her eyes.


Satisfied with the answer, Stacie gets up with a smirk surmounting her face and, without a word, slips into her bedroom.


“Hey?!” Beca shouts just before Stacie shuts the door.


“Sorry babe. I also have a date tonight. Better get ready.” Stacie gives Beca her fourth wink today and disappears into her bedroom. Seriously, what is it with the winking?


Great. Now Beca was left alone on the night she should be celebrating.


One hour later, Stacie leaves for her date and Beca decides to heat some leftovers before going to bed. 


As she sits on the chair by the counter, waiting for her food to heat up, Beca hears her phone's ringtone a couple of inches away. An unknown number shows up on her screen and she thinks twice about her willingness to interact with people before eventually deciding to pick up.


"Hello?" Beca answers.


"Hi Beca, it's Chloe."

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A million thoughts rush through Beca's mind. Why is her boss calling her at this time? How did she get her number? Has she done something wrong? She quickly recounts her steps and denies that. Is she fired already? It's only her first day! Did Theo give her a bad review? It's because she wasn't talking a lot, wasn't it?

"Hello?" Chloe asks again with confusion after a few moments of silence pass by.

"Yeah, hi. Chloe. Hi." The brunette stumbles on her words, a pattern she seems to have around the redhead. 

"I just wanted to call in and say congratulations on your first day. Theo's report was very flattering. He said you were a fast learner."

"Oh, thanks I guess."

Silence falls heavy on them after that but it's soon interrupted by the sound of the microwave, indicating that Beca's scrumptious meal of leftover spaghetti is done.

"Well, I'll leave you to whatever you were doing. I don't want to interrupt any ongoing celebrations. Just wanted to pass on the praise."

"Oh no, that's okay", Beca says before she has time to think. "I'm not doing anything anyway."

"What? It's your first day at a new job. Everyone celebrates those! Don't you have friends?!"

Beca chuckles, amused by how carefree her boss seems to be after office hours.

"Yeah, both of my friends are out on dates though."

"This is such a shame. I won't tolerate my employee not celebrating her first day at work. How about we go out for dinner? My treat."

“No, that’s okay. I mean... You don’t have to; I’m sure you’re busy and-” Beca starts to interject only to be silenced by the older woman.

“Beca,” comes Chloe’s somehow strict tone, “I don’t pity people. I’m free tonight and would genuinely like to celebrate your first day with you.”

"Okay?" Comes out as a question rather than an answer.

"Awes. I'll text you the dets." Her voice seems to return to her happy chirping in a matter of seconds.

She hangs up.

Beca is left staring at her phone, a dumbfounded expression on her face, as she processes what just happened.

Her boss, the president of one of the elite record labels in the whole country, casually called her to congratulate her on her first day? And when Beca mentioned she wasn't celebrating, said boss asked her out for dinner? And insisted on it?

Beca is sure she's dreaming. Or hallucinating. Yeah hallucinating would be the better term here. That is until her phone lights up again, this time with a text from the same unknown number that called her. It had nothing but a dropped pin on the Maps application. 

Another text quickly follows and this one says: “Meet me there in 30.”

A little over thirty minutes later, Beca exits her Uber to find herself in front of a bright yellow wall in the middle of which was a green door. She lifts her gaze a few inches to read “The Breakfast Brunch.”

Looking down towards her phone to check that she got the right place, she hears her name being called from a distance. A few feet away, she sees Chloe, who looked nothing like she did a few hours ago, waving at her from a distance. Her hair was now down, merely brushing against her shoulders as if teasing them enough to make them aware of its existence yet not giving them the pleasure of covering them from the soft spring breeze. She was wearing an oversized black hoodie that seemed to wrap her upper body all the way to the upper part of her thighs. Beneath them, was a black pair of skinny jeans with white high tops.

It doesn’t go unnoticed by Beca that her boss was very underdressed compared to her attire in the early hours of the day. The brunette makes sure to remember that her boss could pull off any look she was in and look hot while doing so.

Seeing Chloe in such a casual look makes her glad she didn’t overdress for the occasion. Her dark blue jeans and white sweater do not seem like a bad choice now. One would think that having dinner with their boss would look a bit more formal; not when that boss is Chloe Beale.

“Hi!” Chloe says enthusiastically. 

“Hi,” Beca replies with an equally enthusiastic tone and a small smile upon her lips.

She finds herself surprised at how positive she seems to be around Chloe. Usually, Beca would stare at the person who was this energetic until they felt bad about themselves and walked away. With Chloe, it’s different. It’s almost as if the girl brings out a side in Beca that she, herself, did not know existed.

“So, that’s the place? I didn’t get it wrong?” Beca asks to make sure.

“Yep! One of my favorites around here. They serve breakfast for dinner!” Chloe turns into a six-year-old child with the brightest blue eyes twinkling.

Once inside, Chloe and Beca look around to find that they are two of the five people in there. Another one of those five people is their waitress whereas the other two are an old couple sitting in the far back of the café. Beca notes that the place seems small and has a casual ambiance, rather than the formal ambiance she would have expected at the mention of dinner. By now, however, the brunette has learned to no longer try and figure out her boss anymore.

“Hi Steph”, Chloe begins addressing the middle-aged lady that hands them the menus and smiles warmly at them.

“Hi Chlo, it’s been a while since we’ve seen you.”

“Oh, you know, I’ve been caught up with work. By the way, this is Beca.”

Beca smiles at the woman first and then at the warm exchange between her and Chloe and watches as Chloe places her order of pancakes and coffee -decaf and extra creamy- before she places hers, to match the redhead’s, except for her coffee, which was black and full of caffeine.

“Decaf? Seriously?” She asks her once the waitress is gone. “What’s the point of drinking coffee if it doesn’t have caffeine in it.”

“You enjoy its taste, Beca.” the redhead replies as if drinking decaffeinated coffee was the most normal thing in the world. 

She was one hell of a riddle.

"Someone was out late last night", is the first thing Beca hears when she exits her room, her eyes still half-closed as she tries to get used to the blinding light of the morning sun. 

She groans audibly at that to let Stacie know that it is not a good time for any conversation at all. Nonetheless, Stacie's persistence is what she is known for. So she continues with her questioning, directing her speech towards Cynthia Rose instead, "I thought you didn't have any plans last night. I don't know about you CR but when I say I don't have any plans, I'd usually be in my room by midnight." 

Beca completely ignores the exaggeration in Stacie's subsequent sigh as she enters the bathroom to wash her face and properly wake up.

Exiting, she replies to the tall brunette that was now standing at the stove preparing her famous oatmeal breakfast bowls. "I didn't have any plans. But then Chloe called and we went out for dinner and… I guess we got caught up in our conversation and forgot to check the time?"

Stacie stops still at that and turns her head towards her small friend, eyes and mouth wide open in shock. Their third roommate, meanwhile, does not bother to look up from her cell phone but manages to ask, "Ouu! And who is this Chloe? A cute co-worker?"

When Beca remains silent, Cynthia Rose looks up from her small screen and notices the exchange between her two best friends. She gives them both a questioning look before Stacie squeals at her. 

"No it's not her co-worker, it's her fucking boss!"

Beca decides, at that exact moment, that it's better to hurry into her room and get ready for work before she gets pulled into an interrogation session of which she'll never hear the end. Her plan doesn't succeed, though; Stacie and Cynthia Rose follow her into her bedroom and board her with questions to which she gives short one-word replies as she gets dressed. Some questions, she chooses to dodge by a simple, dismissing wave of her hand or a puff of air when those get too personal.

She has only known Chloe for one day after all.

Chloe who seems to get along with her way too quickly for her liking yet manages to make it entirely okay. Chloe who has Beca laughing wholeheartedly for the first time in a while. Chloe who had Beca so engrossed in a conversation that she completely forgot the notion of time and how it was running out along with the night. Chloe who has neon orange headphones and drinks her coffee decaf and looks so very hot no matter what she wears and what she looks like. Chloe who is also her boss. 

Beca doesn't even know if Chloe might be attracted to her, or any girl for that matter, at all. But what Beca is sure of is that last night, when Chloe dropped her off after their dinner -that ended up being a whole evening-hangout- was done, when she pulled her close to her, fixed her ocean blue orbs on hers, and was so close to her that every breath she took hit her face and took her own breath with it, and when she said "I am so glad that I met you, I think that we're gonna be really fast friends", Beca could not control the grin that drew itself on her face. 

So what if she was developing a tiny, little crush on the woman? 

Deep down, she knew that she was in for a long journey of hopelessly, and inappropriately,  crushing on her boss yet making it seem as if they were only regular friends. She also knew that with this journey would come the inevitable pain and despair of wanting to take it one step further and being too scared to lose everything along the way. 

Right now, her trusted conscience throws in the most important flash warning she might think of, reminding her that Chloe Beale is, first and foremost, her boss, and things should stay that way for the longest possible time.

So, as Beca strides along the busy sidewalk to get to the company, she keeps this one thought in her head. Chloe Beale is only her boss… her very, very nice and attractive boss… who would probably appreciate a decaf coffee to start her day with. Beca then takes a sharp left turn and enters the coffee shop located by the company building. She was going to get one herself, getting Chloe one as well wouldn't hurt.

Chloe enters her office with Flo close behind giving her the daily schedule and stressing on a few important meetings that she has to attend. She rounds her wooden desk, takes off her blazer, and reaches forward to take the hot coffee cup as she sits down to get started on the day's work. 

"Umm, Chlo, I didn't put that coffee cup there," warns her Flo just before her lips touch the rim of the plastic cup. 

"That's okay, maybe it's Theo," replies Chloe casually as she takes the first sip.

"Theo is not here yet."

"Nobody goes into my office except you two. Who could've put that here? "

"Maybe someone is trying to poison you to take your place. In my country, that's how it worked. Look, there's a note too."

"Flo, please, you've left Guatemala since- a what now?"

Flo motions to the other side of the cup and Chloe turns it and reads "Enjoy the taste ;)" before smiling to herself at how her new employee -friend- decided to tease her.

She pulls out her phone and sends a quick "Thanks for the coffee! Good morning to you too;)" text to Beca.

Chloe is known for the warmth and cheerfulness that she spreads around her. She even considers these two qualities to be part of her success story and takes pride in them because they allowed her to create an original work environment and her employees are considered to be among the most productive. Nevertheless, Chloe surprises herself with the way she acts around Beca. She was never this warm around any of her employees, especially not the newbies. Most of them only last a few months under the stressful amount of work to do no matter how positive her work environment seems to be. Beca, however, is a different story. The minute she walked into her office, Chloe knew something about her was different. She caught her eye in a way no one else ever has.

Her hopes are high for the younger brunette, yet she can't help her heart from jumping at the thought of taking the risk only to be let down yet another time.

As she sips the last of her coffee before heading to the meeting room, Chloe's thoughts are clouded by the image of stormy blue eyes with a little-too-much eyeshadow that seems to keep haunting her ever since last night. A small smile plays across her lips at the remembrance of last night's dinner with Beca but she is quick to cover it with a serious look. She tosses the plastic cup in the dumpster and her wild thoughts at the back of her head, gets into her character as Boss Beale, and gets ready to enter the meeting room.

Chapter Text

“Alright guys,” Chloe starts the meeting in a serious tone, “we are exactly one month away from our Beats Blast.” She all but screams with excitement by the end of her sentence and she even manages to make jazz hands, which proves successful in pulling out a few giggles from her team.

Beats Blast, Beca has been told, is the company’s annual music festival, which occurs on International Music Day, June 21st - exactly after 30 days. Every year, Perfect Records organizes this huge event to open up the summer festivals season. Over the last two weeks at the company, Beca has learned that everyone starts working on this festival very early on; Chloe even has them divided into teams and tries to keep them all in check with the preparations. Theo has also told Beca that Chloe tends to have “a bit of a complete meltdown” if things go out of hand, for this event especially.

“Now remember, even though it’s only for one day, we are prepping for one of, if not the biggest entertainment event in the country. Last year, we even beat Coachella by the amount of news coverage, public presence, and rating we got. So I need everyone in full focus mode guys. We all have to deliver our top performance! All of the big details are already handled. We have all our artists on board. The venue is being re-checked and designed as we speak."

Chloe goes over every detail and every checkup that needs to be done like the perfectionist professional she is and assigns a few more tasks to her employees who affirm their devotion with a simple nod and a determined look. As Chloe gets ready to wrap up the morning board, Beca suddenly hears her name roll off her boss’s lips.

“Beca, I hear you’ve done great improvements over the past two weeks.” Chloe directs her attention towards her and a faint blush creeps up to Beca’s cheeks as every other head in the room turns towards her. 

The praise is not new to her ears; though it’s the first time she hears Chloe say it, Beca has heard it before from the many people she’s worked with, Theo included. Were she to be honest, Beca doesn’t completely feel entitled to such a compliment. In fact, she thinks she has messed up quite a few times, especially with the remarks she has received for having a repetitive pattern and needing to mix things up because “this industry does not work solely on talent, it needs skills. You need to do some research, Beca.”

“Theo told me that you have been of great help and that you are a great addition to his team,” Beca’s cheeks start to darken in color as she tries to hide her embarrassing blush with a small smile and a quick nod of her head. But Chloe does not stop talking. “Seeing that he has liked working next to you, I am going to hand you the responsibility of being his right hand in this event. Everything he needs, he’ll be counting on you.”

As she finishes her sentence, Chloe turns to Theo and sends him a knowing look as he returns the gesture with a smile, the two of them obviously having discussed this beforehand. Beca, however, is sitting on her chair with a blank expression on her face that mirrors the confusion in her mind. She doesn’t quite know how to feel knowing that both of them have already talked about her. She wonders if Theo has told Chloe about all the times she messed up - he should have, it’s his job after all. She wonders what Chloe thought of her now and if she still thought Beca was great after knowing how many times she messed up the silliest of tasks...

Once the meeting has ended, Beca hurries to walk out of the meeting room to her small desk, hoping to get some minutes to freak out on her own. She finds this almost impossible when she is startled by Jesse joining her to walk the short distance from the meeting room to her desk by her side. 

“So, Beca,” he starts off.

“Dude, why do you keep doing this?” Beca huffs in annoyance.

“Doing what?” Jesse doesn’t seem to get what Beca is talking about. When she waves him off, he continues, praising her, “Anyway, you seem to be doing a great job! They seem to like you a lot.”

“Oh, umm thanks?” Beca is not used to receiving compliments, let alone replying to them, which only makes their little walk to the office more awkward. When did the distance from the meeting room to her desk get so long anyway?

“So, how about after work we-”

“Swanson, your office is the other way around.” Jesse is cut off by Theo who walks past them shooting Beca a sly smirk as if to inform her that she owes him for saving her life. He kind of did.

The brunette is grateful to spot her black headphones resting on her desk just after Theo leaves. She doesn’t know if she could have handled the conversation going on any longer with Jesse. Beca is sure he was about to ask her out before Theo saved her from having to let him down gently. Beca doesn’t think he would have gotten the signal. He seems like a nice guy but also the type of guy who would insist on asking her out until she couldn’t say no anymore. She doesn’t believe he’s the kind of guy she would ever consider going out with - too clingy, Beca thinks.

Once back in her chair, Beca starts to focus on her daily tasks that have now doubled, considering she became, as of two minutes ago, Theo’s right hand. Just as she was opening her laptop, Beca notices a small card that wasn’t there when she left for the meeting. It is laying there, subtly, right next to her laptop. It wasn’t in a hidden place, yet the humility that the simple card holds made it go almost unnoticeable. 

She opens the card and first notices the curved, handwritten letters carefully drawn in black ink on one side.

Congratulations! You’re officially my employee ;) - Chlo 

Her eyes drop down half an inch to the right corner of the card and she sees the smallest violet flower taped there. It was starry-shaped and although Beca was never one to find flowers particularly beautiful, she cannot help but run her fingers over it a few times so delicately, as if she’s afraid it will disappear. 

Beca fights the small smile threatening to grow as she reads the sentence a second time, and a third, and then one last time to make sure she isn’t dreaming. She fumbles with the corners of the card and tries so hard to wipe the grin off her face but decides a few moments later that it is only wasted effort. She finds herself in awe of most of the things happening in her life right now.

She can’t believe she’s now an official employee at Perfect Records. She can’t believe she is right where she wants to be, for the first time in her life, producing music in one of the top record labels in the entire industry. She can’t believe they actually kept her and they like what she’s doing. She can’t believe that Chloe Beale, the gorgeous redhead that was only ever supposed to be her boss, is actually also her friend.

They haven’t exactly acted like friends, though. Ever since two weeks ago, when Beca met Chloe for dinner - or breakfast, Beca still can’t decide on that - they haven’t hung out in the proper sense of the world… unless she can count the morning boards and evaluation checks as hangouts. However, Beca and Chloe have both kept their little routine where Beca would send Chloe her morning coffee, most times before Chloe made it into her office, and Chloe would send Beca an afternoon snack, usually a power bar, to keep her going for the rest of the day.

On the rare days where Chloe made it to her office before Beca, they would greet each other quickly with small smiles and lingering looks before Beca got back to her office to start the day. Those days induced a lot of overthinking on Beca’s part, a lot of remembrance of one particular look or one particular word; what was said and how it had been said.

Most days, the two of them also exchanged a lot of texts and calls, nearly all of which were after the day ended; when they were no longer boss and employee, rather just Chloe and Beca, friends. These few hours were slowly starting to crawl up on the ladder of Beca’s favorite moments of the day. She cherished them because she knew that Chlo was more herself, in these moments than the rest of the day. At the company, the redhead had to keep a professional and strict attire to appeal to her position and to the cruel, patriarchal business world in general. She knew it already wasn’t easy for her to be one of the most famous bosses of the country, but being a female boss under 30 was on its own a huge challenge that Chloe did a very good job at acing. The Chlo that Beca got to talk to almost every day after 5 p.m. was a completely different person. She was like any other fun 26-year-old that had her hobbies, her own lifestyle, her craziness, and her problems. 

They talk about everything and nothing at the same time and as much as it’s cliché to say it, it is actually true. They talk about music, and food, and books, and colors, and even movies; and even though Beca has never been a fan of movies, even though she never found joy in sitting down for two hours watching the same story that usually isn’t interesting or entertaining in any way, she finds herself wanting to watch all of Chloe’s favorite movies. 

Beca often finds herself going back to their conversations the next day to pick one memorable phrase said by Chloe and quickly jot it down on a piece of paper alongside a smart remark from her to serve it with her morning coffee. She loves to imagine that Chloe’s smile resembles her own when she, herself, receives a note from Chloe with her afternoon snack.

Beca forces herself to focus on the workload she has on her hands and finds herself finishing the day sooner than she’s expected. Time flies by when you have a hundred things to do.

The next few weeks prolong the same routine of her day. Beca finds herself stuck in an endless cycle of track-mixing, editing, and double-checking finished tracks for the festival that is now one week away. She would be drained by now, were her excitement not superior to her exhaustion. Theo once told Beca that he finds it "incredible, how well you’re adapting to the work pressure. Only a few people do, Beca.”

Beca and Chloe’s routine also proved to be strong and did not break no matter how pressuring the work environment got. Coffees in the morning and afternoon snacks grew into some kind of tradition, an unspoken pact of their friendship. Those, alongside the occasional birthday surprises they had during lunch, made Beca feel more welcomed into the company in the shortest amount of time. 

What the brunette was most grateful for was the amount of time she got to spend with Chloe now due to her new task for this event. Excruciating business meetings and check-ups and last-minute changes are not as bad as they sound when they’re held with Chloe Beale. Beca was learning fast; both from Chloe and about her. 

Yet here she is, even though never willing to admit it, falling deeper for her boss the more she learns about her; that is, by the minute.

When the clock strikes 7, Chloe puts on her jacket and picks up her bag, ready to leave her office and call it a night. It has been an exhausting day with the preparations and the last-minute details that needed to be checked. The last week before the event is always the busiest. Chloe always feels like she’s a hamster running on a wheel while the whole world around her is crashing down. 

By the time she makes it downstairs, Chloe cannot wait to jump in her car, head home, and get into her bed. Maybe, she’ll have a glass of wine before she does. She has time to decide.

“Goodnight, Linda!” Chloe waves off the receptionist before exiting the glass doors and heading to the parking lot. 

However, as she passes by, something catches her eye. It is not as dark around her as she’s used to. She looks up and sees that one of the studios on the fourth floor is still very illuminated. With a neck craned upwards, Chloe notices a figure pacing back and forth in the room. She rushes back inside, slaps both hands on Linda’s desk, perhaps harsher than she intended, and asks her: “Is anyone still working or did everyone check out?”

Linda offers her a gentle smile as she raises one finger to signify the number of moments needed for her to check today’s employees' timesheet.

“Everyone checked out Mrs. Beale, except for Beca... Mitchell.”

Upon hearing Beca’s name, Chloe forgets her exhaustion and leaves it behind on the reception desk as she draws one heavy sigh from her lungs and proceeds to go back upstairs to check on her late worker. She makes sure this doesn’t happen without her making a stop by one of the vending machines.

Beca lets out a small scream as the elevator dings when it reaches its destination, and Chloe cannot help but chuckle at the sight of the brunette in front of her.

She is sitting in one of the office chairs, holding with one hand half a pair of headphones to cover her ear and using her other hand to balance the yellow pencil serving as a drumstick, as Beca listens carefully to the beats in one ear and tries to add her own.

“I brought dinner,” Chloe exclaims showing Beca the pair of sandwiches that she got from the vending machine on her way up, “they’re not exactly the fanciest dinner, but they sure give you a better kick with your work than an empty stomach.”

Beca lets out the most adorable groan before thanking the redhead for her dinner. She takes a few minutes off work and they eat in silence together, exchanging telling glances and shy smiles. Chloe eventually asks Beca the long-awaited question of how everything is going for her. The latter shows her the tracks and mixes and watches for Chloe’s eyebrows to heighten in admiration or surprise when the beat takes an unexpected turn.

“So?” She asks her, leg bouncing under the table.

“Beca, this…” Chloe laughs, at herself mostly, for losing words for maybe the first time in her life, “I’m speechless.”

“You know,” the redhead goes on after a little over a minute, “I appreciate you. What you’re doing, the effort you’re putting into this. No one has ever stayed up this late to finish work and perfect what is already great. I’m obviously not telling you this as your boss, but as your friend. You’re working on this event as if it’s your own, Beca. Thank you.”

The brunette mentally curses herself for not knowing how to take a compliment so she smiles and says instead, “Yeah, well don’t tell my boss but I’m kissing her ass because I really need the job.”

Beca knows. She knows that no matter how kind Chloe is, she does not treat her employees the same way she treats Beca. She knows she is getting special treatment. She doesn’t know why, but she knows she is. 

Nevertheless, in the light of this hope, hidden in the dark shadows of doubt, she’s still scared, afraid, sometimes terrified of making any move based on her intuitions only to be let down and led to a trap by her guts. She doesn’t want to act on anything she would regret. This might cost her everything going well in her life; a promising friendship, a stable job, a dream life. 

“You’re cute when you focus like that, you know?” Chloe blurts out of the blue after dozens of silent minutes.

“What?” Beca is taken aback by Chloe’s sudden, bold statement.

“The muscle above your eyebrow twitches when you focus on the same thing for more than 75 seconds straight. Did you know that?” Chloe proceeds, leaning a little closer to Beca to prove her point and lowering her voice to stress her seriousness.

Beca finds herself at a loss of words and tries hard not to blush but to no avail; she finds herself feeling her cheeks hot already, and her head about to burst.

“You also have a tendency to scratch the back of your neck when you’re trying to come up with an idea. That's adorable.” Chloe is dangerously close now, her voice incredibly low.

Beca finds herself drawn into her like a metal nail to a magnet and she’s not sure she ever wants to stop this magnetic field she feels inside her chest. Maybe, just like a nail, she wishes to be planted and stay, forever, in her position right now; so close to Chloe, in her proximity, merely an inch apart, crowded by Chloe’s breaths on her face and her audible heartbeats - or were these hers. She is invaded by the redhead yet she is loving every second of it. One small move and the distance would be forever closed between them. Just one slight inclination forward and everything would change. 

Beca knew she wanted it, she knew Chloe wanted it just as much. She knew that the last few weeks were all building up to this moment. Every smile, every lingering look, every flirtatious undertone of the sly remarks they sent back and forth, they were all culminating to this point. This one moment where the whole universe consisted of her and Chloe - only them - with one decision in their hands to make.

To move, or to stay?

Chapter Text

It's been a week. A full week since she was less than an inch away from Chloe. A full week since their foreheads touched, and their labored breaths fell heavy on each other's cheeks, and their lips almost brushed. They almost kissed and Beca hasn't been the same since.

All week, it was all she kept thinking about. She tried -she did try- so hard to focus on the tasks at hand and the responsibilities expected from her. She put all her focus into music-making and brushed every other thought to the side. But this one was like a hungry cat, or tiger -it was definitely a tiger-, moving with grace and secretly tip-toeing around her thoughts that served as prey, waiting for just the right moment to jump and devour every one of her rational thoughts. It then left her alone, with nothing but a blank mind and the cadaver of every sensible thought she's been trying to focus on, to her untameable desire flaring through her.

“Beca?” Theo’s voice brings her back to her current situation. She’s currently standing backstage, seemingly watching the artists rehearse and go through sound-check in preparations for the festival that starts in two hours. “We have a problem. A Chloe problem. She called for an emergency meeting. Right now.”

Both the worry and the urge in his voice make Beca bolt behind him before they both stop abruptly in front of the small supply room in which Beca assumed Chloe would be. Before they entered, Theo looked back at her, eyes holding a mixture of sympathy and apology before saying, “I don’t think you’ve witnessed a Chloe breakdown before.” Beca shakes her head at that so he continues, “Whatever she says in there, she doesn’t mean it. You might think she’s dramatizing whatever the problem is this time but that’s just Chloe being Chloe.” He ends his speech with an apologetic smile, as if what Beca was about to see would do any damage to her.

He opens the door and unravels a flushed Chloe pacing from one end of the supply room to the other and then changing directions, all the while keeping her hands tightly on her hips like they were the only thing keeping her from falling apart. Beca tears her eyes away from Chloe to take in the crowd in the room. Florencia was standing right next to the door, resting her lower back on the edge of a wooden table, Jessica and Ashley, heads of marketing and design were also there, sitting side by side on a chair that seemed to be originally designed for one person. On the couch facing the door, sat a blonde girl in a stiff posture. Beca’s eyes immediately fell to the girl’s fingers lightly tapping on her bouncing knee, mirroring Chloe’s nervous energy.

Beca tries to remember if she has seen her before but no memory of any sort comes to her mind. She does not work at the company, Beca can assure that. Over the last month and a half, Beca got pretty acquainted with every one of her coworkers, whether they worked in the same department as hers or not. Having to help Theo around gave her the chance to meet everyone eventually.

“Chloe, take the dramatics down a notch.” The unnamed blonde uttered in annoyance. It was obvious that she knew Chloe well enough to address her in such a way. She might have even witnessed many of Chloe’s infamous breakdowns, maybe enough to cause such annoyance to interlace with her words.

“Aubrey, you don’t understand”, cried out Chloe. For the first time in her life, Beca heard the desperation in Chloe’s voice. She has always seen her as Boss Beale, especially during work hours. Outside of work, she was her sweet friend Chlo who’s always ready to throw in a joke, or do something fun, or take the exhaustion off whoever was in the room with her. Not once, though, has Beca seen Chloe in need of help herself, not once has she experienced this side of Chloe. “If I don’t find a replacement immediately, this whole festival goes to waste. Months of hard work will go to waste. My life will have no m-”

“Malaria”, cries out Flo, which draws out a few giggles around the room. But when Chloe glares at her instead of laughing at her little joke, the giggles come to a halt and Flo asks “No? Okay” before she quickly zips her lips shut.

“Meaning, Flo. My life will have no meaning!”

“Um, what exactly is going on here?” Beca asks, shyly raising her hand halfway before putting it down when every pair of eyes in the room looks at her, silently judging the maniac that dared speak when Chloe was having her breakdown.

The redhead sighs. She slumps her shoulder and turns towards Beca, who half-expects her to shout at her or throw all her anger at her. Unsurprisingly, Chloe does none of that.

“The DJ that was supposed to end the festival canceled last minute. We have no plan B, no replacement. This was supposed to be fixed already. If I don’t find a replacement in six hours the entire festival will simply have no closing show. We cannot get the opening DJ to close because she has another gig and I daren’t ask any of the artists to perform again because I would have to put up with all the headlines asking why I chose one artist over the other to perform twice.”

Chloe is out of breath by the time she finishes explaining to Beca what is going on. Beca, on the other hand, feels how much Chloe is anxious about the incident and can not but feel personally responsible to fix this, though she has nothing to do with the problem in the first place. The redhead seems to lift a weight off her shoulder just by voicing out all that weighed on her chest at the moment. Beca holds her gaze and sends her a sympathetic look, trying to convey a silent “don’t worry, we’ll fix this” without grabbing the notice of anyone else in the room.

After a few minutes, teams are formed to contact any well-known DJ who would accept to perform last-minute at the event. However, all their attempts prove futile. 

Beca excuses herself moments later, telling Theo and Flo she needs to go to the bathroom but instead, running to the supply room to check on Chloe. She can’t help it. She needs to know that the redhead is okay. She opens the door and sneaks her head in to find Chloe still pacing across the floor, the same way she was when they all left. This time though, Chloe is on the phone, heaving yet another sigh of disappointment when the scenario obviously doesn’t go her way.

Beca waits at the door, she doesn’t come in until the redhead notices her and motions for her to step inside, ending the phone call quickly as soon as she does. Chloe flops down on the couch and sighs one more time before resting her head between her hands and rubbing her temples.

Still not looking at Beca, she says “Please tell me you found a solution.”

“No, but hey, it’s gonna be okay, Chlo.” Beca finds herself kneeling right in front of the redhead, unsure if the proximity is acceptable but ignoring it altogether. She lifts a hesitant hand and places it on Chloe’s shoulder, pausing to see if the redhead shows any signs of disapproval but continuing to rub light circles when she doesn’t. “It’s okay, we’ll figure this out.”

She was never good at comforting other people and she, herself, ran away from her problems instead of facing them. She has no idea what she’s doing or how to do it, but Chloe needs her and Beca knows she can’t tell her no.

“How?” Chloe lets out in frustration, “There’s only one hour left for the festival. There’s no way we can book a DJ now!” 

Beca pauses to think, the idea that sparked in her head the minute Chloe needed a DJ dancing around her brain and making itself more prominent by the second. She didn’t like that idea even though she knew she would save the whole event. She was uncomfortable about it. It’s about to tumble between her lips and make itself heard despite Beca’s unease.

“I can DJ.” She blurts.

The redhead looks up into Becas’s eyes and the brunette almost gets lost in her ocean blues, but soon she hears “You can what now?”

“I… used to DJ when I was in college before I got my internship. I still do mixes and I have a bunch of them with me. I know I’m not famous or anything but I also know that we won’t find a replacement and I don’t want you to worry any longer knowing I can do something about it.”

Beca takes a deep breath after she finishes and looks into Chloe’s eyes once again. She finds shock and disbelief swirling in the two pools of blue in front of her. The silence around them scares her for a moment and thoughts of regret start to crowd in her mind. That is until she notices Chloe slowly starting to nod her head as if to convince herself of the load she has just heard and then quickly agrees, “Yeah, yeah okay. You can DJ. Yeah.”

She smiles as she finishes her sentence, relieved and happy that her festival did not get ruined at last. She knows Beca. She has heard her mixes before. She has heard what she can do with a couple of tracks and the right equipment. She trusts in her. She looks up and meets Beca’s gaze, and she cannot help but think about how the newbie who stumbled awkwardly into her office a little over a month ago has somehow found her way into her heart and proved to be one of the rare people that were able to calm her irrational meltdowns, if not the only one. 

She looks at her, really looks at her, with awe and amazement but mostly with gratitude. She knows Beca was her godsent gift and hopes she would one day be able to let her know that. Chloe notices the way Beca looked at her. She notices her intense stare, how she seems to pierce her soul with her stormy blue eyes.

“Thank you,” is uttered in a sincere whisper, Chloe’s voice falling so low on Beca’s hearing.

The intensity of their exchange has somehow thinned the air around them and heightened the temperature. All it took was one drop of Beca’s gaze to Chloe’s lips, mistakenly- she is sure-, for the latter’s urge to kiss the brunette kneeling in front of her to spike. She found it hard to resist and started to lean forward, repeating what Beca had started last week in hopes of actually making it happen this time. She heard the brunette suck in a shaky breath and her eyes started to close, preparing her for the gentle brush of Beca’s lips.

The door promptly opens and Beca jumps away from Chloe, leaving her with disappointment dancing on her now empty, cold lips, making her wonder if she will ever know how the tiny brunette tastes. 

“What are you guys doing?” Aubrey, Beca remembers her name from earlier, asked, a look of confusion surmounting her face.

“Nothing,” they both replied too hurriedly to sound normal.

Aubrey ignores both of them and proceeds to address Chloe.

“I came in to check on you, Chlo.” Her demeanor softens.

“I’m okay,” replies Chloe and follows it with a clearing of her throat. “Beca… she offered to DJ.”

“Good” is Aubrey’s one-word reply.

Sensing the tension rising in the room, Beca quickly excuses herself and slips past the door the way she got in. Hastily, she went to Theo to tell him the news and sought shelter in one of the calm, hidden spots to calm her nerves and go over her sets. 

Soon after, it was time for her to go on stage and though her heart was threatening to jump out of her ribcage, all it took was one kiss secretly sneaked from Chloe’s lips to her cheeks and a whispered “Thanks, Becs.” for her to gain enough confidence and put on one of the most satisfying performances she has done. The nickname, however, has Beca’s heart fluttering on another rhythm that she’s sure won’t steady any time soon.

The festival having ended, Beca finds herself excited, for the first time in her entire life, to go to the after-party. Chloe has told her that it was only a small get-together for everyone who contributed to making the festival happen. She has insisted on Beca attending, has told her that “it wouldn’t be the same” without her. She repeated it twice. The second time being right after Beca ended her performance. Chloe had finished congratulating her and thanking her for the millionth time tonight and told her again “I hope you’re staying for the party, especially after what you did tonight.”

Beca could not tell her no. She’s pretty sure she never will be able to tell her no in her entire life. There’s just something about Chloe Beale that brainwashes Beca into forgetting all the answers that might possibly upset her in any way. Beca is, once again, blaming it on the redhead being her boss and her wanting to keep her job. Yeah, that should be a good excuse.

Beca’s trail of thoughts is interrupted by a can of beer being handed to her. She looks up and identifies the ever-so-familiar smirk on Jesse’s face.

“Good job out there tonight! You killed it.” He starts.

Beca is already annoyed.

“Thanks,” she replies, her voice a bit too loud because of the blaring music, as she takes the beer from him politely. She might be annoyed, but she’s not an idiot. She won’t refuse a free drink.

“I knew you were a beer kind of person.” He states smugly.

Beca was, in fact, not a beer kind of person. She likes to drink, and rarely picks any favorites. And it’s true, she might appear to be someone who would pick beer as her drink of choice but people who really knew her knew that she would pick a glass of red wine on a cozy night-in any time.

Not wanting to appear rude, she simply smiles and nods as Jesse continues “So, DJ, huh? Is that like a side gig?”

If only Beca knew how to make this dude stop trying to prompt a conversation, or at least not make it so awkward...

“Yeah. Look Jesse, you’re sweet but I’m really-”

“Beca,” her name called by Theo interrupts her from pursuing her sentence any further. “The boss needs you.” He calls and taps lightly on her elbow to guide her to where Chloe was.

Upon seeing her, Beca’s heart skips a beat. No, Chloe has not changed clothes, nor has she inexplicably turned a hundred times more beautiful since the last hour she saw her. It was just an effect that Chloe had on Beca. Simply being who she is and wearing what she wears is enough to charm Beca and drag her into an endless cycle of being in awe of Chloe.

Chloe’s already bright smile seems to widen when her eyes land on Beca from a distance. Her eyes light up and Beca catches a quick emotion dashing in her look but she is yet to identify it. She sees her boss make her way through the small circle to get to her.

“Hi,” she beams with light as she comes close to Beca. 

The latter can smell a hint of alcohol in Chloe’s breath but she can tell that the redhead is not even the slightest bit tipsy.

“Hi,” Beca echoes.

“Come with me?”

Chloe leads Beca outside on the balcony, where she sets her elbows on the railing, drinks in hand, and looks at Beca over her shoulder.

“It’s pretty out here tonight,” Chloe begins and Beca has yet to stop her bafflement every time the older woman blurts out a random thought crossing her mind. Before she has the time to reply, Chloe continues, “I know I’ve said this a million times, but I really want to thank you Beca; not just for saving the festival, but for getting me through the panic. I tend to… do that a lot. Whenever something goes wrong, I… lose control over my thoughts and they just run wild and make me utter irrational shit. Everyone is so used to it by now that they only brush it off as unnecessary drama.”

Beca has no idea how to respond to that. She really doesn’t. She’s standing at a crossroad of options and has no idea whether to tell Chloe that she would do anything for her, to feel sorry for her friends treating her the way they do, or to not make a big deal of any of that.

“Yeah, sure,” she nods instead, “anything, dude.”

Beca facepalms herself internally. One does not simply call their boss and their crush, and their friend ‘dude’.

Chloe, however, lets out a small laugh and looks at Beca with adoration in her eyes and as soon as Beca leans on the railing to mimic Chloe’s posture, the latter leans in and closes the distance between them, clumsily locking her lips with Beca. The brunette is in too great of a shock to respond at first but soon follows up, her lips moving against Chloe’s, though not in the best rhythm, but in the most convenient one considering their current position.

Chloe somehow finds enough strength in her to change their position to have Beca’s back against the railing and herself standing right in front of Beca, sandwiching her between her own body and the black metal bars behind her. This time, Beca gets to really taste Chloe. She gets to feel how soft and plump her lips are and taste the slightest hint of alcohol on her. When Chloe’s tongue pushes past Beca’s lips, the brunette whimpers the tiniest bit, sending Chloe’s brain and body into overdrive.

Beca feels a pair of hands tightening around her hips and only then realizes that Chloe’s palms traveled there in the first place. Chloe breaks the kiss and gasps for air but keeps her proximity to Beca. Soon, her mouth is close to her ear and a low, raspy “let’s get out of here” echoes in Beca’s ears slowly making her way into her brain and erasing every thought on its way there.

Chapter Text

The car ride to Chloe’s house is silent. At least, Beca thinks it is. Her thoughts are too loud to know for sure. Her heart is racing wildly. She is sure that if Chloe says anything, she wouldn’t hear her over the buzzing in her ears.

Everything feels surreal. Millions of questions are going through her brain, clouding every rational judgment possible. She is leaving the party with Chloe. Chloe, her boss, for whom she attended the party in the first place… and DJed. What if Chloe is drunk? What if she is drunk? She only had one beer. How many drinks did Chloe have? What if she is going to regret all of this the next morning? What if Chloe isn’t sober to remember any of this? What if Chloe isn’t sober enough to consent to it? Is she taking advantage of her? But they haven’t even done anything! What if she gets in trouble the next morning? What if sh-

Beca’s thoughts transform into a small squeal that leaves her mouth and a jump in her place when she feels a hand on her thigh. Chloe chances a concerned glance at her and tries her best to convey a smile through her worry.

“Everything’s okay?”

“Yeah,” Beca attempts to smile to reassure her that everything was, indeed, okay. Except, everything isn’t. Nervousness is an understatement in this case. She cannot tame her thoughts nor her heartbeats. However, the brunette chooses to keep out of her brain for the moment being and focuses on steadying her breathing. 

Chloe’s hand slowly and subtly inches upwards but stops midway. Beca's breath stops midway in her throat as well. And even though Chloe’s hand is still considerably far from her center, Beca cannot deny the wave of heat that courses through her. 


As soon as the big wooden door closes behind them, Beca finds herself pinned against it. Chloe’s lips soon attach themselves to Beca’s, as if they have missed her for the past decade. She soon catches on to the desire that Chloe is trying to convey through the short kiss and reciprocates it just the same way. Not too long after, Chloe breaks from the kiss but Beca finds herself chasing after her to reconnect their lips. This time, her hands move to their own accord and attach themselves to styled red curls that are bound to soon turn unruly. 

Chloe nips at Beca’s lower lip and the latter gladly grants her access. As soon as Chloe’s tongue enters her mouth, Beca’s tongue uselessly starts a battle of dominance that she is sure to lose. A small tug on one of the strands in her fingers elicits a low groan to rumble in the back of Chloe’s throat as she breaks apart from the brunette. She then takes her by the hand and silently leads her to what Beca assumes to be her bedroom, occasionally looking back as if to check that Beca is still very much real and behind her; both of which Beca, herself, is not sure are true. 

The same scene from minutes ago repeats itself and Beca finds herself pressed against yet another door with Chloe’s lips on her and her own hands tangled in red hair. Except, this time, Chloe’s hands are on her hips, trying to sneak their way under her black blouse. She feels fingers dig firmly in her hips and knowing how this simple act conveys all of Chloe’s desire makes her pull on the red strands between her fingers. A deep moan travels up from Chloe’s throat as she begins tugging on Beca’s blazer to take it down.

“Hey, we’re not too drunk, are we?” Beca voices one of her concerns once the first clothing item is discarded on a chair nearby.

“Fully sober,” Chloe breathes through pants, making sure to look Beca directly in the eyes before asking, “Is this okay?” 

Seeing the desire shading Chloe’s crystal blues only fuels her own and she replies, “totally, just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page.” Both women’s nods are reciprocated before they begin sharing another passionate kiss.

Beca is too far gone that she barely registers herself moving before she feels the back of her knees hitting the bed. Chloe ever so lightly presses down on her shoulder and the brunette is soon sat down, hands behind her to steady herself. She looks up and sees Chloe already pulling her sleeveless white v-neck over her head. Beca cannot help the “fuck” that escapes her lips as she admires the sight in front of her. As Chloe lowers herself so she’s sitting on her lap, the brunette recollects herself.

“You’re so beautiful, Chlo,” Beca looks at her with adoration, eyes roaming the newly uncovered flesh.

“Yeah?” Chloe smiles as she loops her arms loosely around Beca’s neck and tenderly kisses the spot where her jawline meets her earlobe. 

The brunette is not sure where to place her hands so she keeps them on the older woman’s lower back, pressing her palms against it and bringing her close to reach out and kiss her neck. 

One especially deep kiss soon turns into teeth nipping at Chloe’s soft spot and it is followed by a roll of her hips. At that, twin moans escape both of them and Chloe’s hands drop from Beca’s neck and start unbuttoning her blouse before pulling it off and throwing it on the floor to join her own. 

What happens next seems to be a blur. Beca finds herself laid on her back with Chloe hovering over her, lust written all over her features. She is showered with a series of kisses starting with a chaste peck on her lips and growing into a full-on make-out session with her lips, her jawline, her neck, her collarbone, and the swell of her breast. Beca feels Chloe’s hands reach behind her and she arches her back to aid the woman on top of her in the unclasping of her bra. Seconds later, the garment joins the other that preceded it on the floor pile. 

This time, it’s Chloe who loses control of the sound escaping her. It is a half-moan half-whimper that shows her admiration of the sight of pebbled nipples before her. She wastes no time in leaning down and taking one in her mouth, glancing briefly at Beca before she does so for any signs of doubt. Having found no other look besides need, Chloe proceeds to close her lips around the stiff flesh where she faintly grazes her teeth followed by a sweep of her tongue to soothe the ache.

“Chlo,” Beca arches her back, further pushing herself into Chloe’s mouth as she relishes in the closeness she feels. 

The redhead moves on to the other breast paying it as much attention as the first and Beca feels her stomach tightens as she cries out once again, “Please, Chlo.”

“Please what?” Chloe asks her as she moves back upwards and plants short kisses on her lips.

“Please,” is the only word Beca manages to breathe out in between kisses. She is growing hotter by the second and is pretty sure she will combust if Chloe doesn’t do something to soothe the ache between her legs. 

“Tell me what you want, Beca,” Chloe straightens herself to look her in the eyes and Beca can see how the once-so-brightly blue is now but a thin ring bordering blackness. 

She whimpers at the sight alone, at the thought of being so wanted, so desired. 

“I want you, please.”

Beca is aware she is heaving, her breathing significantly corrupted by Chloe’s lips on her body. The air has been knocked out of her but she is not complaining, not when she has Chloe’s smell and the heat radiating off their merged bodies to compensate. Who needs oxygen anyway?

She feels Chloe slide down again, continuing the trail of kisses that were interrupted earlier. She places one kiss exactly in the middle under her breasts, on her stomach, and Beca feels it flip with want. As Chloe continues to move downwards, the brunette cannot still her heart threatening to jump out of her ribcage. 

Once again, a concerned glance from Chloe is met by an immediate nod from Beca and a pleading look for the redhead to continue. She places a kiss just on top of Beca’s black jeans before unbuttoning them and pulling them off at an agonizing pace. She then kisses each of her hip bones, taking her complete time to worship Beca’s body.

As she places a particularly long kiss just above her underwear, Beca’s hips involuntarily roll upwards seeking the slightest bit of relief. Finding none, Beca whines in frustration. Chloe’s name rolls off her lips as a child who had just lost their favorite toy. The redhead has the audacity to chuckle at that. She soon however grants Beca her wish and frees her from the wet fabric. Unfortunately, Chloe still denies Beca any attention where she wants it most.

When she goes back up to kiss the brunette, Chloe finds her impatiently tugging at her own pair of striped shorts in a futile attempt to pull them down. Hence, she finds herself sitting up and pulling on them down before Beca reaches out and takes them the rest of the way.

Diving back in, Chloe finds herself lost in another passionate kiss, her tongue immediately making its way through Beca’s parted lips. She places her thigh between the brunette’s and pushes slightly against her. At the same time that she gasps at how wet Beca actually is, Beca moans at the contact.

“Fuck,” is uttered by the redhead as Beca begins to rock her hips against the woman above her, which makes the latter take pity on her and move her fingers between slick, wet folds, trying to soothe the ache.

“Holy sh-.” It’s cut off by Chloe attacking Beca’s swollen lips for the millionth time tonight as she moves her fingers seemingly in rhythm with her lips, pushing slightly but firmly against her wet folds.

Beca is on the verge of losing her mind. She grinds down on Chloe’s hand but her efforts go to waste. The redhead however moves away from her mouth and slides down the same path she took earlier to reach her center. She places a kiss on her clit and attaches her lips as she begins to suck lightly at the swollen bud of nerves. 

A high-pitched moan escapes Beca and Chloe finds herself aroused by the sound so much as to repeat her actions in hopes of hearing it again. When it works, Chloe continues her sucking, occasionally darting out her tongue to sweep against the wetness dripping from Beca, whose breathing is getting more labored by the second. 

“Fuck,” Beca screams again when she feels a pair of fingers entering her. Chloe soon sets up a rhythm that she knows will drive Beca to reach her high steadily yet strongly.

Not being able to hold herself any longer, Beca begins rocking herself against Chloe’s hand. Just then, Chloe takes a second to look at the scene unfolding before her. Beca’s eyes are shut tightly, her cheeks are a deep shade of red, her head is digging into the mattress, and her hands are trying to grab at the sheets to have something to hold on to. The sight multiplies Chloe’s arousal by thousands and she feels her fingers pick up the pace, determined to get Beca to her breaking point. When she feels her tighten around her fingers, Chloe coos in a hoarse voice, “That’s it, Becs. Come for me, baby.”

Beca barely registers the word, Chloe’s voice alone shooting her soul out of her body and showing her a white light behind her closed eyelids. Her orgasm is helped by Chloe’s gentle fingers slowing their rhythm to come to a full stop eventually and then slide out of her completely.

Beca whimpers at the loss. When she opens her eyes, Chloe’s face is right next to her. She looks at her in adoration and awe. Beca cranes her neck upwards, seeking shelter from her own thoughts about the recent events in Chloe’s lips. Both girls sit upright and this time it’s Beca’s turn to climb on top of Chloe’s lap, making sure she doesn’t break the kiss on her way. When she feels her lingering taste on Chloe’s lips, desire courses through her veins, and she brings her hands from Chloe’s sides to press against the back of her neck, drawing her closer even though it is not possible.

“That was awesome,” Chloe says with a smile after a few minutes of them kissing.

“I want to taste you too,” Beca is taken aback by her own blunt statement and the gust of courage that takes over her.

Chloe, on the other hand, lets out a throaty moan and slides them both to the edge of the bed. Beca hurries to get off Chloe’s lap and situates herself between her legs. She kisses her inner thigh first, close to her knee, and continues moving further up to Chloe’s achingly wet pussy. She places one last kiss dangerously close to Chloe’s center and stops, debating her next move.

“No teasing,” Chloe instructs her, as her fingers tangle in brown locks to keep Beca right where she is, “I want your mouth on me, Becs.”

With a husky grumble, Beca follows Chloe’s orders, somehow drawing pleasure from them. She brushes Chloe’s underwear to the side and tentatively licks Chloe’s folds once, and then twice. A tug on her hair is enough affirmation from Chloe for her to continue. She proceeds, licking Chloe with more firmness, increasing the pace and the strength with every lick to draw out Chloe’s moans. A few minutes later, Chloe’s loud groans fill the room and Beca knows she is close. She easily inserts two fingers inside her and sets a fast pace making the redhead cry out in pleasure. She sucks on her nerves to draw her closer to her orgasm.

“Fuck, Beca. I’m-” the rest of the sentence vanishes behind a sharp cry as Chloe’s hips buck off and she removes one hand from Beca’s hair to steady herself. Beca keeps both her mouth and fingers in the redhead to help her ride out the wave of pleasure.

As soon as Chloe’s body relaxes from its tensed state, Beca climbs up and sits on her lap. She loops her arms around her neck and leans in to place a gentle kiss against swollen red lips.

“So hot,” she whispers shyly as she moves away and places one kiss on the corner of her mouth.

“God, I’ve been wanting to do this since the minute I laid my eyes on you, Becs.” Chloe pulls her in for another kiss and Beca feels her heart explode in her eardrums. She feels the heat rush to her head and forgets every thought she’s ever had.

Chloe then pulls them both under the duvet and brings Beca closer to her. The younger woman lays her head on Chloe’s chest and places her hand loosely around her stomach. Minutes later, they find themselves falling into a deep slumber.

Chapter Text

The morning sun creeps through the blinds and gently dances on a fresh morning face, waking Chloe up from her sleep. The redhead half-sits up in bed, leaning on one elbow and rubbing the sleep from her eyes with the back of her free palm.

It’s not that Chloe is not a morning person, on the contrary, she is the perfect example of a morning person. She’s always chipper in the morning. Back in college, when she would share a room with Aubrey, the blonde always told her that no one could be as happy as Chloe is before eight in the morning. However, Chloe wouldn’t categorize the emotions she’s feeling this morning anywhere near happiness or joy; it was a lot more than that. What she felt was more akin to euphoria, elation, ecstasy. One would think she was exaggerating, but Chloe Beale was ready to jump out of bed and dance around the room, pretending to be in a Disney cartoon with birds chirping around her. 

Looking to her left, she is reminded why. 

Laying on her stomach and hugging her pillow, eyes closed with the faintest breaths parting her lips is none other than Beca Mitchell. A smile finds its way across Chloe’s face without her taking notice of it. She takes in Beca’s face and revels in the peaceful minutes she has to enjoy its beauty. Beca’s eyes are closed but every so often her lids twitch before she lets out the softest sound and Chloe’s heart feels like it’s just about to burst. Her rosy cheeks betray the paleness of the skin the same way her relaxed features betray the tough exterior she tries to hide behind.

The first time that Chloe laid eyes on Beca, all she was able to see was determination and firmness - for the first few minutes at least. Chloe then got to look at her, really look at her. Immediately, she knew that the act of firmness and toughness that Beca puts on was a mere illusion of what rests behind it. Oddly enough, this enigmatic reticence silently sleeping behind the metal bars of an unphased, undaunted expression is exactly what drew Chloe to Beca in the first place.

With time, over the past few weeks leading up to this, she found out that she wasn’t mistaken about Beca. Chloe watched the brunette, once only a closed little bud, start to open up into an enthralling flower, showing the most vibrant of colors, and spreading around the most aromatic of perfumes. Throughout this process, a fleeting thought recurrently hits Chloe about the possibility of her falling in, too fast, too deep. It usually comes to her late at night, when the only person that comes to her before she closes her eyes for the final time is Beca. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, that thought is disguised as Aubrey who keeps telling her to be careful with whom she talks or how fast she gets herself involved. Chloe dismisses the thought. This is who she is, who she’s always been; giving it all a hundred percent or nothing. 

“You’re totally watching me in my sleep, dude,” notes Beca, not once opening her eyes. Her voice brings Chloe back from her thoughts and for a split second, she’s taken aback by Beca’s remark.

“Can you blame me? You’re breathtaking,” comes Chloe’s reply when she recovers from the shock.

Beca then opens her eyes and twists her eyebrows in confusion.

“Do you always have those comebacks ready?” she asks.

Upon seeing Chloe’s smile, Beca’s face softens and relaxes, her smile mimics that of Chloe, and she says in a hoarse morning voice “Morning”.

“Morning, Becs,” Chloe leans in and plants a quick peck on the brunette’s lips. She feels the fluttering of her heart in her chest but is quick to silence it.

When the redhead sits back up, she asks, “Hungry?” to which Beca replies with an affirmation. 



Chloe prepares her famous blueberry oatmeal pancakes for breakfast with two cups of coffee for Beca and herself. Beca had asked if she could take a shower before breakfast and Chloe showed her the bathroom and gave her everything she might need before departing on her way to the kitchen. Although, if you'd asked her for what she would have rather done, she would have definitely preferred helping Beca with her shower. She smiles at the thought of the things they could do in there. 

As she sets down the cups, Beca walks into the kitchen.

“Nice house, dude! I almost got lost on the way here, actually,” Beca muses as she sits down.

“You did?” Chloe feigns shock and sits down facing Beca.

"Yeah, I think I even saw a giraffe or something."

At that, Chloe laughs heartily and Beca's smile grows at the sight. The brunette admires the way Chloe's body tilts forward just a bit and her eyes close shut as she lets out the most melodious laugh and covers it with her hand. 

"I didn't peg you as a morning person, cracking jokes at 9 a.m," the redhead remarks.

"I'm usually not. But I'm in an exceptionally good mood today. I guess it depends on the mornings, right?" The younger woman says cheekily.

Chloe smiles, winks at Beca, and silently takes the syrup bottle to pour some over Beca's pancakes before she notices, "You know what's funny," and at Beca's raised gaze from the plate before her to the redhead's face, she continues, "This is the first time since we met where I'm the one getting you coffee. You should be grateful, Becs. I don't usually spoil my employees like that."

"Oh, I am. For everything. These are delicious." She replies, chewing on a piece of pancakes. 

She lets out an appreciative moan as she digs in her plate. Chloe eyes her, a smile dancing on her lips, as she takes a bite of her own. 

They slip into a comfortable silence for the most part but find themselves breaking it often for small remarks and comments on various subjects. 

At one point, when revisiting last night's performances in one of their comments, Chloe is reminded of their circumstances. Reality seems to become suddenly a giant wall standing between her and Beca. It's not that she wasn't aware of their… situation. She was, always. This is what was holding her back in the first place. She didn't forget who she was nor who Beca was but now, for some unknown reason, the dreaded ghost of reality was looming over them, inciting her to speak out what they both already know.

"What?" Beca asks, catching on to the worried expression that took over Chloe's face. 

"Beca, I think there's something we need to talk about before it gets too much of a problem between us."

"You're already regretting this, aren't you?" The brunette straightens up and puts down her fork to focus all her attention on the next few words that will come out of Chloe's mouth. 

"What?" She asks, "No. No, of course I'm not." She's quick to reject the idea. "Beca, it's about us. I don't want this to be a one-time thing. I really don't."

"I," Beca hesitates before uttering the next words,  "I don't want that either. I really like you, Chlo."

"I really like you too, Becs. And I wanna give this a try. I want to give us a try." Chloe replies, emphasizing the word 'us'.

"Then, what's the problem?"

Chloe searches Beca's eyes, stares into them, and makes sure she doesn't cause any hint of pain to appear in what so soon became her favorite scenery.

"We… we can't let anyone know, Becs. At least anyone inside the company. They can't know. There's a strict law that forbids relationships in the workplace; you know that. And I, personally, insisted on having it. If anyone knows we're together, It'll ruin me."

Beca sits stunned in silence for a few seconds. Chloe doesn't blame her. That's a lot to take in after one night with someone. In fact, Chloe wouldn't blame her if she chose to walk away right at this second and never look back. Dating is already hard. It gets harder when you're Chloe Beale. This is the reason she refrained from the idea of seeing someone for so many years and compensated by one-night stands occasionally. This wasn’t the same though.

Chloe can see the battle that goes on in the brunette's mind. She can see her pondering the possibilities and reflecting on her options. Beca slowly starts to nod her head, a habit Chloe has noticed she has whenever she's finally come to a decision, and says "Yeah, okay. I can do that. It's not like we need to fuck in the office, right? We go to work, as normal as two complete strangers do. And after that, we're free to be whoever we want and do whatever we want."

Swaying her head from left to right only once to emphasize her "Absolutely", Chloe purses her lips and goes on "Are you sure though? I don't want you to be uncomfortable or anything."

"I'm sure. I want to give this a try like you said."

The two of them find it easy to go back into the conversation. They soon find that it is almost noon and decide to spend the rest of the day in the privacy of Chloe's abode. Their day alternates between heavy conversations on dreams and future goals and milestones each would like to achieve and light bickering over what song to play next in the background, as they sit in a comfortable, domestic ambiance on the couch in front of the TV.

Beca discovers a lot about the redhead. She discovers that Chloe is a very competitive backgammon player who doesn’t tolerate losing. She also discovers her beautiful voice as they sing around the kitchen together while preparing lunch. Chloe is also quite the cook. One would think with such a busy life, the redhead wouldn’t have time for this but surprise, surprise, it’s Chloe Beale. Beca also finds out that Chloe likes what she calls ‘her Sunday tea’ with two cubes of sugar, because “there’s no such thing as too sweet, Beca.”

The sun in the sky steps down from its royal, midday throne and lies low beneath the sea, bidding farewell to yet another day. All the while, the two girls exchange small pecks and stolen kisses every chance they get and make the most of their day in a race with the time running out.  

Sooner than she wanted, it’s time for Beca to go home to her two best friends who haven’t stopped calling and whose persistent messages she silenced with a quick “I’m alive. Stop intruding.” on the group chat.

“I’m gonna miss you,” starts Chloe with a smile, leaning on the door frame.

“I’m not doing the sappy shit right now. I’ll see you tomorrow, Chlo.” Beca elongates her body to plant a kiss on Chloe’s cheek, only to have the redhead turn and capture it with her lips, leaning forward to deepen what was intended as a small, innocent kiss. “Or maybe, I am,” Beca second-guesses after the two of them break apart and turns on her heels. "Bye Bye, Beale!"