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Poetry Exchange

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After Diluc had completed the gruelling task of shoving Venti and the other drunkards out of the tavern, (all of which had to be urged to leave after staying far too long after closing hours), only one of the many drunks remained. It was Kaeya, of course.

Kaeya was drunk. Extremely drunk. Thanks to Venti having graciously shared out "Kaeya's" payment of three bottles of cider, as well as an assortment of other strong alcoholic drinks, Kaeya was very drunk. Diluc tried to stop him. He really did. He was worried for Kaeya's health, but couldn't fight back against a horde of drunks egging him on for hours on end. Kaeya was sat on a stool, body slumped and head rested against the counter. Queasiness and dizziness started to set in, his body overwhelmed from the sheer amount of alcohol he'd managed to stomach in the past few hours.

Diluc leaned over the counter, bringing his hand to Kaeya's head and pushing up his fringe. He felt Kaeya's forehead. It was laced with sweat, and hot to the touch. Typical drunk.

"You can't go home like this. You might have drunk even more than Venti."

Diluc's voice rang in Kaeya's ears, making his head pound. The world span around him as he raised his head up from the counter. "More than *hic* Venti? I only drank-"

Kaeya couldn't get out the rest of his sentence before his head slammed back down on the counter. Diluc's eyes widened in shock, arms flailing about as he pondered on what to do. He quickly walked around the other side of the counter and pried Kaeya off of it, wrapping one of Kaeya's arms around his shoulder. He steadied the both of them, making sure Kaeya wouldn't fall.

"Stay here for the night."

Those words seemed to send Kaeya into a trance. "Ehe... the pretty bartender wants me to spend the night with him~" He giggled uncontrollably; could have passed for one of Barbara's stalker fans. Diluc would have hurled a fist straight into Kaeya's face if it wasn't for the fact he was preoccupied with lugging the taller man up the stairs and into his room.

Diluc's entire body ached after he placed Kaeya down on his bed, the result of their earlier activities combined with the physical exertion that came with carrying a man much heavier than himself up a flight of stairs. Diluc left the room for a moment to get a glass of water, placing it at Kaeya's side. Unsurprisingly, Kaeya's clothes were strewn out all over the floor. He'd already fallen asleep; the only article of clothing that remained was his underwear. His limbs were all over the place, practically spread out like a starfish. Typical drunk.

Diluc loved this drunk, though. And so, he kneeled down and smiled, leaning in after a while and placing a brief kiss on Kaeya's lips. He reeked of alcohol; tasted like it too. Diluc didn't have very good tolerance when it came to alcohol, not needing much to get drunk out of his mind. That combined with the unbearable taste of the liquid was why grape juice was Diluc's drink of choice, no matter how "unromantic" Kaeya claimed it to be.

He wiped his own lips clean on his sleeve in attempt to stop the churning in his stomach. Although they were Kaeya's lips, there was no denying how wretched it tasted on those lips. What made it worse was that it was a miscellany of drinks Kaeya had prided himself in tasting over the course of the night - which obviously didn't taste well mixed together.

Diluc made a mental note to be more forceful with his limits, ensuring Kaeya stays in good health. He wouldn't tell Kaeya that, though. It would be that Kaeya's tab was growing faster than a field of sweet flowers.

After a minute or so of feverishly wiping his lips, Diluc gave up. The taste of the alcohol didn't leave his lips, and instead warmth began to spread throughout Diluc's body. It was implausible that such a small amount of alcohol was able to set such a strong fire alight in Diluc's core. He hadn't ingested alcohol in years; was his tolerance much worse than he had remembered it to be?

Diluc tried to pop the thoughts rising in his mind like bubbles, but he couldn't fight against the ever-growing heat pooling in his stomach. His thoughts led him to pull himself up and onto his bed, crawling over to Kaeya and straddling his torso. Diluc watched Kaeya's exposed chest rise and fall. He made no attempts to hide his... assets from peering eyes.

Diluc recalled the multitude of people that had approached Kaeya as the evening went on, asking for him to spend the night with them in exchange for another drink.

Would they still lust over him if they knew Kaeya was his?

Wait- did he just...? It must have been the alcohol. Diluc would never think of something so shameful.

After all, Kaeya was constantly bedding people and disposing of them at his leisure, with the guise of prying information out of them. Diluc shouldn’t jump to conclusions, shouldn't think of Kaeya as his.

Before he knew it, tears were pooling at the corner of Diluc's eyes, dampening the fabric of Kaeya's underwear.

But then, Diluc had a thought. A thought fuelled by the influence of alcohol, but a thought nonetheless. If Kaeya wasn't his already, he could make Kaeya his. The heat in his stomach bubbled and overflowed, lust and the desire to possess Kaeya as his own coursing through his veins.

He adjusted his position from above Kaeya, his hardening arousal pressed against Kaeya's groin. As the tears continued flowing down his cheeks, he started to move his hips. He grinded against Kaeya, chasing the affirmation that Kaeya was his; that he was Kaeya's. Even if Kaeya was to deny it, Diluc deserved compensation for almost letting the entirety of Mondstadt know about their private affairs. Plus, Kaeya took the lead earlier, even when it was supposed to be a payment for Diluc's wine. Now, it was time for Diluc to fulfil his needs of his own accord.

It wasn't long before his hardness ached against the tight strain of his trousers, fabric restricting his pleasure. He paused his ministrations momentarily, releasing his cock from its constraints. He did the same for Kaeya, yearning to properly feel Kaeya against him.

Kaeya wasn't hard- well, he was asleep.

Diluc tried to remedy this. If he tried hard enough; rolled his hips the right way, rubbed his arousal against a sensitive spot or teased the tip of Kaeya's cock he might just make him hard too. Diluc knew what he was doing was wrong; taking advantage of Kaeya's state to fuel his own desires.

However, he couldn't stop. He bucked his hips up, dangerously close to release. But his body derived him from the pleasure of release.

Kaeya had to feel it too. Otherwise it wasn't even. Wasn't fair.

Clearly, Diluc had surrendered his sense of reason to the alcohol lingering on his lips. He stopped to cup his hands around both of their cocks, pumping them together.


Diluc cried out, desperate to get Kaeya's attention. He needed Kaeya to notice him, needed him to love him. Love him like he did earlier when Kaeya left him panting; hole puffy and spilling out cum, well-fucked and-

And Diluc was too lost in his delusions to realise the object of his desires shifting from beneath him. Kaeya stretched, and sat up.

"...Diluc?" Kaeya asked, voice husky and laced with traces of exhaustion. His eyes widened as he began to process the scene unfolding before him.

Kaeya rubbed his eyes, refusing to believe what he was seeing was reality.

"Another dream...?"

The sudden noise caused Diluc to stop and look up. He struggled to make sense of what Kaeya said, but his cheeks flared up, flattered by the implication that Kaeya had pictured this same scenario in his head before. Diluc met Kaeya's curious gaze with dilated pupils clouded with wanton.

"Kaeya, Kaeya!"

Diluc beamed, tears still flowing as he lunged forwards to cup his partner's cheeks. He stared into Kaeya's eyes, in awe at the way his face sparkled in them. Kaeya smiled back at him, hands finding purchase on the soft skin of Diluc's waist.

"My, my, what did I do to deserve another round with the most beautiful being in Teyvat? I must be the luckiest man alive~"

Diluc averted his gaze, embarrassment serving to partially return him to the realm of reason. He questioned Kaeya's abrupt return to sobriety, wondering if him being drunk was a front all along. Diluc knew well that it wasn't unusual for Kaeya to do so. He didn't have the energy to question it, so he returned to the matter at hand.

"Sh-shush. I'm just taking the rest of my payment for those bottles of cider. Earlier was just a... deposit."

Kaeya frowned, observing Diluc's change in demeanour. This wasn't good. Even if their love-making session was payment for the cider, Kaeya refused to forget Diluc's earlier expression. He wanted to make Diluc's thoughts so incoherent that all traces of his sanity were fucked away by his cock. Kaeya's lips curved up into a smile as his length hardened, twitching with anticipation.

"Hmm... I thought I had paid in full, but I can't complain if you're going to indulge me again tonight, beautiful."

Diluc's hands fell to his sides. He tilted his head downwards, mind returning to his previous train of thought.

"If you hadn't drunk so much you could have spent your second round with the horde of women that refused to leave your side all night."

Kaeya chuckled, lightly squeezing Diluc's side. "Hmm? Why would I want to do that when the most adorable person one could lay their eyes on is practically begging for my cock?"

He expected some kind of reaction in response to his words, whether it was a slap round the face or for Diluc to bury his head in Kaeya's chest. Worryingly, Diluc's only reaction was to stay put, silently fidgeting with his fingers.

Kaeya released his grip on Diluc's waist when the sound of sniffling broke the silence. He brought a hand to Diluc's cheek, wiping away the fresh tears. Kaeya then moved that hand to Diluc's chin, holding it between his fingers and tilting it upwards. He shifted his body, leaning in and peering into Diluc's watery eyes.

"What's wrong, Diluc?" He asked softly; the use of Diluc's name over something more intimate showing his legitimate concern. Kaeya brushed a lock of hair stuck to Diluc's face behind his ear, waiting for a response.

Diluc waited too, struggling to muster up the courage to form selfish words. He lowered his voice to a murmur, inaudible if they weren't close enough to feel each other's breath on their lips.

"Do you... love me?"

Kaeya sighed, wrapping his arms around his lover and pulling him close, but ensuring their faces remained parallel.

"You worry me so much, 'Luc... you know I love you more than I can put into words, right?" He whispered, lazily brushing his fingers through Diluc's soft hair.

"...Really? You don't... you wouldn't do it with anyone else?" Diluc mumbled, his fingers trembling as his nails dug into Kaeya's shoulders.

"What's gotten into you, sunshine? I've loved you since we were kids, you know that, don't you?"

Diluc hummed, pleased with Kaeya's response. He didn't want to ruin the moment, or start an argument. For now, he needed to satiate the burning feeling now fuelled by Kaeya instead of the alcohol. He closed the distance between them, kissing Kaeya briefly before pulling away. Diluc steadied himself with one hand placed on the bed, and the other positioning Kaeya's cock against his slit.

"...Can I?"

"You don't have to ask~" Kaeya teased, relieved that Diluc had been reassured and felt confident enough to continue what he had started. After receiving affirmation, Diluc slowly lowered himself until Kaeya was fully inside him. His face scrunched up, hole still puffy and sensitive from being used only a few hours prior. Kaeya's hands found Diluc's ass, prying the cheeks apart and firmly holding them in his palms to steady Diluc.

Diluc slowly raised his hips, groaning at the temporary loss. Not long after, he slammed his hips down and stuffed himself full of Kaeya's cock. He felt oh-so pleasantly full, hole being stretched by Kaeya's immense girth. Diluc's eyes rolled back in his head, turned on more by the fact he didn't have to wait to accommodate such a large intrusion due to their previous session. He set a steady pace, riding Kaeya like his life depended on it. Kaeya kneaded his ass as he did so, eyes locked onto Diluc's stomach.

Kaeya could see his cock inside Diluc, bulge growing more prominent each time Diluc descended and swallowed his cock. Diluc's hole felt so good, hot and pliant yet so tight, gripping and sucking in Kaeya's cock like a vice.

"F-fuck, 'Luc... you feel so good..." Kaeya groaned, placing a firm slap on Diluc's ass as he fell, taking him by surprise.


Diluc's body soon felt like jelly, struggling to keep up with his previously overly-enthusiastic pace. Kaeya quickly took notice, moving his hands to grip Diluc's hips to keep him in place. He began to thrust deep into Diluc. Kaeya groaned with each push further inside and drew out long, needy moans from his partner too.


Diluc whined, panting as he angled his hips upwards, frantically chasing climax. One hand rose to fondle a nipple, twisting it between his fingers. His other hand found his stomach. Diluc's mind went blank when he felt Kaeya fucking into him- not only in his hole, but against his hand too.

"It feels... w-weird...s-big, big!" Diluc cried out, only able to think of Kaeya. His words became a flurry of moans mixed in with Kaeya's name.

Kaeya suddenly slipped out, only to re-enter and start brutally assaulting Diluc's prostate. Diluc's vision blurred, eyes clouding over with a fresh batch of tears.

"More, more, Kae! Cum, I want-"

Kaeya brought a hand to Diluc's cock, smearing the pooling precum as he teased Diluc's pink tip. He pumped it in time with his own thrusts, bringing Diluc dangerously close to his orgasm. Kaeya leaned in closer, bringing his lips to Diluc's ear and blowing cold air into it teasingly before whispering.

"Cum for me, 'Luc. Cum all over my cock."

In that moment, something set off in Diluc. He wanted to please Kaeya, wanted to submit to him and satisfy his every need. This wasn't about the wine anymore, it was about Kaeya.

All he could think of was Kaeya.

And like magic, Diluc let out a particularly high-pitched moan that was telling of his orgasm. His walls convulsed, sucking Kaeya in deeper, pleading to be filled with his seed. At the same time, Diluc's cock twitched, spurts of cum staining Kaeya's hand.

"Good boy... such a good boy. Your pretty little cock looks so gorgeous, covered in your cum."

Kaeya continued to pump it through Diluc's orgasm, and a short while after. He revelled in the way Diluc's eyes fluttered open and closed, the way his whole body shook as his spent cock writhed from the overstimulation.

" tickles..."

"It's ok, princess. I'm almost there. Be a good boy for me and wait just a little longer?"

It only took a few more laboured thrusts into Diluc's sensitive heat for Kaeya to spill out into him, releasing so much cum that it trickled out of Diluc's abused hole.

"Ah, ah...warm..."

Kaeya rubbed the small of Diluc's back, comforting him lovingly.

"You did so well, firefly. Your puffy little hole took my cock so well, so well."

Diluc whimpered, mind and body numb. He went limp, falling onto Kaeya and pushing him down onto the bed. Diluc laid his head against Kaeya's chest, snuggling up to his heart to listen for the calming thump sound.

"Mm... tired." Diluc mumbled, hands lazily tracing a scar across Kaeya's abdomen.

Kaeya pet Diluc's head, lacing his fingers in the thick crimson hair. They should clean up, Kaeya thought. But for now, he wanted to bask in the moment for just a while longer. He let Diluc be lulled to sleep by the warmth of his embrace, while listening to his heartbeat.

Assorted sweet noises escaped Diluc's lips, and it was moments like those that Kaeya was sure nothing else could make him happier.

"You're mine, 'Luc. Don’t forget that; and sleep tight, my love."

Kaeya angled his head downwards, pressing a kiss against Diluc's cheek before he too succumbed to exhaustion and fell asleep.