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Poetry Exchange

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"I will pay special attention to your homework and guarantee that you will see improvement in your studies! But as for your tuition fee... some Windblume Festival-exclusive Applebloom Cider should do the trick..."

"With you and Master Diluc being on such good terms and all, that shouldn't be a problem, should it?"

"Steady now, let's not overestimate my abilities. Still, one bottle of the good stuff in exchange for your guidance... Not an opportunity to pass up."

"Whoa, 'one' bottle? Make that three! Please? Please, please?"


Kaeya recalls his conversation from the previous day, half confident in his charming abilities and half regretful that he had made such an absurd deal with the bard in the first place. Despite this, Kaeya places his hand on the door to the Angel's Share and pushes it open. The tavern isn't open yet; however, due to Venti's enthusiasm and excitability, Kaeya has to get three bottles of cider before the bard inevitably shows up the second the clock strikes to signal the beginning of opening hours. Kaeya sighs as he walks up to the counter, hoping that the red-haired bartender will fulfil his request. Said man places down the glass he was rigorously polishing and turns around, his ponytail spinning with him.

"We're not open ye-" He says before turning around entirely to face Kaeya.

Kaeya cuts him off, hands swatting the air. "Woah woah woah, at least hear me out? I need a favour."


Kaeya completely ignores Diluc's reply, beginning to explain his situation. "So, I'm taking a poetry class. And, well, I can't just leave my teacher hanging, can I? That's why they requested three bottles of Applebloom Cider."

Diluc scowls, slamming a glass down onto the countertop. "And why should I give you three bottles of my finest product?"

"This poem is very important to me though..." Kaeya sulks, twirling a strand of ceruleum hair around his index finger.

"Who are you writing a poem for, anyway?"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we, Master Diluc? If you provide the payment I'll let you know all of the details" Kaeya starts, taking a seat. He places his elbows on the counter, resting his head in his hands as he looks straight at the other man. Diluc is facing the other way now, running his fingers across the large assortment of wines, presumably checking stock or something of the sort.

"And who is this 'teacher' of yours?"

Kaeya raises his head and folds his arms, a smirk washing over his face. "Ahaha, I don't think you'd be willing to help me if I told you who."

"Who said I was going to help you anyway?" Diluc retorts. "As I said, we're not open yet. Do me a favour instead and leave now."

"I really do need that cider, though." Kaeya muses, a finger on his chin. After a few moments, he speaks again. "Fine. How much would it be?" He sighs, reaching into his pocket.

"Fifty-thousand mora. No less."

Kaeya's eyes widen at Diluc's response. That's... a lot. 

"Fifty-thousand?! Can I pay over time? Isn't there another way to pay?"

"No. Your tab has been growing quite steadily of late."

Kaeya gets out of his seat, walking behind the counter.

"Employees on-" - is all Diluc manages to get out before he feels a set of arms wrapping around his waist, and a head resting against his right shoulder. He doesn't have to look to tell Kaeya is smirking uncontrollably right now. He also doesn't need to hear a single word from the offending man to know exactly what this sudden action implies.

"Are you sure I can't pay another way?" Kaeya mumbles against Diluc's shoulder, mouth clearly in a pout. He tightens his grip around the other's waist.

Diluc raises a hand to try swat Kaeya's away, but fails, his grip too tight. "I'm sure the Cavalry Captain can afford to compensate his own teacher, no?"

"But Diiiluccc... I have other things that need paying forrr..." 

Kaeya stays silent for a moment. He decides to test Diluc's patience, releasing his grip on the other's waist. One hand finds purchase against Diluc's chest; the other on his crotch.

Diluc doesn't react immediately, giving Kaeya another opportunity to tease him. Kaeya raises his head, angling it towards Diluc's neck. He licks a stripe up it, sucking on the skin just below Diluc's jaw. 


Kaeya smiles against Diluc's skin, tongue dancing to another spot. He bites down, eliciting another moan from Diluc. He repeats these actions until he sees a flushed, panting Diluc in the corner of his eye.

"Changed your mind now?"

Diluc whimpers, catching his breath. "S-stop... the tavern opens soon..." 

"Not for another hour, right? That's plenty of time to pay for the cider, don't you think?"


After a few seconds, Diluc snaps out of it, regaining his composure. He can't give in. Not to Kaeya. Not now. He tries to push Kaeya off, but struggles to combat his strength. Kaeya asserts his control over the situation by flipping around to face Diluc. He leans in closer, breathing out a cold gust of air against Diluc's lips. The sudden change in temperature makes Diluc jolt, quickly turning his head away. He places his hands on Kaeya's chest, once again attempting to push him away.

"Don't touch me, Kaeya. I said the tavern opens soon."

"But Diiiluc... I need that ciderrr~"

"I told you already. Fifty-thousand mora or get out."

Kaeya drops his hands, backing away and shrugging. "Hm... alright. I suppose I could look somewhere else."

He waits for a response, but Diluc simply returns to polishing glasses and checking his wines. Clearly, this isn't getting anywhere. No point in pushing it then, Kaeya thinks. He turns around and heads for the door, waving as he pushes it open and starts to exit.

However, behind the counter Diluc stares so hard he might burn a hole into the ground, blush plaguing his cheeks. Not only is he embarrassed due to Kaeya's attempt at procuring the cider from him, but he's also hard. Kaeya turns around when he hears Diluc walk out from the counter, hesitation in his eyes as he plays with his fingers. It almost looks as if Diluc is trying to say something, his lips trembling slightly. Kaeya's eyes widen as his gaze travels downwards, eyeing the bulge in Diluc's pants. 

"Don't look..." Diluc mumbles as he moves his hands to cover his arousal. It's too late, though. Kaeya shuts the door and walks over, a smirk forming on his face. "So, you are willing to let me pay somehow else, hm?"

Diluc shakes his head in attempt to exorcise the embarrassment out of him like it was something out of the Abyss. He puffs, his composure bringing him down to earth but his dick doing quite the opposite. "No. Fuck off."

Diluc isn't discouraged by his previous failure to push Kaeya away. He attempts to take control of the situation, wriggling around until Kaeya eventually wraps his arms around Diluc's back. Kaeya doesn't hug Diluc fully, doing so in order to capture Diluc's lips in another deep kiss. Their tongues clash, Diluc eagerly trying to pry Kaeya off of him by any means possible. Eventually, Diluc does win. Well, not completely. Kaeya's hands now knead Diluc's ass, a thick string of saliva thinning as they slowly break away from each other. Kaeya licks his lips, savouring every trace of his partner. His lips meet Diluc's neck, licking and sucking over the marks made earlier. The colour of the marks deepen, turning a bright crimson. Kaeya pulls away for a moment to undo a few buttons of Diluc's shirt. He pushes it down, exposing his collarbone and quickly claiming it as his own. Hickey after hickey blossoms beautifully against Diluc's porcelain skin. Kaeya revels in the needy whine that escapes Diluc's mouth; the way Diluc's hands tremble as they sneak up his neck to tangle through his azure locks and the way his legs almost give out from underneath him. 

Diluc can feel Kaeya's smirk against his skin, hands continuing to knead his ass through the fabric of his trousers. Kaeya pauses his ministrations to fully remove Diluc's shirt, exposing his pink nipples. Diluc shivers momentarily, the cold air brushing over his chest. The feeling almost instantaneously subsides when Kaeya captures a nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the perky bud. He then sucks on the nub, hard enough to milk it. He lathers it with saliva once more before releasing it with a lewd squelch, the cold air making the bud even more sensitive. Kaeya takes this to his advantage, activating his vision and coating his fingertips with frost. He moves to claim the other nipple with his mouth, repeating the same actions while his hand massages the previously assaulted nipple. 


Kaeya continues fondling Diluc's chest. He switches nipples a few times, dragging out as many high-pitched whines out of his partner as possible. A few minutes of the same actions repeating slowly pass by, Diluc becoming less and less patient. Kaeya notices this, smirking against the nipple currently between his lips and biting down harshly.

"Ka- that hurts..."

Kaeya pulls back. He wipes his mouth clean, still smirking. "Haha, sorry 'Luc."

He leans towards Diluc, about to meet his lips. But, a pale hand covers his mouth and shoves him away.

"Kaeya, stop. Get the fuck out of my tavern. We're opening soon."

Kaeya hums, ignoring his partner. His smirk persists as he gradually backs Diluc up against the counter. Diluc tries to move away; failing once more due to Kaeya's strong build caging him in.


Diluc's eyes widen briefly. "How many times do I have to tell you to get out of my sight? I'm not going to indulge you, Kaeya." He begins, gaze trailing off to the side. "Leave before I force you out."

"I said, strip."

Diluc sighs. "I know, I'm not deaf."

Silence engulfs the room, Diluc searching his mental database of snarky remarks. "You have no control over me." - Is the best one he can think of in such a tense situation.

Kaeya chuckles, face inching closer and closer to a pair of glaring ruby eyes. "Mhm? So you're not begging to be filled with my cum?"

Diluc's cheeks flare up, and so does his vision as he reaches for his back to materialise his sword.

"Fuck. Off. I never said that!"

Before Diluc's sword appears, Kaeya activates his own vision, gripping Diluc's hands and chaining them in ice behind his back. He then ducks down, unzipping Diluc's trousers and pulling them down along with his underwear so they bunch up at his ankles. He blows a puff of icy air against Diluc's cock which twitches in response. 

"So, you are enjoying this~" He teases, wrapping a hand around Diluc's cock and beginning to pump it with a firm grip.

"Kaeya! Stop!" Diluc cries out. Soon, he feels warm lips enveloping his cock.

"Get... off!" Diluc shouts. He squirms, hands desperately trying to break free from the icy restraints.

Kaeya begins to suck, locking eyes with Diluc as he does so. He takes Diluc in his mouth fully, until his nose rests against Diluc’s abdomen. Then, he quickly removes his mouth with an obscene pop. His tongue swirls around the tip in circles, smearing the head of Diluc's cock with his own precum. His lips wrap around the tip, sucking loudly.


Kaeya starts to deepthroat Diluc's cock again. While he does this, he moves a hand up towards Diluc, fingers prodding at his lips. 'Suck' is what he would demand if he wasn't currently doing said thing to Diluc's pretty cock. 

Diluc denies him entrance, but not for long as the next pulse of pleasure through his cock causes him to moan, his mouth opening wide. Kaeya uses this as an opportunity, forcing his fingers into Diluc's mouth. Diluc chokes, trying to repel the intrusion to no avail. Kaeya continues to control the movements of his fingers, circling them around Diluc's tongue and coating them in a thick layer of saliva.

Kaeya hums against Diluc's cock before removing it from his mouth. He does the same with his fingers, bringing them to his face and admiring them. He then moves them behind Diluc, circling the rim of his asshole.

"If you think..." Diluc mumbles, hands yet again trying to wriggle free from the ice. "You're going to get cider out of thi-" Kaeya's finger prods at his entrance, slowly slipping in.

"Ah- yo-you're not going to get anything..."

"Hmm... is that soo~" Kaeya chuckles, adding two more fingers in. Diluc whimpers, the sudden addition catching him off guard and stretching him open. Kaeya waits until Diluc's pants fade to begin pumping his fingers, curling them against Diluc's prostate.

Diluc moans loudly, feeling a build-up of pressure when Kaeya hits that spot. "K-Kaeya, ngh-"

Kaeya keeps going, a brutal pace of fingers assaulting Diluc's prostate. Diluc's moans become louder, higher, sweeter as a fire builds up rapidly in his stomach.

"Stop touching m- ah you're di-disgusting..."

"Your body seems to disagree with you, though... just look how your pretty pink hole is clenching around my fingers." Kaeya teases, splitting his fingers apart to stretch the hole further. "You're drooling too, 'Luc"

"I- f-fuck you!"

"Haha, fuck me? I'm the one who's going to be fucking you, love~"

"Shut u-" Diluc blurts out, interrupted by Kaeya pressing against his prostate once more. Diluc's body starts to shake, the pleasure becoming too much to handle. Kaeya picks up on this signal, quickly pulling his fingers out.

"Ah... w-why did you-"

"You asked me to stop, didn't you?"

Diluc blushes, withholding the desire to moan Kaeya's name. He feels empty. So empty. 

With the empty feeling, a pinch of Diluc's composure returns. He glances at the clock in the opposite corner of the room. He needs to finish preparations. He isn't going to open the tavern in this state.

"Y-you need to leave..."

Kaeya snickers, forcing all three of his fingers back inside Diluc's entrance.


Diluc's abandoned pleasure starts to rebuild; even faster this time. His hands go limp, fighting to keep himself steady against the bar counter. Kaeya begins to violate his asshole once more, a free hand that hovered over Diluc's cock descending to pump it.

"Too s-sensi-ah!"

"But it feels good, doesn't it, 'Luc?"

"Nng.. n-no-" He whimpers, moan clearly contradicting his words.

Kaeya curls his fingers, pressing against that one spot, making Diluc go crazy. His legs wobble, struggling to hold him up as his pleasure approaches its climax. Kaeya's fingers jolt, slipping out once more as he maintains his pace pumping Diluc's cock. 

"Urgh... ah- ah"

Kaeya knows exactly what he's doing. Diluc expects for his pleasure to die down; Kaeya stripping him from the satisfaction of release. Kaeya delivers one final pump to Diluc's cock before removing his hand. It's too late.

Diluc is partly right; no satisfaction is felt whatsoever. Despite this, thick ropes of cum spurt out of his cock none the less, dirtying Kaeya's hovering hand. He came. But felt nothing. Kaeya wasn't touching him as he reached his high, devoid of all feelings of pleasure as his body continues to spasm. His eyes flutter open and closed, until his cock is completely spent. He pants, head going blank as he struggles to comprehend the situation.

He finally gathers enough oxygen to speak, albeit only a few words spill from his mouth. "You fucking-"

"Shh... you enjoyed it, didn't you?"

"You ruined it! Fuck you! Just get out already!"

Kaeya laughs sweetly. His eyes linger on Diluc's cock and the way it twitches with want, not yet going soft as it chases the pleasure previously stolen from it.

Reason finally returns to Diluc. "If I wanted to die, I'd climb up your ego and jump from there." Diluc retorts; his mental database successfully finding an appropriate insult this time. Well, maybe not so appropriate.

Nonetheless, Kaeya replies with a bright smile. He waits patiently, wondering what else his lover can throw at him.

Diluc activates his vision and melts the ice around his wrists. "Just... get out."

"Hm... if you're sure." Kaeya groans, a light-hearted undertone to his voice. He licks his hand clean, ensuring his eyes are locked with Diluc's while doing so. When he's done making a scene out of the action, he backs away, preparing to leave. "If you're not willing to help me out, I suppose I'll just have to coerce one of your willing patrons into buying those three bottles for me."

Diluc scoffs. "You whore."

"I thought we had a deal here, though..."

"I never agreed to anything." 

"I suppose you're right. I'll be taking my leave then." He sighs, admiring Diluc one last time before turning around. He paces towards the door slowly; waiting for any reaction from his fiery partner. Not long later, he gets exactly that. Sniffles and cries echo throughout the room from behind him. Kaeya swivels his body around, eyes locking onto a crying Diluc. Tears stream down his face and onto his hands which are pressed flush against his face.

"Diluc?" He whispers, slowly approaching his lover.

He mumbles in response from behind the tears. "You can't just leave me like this..."

"But you asked me to. Did you want me to help you clean up before I left?"

Before Diluc can reply, Kaeya's arms wrap around him in a warm embrace. "I'm sorry."

"You better be..." 

"You don't have to give me the cider, you know."

"I wasn't planning to." He laughs breathily, a smile on his face. Kaeya chuckles too, pulling away to pry Diluc's hands away from his face and placing a chaste kiss against his lips.

"Alright, I'll help you clean up."



"I said, you can't leave me here like this..." Diluc sulks, gaze trailing off to the side.

"I know. That's why I'm helping you clean up before the tavern opens, ok?"

Diluc wraps his arms around Kaeya, burying his face in his chest. "That's not what I meant."

"What do you mean, then?" Kaeya asks, stroking Diluc's head lightly.

"...You know exactly what I mean."

"Oh? I do?" He chuckles, his chin now resting against Diluc's head.

Diluc makes a fist with one hand, hurling it towards Kaeya's arm. However, the punch has no impact. Diluc lost all his strength due to Kaeya's previous actions.

"I won't know what you want unless you tell me, sunshine~"

"Don't call me that!"

"So that's what you want?"

"Shut u-"

Kaeya laughs, hands trailing up and down Diluc's back. His fingers move in circles, rubbing the skin there lovingly.

Kaeya raises his voice after a few moments of silence. "How long until opening time?" 

"Thirty minutes."

"Plenty of time for what you want to do, isn't it, princess?"

Kaeya feels a shift against his body as Diluc forms a fist again. He deflects the violent action by lifting Diluc up and placing him on top of the counter. A hand splits Diluc's legs apart, his cock hard once again. Kaeya leans down to place a kiss on Diluc's lips before reaching to unzip his own pants, cold air finally hitting his painfully hard cock, leaking with anticipation.

"You're still...?"

"I've been waiting, 'Luc." Kaeya whispers, pumping Diluc a few times tauntingly. He bends down once more, placing a trail of kisses from the inside of Diluc's thigh up to right beside his hole. It twitches eagerly, not-so-patiently waiting for Kaeya.

"Hurry up..."

"Impatient aren't you, my love?"

"Sh-" Diluc shouts, quickly silenced by Kaeya pushing inside of him. Kaeya places his hands on Diluc's waist, watching as Diluc's legs autonomously move to hook over his shoulders.


The feeling of Kaeya's girthy dick filling him to the brim causes Diluc to cry out, hands covering his face as tears begin to wet his cheeks.

"That's no good, 'Luc. I want to see your gorgeous face while I wreck you~" 

Cold air hits Diluc's waist, one of Kaeya’s hands moving to swat his own hands away from his face. "Keep them here. If you don't do as I say, I'll make you cum like before," he demands.

Diluc's body shudders, not needing to be told twice. The thought of being denied all of his pleasure yet again haunts him, forcing him into submission. He complies, hands positioned above his head as Kaeya continues to thrust into him. He drags himself out of Diluc, only the tip remaining inside. Diluc's senses are heightened as he waits for Kaeya to slam back into him, burying his cock deep in Diluc's hole. 

Over time Kaeya's pace becomes more brutal, angling against Diluc's prostate. He reaches for one of Diluc's hands, guiding it underneath his dick and flat against his stomach.

"Can you feel it?"

"I-It's so big..."

"Mhm, that's right. That big thing is fucking into you right now. Stretching out your slutty asshole and stirring it up inside." He teases, slamming into Diluc. A whiny moan escapes his lips, egging Kaeya on more.

"D-don't say such lewd things..."

"That reminds me, 'Luc. The poetry classes."

"I said, ah, I'm not giving you the cider..."

Kaeya hits his prostate again, smirking as he speaks. "The poem I wrote was for you, sunshine~"

"Hu-what does it say?"

"'Mi muhe ye means I love you in the language of the hilichurls'"

"P-poetry my ass... you know what that really means."

Kaeya flicks one of Diluc's nipples, eliciting a soft moan from his plush lips. "As expected of Master Ragnvindr, well learnt in all subjects." He pauses his assault for a moment, caressing Diluc's cheek and looking him in the eye. 

"'I triumph over you'. Isn't that fitting for a situation like this?"


Kaeya silences his lover with a chuckle, as well as a particularly deep thrust. He hits one of Diluc's sensitive spots, noticing how his head falls back and his eyelids twitch.

"Ah, ah c-close...!"

"Already? Did you want to be violated by my cock that badly?"


Diluc's whole body twitches, waves of pleasure shooting through him as his cock squirts cum all over his stomach. Simultaneously, his hole convulses, spasming around Kaeya's cock. The tightening of his hole makes Kaeya thrust sloppily, panting as he is driven over the edge too. Diluc's hole milks him through his orgasm as he spills out into his partner, filling him with his warm seed.

The pair take a minute to catch their breaths, the first to act being Kaeya as he slowly pulls out his softening member. He hums with satisfaction as he watches cum trickle out of Diluc's hole and down his thighs.

"K-Kaeya! We need to clean up... ten minutes left!"

Kaeya tucks a stray lock of crimson hair behind Diluc's ear. "Plenty of time. Leave it to me~"



Miraculously, the pair manage to clean the tavern and make themselves presentable within such a short span of time. The rush ends up being worth it; Venti and his party start to spill through the door just seconds after the faint chime from the cathedral rings throughout the city.

"Hey, where's the bartender? How come Diluc is mixing the drinks?" The bard asks, making himself at home in his usual seat at the counter.

"Charles is out on delivery." Diluc replies. His legs wobble due to their previous activities, threatening to give out as he reaches for a glass to mix Venti's usual order.

"Hold on, Diluc." The small man shouts as he spins to the right, facing a certain Cavalry Captain. "Kaeya, about that tuition fee..."

"Please collect the goods from Diluc. Three bottles, as promised. They didn't come cheap."

"The better the wine, the higher the price... just economics." Diluc mumbles. His mind racing as he suddenly recalls the events from not long ago. "Wait- when did I say I was giving you three bottles of our best product?"

"I worked so hard for those bottles, Diluc! You begged for my-"

Diluc leans over the counter, cheeks a fiery red. He firmly places a hand over Kaeya's mouth, silencing him. The entire room follows suit, looking at the pair in confusion.

"You- was this your plan all along? Another word, and you'll be paying for the cider and everyone's tab!"

Kaeya raises his hands, waiting for Diluc to let him speak. "Alright, alright. Three bottles for the drunken bard, yes?"

"Yes..." Diluc sighs, turning around to retrieve them from the shelf.

Diluc soon finishes mixing and pouring drinks for everyone, (minus the traveller of course), and Kaeya raises his glass.

"A toast, everyone. To a happy Windblume Festival and the free people of Mondstadt! Cheers!"


The bard downs his entire glass in one go, hands gesturing to ask for another as he catches his breath.

"Hahaha, what a festival! Now, this won't drink itself!"