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Truth or Dare

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“You didn’t have to stay. You could have gone and played Gods & Grimm with the others.”


“Hm… I know.” Yang says with a soft hum, glancing over from where she lays flat on her back on their dorm room floor, head to head with Blake. With her heart skipping a beat, she wiggles and shifts so that the top of her head is brushing Blake’s shoulder, their heads now right next to one another as they relax within one another’s company. “But my character’s, like, passed out so… there’s not much point in me hanging around this session. Besides… I’d prefer to be here with you.”


Blake lets out a strange noise in her throat, somewhere between a scoff and a giggle, and reaches back with her hand to gently bat at Yang’s head. “Oh, come on. I’m nowhere near that interesting.”


“I think you are.” Yang sighs, swallowing thickly when her voice comes out a little… wistful, her chest clenching slightly when Blake turns to look at her, her nose just barely grazing Yang’s cheek. “I mean… you’re super smart. Passionate too. Funny, in this really cool, subtle way where it always takes us a second to catch up with you. I, um… I don’t think I could get tired of spending time with you.”


“You’re an extrovert. Being around people is your thing.”


Yang smiles up at the ceiling and pulls her bottom lip between her teeth to bite back the small giggle that threatens to bubble up. “Yup. But you’re still different. Usually, I start to get restless, y’know? I’ll want to go on a walk with my friends or do something together, even if it’s just reading a book like I do with Rubes. But you? I dunno. It’s just… it’s like I can just exist with you and not have to fill the silence or do anything. I can just… be. I’ve never had a friend like that before.”


When she turns her head, their noses brush and her breath gets caught in her throat as she meets the warm amber of Blake’s gaze, her expression neutral save for the way her brow furrows in thought as she stares into Yang’s eyes, her soul, as though searching for deceit. When her expression shifts, Yang feels it tug at her heartstrings painfully, her chest aching at the way that Blake almost seems… cautious? With just a dash hope daring to bleed into her expression as Yang smiles softly at her.


“You… actually mean that… don’t you?”


The awe and disbelief in Blake’s gentle murmur hurts. As though she couldn’t quite believe that anyone could mean such a thing. Her ears tilt back, her lips curling into a shy smile that quickly claims a home within Yang’s chest, settling beneath skin as though it had always belonged there. 

What had made Blake so hesitant? So cautious and unsure?  What had made her doubt herself like that? That a friend saying that they enjoy spending time with her… is something to be awed by?


Yang swallows… hard. “Yeah. Yeah, I do. You’re… a pretty incredible person, Blake.” Yang says softly, not as though Blake will break but rather… as though pushing too hard will scare her away. “I’m… really glad that you picked me. Hopefully I live up to expectations, huh?”


“I think you already have, Yang.” Blake whispers, the corners of her eyes crinkling happily just before her lips curl into a soft, half smirk that makes Yang’s heart stop right then and there. “Even if you do have the sense of humour of a middle aged farmer.”


Yang gapes at her partner for a moment, staring in shock as the smirk turns into an amused grin, her amber eyes sparkling with life and good humour… and Yang can’t even begin to pretend to be made about the jab at her sense of humour. “I’ll have you know that back on Patch, my jokes are pure gold, Belladonna.” Yang says in a playful growl, butting her head gently against Blake as a helplessly adorable giggle leaves her lips. 


It’s such a rare sound that Yang has no choice but to drop all pretence of being annoyed with her partner, a low chuckle escaping her throat as she drinks in Blake’s smile. It’s so rare to catch Blake like this, soft and unguarded. Her amusement and ease is far too rare of an occurrence, in Yang’s opinion, and a part of her so badly wants Blake to always feel safe enough to let her guard down and play and joke and laugh. Not just with her but with their other friends too. 


After all, Yang thinks to herself as Blake’s grin softens to a gentle smile. It'd be a selfish crime to keep something that beautiful all to myself. 


Eager to keep her partner’s spirits up (and to ignore that particular train of thought), she offers her a smirk. “Hey… wanna play truth or dare?”




Yang blinks, taken aback by the ease with which Blake had agreed. But as always whenever Blake plays along, delight quickly takes over and she grins. “Oh, you’re gonna regret that soon.” She giggles quietly when Blake scoffs, rolling her eyes at Yang in fond exasperation. “Okay… so… truth or dare?”


“Hm… dare.”


“I… dare you tell me about the last embarrassing thing you did.”


“Boring.” Blake drawls, chuckling slightly when Yang gives her an offronted look. With a soft sigh, she shrugs, her lips curling into a sheepish smile as she continues to look into Yang’s eyes. “I mean… I did fangirl a little too hard when Ruby and I went to that book signing. Any and all questions went right out of my head.” She laughs, her nose scrunching up rather cutely as she recalls the event. “In my defence… the author was illegally pretty so can you really blame me for getting a little tongue-tied around her?”


“Aw. Pretty ladies make you dumb too.” Yang teases, snickering when Blake growls and gently tugs at her hair, not enough to hurt by any means. It still takes Yang a moment to realise that… she’s not only unfazed by Blake touching her hair but also feels… comfortable enough for Blake to do such a thing. 


It’s a lot to unpack… so she doesn’t. Not yet. “Your turn to ask.” She says instead, biting back the strange and alien urge to pull Blake’s hand back to her hair when her partner pulls back.


Another feeling to unpack at a later date.


“Okay, you jerk.” Blake mutters, though the words lack any heat or venom as she smiles in amusement at Yang. When Yang’s eyes drift down of their own accord to watch how Blake’s lips curl, her heart racing in her chest, Blake’s expression falters for a long moment. “Truth or dare, Yang?”


“Um… truth. Truth.” Yang says, her throat feeling strangely thick as they gaze at one another, the little space between them filling with something that she can’t quite identify. “I pick truth.”


“Do you…” Blake hesitates, her tongue darting out to wet her lips nervously and Yang follows that particular action very closely. More than she should, perhaps. “Do you want to kiss me?” She finally asks quietly, her Faunus ears tilting forward when Yang squeaks. 


“... dare. I meant dare. Obviously.” Yang says through a nervous laugh, her fingers drumming an anxious pattern on her stomach when Blake arches a brow at her disbelievingly. “I’m a thrill seeker so… obviously I meant dare.”


“Fine. I dare you to kiss me.” Blake retorts easily, blinking slowly at Yang when Yang falters.


“... never have I ever—“


“Oh my Go— that’s not the game, you dork!”


“Why are you so curious about this anyway?!”


“Maybe because you’ve looked at my mouth twice in the past five minutes.” Blake says dryly, arching a brow at Yang challengingly, her gaze never wavering as she watches Yang. “You know you’re not very subtle, right?”


Yang glances away, her skin burning as Blake lets out a soft, amused snort. “Shut up. I’m just… curious.”


“About what it’s like to… kiss me?”


“Kiss somebody in general.” Yang says, quickly covering the truth that she still doesn’t want to unpack, those feelings that she’s not ready to process, as she glances back towards her partner, shrugging and smiling lazily. “Never actually kissed anyone. I was too busy with, like, school and taking care of Ruby.”


“You’ve never dated?” Blake asks curiously, her tone free of the judgement that such a question usually brought. “Like… ever?”


“I dated… I just… I think I’m kinda old fashioned.” Yang says with an awkward little chuckle, feeling mildly embarrassed as Blake smiles endearingly at her. “It just never really… clicked.”


“But you’re curious.”


“Can’t deny that.” Yang says with a small half smile. “What about you?”


“Regrettably… I have.” Blake sighs, her expression darkening slightly, as though her mind was travelling to a darker place. “With somebody that… I never should have trusted.”


“I’m sorry.”


“No need.”


They fall into an awkward silence until Yang finds the courage to poke Blake’s nose with her own, offering her a smile when Blake frowns in confusion at her. “Truth or dare?”


“... truth.”


“Can I give you a hug?”


Blake blinks in surprise before a small huff of laughter escapes her and she smiles at Yang, soft and fond, before she answers. “I… think I can live with that, Xiao Long.”


When they sit up and Blake moves into Yang’s arms, nestling into her and hiding her face in her neck, Yang discovers yet another truth that she’s not sure she’s ready to unpack; holding Blake like this feels a lot like coming home…


And to the girl that’s always left behind?


That’s terrifying, on so many levels