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tuck you in every night on the phone

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Hajime shut his textbook, and got out of his cramped desk space, finally done studying for the night. He was running a mental checklist of things he needed to get done before going to bed (lunch? made, dishes? done, laundry? can wait, living room? tidy enough), when the ringing of his phone startled him from his thoughts. He frowned as he realized who was calling him. It’s 4 am in Argentina, why’s he awake at this hour? The twinge of annoyance turned to concern as he hurried to pick up the phone, meeting shallow breaths and quiet sobs on the other end of the line. 

“Tooru? Baby, are you okay?” 

He gets nothing in response other than an unintelligible mumble, which he takes as a sign to start talking. Soft words and sweet affirmations spill out of his mouth, trying his best to soothe his lover. Tooru’s breaths slow down after a while, and a few seconds later a soft murmur is heard from the phone speaker.


“Yeah, baby?”

“I love you.”

“Love you too, Tooru.”

They lapsed into a comfortable silence, Hajime switching the call to video as he finished getting ready for bed. He propped up the phone by the mirror as he brushed his teeth, Tooru laughing at his aggressive scrubbing. He spat and rinsed, finally climbing under the covers and getting settled into bed, Tooru still on the call. Hajime went to turn off the light when he heard a protest from the other end.

“Stay with me until I fall asleep?”

Hajime smiled. He loved this boy more than words could describe. 

“Yeah, baby. Any requests?” 

He waited patiently as Tooru looked around his room, eyes falling on the guitar by his bed.

“Sing to me?” 

Hajime reached over and grabbed the instrument, strumming it softly as he tried to think of a song. One quickly came to mind, and he started singing it quietly.

Wait, a minute

Before you tell me anything, how was your day?

Cause I, been missing you by my side, yeah

Did I, awake, you out of your dreams?

I'm sorry but I couldn't sleep

You calm me down; there's something 'bout the sound of your voice

I'm never, never

Never as far away as it may seem, oh

Soon we'll be together

We'll pick up right where we left off

Paris, London, Tokyo; it's just one thing that I gotta do

Tuck you in every night on the phone

Hello, tuck you in every night

And I can hardly take another goodbye, baby, won't be long

You're the one that I'm waiting on

Hello, tuck you in every night on the phone, woah

Girl, I'll be thinking about you

Worldwide, worldwide, worldwide 

Girl, I'll be thinking about you

Worldwide, worldwide, worldwide 

Girl, I'll be thinking about you

He looked back at the screen to see Tooru sleeping peacefully, a small smile on his face. Hajime ended the call and turned off the light, thinking about the plane tickets he bought a few days ago and the little velvet box he had sitting in his nightstand. He smiled as he drifted off to sleep, joining his lover in dreamland.