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The Torture of Bill Adama

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“Admiral, I have some reports requiring your signature,” Saul says when he enters Bill’s quarters.  The room is dimly lit which is unusual for this time of day.  He was told Bill finished his workout 40 minutes ago and returned to his quarters, but unless he is lying in his rack, he doesn’t seem to be there.

The light in the head catches Saul’s attention and he approaches cautiously, then relaxes when he hears the shower running.  He takes a seat on the sofa waiting patiently for Bill to finish up and return to the room.  A low moan escapes from the head, bringing Saul to his feet.  Concerned that Bill is hurt or sick, he decides he better check on him.  As he approaches the door to the head he hears “Oh, Bill, yes, yes!” and the sound of skin slapping.  Bill grunts, Laura moans, Saul snickers. 

“One time thing, my ass!” Saul says with a smirk, then exits his quarters, leaving the reports on Bill’s desk.


Laura is bent over bracing her hands against the wall as Bill drills into her from behind, never removing his eyes from that adorable mole on her lower back.  He reaches around and rubs her clit which elicits a low moan from her as she turns her head and gazes at him over her shoulder.  Her lips are swollen and red from where he nibbled them earlier and the heat in her eyes creates a tension in his balls as they slap against her.  The steady stream of hot water makes her ass bright red as he continues to punish her from behind, building toward his peak.  Her body finally relents, releasing all her tension and Bill follows her, emptying himself inside of her in one final thrust, his hand reaching out to brace himself against the wall so that he doesn’t slip and crush her.  Then she turns, grips his hair, presses her lips on his, thrusting her tongue inside his mouth exploring it eagerly before she sucks his tongue into her mouth.  It’s sloppy, messy, hot, passionate kissing, and he’s loving every second of it.  He lifts her up so that she wraps her legs around his waist, giving him easy access to her breasts.  His tongue swirls around her nipples before he begins to nibble and suck on an area just above the areola on her right breast, marking her, a reminder of him for later whenever she changes her clothes or looks in the mirror.  He grips her ass possessively as he leaves his mark and she fists her hand in his wet hair digging her nails into his scalp, moaning his name.  Eventually the water begins to run cold, so they rinse their bodies and step out of the shower, each wrapped in a large towel, not saying a word.

Laura looks in the mirror and exams the mark on her breast, a frown spreading on her face.  “This will be difficult to keep hidden,” she says with a sigh.

“Don’t want you to forget about me again,” Bill replies.

“Just remember, Admiral, payback’s a bitch,” she says as she dries off, then pulls on her undergarments and skirt.

“Come back tomorrow,” he commands.

“You don’t give the orders, Admiral,” she snaps back.

He drops his towel and grabs her around the waist, pressing her up against the wall.  “You sure about that, Madam President?” he asks, pulling her arms above her head and holding them there as he kisses a path down her neck.  “You didn’t seem to mind when I ordered you to bend over in the shower.”

“It’s different when we’re naked,” she says breathlessly, feeling a warmth between her legs again as he continues to kiss her neck.  His hand travels to the zipper on the back of her skirt, loosening it in one quick tug and letting it drop to the floor.  His other hand quickly unclasps her bra allowing it to fall forward where he grabs it and tosses it out the door of the head.  All that remains are her panties and even they don’t stay on long.

“You’re going to cum for me again,” he growls in her ear, slipping two fingers inside of her and curling them to find her sensitive spot. 

“Kiss me,” she says.

“You aren’t giving the orders,” he replies back between kisses on her shoulder.

“No, Bill, I mean it.  Kiss me,” she says softly, gently touching his cheek.

He pulls back to look in her eyes and finds a sweet smile on her face.  She glances at his mouth before softly pressing her lips against his, wrapping her arms around his neck, and humming her approval at his continued attention to her g-spot.

He’s gentler now, keeping a steady rhythm of his fingers inside of her, kissing her all over her face and neck, watching her eyes sparkle between every kiss. 

“Oh, Bill, I’m so close,” she whispers in his ear, her legs shaking.  He tightens his grip around her back when he feels her orgasm build and she collapses against him when she finds her release.  “Don’t let go of me,” she pleads.  “I love you.”