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Rhythm of the Rain

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It was late in Inaba when the clouds opened, and large drops of rain like petals in an autumn wind came pouring down onto the quiet small town; drumming against tin roofs as children, elders, and even pub regulars alike slumbered, cocooned into their thick futons. The night would pass peacefully into the morning, and nobody else appreciated the rain more than two high school girls.

There was no staying up late from debilitating anxieties or constant glances at the TV once the clock passed midnight, there was only peace that resonated deep in their souls.

A pair of futons spread across the tatami floor in the darkened room, the rays from a nearby streetlight penetrating faintly through the rain, past the cloudy windows, onto one that was occupied and the other barely disturbed. In this futon that had seen a few years in its service, the cloth was thinner than when it was sewn together, but its occupants knew no better refuge from the cold nights of spring than this humble bedding.

Lying beside each other, heads on a shared pillow and arms around each other’s body, the princess and her prince slept in utter peace and grace that the presence of the increasingly heavy downpour of dew from the Heavens did little to rouse them from their tranquillity. Safe and warm in love’s tender embrace, the princess drew even closer, the prince’s arms accommodating her shift in a reassuring squeeze, hearts beating in time with the drops pattering upon their windowsill.

As the night slowly approached dawn, with the Moon giving way to the Sun, the rain continued its blessing of the town, washing away all the pain and suffering, and allowing a new day to come.