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Make a contract with me

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It all happens in a flash.

One minute, Eustace is sat peacefully in the car. In the next, his world is turned upside down - literally.

He's bleeding out, trapped underneath the wreckage of the car. It hurts everywhere and its a struggle to breathe. Considering the car has flipped over in the middle of a busy road, it's oddly quiet. Eustace can't hear anyone else who was in the car with him. They're probably dead.

He's not far off. Theres no hope for him and he closes his eyes in resignation, waiting for the end to come.

"Young man."

He hears an elderly man's voice coming from somewhere in front of him. Eustace forces his eyes open a crack and slowly looks up until he sees the thing the voice came from.

It's body looks like that of a hairless, skinny, white cat, but the head is that of an old man. An old man who looks familiar but for some reason Eustace can't quite think of who it is. If he wasn't literally dying, he'd probably laugh at this weird mismatched creature perched on the window.

The creature holds out a paw. "How would you like to make a contract with me and become a magical girl?"


Eustace doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. Contracts? Magical girls?

"You are dying. If you make a wish, you can become a magical girl and live."

A wish? There are some things he hasn't done he supposes. Like pet the dog that lives next door.

He reaches out...


...and grabs onto Vaseraga's horn.

Eustace jolts awake, bewildered both by what the fuck he just dreamed about and why Vaseraga was leaning close enough for him to accidentally grab him in the first place. He eventually remembers to let go.

"What's wrong? Bad dream?" Vaseraga asks.

Eustace rubs his eyes, grimacing. "Not bad so much as WEIRD."

"Like what?"

"A talking cat with Ronan's head was trying to talk to me."

Vaseraga makes a slightly confused laugh. They eventually settle back down to sleep, with Eustace none the wiser about what a magical girl was or why he was dreaming about it