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“Hello, Weiss,” Willow said, appearing in the door of the tea room as Weiss walked by it. “Would you care to join me?”

Weiss didn’t have to think about the question for long. There was nothing else for her to do to fill up all the long hours that made up her day. She nodded and stepped inside the tea room, looking out the large windows to see the immaculate, flawless, soulless grounds of the Schnee mansion stretching away outside.

A kettle of steaming tea was already set up, along with a tray with one upturned and three overturned cups. Mother lifted one of the three and poured some tea into it, before offering it to Weiss.

Their fingers brushed against each other as she did so and Weiss had to stifle a gasp at the shock of contact. She flushed a bit as she sat down. How long had it been since she had last touched someone, or been touched by someone? She had been at her family home for sixteen days now and she supposed that was her answer.

“Lovely weather outside, isn’t?” Mother asked, turning her head away and staring out the windows.

“Yes,” Weiss agreed, sitting down hastily and staring into the white and blue cup. “I might go for a walk later this afternoon.” She bit back a sigh. “Another walk.”

“Perhaps I’ll join you,” Mother said, reaching out and resting her hand on Weiss’s wrist.

Weiss could feel her heart start to beat faster in her chest as she felt the warm pressure of her mother’s fingers. She couldn’t bring herself to lift her gaze and look her mother in the eyes. Instead, her gaze stayed fixed on the long, slender fingers of her mother’s hand as she kept it pressed against Weiss’s skin.

It felt so good. Weiss swallowed heavily, feeling a warm, soft feeling spreading up through her arm and then going through her entire body. She could feel her cheeks turning red and opened her mouth to say something, though she couldn’t think of what.

Then Mother pulled her hand away. Weiss’s breathing slowly started to shift back towards something more normal and she took a quick gulp of tea, trying to act like that hadn’t come as such a shock.

“Is there anything you’d like for dinner, Weiss?” Mother asked, a rougher note in her voice than Weiss was used to hearing. “I can speak to the cooks and have them prepare your favorites.”

“No, that’s fine,” Weiss said quickly, shaking her head. She looked out the window at the green lawn and the tall wall at the end of the property. “I’ve been eating quite well.”

“You don’t look it,” Mother said fondly, reaching across the table to pat Weiss on the shoulder. “You’re still so small and thin.”

Weiss shrugged at that, smiling slightly. That was just her body at work, she supposed. What could be done about that? She took another sip from her cup and looked at her mother.

“I suppose I take more after Father in my body shape than Winter took after you, Mother,” Weiss said, looking her mother’s body up and down quickly. She shifted from side to side, some unfamilial and unclear thoughts flashing through her head. “It’s just the way things go.”

Mother nodded and took a sip from her own cup. The two of them sat in silence for a moment before Mother looked out the window again, seeing the bright sun shining down on Atlas. She sighed and shook her head.

“I know I said it before, but I’m glad that you’re back home, Weiss,” Mother said with a fond smile. “You being here is good.”

Weiss nodded. She didn’t think that it was nearly as good as Mother thought, but she had long since learned how to say what her parents wished for her to say. Father much more so than Mother.

Mother stood up from the table and went behind Weiss. She ran her fingers lightly through Weiss’s hair, gliding through the long, white strands. Weiss sat up straight, blushing hard and swallowing. There were all sorts of thoughts flashing through her mind right now. Though calling them thoughts was being a bit too generous. They were really just- desires, impulses, nothing that could really rise to the level of conscious thought. They still felt nice inside of her, though.

Weiss could feel a certain kind of heat rising up inside of her belly. She was a bit embarrassed over it, but the heat felt too nice to really object to. She swallowed and shifted back and forth, feeling turned on, even as her mother kept on stroking her hair with her fingers.

“You’re such a beautiful girl, darling,” Mother said, resting her hands on Weiss’s shoulders. “You’re growing into a fine young woman.”

“I- thank you, Mother,” Weiss said, struggling to keep control over her tongue. She leaned her head gently backwards, blushing hard as she felt the back of her head resting against something very soft. “That means a lot to me.”

Weiss could hear her mother gasp and blushed. She stayed right where she was, slowly waiting for a proper reaction. She got one when Mother cradled her head in her hands and tilted Weiss’s head backwards.

Weiss looked up at Mother’s face. There was an intense look on it, one that Weiss had never seen before. It sent a funny shiver through Weiss’s body and she swallowed hard as her fingers clenched and relaxed in her lap.

Then Weiss was standing up and pressing herself up against her mother’s body. Mother’s arms came down, wrapping around her body. Weiss swallowed again and stayed pressed up against her mother’s frame, feeling the indescribable comfort of a tight hug. It felt marvelous.

Weiss tilted her head backwards a bit and looked at her mother’s face. It was a lot easier to recognize the expressions on it now that it wasn’t upside down. They both hesitated for a second, but then they both leaned in, going for a kiss.

It was very, very pleasant. Weiss moaned, feeling her mother’s lips pressing against hers and Weiss’s own tongue sliding inside of Mother’s mouth. Her hands came up to clutch at Mother’s upper arms and Weiss could feel the heat from her mother’s body against her. It was a very nice feeling.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Mother said softly, making no effort to pull away.

Weiss shook her head. She fully agreed with that, of course. They were mother and daughter, they shouldn’t be kissing like this! But she couldn’t bear to bring herself to stop. Instead, she leaned in and planted another kiss on her mother’s lips.

And Mother didn’t try to pull away. The two of them kept on kissing, holding each other tight as they made out. Weiss could feel her mother’s rod starting to stir to life and press upwards against her. She shivered and gasped for air, feeling the intense, needy heat inside of her. How long had it been since she had done anything to satisfy herself? Far, far too long. That would have to change right now.

One of Weiss’s hands came down and pressed against her mother’s skirt, rubbing against the hard, stiff rod she could feel down there. Mother gasped and her own hands wandered over Weiss’s body, touching her in ways that no mother should touch her child. But it felt far too good for Weiss to have a hope of saying no. Instead, she just moaned again and leaned forward, pressing her lips against Mother’s mouth for another kiss.

It was a kiss that was eagerly returned. Weiss moaned, feeling the heat and the need inside of her belly and she shivered from head to toe. And she kept on kissing her mother, knowing that her mother was feeling everything that she was feeling as well.

“Oh Weiss,” Mother said, her hands gliding down Weiss’s back until they reached her rear, where she squeezed down on it tightly. “You look so beautiful to me. So fragile and perfect.”

Weiss might have been small and slender, but she was quite tough. She didn’t need to bring that up, though. She just kissed her mother again, enjoying the feeling of the firm lips on her own and luxuriating in every single second of this.

Somehow, Weiss had ended up on the table that the tea had been put on. At the very least, it made it a lot easier for the two of them to kiss. Weiss reached up and rubbed her mother’s chest. It was a very large chest, far bigger than Weiss’s own. It felt nice, even through the blouse and bra. Weiss’s own nipples were stiff and tingling and she breathed deeply, trying to cope with everything that she was feeling.

One of Mother’s hands was on the inside of her thigh, sliding up inside of Weiss’s skirt. That made her skin tingle and she moaned, gasping for air as the lust bubbled up inside of her, growing higher and higher. She was leaking quite badly into her panties by now and she still wanted more. She wanted to be with her mother. To be with her in every way that she possibly could be.

Weiss shrugged out of her light jacket, leaving her arms and shoulders on display. For a moment, she wished that her blouse showed off some cleavage, before she shook her head and dismissed the thought. That would just be a lewd outfit, not at all what someone like Weiss should wear.

She leaned in and kissed her mother once again, even as she got gently pushed down onto the table. Weiss shivered, knowing what was certainly going to happen unless she made some effort to stop it. And Weiss couldn’t be bothered to do anything like that. Instead, she spread her legs a bit, inviting her mother’s hand. And other parts of her body as well.

“Oh, Weiss,” Mother said, looking down at her, a different flush to her cheeks than the one Weiss was used to seeing. “My dear, beautiful, brilliant Weiss. You don’t know how good you look right now.”

“I,” Weiss said and then tried again as her voice cracked. “I love you, Mother.”

“I love you too, dear,” Mother said, undoing her skirt and pulling her rod out of her underwear. “I love you so much.”

Weiss nodded, looking down at the stiff shaft in front of her. It was very big and very- interesting. She swallowed and pulled her clothes off of her, leaving her almost completely naked and exposed in front of her mother. She knew that Mother could see how aroused and ready she was, how Weiss just needed to be filled up.

Mother rested the tip of her dick against Weiss’s pussy. Weiss looked down at it, swallowing deeply as she felt the rounded head pressing against her, getting ready to open her up. She wanted it. She wanted it quite badly.

And then Weiss got it. Weiss tried to gasp as she felt her mother sliding inside of her, pushing deep into her pussy and filling her up, but her throat closed up and she couldn’t make a sound. Then the sensations started to wash over her and she could.

Weiss moaned as her mother slid inside of her, filling up Weiss’s tight pussy with such a large, wonderful cock. She shivered, panting for breath as she felt herself getting stuffed, the feeling of fullness inside of her so warm and so satisfying. She shivered, looking down at her lower belly. There was no sign of her mother’s cock there, even though Weiss thought that there should be. There was just the smooth flatness of Weiss’s stomach instead of the large bulge showing where a thick dick was buried inside of her.

And it felt so good. Weiss moaned again as she felt the cock sliding a bit deeper inside of her before Mother started to pull back out. Weiss closed her eyes and gasped, her slender shoulders rising and falling as she breathed in and out.

“That’s it, Weiss,” Mother said softly, stroking Weiss’s hair. “Do it just like that.” She smiled down at Weiss. “You’re doing such a good job of taking my cock, dear. I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you,” Weiss said, breathing heavily. “And it feels so good inside of me, too.”

It really, really did. Masturbation couldn’t begin to compare to what Weiss was feeling as her mother pumped in and out of her pussy, again and again. Weiss’s pussy felt like it was melting as she took her mother’s dick deeper and deeper inside of her with every single thrust. She licked her lips, throwing her head back and spreading her legs, inviting her mother to go even further and further inside of her.

“It’s good to have you back here, Weiss,” Mother said, smiling down at Weiss and softly, slowly stroking her limbs. “It’s been… empty, without you around to brighten things up.”

Weiss didn’t think that she could be described as a ray of sunshine or anything, especially before leaving for Beacon. But she wasn’t going to get in an argument with her mother over something like this. Instead, she nodded, softly gasping for breath as she felt the shaft plunging in and out of her.

Her folds were getting spread apart and it was feeling wonderful. Weiss loved this feeling and she especially loved that it was her mother who was doing this to her. There was only a small list of other people that she would want to do something like this with and none of them were even in Atlas.

Mother was pumping in and out of Weiss, going again and again, in and out of her. It was feeling fantastic and Weiss could feel her thoughts starting to dissolve as she got fucked. She gasped for breath, feeling the lust bubbling up inside of her, rising higher and higher as she got fucked. She closed her eyes and moaned.

“Oh, my darling, you look good,” Mother said, stroking Weiss’s cheek and then moving her hand down to completely cover one of Weiss’s small, pert, firm breasts. “You look-ah, so good.”

“You look sexy as well, Mother,” Weiss said, blushing a bit at calling her mother sexy. How was that more embarrassing than taking her mother’s cock inside of her pussy? Weiss couldn’t say for sure, but it unquestionably was. “And you’re making my pussy feel wonderful.”

Mother nodded and smiled down at Weiss. And she kept on fucking her, of course. Weiss shivered, feeling an orgasm rising up inside of her, stroke by stroke as she got fucked. She threw her head backwards, trying to deal with the lust that she was feeling, as she got to feel better and better because of her mother.

Weiss bit her lip, trying to keep the sounds she was making muffled. It was so very hard to do so or to do anything but just give voice to the pleasure she was feeling.

Mother was feeling the same, obviously. The look on her face as she stared down at Weiss was very- interesting. Weiss didn’t have the words to describe everything there, but she really liked what she was seeing. And feeling, of course.

The orgasm was welling up inside of Weiss, getting driven upwards stroke by stroke. She panted for air, chest rising and falling as she breathed in and out. This was just such an amazing sensation and Weiss wanted to cum so badly. It had never been like this before. Back when she masturbated, it had never once been so intense and needy. Weiss couldn’t let herself stop now. She needed this, she needed this to keep on going and going, to feel better and better until the final point was reached. Nothing else was possible, nothing else could be allowed.

Weiss shivered, feeling her climax taking form. It would just take a few more strokes and then she would be going over the edge. She stared up into her mother’s eyes, seeing the same lust and enjoyment that Weiss was feeling. It was wonderful.

And it was just what Weiss needed. She threw her head back and moaned as she came, going over the edge. Weiss could see flashes of white light in her vision as she came. Her entire body jerked and twitched as she orgasmed, feeling the lust spreading out through her entire body. She couldn’t stand how wonderful this all was and it was all because of her mother. That made things even better.

Weiss could feel her pussy squeezing down tightly around her mother’s cock and she could feel the heat in her lower belly. She panted for breath, her small chest rising and falling as she fought for air. It was just so good and she was loving every single second of all of this.

“Oh, Weiss,” Mother said, sounding slightly shocked and very intrigued. “You… you look so wonderful like that.” She chuckled. “What a marvelous orgasm.”

Weiss nodded, not quite able to bring herself to speak right now. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest and she couldn’t believe how wonderful this was. Had she already said that? Well, if she had, Weiss still stood by it.

And her mother was still fucking her, pumping her rod in and out of Weiss’s pussy again and again. Weiss moaned, her eyes rolling up in her skull as she got to feel better and better. And she wanted her mother to feel this good too. Mother deserved to cum. More than that, Mother deserved to cum inside of Weiss’s pussy.

That thought sent an excited tingle all through Weiss’s body. The idea of Mother filling Weiss’s folds up with hot, sticky semen was really exciting. Weiss licked her lips as she looked down. There was something so hot about the sight of Mother’s cock pumping in and out of her pussy, again and again. Tingles were already starting to spread throughout Weiss’s body again.

“You can,” Weiss said, swallowing before trying again, “you can cum inside of me if you want, Mother.”

“Really?” Mother asked fondly. “I think I’ll have to do just that, then.”

And she kept on fucking Weiss, pushing her thick rod deep inside of Weiss, again and again. And it kept on feeling wonderful. If Mother didn’t cum soon, then Weiss was going to have a second orgasm from getting fucked.

Weiss reached down and grabbed her legs. With a bit of a grunt, she pulled them up, up, up, not stopping until they were on either side of her head. She wasn’t as flexible as Blake was, but it was still a good enough show that Mother was very impressed by. Weiss enjoyed it too, especially with what it did to her pussy and the cock inside of it.

“You look very sexy like that, Weiss,” Mother said, running her hands up along Weiss’s thighs before switching over to her breasts. “So very sexy.”

Weiss nodded, moaning and gasping for air. She felt so… on display like this. It was a very lewd pose but it felt so right for her to be doing it. She liked it and she liked that her mother liked it. And she wanted more. She wanted so much more.

And she got it. Mother kept on pumping in and out of her, again and again, filling Weiss up and making her feel better than words could describe. Weiss moaned, closing her eyes and panting as she got fucked and used and fucked again. She felt so close to her mother right now, closer than she ever had before. And it was such a nice feeling. One that she couldn’t get enough of.

Mother’s hand was on Weiss’s breasts, squeezing and toying with the small mounds. Weiss swallowed and reached up, grabbing onto the breasts hanging down in front of her, feeling them underneath her hands. They felt very nice and very different from her own breasts. Weiss swallowed and kept on touching them, feeling them wiggling around as Mother kept on thrusting in and out of her.

And as Weiss got to feel this wonderful sensation, her pussy was still feeling even better. Weiss swallowed and realized that her second orgasm was going to happen any minute now. And the thought that she was going to cum because of her mother fucking her was just too nice to put into words. Weiss loved the idea and she loved that her mother was the one doing this, more than anyone else.

“Oh, please, please, Mother,” Weiss moaned, her entire body twitching and jerking. “Please, fuck me, fuck me, I want you to keep on, oh, keep on fucking me!”

“Of course, darling,” Mother said, looking down at her and smiling. “I don’t think that I’d be able to stop if I wanted to.” She shivered and smiled. “The way you feel around me is just too perfect.”

Weiss nodded. She could completely and utterly understand that. Her mother’s rod, buried deep inside of her pussy once every second before pulling back out, was something that Weiss couldn’t get enough of. She was left feeling so full, every single time. And then Mother would do it again and again.

Weiss groaned, closing her eyes and panting as she felt the lust rising inside of her. She was getting close, she was getting close, close, close!

And then Weiss was more than close. She groaned, slumping backwards, all of the tension leaving her body as she orgasmed again. It was even better than the first one. Weiss could feel her thoughts flying off into different corners of her mind, completely scrambling her ability to do anything but enjoy what her body was feeling.

And her body was feeling a lot right now. Weiss gritted her teeth and panted as she felt the lust beating at her insides, filling her body up and making it impossible for her to do anything but let the orgasm keep on coming.

By the time the orgasm was finally done, Weiss was left limp on the table. Her legs were no longer on either side of her head. She was laying flat and still, panting for breath and staring up at her mother’s eyes.

Mother was looking down at her with an indescribable look of love, lust and affection. Weiss swallowed heavily, feeling so good and warm inside as her mother looked down on her. And kept on fucking her, driving her shaft in and out of Weiss’s folds.

“Oh, Weiss, you look so lovely like this,” Mother said, her voice a bit rough as she started to speed up, jolting Weiss along the table as she got stuffed again and again. “So sweet and so perfect and so-!”

Whatever else she thought of Weiss, she didn’t say. Instead, she started to really pound in and out of Weiss, going faster and faster as she filled Weiss’s pussy with cock again and again.

Weiss gasped, unable to hold onto any sorts of coherent thoughts as she got fucked. She gasped, feeling better and better. Still a long way from a third orgasm, but the sensation was still filling her up nicely and making every bit of her body feel so warm and happy. She groaned, closing her eyes and breathing in and out.

And then Mother came inside of Weiss. That got Weiss to open her eyes widely as she felt the hot jets of cum landing inside of her pussy, painting her insides white. Weiss gasped, heart beating like a jackhammer inside of her chest as she felt the lust overflow inside of her. She panted and moaned, trying to cope with what she was feeling and not quite believing that Mother was orgasming inside of her.

Even though it was feeling very good. Weiss closed her eyes and breathed in and out, trying to wrap her mind around everything that she was feeling. It wasn’t easy but she didn’t mind. She was still feeling very good, after all. The way the hot shots of semen were landing inside of her and making her feel so warm inside was really very nice. She swallowed and panted for breath.

“Oh, Weiss, darling, baby,” Mother said, panting as she stared down at Weiss. “You look so… I can’t believe how good you’re feeling around me right now.”

Weiss nodded, not quite able to form any words right now as she looked down at her pussy. She was feeling very stuffed, very full. As full as her mother’s cock had made her feel, the addition of all that semen inside of her made Weiss feel like- she wasn’t sure. She just didn’t have the words to describe how stuffed she was feeling. But Weiss liked it. She liked it a lot.

“It’s hot,” Weiss said, reaching down to rub at her crotch, just above her clit. “It’s so… I can’t believe it.”

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” Mother said, sighing happily and pulling her hips backwards, making the dick slide out of Weiss’s stretched, stuffed pussy. “I’m glad we did this together, Weiss.”

Weiss nodded. So was she. In fact, she was very glad that she had done this with her mother. She swallowed and reached down, patting at her pussy, feeling the semen dribbling past her fingers. Weiss could tell that her face was scarlet right now, but she couldn’t begin to care. Instead, she breathed in and out and then smiled, looking up at her mother.

Mother was looking down at her, with a larger smile than Weiss could ever remember seeing there before on her face. She reached down and scooped Weiss up in a hug. Weiss returned the hug, wrapping her arms around the older woman’s waist and pressing their bodies close against each other.

Weiss looked into her mother’s eyes and swallowed. Then she leaned in for a kiss. Mother quickly, eagerly responded. Weiss moaned as they started to make out, holding each other close.

It wasn’t as hot and passionate as the kisses before had been. It was much calmer, much softer, much more subdued. Weiss still loved it and she felt a tingle run up and down her body as she kissed Mother. And she could tell that Mother was enjoying it just as much as Weiss was. The way that her rod was starting to get hard again and pressing up against Weiss’s stomach was a very good clue, after all.

“You look so sweet and cute, honey,” Mother said, stroking Weiss’s hair. “I… I love you, darling.”

“I love you too, Mother,” Weiss said, one hand slipping down to wrap itself around her mother’s rod. She gave it several long, slow strokes, pumping her hand up and down along it. She blushed at the lewd feeling, how it was hard and yet slightly soft and so very hot. “I love doing this.”

“Then maybe we should do it again,” Mother said. She smiled sweetly. “Just the two of us.”

Weiss didn’t take very long to think that over at all. She nodded almost instantly. And lifted one leg up to wrap around her mother’s waist. She giggled and looked down, seeing the hard rod pressing against her pussy once more. She shivered and swallowed heavily.

“Do it just like last time?” Weiss asked, rubbing her folds back and forth against the hard, stiff rod. “It felt so good like that.”

“Of course, Weiss,” Mother said, stroking her hair and smiling at her. “And after we’re done with that, we can do it in some other ways as well.” She sighed happily. “There are so many different positions I want to show you and have fun with you in.”

Weiss nodded. She completely and utterly agreed with that. There was just so much that she wanted to do with her mother. So much of it was lewd and obscene and perverted, of course. Nothing that she could bring herself to admit to others if they asked. But it felt so good, that there was just no question that Weiss would want to do every single bit of it with her mother.

Sighing deeply, Weiss angled her hips slightly, making sure that she slid down onto her mother’s rod. It felt wonderful as it slid inside of her and Weiss sighed happily. So did Mother.

Mother’s dick went inside of Weiss nice and easy. She bit her lip, feeling wonderful as she got filled up to the brim. She rocked back and forth, feeling the pleasure rising up inside of her once more. It was just a soft kind of pleasure so far, nothing like the all-encompassing orgasm that she would be feeling soon. But so what? Weiss could wait, she could let the enjoyment build up and up inside of her until the true pleasure started to make itself felt inside of her.

And then? Well, Weiss would think about that when it happened.


“Good to see you again, Weiss,” Yang said, throwing both arms around the smaller, shorter girl in a tight hug. “Nice to have a friendly face around here.”

“The same to you, Yang,” Weiss said, returning the hug before stepping back and looking around the bandit encampment. A number of them were obviously upset to see their payday getting freed and she smirked at them. “Nice arm, by the way.”

“And nice…” Yang looked down at Weiss’s belly and snorted. “Been having a few too many visits from the cake butler up in Atlas?”

Weiss flushed at that and didn’t bother to reply. The truth would come out soon enough anyway.