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The Making Of A Keeper

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Claude pulls Carter off to one side on locker clear out day. “Hartsy,” he says, “Can we have a chat?”

Carter nods, always happy to talk to his Captain, even if it is on the worst day of the year. He follows Claude off to one of the trainer’s rooms, thankfully empty, and once they’re inside, sits down on the edge of the massage table, consciously making himself shorter than Claude to make him feel more comfortable.

“As you know,” Claude tells him, “We’re a pretty sub heavy team here.”

Carter nods, it had been one of the first things he’d noticed when he’d been called up from Lehigh, that the dynamic of the room was skewed really heavily towards subs.

“Obviously,” Claude continues, “Normally we assign rookie subs to our more senior Doms but…” he pulls a face, “That’s something we’re really lacking here.”

“Ok.” Carter says quietly, he’s still not quite sure where Claude is going with this conversation.

“Team leadership had a chat about this with management,” Claude adds, “And we think now you’re coming off your ELC we’d appreciate being able to assign a rookie sub to your care next year.”

Carter freezes for just a moment, “You think I’m ready for that?” He asks quietly.

Claude shrugs, “I think we need you to be.”

Carter frowns, because if there’s any moment to be honest with his captain, it’s about this. “I’m not sure I am.” He admits. It’s harder to admit the next sentence, he knows the boys tease him about his lack of experience all the time, but he usually weasels out of questions about it. “I’ve never really seriously scened before.”

“Ok.” It’s testament to how good a captain Claude is that the statement doesn’t seem to alarm him, “What can we do to make you feel more comfortable.”

Carter thinks about it seriously, “I guess,” he offers, “Maybe I could try and get some experience this summer, but obviously, it’s more relevant for me to get experience in a work environment…” he trails off, not really sure what the solution is.

“Leave it with me.” Claude says, there’s a determined look in his eye, “I’ve got an idea, but I need to run it past a few people first.”

Carter tries not to think of it as he packs up his things in Philadelphia and heads back to Alberta, but it’s hard not to. It’s a lot of responsibility as a young Dom, to have a sub, potentially a young sub who is brand new to the league, relying on him to keep them stable and safe. He does as much research as he can, reading articles about dynamic interaction in the work place, dynamic interaction within sports teams, and a thousand different articles from The Athletic about the effect on rookie subs in the league.

He’s been home for nearly a week before Claude calls him about it.

“Can you clear a week at the end of July.” Claude asks him.

“For sure.” Carter says agreeably, and then, because he hates not knowing, “What’s the plan?”

“Well,” Claude sounds just a little nervous, and if Carter didn’t know him well, he wouldn’t have noticed it, but this is his Captain, of course he recognises it. “I thought you and I could go and stay in my cabin for a week, and you could practise on me.”

“Oh.” Carter says before his brain catches up with his mouth. It’s not that he’s never thought about Domming for his captain, he imagines every Dom who gets drafted to the flyers thinks about Claude on his knees, but he knows that his dynamic needs are managed outside the team. “Is that alright with your Dom?” he asks.

“They’re both ok with it.” Claude tells him, and it’s news to Carter that Claude has not one, but two Doms, but Claude just carries on blithely, “Would that make you feel more confident for next season?”

“Yeah.” Carter agrees dumbly, “Yeah that would be good.”

Later in the summer, Claude is waiting for him when he flies into Timmin’s airport. It’s a tiny airport, nothing really, and he’s glad Claude is there to get him, shoving his bags into the back of Claude’s car.

“Thanks for doing this,” he says as soon as he gets in the car beside Claude.

“It’s honestly not a problem,” Claude grins at him, “I get a week of peace and quiet, and next year I get to know first hand that my rookies are in good hands.”

They mostly talk work on the way to the cabin, discussing their teammates, Carter sharing the bits of gossip he’s heard with Claude, Claude telling him all about Gavin and what he’s been getting up to. Carter resists the urge to ask Claude exactly who his second Dom is, because he’s assuming Ryanne is one of them, but he makes himself wait, hoping that Claude will share the information with him eventually.

It’s late afternoon when they arrive at the cabin, and Claude shows Carter to one of the bedrooms, telling him to take a shower and a nap if he wants, and that he’ll have dinner ready when he wakes.

The shower is decent enough, and although the beds a little soft for Carter’s liking, as soon as he’s thrown all of the pillows on the floor, he manages to drift off to sleep within minutes, flying always tends to tire him out, especially flying on a plane which felt like it was smaller than the charter planes the team uses.

When he wakes, there are delicious smells coming from the kitchen, and Carter follows his nose downstairs to find Claude stood at the stove. “I thought you couldn’t cook.” He says by way of greeting.

Claude flashes him a grin, “Ryanne made me learn.” He admits, “And after all, recipes are just instructions, I’m kind of good at following those.”

Carter chuckles, because it’s no secret in the locker room that Claude loves to be told exactly what to do – it shouldn’t work, that he’s their Captain, and yet it does. Off ice, Claude is one of the most respectful subs that Carter has ever met, but on the ice, and in the room, there’s no doubt that he’s the Captain. As the majority of the team are subs, it doesn’t really create much of a dynamic issue, but more than that, the few Doms that there are in the room, adore him, and will do anything within their power to make sure whatever he’s asked for, he gets.

“So,” Claude says, as he sits down opposite Carter at the kitchen table, sliding a full plate of food in front of him, “I kind of have a plan for this week, and I thought I’d run it by you.”

“Of course.” Carter says, he still very much feels that they’re Captain and player right now, not Dom and sub, and Claude is the one calling the shots.

“Well, tonight I thought we could go over our limits, likes and dislikes etc.” Claude waves his hands when he’s talking, and Carter’s always thought it was particularly adorable, especially now with a fork in one of them. “It’s something you’d need to set aside time to do at the start of the season with any sub we assign to you.”

“Sounds good then.” Carter grins, “Get some practise in.”

“And then, for the rest of the week, I thought each day we could run through scenarios, like, erm,” for the first time since they’ve been discussing scening together, Claude has a little blush colouring his cheeks, “Like, me needing to be punished or rewarded, things like that.”

“That sounds good G,” Carter grins easily, sensing the tension in Claude’s shoulders, knowing that the reassurance is needed.

“Cool,” Claude grins back, “Any questions?”

Carter nods, because there is something that’s been bothering him, “I guess, the main one is how to distinguish when the dynamic shift will happen, I know a lot of guys in the room use collars for their subs but obviously…” he gestures to Claude’s neck where Ryanne’s collar proudly sits, “That’s not an option.”

Claude nods, “Danny and I have a key word,” he tells him, “And when he says that word, I know it’s time to stop being Captain and let him be my Dom.”

Carter’s pretty sure his eyebrows are through the roof, but he has to ask anyway, “Danny? Briere?”

Claude grins, wide and happy for a moment, “Yeah, he’s been my Dom since I started on the Flyers, and whilst it’s not strictly a team sanctioned relationship anymore, it’s why management are happy for me to continue without a Dom on team.”

“Huh.” Carter nods thoughtfully, “That makes a lot of sense actually.”

“I’m happy to put you in touch with him if you want any tips for next year.”

“That would be awesome.” Carter says gratefully, “Thanks.”

They finish up their dinner, and Carter insists on washing up, since Claude cooked, and that gives Claude time to set out the sheets he’d had for likes and dislikes.

They sit in the small living room to do it, the fire place standing empty, and Carter thinks that later in the week he’d like to have a fire lit, even if the weather doesn’t quite warrant it. The questionnaire itself is pretty standard, Carter had done one before he’d joined the team, and before that in LeHigh, and on every team he’s been on since he turned 16. A pretty comprehensive list of kinks, and options for “like, dislike and limit”, and it doesn’t take him long to fill it out.

He can’t help but feel a little bit excited as Claude hands his own list over when they swap. Sure, getting to know someone in the locker room tends to mean you know a bit about what they like, but Claude’s less open about his sex life than the average hockey player, so Carter only feels he knows the basics.

It’s comforting to see that Claude’s interests align mostly with his own, and whilst there’s a few of Claude’s likes that Carter absolutely won’t be doing, he doesn’t need to worry about that, because he’s not going to be scening with Claude long term, so it won’t matter that those needs aren’t met. Still, the basics, they have in common, Claude loves being told what to do, loves being praised, hates being humiliated, and Carter’s always felt more comfortable with praise over humiliation. Bondage and light masochism are also on the list.

When he’s finished reading through the list, he turns to Claude, “What about honorifics? What would you prefer to call me?”

Claude practically beams at him, “I like using honorifics,” he admits, “But Danny is usually Monseur, so I’d feel comfortable calling you Sir or Master, whichever is good.”

“Sir then,” Carter nods decisively.

“Danny and Ryanne both usually call me boy,” Claude admits, “So I’m happy with that, but I don’t really like any honorifics that lean towards insults, like brat or slut or anything.”

“I was thinking about that,” Carter says, “Because like you said with a code-word with Briere.” He casts an assessing gaze over Claude, “How would you feel if I just used your name.”

A frown flickers across Claude’s face and Carter feels the need to elaborate more.

“I mean, in the room, on ice, I’ve always called you G, so I thought if I called you ‘Claude’ it would feel different enough.” He doesn’t mention that it’s kind of weird to call someone who’s so much older than him ‘boy’, but he knows Claude will have thought it too.

“I like that.” Claude admits, “Makes it… personal.”


“Ok then.” Claude agrees easily, “Then that’s both what you’ll call me, and how I’ll know we’re scening, you start calling me Claude, and I don’t get to Captain you.”

Privately, Carter doesn’t think Claude could ‘Captain’ him against his will anyway, but he nods and agrees. “One last thing,” he says, because Claude is acting like the conversation is almost finished. “Sex.”

“Sex.” Claude says in agreement, his cheeks colouring. “Um, I don’t know what you’re happy with, but I’ve been cleared by both Danny and Ryanne to do whatever you want for the week, so…” he looks towards the floor, more bashful than Carter is used to seeing him.

“Have you now.” Carter grins, “Well then, I’d best make sure to take good use of that.”

By now, Claude’s cheeks are flaming, and Carter privately thinks it’s adorable.

“So,” Claude valiantly tries to continue, “I guess, we can start properly tomorrow.”

“That sounds like a great idea.” Carter tells him.

“Awesome.” Claude’s grinning again, but still not making eye contact with Carter. “I’m going to head up to bed if that’s ok, got a few phone calls to make.”

“Of course.” Carter agrees easily, imagining that Claude has to go and phone both Danny and Ryanne before bed. As Claude stands to go, he reaches out to stop him, “Thank you.” He adds, “For sorting all of this out, you’ve done a really thorough job.”

Claude shivers at the praise, casting his eyes towards the ceiling in a desperate attempt to regain control of himself. “Thanks Hartsy.” He says eventually.

“I’ll see you in the morning.” Carter tells him, and if his eyes linger a little on Claude’s ass as he walks up the stairs, well, he’s only human.

The next morning starts with breakfast, and over breakfast Claude tells him his plan.

“I thought we could do our workouts and things this morning, and then scene in the afternoon.”

“Sounds perfect.” Carter admits, he had wondered how the week was going to affect his training schedule, and whilst his trainer has given him a slow week, he still has things he needs to do.

They end up going for a jog around the lake together, it’s quiet, and wooded, and Carter can appreciate the beauty of where Claude’s cabin is for the first time. When they’re done, he makes Claude drag yoga mats out onto the deck, and join him in doing yoga in the sunshine. Of course Carter is far better than Claude, but his Captain makes a good attempt at it.

There’s no wifi at the cabin, so Carter can’t do any of his online training games, but he’s brought his lights, and spends the half hour while Claude sorts lunch doing his focus training.

“Ok,” Claude tells him over lunch, “I figure we can both shower after lunch, and then we’ll get started.”

“Sure thing.” Carter agrees, the idea of a shower is nice, not only because he needs to get clean, but because it will provide them a break from each other to get into the right head space, “What’s today’s scenario.”

“I know it’s a big one.” Claude tells him, “But I wanted to start with punishment.”

“Getting it over with?” Carter guesses, and Claude nods in agreement. “What am I punishing you for?”

“Well,” Claude offers up a wry grin, “I thought maybe you could think of a game over the last season where you felt that I, or the team, had particularly let you down, or let Moose down, either really.”

“But you’ll have already been punished for it.” Carter frowns a little.

“Probably,” Claude admits, “But I won’t say no to helping to atone for something I’ve done to you.”

Carter nods, because honestly, there’s already a game in mind for him. “Ok, and where would you like to do this?”

“In the living room?” Claude offers, it’s neutral territory, not either of their bedrooms.

“OK.” Carter nods, standing up, “Let’s go and get showered, and then I’ll see you in the living room when you’re done.”

Carter takes a deliberately leisurely shower, letting Claude finish before him, he already has a vague idea in his mind of how he wants the scene to go, and it starts with Claude waiting for him in the living room. When he’s dried, he dresses in a pair of sweats and a hoody, before padding softly down the stairs.

Claude is sat on one end of the couch, book in hand, his hair still damp from his shower, dressed in comfortable clothes, just as Carter is, and Carter lets himself look for just a moment, before speaking. “Claude.”

Claude’s eyes snap up to him, putting the book down on the coffee table without bothering to make note of the page.

“I want you kneeling Claude.” Carter says, and whilst Claude’s name feels a little alien on his tongue, it’s worth it for the way he snaps to attention, shifting quickly to be kneeling on the floor. Carter takes his time walking over to the couch, before sitting down beside where Claude is knelt, a hand going instantly to his hair to stroke softly through it. “Do you know why you’re here Claude?” It feels a little stupid to ask, since Claude set the whole thing up, but this is for him to practise, and this is how he’d start.

Claude nods, “Punishment,” He says quietly, his toes twitching a little as he does, where they’re perfectly aligned next to each other.

“And have you worked out which game I’m punishing you for?” Carter asks softly, letting his gaze roam over Claude’s perfect kneeling posture.

Claude shakes his head, “No Sir,” he says quietly, and the honorific makes something stir inside of Carter.

“Is that because you think you don’t deserve to be punished for any of them?” Carter asks, “Or because there are too many to choose from.”

“Too many.” Claude tells him, and Carter uses the hand on Claude’s hair to steer him down so his head is resting against Carter’s knee. Claude looks up at him through his eyelashes, “We always let you down.”

“Not always,” Carter tells him softly, hand still stroking through his hair, “Sometimes I let you down, and if I’m honest, there’s only one game I want to punish you for, so when we’re done with this, that’s it, you’re forgiven for the whole season.”

Claude nods, and then very quietly, asks, “Tahoe?”

Carter can’t help but grin, “Tahoe.” He says firmly, “Well done.” He lets his thumb stroke over Claude’s cheek, “Clever boy.”

Claude flushes a little at the praise but there’s apprehension in his gaze.

“Would you like to know what your punishment will be?” Carter asks softly.

Claude nods.

“Well,” Carter grins, “You and your boys let 35 shots get as far as me,” it’s a statistic that’s burnt into his mind, “So I thought it would only be fair, if I took it out on you…” he lets his gaze roam down Claude’s body, “On your ass, 35 times.”

The look on Claude’s face is positively miserable, but he nods. “Yes Sir.”

“Good.” Carter tells him, “Now, you get a choice, you can either be bent over my knee, or over the end of the couch.” He has his own preference, but he wants to see what Claude is asking for.

“Over your knee please.” Claude says quietly.

“Good choice,” Carter winks at him, and pulls him up to his feet. Claude is smaller than him, and easy enough to move around. “Take your sweats down,” he orders him, and eventually, rearranges him as he wants him, over his lap, bare ass to the sky.

“Now,” Carter says softly, stroking his hand across Claude’s buttocks, delighting in the way a shiver goes down Claude’s spine as his thumb strokes across the juncture between his ass and thigh, “I want you to count for me, can you do that?”

“Yes Sir,” Claude mumbles into the couch cushions.

“Good boy,” Carter grins, and with no more warning, brings his hand down in a smack. It’s softer than he’d like to, but he knows he needs to start gentle, not only does Claude have 35 of these to take, but he’s no real concept of where Claude’s limits are, so he wants to start on the easier side of things.

“One Sir,” Claude counts dutifully, and Carter strokes his hand across his ass in silent praise.

By the time Carter is over halfway through, Claude’s buttocks are bright pink, and he’s gasping out the numbers between sobs. When he reaches twenty-five, Carter pauses. “Are you ok to continue?” He asks seriously, “Or do you want to take a break.”

“Please Sir,” Claude sobs, and when he turns to look at Carter, Carter can see the tears rolling freely down his face, “Don’t stop.”

“Oh sweetheart,” Carter says softly, stroking his hand through Claude’s hair, “You are such a good boy for me.” He twists down to press a kiss to Claude’s temple, “Only ten more, ok gorgeous?”

Claude nods, and Carter brings his hand down again. He doesn’t go easy on Claude, this is punishment, it’s not supposed to be easy, and by the time he’s finished, Claude is sobbing freely, barely managing to gasp out the last few numbers.

“Good boy,” Carter croons, stroking a soothing hand over Claude’s stinging buttocks, “Well done sweet boy.” He reaches down and pulls Claude up, so he’s kneeling over Carter’s lap, guiding his head down to lay on Carter’s shoulder so his tears can soak into his t-shirt.

“It’s all done now,” Carter promises him, “All forgiven sweetheart, you’re ok.”

Claude sniffs and sobs into Carter’s shoulder, but after a few minutes of Carter stroking his back and murmuring comforting words into his hair, Claude’s tears have stopped. “Lets go upstairs,” Carter tells him, “I want to get some cream for you, and I think we could do with a proper cuddle.”

Claude sniffs, and nods, and Carter can’t help but feel ridiculously overprotective as he takes Claude by the hand and leads him up the stairs. He takes Claude through to the room he’s been staying in, and grabs the aloe-vera cream from his bag. There’s no real need for it, because he hasn’t broken the skin, but it will soothe in a way nothing else does, and he makes Claude lie face down on the bed while he rubs it liberally over his buttocks. It’s impossible not to get hard of course, his hands rubbing over Claude’s bright red ass, seeing the imprints of his own hand.

“You did so well,” he tells Claude, bending over him to press a kiss to the back of his shoulder, “I’m so proud of you.”

Claude pillows his head on his arms, twisting so he can look over his shoulder at Carter, still not ready to put anything into words, just giving him a quiet smile.

Carter finishes applying the cream, and lies down next to him, rubbing a soft hand up and down his spine, occasionally pressing kisses to Claude’s biceps, which are the nearest part of him available. “You want a nap now?”

Claude nods, and then looking at the bed as if he’s seeing it properly for the first time, frowns, “No pillows?” He asks, and it’s the first thing he’s spoken since he finished counting for Carter.

Carter lets out a startled laugh, “No pillows,” he says, “They’re really not very good for you.”

Claude wrinkles his nose, letting Carter know exactly what he thinks of that.

“Come here,” Carter says instead, lying on his back and pulling Claude over so Claude can rest his head on Carter’s shoulder, “I’ll be your pillow.”

Claude grins, and stretches up to press a soft kiss to Carter’s lips, “Thank you Sir.” He says sweetly.

“Have a nap,” Carter says, grinning down at him, and unable to stop himself from stealing another kiss, since Claude had kissed him so sweetly. “I’ll still be here when you wake.”

They both drift off to sleep, and when Carter wakes up, it’s with Claude already awake and grinning up at him.

“How are you feeling?” He asks, his voice croaky with sleep.

“Awesome,” Claude grins, “You’re good at that.”

“Any lingering soreness?” Carter asks, his hand coming down to stroke softly over Claude’s buttocks, causing a shiver to go down his spine.

“No soreness.” Claude tells him.

“What about up here?” Carter asks, pressing a kiss to his temple, “How’s your head doing?”

“Amazing.” Claude answers, “I guess, I honestly hadn’t thought about how guilty I really felt, it’s nice to have it lifted.”

“You were very good for me.” Carter tells him, pressing a kiss to Claude’s forehead, before stretching to grab his watch to check the time. “Want me to cook this evening?”

Claude shrugs, “I mean, you know I have a bit of a service kink right?”

Carter nods, grinning, “Was just offering,” he says, “I’m more than happy to watch you cook, I’ll even be your sous chef if you want.”

Mostly however, Carter sits in the kitchen, chattering away to Claude while his captain cooks. It’s weird, being in a place with no connection to the outside world, he’d usually be checking his messages, or scrolling through Instagram, but instead he finds himself asking Claude about Danny, about how their relationship came to be, about living with him as a rookie.

After they’ve eaten dinner, Claude cues up a movie on the ancient DVD player, and whilst they don’t have any connection to the outside world, they can watch ancient James Bond movies. It’s easy enough for Carter to zone out, with explosions on the screen and his hand carding softly through Claude’s hair.

When the movie ends, Claude stretches out from where he’d been leaning into Carter’s side. “I need to go call Danny and Ryanne,” he says quietly, “And then I’m probably going to head to bed.”

“Cool,” Carter grins at him, “You’re more than welcome in my bed if you want to share, but I won’t take it personally if you don’t.” He’s very conscious that they’d just had a pretty heavy scene and Claude may still be feeling vulnerable.

“Thanks.” Claude grins at him, before heading up the stairs.

Carter takes a few minutes to clear away their dishes and turn the lights out before heading up to bed. He’s more exhausted than he thought he’d be given he had a nap during the day, but sceneing can be tiring. He’s just drifting off to sleep, when there’s a quiet knock at his bedroom door.

“Come in,” he can’t stop the grin that spreads across his face.

Claude is dressed in a soft pair of sleep pants and nothing else. “I don’t really like sleeping alone.” He confesses.

“Come here then.” Carter lifts the covers, and when Claude slides in beside him, he drops a kiss on the top of his head.

The next morning they train together again, and over lunch, Claude discusses his plans for the afternoon. “I thought we’d take it a bit easier today, for me at least.”

“Good plan,” Carter agrees, and he doesn’t miss the effect the praise has on Claude, the shy smile, the slight blush.

“I guess my thought here, is that sometimes, as a rookie, I just needed to get out of my head sometimes, so I’d like you to do that, get me out of my head.”

“Sure thing.” Carter nods easily, “Same as before? Shower and then meet back down here?”

Before he showers, he takes a few minutes to run through Claude’s paperwork another time so it’s all fresh in his mind, because whilst he can ask for consent in the moment, it’s easier to plan knowing what Claude is comfortable with. He almost wishes there was a way to get out of his own head, because he finds himself overthinking the scene – this part of domination is the part he’s least familiar with, and thus the part he’s most nervous about.

When he gets back downstairs, Claude is dressed in comfortable clothes as before, and kneeling on a cushion by the couch. Carter goes to sit down beside him, and strokes a hand through his hair, “Hey Claude,” he says softly, signalling the formal start of the scene, “Great job on protecting your knees with the cushion there, they’re important to me.”

Claude blushes at the praise, burying his face in Carter’s thigh in embarrassment.

“I need you to do some tasks for me Claude, ok?”

Claude nods mutely, Carter’s noticed he’s very non-verbal during scening.

“And I want you to stay on those beautiful knees of yours, you look so perfect there.”

Claude blushes again, but Carter slips a hand under his chin so he can’t hide his embarrassment.

“First task,” Carter grins, “I want you naked.” He loves the power imbalanced caused by having Claude naked while he himself is still clothed. He watches as Claude struggles out of his clothing whilst staying on his knees, just as he’s been told.

“Good boy,” Carter says, when Claude is naked and kneeling in front of him, and the shiver that goes down Claude’s spine is both from the praise and the chill of the room, which leads him to his next plan. “Now I want you to lay the fire for me.”

There’s wood, paper and coal by the fireplace, so all Claude has to do is crawl forward on his knees to get to it, and Carter lets himself watch his Captain’s naked ass as he moves across the room.

“Do you need detailed instructions on how to do it?” Carter asks.

Claude shakes his head, so Carter sits back and watches as he lays the fire. Once it’s ready to be lit, Carter stands, and grabbing the lighter off the mantle, lights the fire, tugging Claude back so the warmth isn’t too scorching on his naked skin.

There’s a plush rug in front of the fire, and Carter instructs Claude to stay there, while he moves the wingback chair from the corner of the room, to beside the fire, settling into it, and patting his knee so Claude crawls forwards until his forehead is pressed against Carter’s knee.

“Aren’t you such a good boy.” Carter croons softly, running his thumb across Claude’s jaw. He has an idea, and as an experiment, lets his thumb run across Claude’s lips, grinning as Claude opens his mouth easily to suck it in.  “Would you like something in your mouth Claude?” he asks.

Claude looks up at him, eyes bright, smile on his face, and nods.

Carter can’t help but grin in response, “Ok then sweetheart,” he says, standing briefly to pull his sweatpants and boxers down, leaving them crumpled on the floor. He spreads his legs, gesturing between them, and Claude crawls until he is face to face with Carter’s soft cock.

“Just keep it warm mind.” Carter tells him, “I don’t want you playing with it.”

“Yes Sir,” Claude nods seriously, the first thing he’s said since Carter walked down the stairs.

He does a good job of it, keeping Carter’s soft cock nestled in the wet warmth of his mouth, breathing softly through his nose. Carter lets his hands card through Claude’s hair, strokes his fingers across Claude’s jaw, smooths gentle touches across his shoulders, until Claude’s breathing slowly evens out and slows down.

“There you are,” Carter says softly, his hands always moving, always stroking, his thumbs checking the tension points on Claude’s jaw to make sure he’s not overexerting himself, “You’re such a good boy aren’t you Claude, you just need something to do?” Despite the lack of response from Claude he keeps talking, “So beautiful, and you’re doing such a good job, just like you always do.” A wrinkle appears momentarily between Claude’s closed eyes, and Carter knows he’s hearing him, even if he’s not completely listening. “You do,” he tells him, “You’re always such a good Captain, and I bet Danny is so proud of you. I’m so proud of you,” he adds, “I’m so proud to be on your team, and I want you to know that I notice everything you do, and I notice what a good job you do.”

Carter keeps his rambling praise going until his throat is starting to ache from talking, he’s not sure how long he’s been there, how long either of them have been there, but it’s as good a sign as any that it’s time to ease up a little. He runs his thumb across the corner of Claude’s mouth. “Let me go sweet boy,” he orders.

Claude obediently opens his mouth, letting Carter’s cock slip between his lips.

“Good boy,” Carter tells him, “You’ve done so well.”

Claude looks vacantly up at him, his pupils blown, and it’s obvious to Carter that he’s miles away, but there’s a faint smile on his face.

“Come on.” Carter stands up, and tugs Claude up to standing, “Let’s get you dressed.” He pulls on his own sweatpants, and dresses Claude carefully, loving the way Claude slumps, boneless, against him at every given opportunity.

He tugs Claude by the hand, and holding hands, leads him to the kitchen, where he boils water, and makes tea for both of them, before leading him back to the living room. The fire is dying down in the grate, so he adds a few logs before heading to the couch, sitting in one of the corners and tugging Claude to sit half curled against him, half on top of him.

“How are you feeling?” He asks, stroking Claude’s hair, pressing kisses against his temple.

“Fantastique.” Claude mutters, and then buries his face in Carter’s neck.

“Nuh uh,” Carter grins, tugging him back to upright, “I want you to start coming back for me.” He reaches for the teas he’d made, passing one of them to Claude, “Have some tea, it’ll help.”

Claude sips at the hot tea, still leaning into Carter. “Talk.” He says softly, “You talking will help me.”

Carter blushes, he knows he’s there to learn, but it’s still a lot to have Claude reminding him what to do, “Of course Claude,” he says, his fingers trailing absently across the back of Claude’s neck. He talks a little bit about his plans for the rest of the season, how he’s got training lined up with Jars back home, how it’s weird to train with a Pen, but he also sort of doesn’t hate him.

Eventually Claude is adding things to the conversation, and seeming like he’s more aware of the world around them, and Carter feels he can steer the conversation back to the scene.

“Was that ok for you?” He asks.

Claude groans, “Hartsy that was…” he trails off, grinning at Carter, “God, that was good ok?”

“Ok.” Carter grins, wide and easy, “Because this is the stuff I’m not sure on, not sure if I can be what someone needs.”

“You were perfect.” Claude reassures him, “Utterly completely perfect.”

“Thank you.” Carter says with a blush, “Any tips? Anything you’d have preferred? Anything that could go better?”

“Well,” Claude flashes him a saucy grin, “I’m mad I didn’t actually get to suck you off.”

“Maybe if you’re a good boy later.” Carter winks at him, and then is serious again a moment later, “But I mean it, I always want tips, I want to be the best I can be, both for whoever I end up assigned to, and for the team.” He doesn’t mention that he wants to be a good Dom for Claude. Claude has two full time Doms, he doesn’t need Carter as well.

“It was all so good,” Claude tells him, “Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing I would have changed.”

“Ok.” Carter grins at him.

They spend the rest of the afternoon chatting, drinking their tea, and after dinner, Claude pulls out a chess set off the shelves.

“Really?” Carter laughs, “You want to play chess against a goalie?”

Claude frowns, “I’m actually very good.”

“Sure you are.” Carter teases him, “Want to bet on it?”

“Ok.” Claude grins, “If you win, I’ll suck you off, properly.”

Carter can feel himself blushing, but he can’t deny it’s something he’d like, “And if you win?” He asks.

Claude shrugs, “If I win, I get to suck you off.” He shoots Carter a coy grin.

Carter lets out a surprised burst of laughter, “I’m not sure that’s much of a wager.” He admits.

Carter, of course, wipes the floor with Claude, who mutters in French about him and shoots him dark looks the whole time, but when his king is finally toppled, he grins and offers to pack the set away.

“It was a good game.” Carter tells him, offering out a hand not to shake, but to help Claude to his feet from where they’d been sat on the floor in front of the dying fire, “You’re a surprisingly good opponent.”

“Surprisingly good.” Claude glares, shaking his head.

Carter stretches, his joints popping, and lets out a yawn, “I think I’m ready to head up to bed though.” He says, “You’re welcome to join me after your phone calls.” He tells Claude, just like the previous night.

“Oh I’m joining you.” Claude grins at him filthily, “You’re letting me suck you off.”

Carter blushes, but is grinning as he heads up the stairs.

“I wasn’t sure you meant it,” he admits, when Claude finally joins him in bed, “Sucking me off.”

Claude laughs, “I spent most of the afternoon with your cock in my mouth, why would I not mean it?”

Carter shrugs, “It’s different, it’s not part of a scene.”

“True,” Claude lets his fingertips trail across Carter’s abs, “But I like having things in my mouth, and I want to.”

“Trust me.” Carter lets his head fall back onto the mattress, “I’m not stopping you.”

Claude laughs, and swings one leg over Carter’s so he’s straddling him, before leaning down, and stopping, his mouth millimetres away from Carter’s, “I want to kiss you though.”

Carter grins smugly, “Do you?” He asks, a smirk across his lips, making no move to kiss his Captain.

“Carter,” Claude all but whines.

Carter raises an eyebrow, tucking his hands behind his head, “What?” he asks innocently, “It wasn’t a question.”

Claude rolls his eyes, and then blushes, “Hartsy,” he says seriously, “May I kiss you?”

Carter takes a moment to drink in the sight of Claude, before saying simply, “Yes.”

He’s never kissed a man with a beard before, and whilst Claude’s beard is kept short, it’s noticeable, but Claude’s lips are soft against his, and his tongue flickers gently, promises of what is to follow. Carter takes delight in lying back and letting Claude set the pace, keeping his hands tucked neatly behind his head, but still showing moments of dominance when he nips at Claude’s lower lips.

“Crisse,” Claude whispers breathlessly, before straightening up, “Ok Hartsy, you ready for a life changing blowie?”

Carter laughs softly, “Go for it.”

Claude shifts and moves so he’s kneeling between Carter’s legs, but to Carter’s disappointment, he ignores where his cock is straining in his sweat pants, instead, running his tongue across the groove of Carter’s abs. He shoots a cheeky grin up at Carter.

Carter merely raises an eyebrow, “Doesn’t feel much like a blowie to me?” he chirps.

“Fuck off.” Claude chirps back, Pressing kisses and licking across Carter’s ripplying muscled stomach, “You have got to know how fucking sexy these things are…”

“Maybe…” Carter smirks, “If this blow job is as good as you’re promising it’ll be, I’ll let you rub off on them afterwards.”

“Oh fuck.” Claude’s eyes widen, “Really?” And in an instant, he’s ducking his head and mouthing wetly at the head of Carter’s cock through the fabric of his sleep pants.

“Oh good boy,” Carter can’t help himself, keeping his hands tucked behind his head to stop him from trying to grab a hold of Claude’s head and control his movements is one thing, but there’s no way to stop the praise coming out of his mouth.

Claude however beams up at him, before reaching for the waistband of his pants, “May I?” he asks.

Carter grins, “Of course.” He tells him, loving how sweetly Claude has asked. He lifts his hips so Claude can pull his sweatpants down and wriggles out of them until Claude can throw them on the floor.

Claude runs his face up the side of Carter’s cock, nuzzling against it, before flickering his tongue out to swipe across the head, and then, in one smooth movement, swallows it to the back of his throat.

“Oh fuck.” Carter groans as the head of his cock bumps against the back of Claude’s throat, “You’re incredible G.”

Claude’s mouth is warm and wet, and above all, experienced, and it’s instantly clear to Carter that Claude knows exactly what he’s doing as he sucks expertly on Carter’s cock, his mouth sliding up and down as he breathes through his nose.

Carter forgets himself for a moment, reaching down to Claude’s head, before he groans and snatches his hands back.

“It’s ok,” Claude grins, pulling off with a pop, “You can absolutely grab my hair.”

“I don’t want to put you under,” Carter tells him, his thumb coming out to stroke across Claude’s bottom lip, plump where he’s been sucking on Carter’ cock. “You’ve already been under once today.”

Claude grins at him, “It’s very sweet of you,” he tells him, perhaps a little patronisingly, “But it’ll take more than a little hair pulling and some throat fucking to get me all the way down.”

“If you’re sure…” Carter hesitates.

“Please.” Claude all but bats his eyelashes, looking coyly up at Carter, swirling his tongue around the head of Carter’s cock to make his point, “I do so like it.”

And what can Carter do to that, except reach forward and lace his fingers through Claude’s hair, tugging gently as he steers him further onto his cock. He’s rewarded with Claude moaning in delight, the sound rippling across Carter’s cock.

“Fuck,” Carter groans, “That is so good.”

Claude is pliant, easy, as he lets Carter slide his head up and down, using his mouth however he sees fit, licking and sucking at every given opportunity. When Carter pulls his head off his cock, and steers him down towards his balls his grins before he sucks on one and then the other, his hand coming up to slide up and down Carter’s cock, made slick from his spit.

“Fuck yes.” Carter mutters, “That’s it, you’re such a good boy, sucking on my balls like you were made for it.”

Claude shivers a little at the praise, opening his mouth as wide as he can in an attempt to get them both in his mouth which causes Carter to buck up slightly. He runs his tongue across Carter’s ball sack, where it’s taught between them, making Carter shudder, and pull on his hair, steering his face back to his cock.

“Play with them.” Carter instructs, his voice hoarse with arousal.

Claude nods, instantly obedient, and the hand he’s not using to steady himself goes straight to Carter’s balls, rolling them gently in his palm.

He feels them tighten as Carter starts fucking up into his mouth and he can’t help but groan as Carter tugs on his hair, fucking into him like he’s nothing but a vessel to be used for Carter’s pleasure.

When Carter comes, it’s with a shout, and his cock shoved so far down Claude’s throat he has no choice but to swallow, and for a moment they both lie there, panting in the aftermath.

“Come up here.” Carter tugs on Claude’s hair, “Come up here you beautiful boy.”

Claude grins and goes willingly, and grins against Carter’s mouth as he pulls him into a thorough kiss, tasting his own come in Claude’s mouth.

“Was I good?” Claude asks breathlessly.

“You were so good.” Carter tells him, “You want something to slick you up?”

Claude shakes his head, blushing a little before tentatively rubbing his hard swollen cock against the grooves of Carter’s abs.

Carter grins smugly up at him, tucking his hands back behind his head, and tenses his abs for just a moment to see Claude’s jaw drop with pleasure. “Keep going,” he tells him a little smugly, “Show me how desperately you want this.”

Claude groans, his head hanging a little as he flushes and rubs again, thrusting his cock, trying to get the right angle. “Can I….” he falters.

“You’ve earnt this,” Carter tells him, “You take it however you need it.”

Claude whimpers, and then leans forward, tucking his face against Carter’s jaw and whimpering as he thrusts against Carter’s rock hard abs.

Carter reaches around and grabs Claude’s ample ass cheeks with his big hands, encouraging him to thrust a little harder, his fingers digging into the bruises he’d left the day before.

Claude groans and tucks his forehead against Carter’s collarbone, looking down at the sight of his cock trapped between them spilling precome onto Carter’s abs. It doesn’t take long before his hips are stuttering and he’s coming with a groan, Carter whispering encouragement to him all through it.

“Fuck.” He groans, rolling off Carter, “Give me a minute and I’ll get something to go clean you up.”

“Aww,” Carter chirps, “You aren’t going to do it with your tongue?”

Claude flushes and ignores Carter’s laugh at the way his cock jumps in response at that, “You really want to go again?” he asks with a fake grumble.

“It’s not whether I want to go again,” Carter teases, his fingers threading through Claude’s hair, and tugging ever so gently, “It’s whether you can go again, old man.”

“Fuck,” Claude flushes, his head falling onto Carter’s shoulder, “I mean, normally I’d be saying no, but….” He glances down at the pool of come on Carter’s stomach, “I really kind of want to.”

“Go on, “ Carter whispers, using his grip on Claude’s hair to steer him down to where Claude’s come is covering his abs.

Claude whimpers, but his tongue obediently laps out to start licking up the come. He’s bright red and panting by the time he finishes, his tongue having made a very thorough exploration of the ridges of Carter’s abs, and Carter’s cock is hard again, already leaking a little at the tip.

“What do you want gorgeous boy?” He asks Claude softly, “What would be good for you?”

Claude blushes, “You could fuck my thighs,” he says, not meeting Carter’s gaze.

Carter groans and reaches over to grab the lube out of where he’d stashed it in the bedside table. He warms it a little in the palms of his hands, before spreading it liberally over Claude’s thick thighs, taking a moment to rub some across his balls and his hardening cock. “Thought you weren’t sure if you could go again,” he teases, grinning at Claude.

“If you had any idea how fucking hot you are.” Claude mutters, before he lets Carter roll him onto his side.

“You going to clench for me beautiful boy?” Carter asks, his voice breathy against Claude’s ear, tucking himself flush against Claude’s back, his arms coming around Claude’s waist as he tucks his cock between Claude’s thighs.

Claude obediently clenches, and then shudders as Carter’s fingers reach to rub against his nipples as his cock thrusts leisurely between Claude’s thighs.

“Oh you like that do you?” Carter whispers breathily in Claude’s ear, “You like it when I play with your tits do you pretty boy?”

Claude whimpers and finds himself baring his neck to Carter, wordlessly begging for what he needs.

Carter grins, and obliges, his teeth grazing once, twice against Claude’s neck before he sinks them in, sucking hard. If he didn’t spend all day practising multitasking, he might not be able to work on giving Claude a thorough hickey, while one of his hands flicked between Claude’s nipples, the other coming down to wrap around Claude’s cock and jerking him off as he thrusts his own cock into the slick tight mess of Claude’s thighs.

Claude is a shuddering whimpering wreck in his arms, and Carter keeps him that way as he slowly builds his own orgasm. The hickey on his neck is going to be a bruise by the time they finish, but Claude always looks so pretty with bruises that Carter can’t seem to mind.

He loses time a little in the repetitive rhythm of it, and only comes back to himself when Claude starts begging.

“Please Hartsy, please.”

“What do you need baby?” Carter asks him, biting softly on Claude’s earlobe.

“Just, more…” Claude stutters, “I need to come, please let me come.”

Carter grins, and lets the hand that is around Claude’s cock tighten, he’s got no interest in teasing or edging him… today. He speeds up his thrusts, and the shuddering jerking tension of Claude’s thighs as he spills all over Carter’s hand is enough to get him over the edge.

“Good boy.” Carter mutters, dropping a kiss to Claude’s shoulder. “I’ll go and get you a cloth.”

“What?” Claude smirks lazily over his shoulder, raising an eyebrow at Carter, “You aren’t going to do it with your tongue?”

Carter tips his head back and laughs, “You cheeky little shit,” he admonishes gently, swiping gently at Claude’s ass.

Claude grins smugly, and rolls over onto his back, shameless watching as Carter heads to the bathroom to get him a washcloth.

“Thank you.” Carter tells him, when they’re all cleaned up and Claude is curled up, using his shoulder as a pillow again.

“Don’t know why you’re thanking me.” Claude mutters sleepily, “That was awesome for me too.”

“Good,” Carter lets his hands stroke across Claude’s hair, and then, indulgently, lets himself take one more kiss from Claude, drinking in the taste of those sweet lips. “Night G.” he says with a smile.

“Night Hartsy,” Claude murmurs back, already half asleep.

The next day, Carter waits patiently until Claude is done with his lunch for him to bring up the plan for their scene that day.

“Ok,” Claude says eventually, with a heavy breath that lets Carter know that he’s more than a little anxious about this. “So, sometimes,” he starts, not meeting Carter’s eyes, “Your sub will be anxious about stuff, and you’ll be needed to keep them calm, help them work through that.”

“Of course,” Carter nods, “Same start as usual?”

Claude nods in agreement.

Carter showers faster than he had done the two previous days, if Claude is actually anxious about stuff, and knowing Claude he’s probably going to use this as a time to bring up something he’s anxious about, to give Carter the full learning experience, it feels best not to leave him waiting too long.

When he gets down to the living room, Claude is kneeling beside the couch, waiting obediently for him.

Carter sits down on the couch, before reaching out for Claude, “Come on up here please Claude.” He says, tugging Claude into his lap.

“Really?” Claude raises an eyebrow at him.

Carter smirks back, “You’re tiny Claude, and I’ve asked you to sit on my lap, so how about you do that.”

It takes a moment to get themselves arranged, but then Carter is tucking Claude’s head under his chin, wrapping both arms around him, and Claude seems to sag bonelessly into him as Carter’s hand smooths up and down his back. Eventually, when Claude’s breathing seems a little deeper, a little more even, Carter asks gently, “So how about you tell me what you’re anxious about then?”

Claude sighs, “God, just next season,” he admits, “Always next season.”

“Anything about next season in particular?”

Claude nods, “I hate having new players.” He admits, “I know it’s part of the game, but I hate the team changing, I hate having to get used to new D…” he falters.

“To new Doms in the room?” Carter guesses, and by Claude’s sad little nod, he guesses correctly.

“I just…” Claude nuzzles a little closer into Carter, burrowing a little deeper into his embrace, “I’ve not had to deal with people saying I can’t be Captain because I’m a sub for a really long time, but every time we get a new player I’m convinced it’ll be a Dom who won’t listen to me, because I’m just a sub.”

“Oh Claude,” Carter presses a soft kiss to the top of his head, “If only you could see yourself.”

Claude looks up at him, a little furrow of a frown between his eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“If you could see yourself through my eyes, or Jake’s or Haysie’s,” he strokes his thumb across Claude’s cheekbone, “You’ve got to know we’d die for you right?”

“What?” Claude stutters, “You’re… no, you guys humour me because you aren’t dicks about your dominance.”

“Claude,” Carter admonishes him softly, “No.” He presses a kiss to the very tip of Claude’s nose, “I know for a fact that every Dom in that room would do anything you asked, without a shadow of a doubt.”

“But I’m not…” Claude frowns fully this time, “I’m not in charge.”

“But you are.” Carter grins, “God Claude, you are such a good boy, you are the very model of a perfect submissive, and it’s impossible to be a Dom in the room with you and not want to Dom you.”

“But that doesn’t help,” Claude sighs, “Because that means they’ll want to order me around, to undermine me as Captain.”

“Oh sweet boy,” Carter kisses him softly again, “No.” He tilts Claude’s head up until he’s looking at him, “It means you kneel so prettily and you bat your pretty little eyelashes and look at us with those gorgeous brown eyes and we’d be tripping over our damn feet to give you what you wanted.”

“Really?” Claude asks hesitantly.

“God really.” Carter answers with a hurried rush of air. “Fuck Claude, when you offered this, offered to let me have you, even for a short time I….” he trails off, unable to put into words how perfect Claude is. “You are every Dom’s dream.”

“Oh,” Claude blushes a little, burrowing his face back into Carter’s neck now Carter isn’t holding his head in place.

“Besides,” Carter presses a kiss to the top of Claude’s head, “Imagine if some young upstart did come in and start trying to push you around, you think Jake and Kev would stand for that?”

“No,” Claude admits, perhaps a little sulkily.

“You think Danny would stand for that?” Carter grins, “Or Ryanne?”

“I mean no,” Claude admits, a little easier this time.

Carter pauses a little longer, and then asks a little softer, “You think I’d let them get away with that?”

Claude looks up at him, and blushes as he admits, “No, no you wouldn’t.”

“Damn fucking right I wouldn’t,” Carter mutters, and surprises even himself a little at the edge of a growl in his voice. “Besides, I’m the fucking saviour of flyers goaltending, if I say some new rookie is pushing my buttons, management’ll get rid of him before he has time to be a dick to you.”

“You’d do that?” Claude asks softly. “For me?”

Carter chuckles softly, “Claude you bat your eyelashes at me and I’ll kill a man with my bare hands and let management deal with the fall out.”

He shifts Claude until he’s straddling his lap, and then pulls him in for a kiss, wrapping his arms around him to hold him in place. “Now,” he mutters against Claude’s lips, “How about you let me kiss all your worries away.”

“That sounds perfect,” Claude grins at him, letting himself be drawn in for another kiss.

By the time they’ve wasted away nearly an hour, trading soft kisses, Carter can tell that Claude is floating on the edge of subspace.

“Will you let me take care of you Claude?” He asks quietly.

“Anything Sir.” Claude murmurs sleepily into his neck.

Carter steers him up to standing, and then tugs him by the hand up the stairs. Neither of them have used the bath in the main bathroom, but this seems as good a time as any, and Carter runs a deep hot bath for Claude, and when his Captain pouts at him, shakes his head and climbs in behind him.

“See,” he mutters, rubbing a hand across Claude’s shoulders, before he tugs him into lying back against his chest, “Can’t say no to you.”

Claude hums thoughfully, “Have to ‘member that,” he mutters, his words slurring a little.

Carter chuckles a little, pressing a kiss to his ear, “You’re absolutely not allowed to take advantage of it.” He tells him, with only a hint of sternness in his voice.

“Wouldn’t,” Claude pouts, tilting his head back to angle for a kiss, “’m a good boy.”

“You’re a very good boy.” Carter tells him. When the bath water is starting to cool, he makes Claude get out, and wraps a towel around him, before steering him through to the bedroom. He makes him lie face down on the bed, and spends time giving him the gentlest of back rubs. Within minutes, Claude’s breathing has evened out, and when Carter asks him questions, it’s clear he’s fallen asleep.

With a smile on his face, Carter presses a soft kiss to Claude’s cheek, before curling up against his side and falling asleep too.

It’s late when they wake, and they end up making dinner together, side by side in the kitchen, as they debrief through the scene.

“Was that ok?”

“Hartsy….” Claude shoots him a look, “I’m beginning to think you spun me a tale about needing practise just so you could get me alone.”

Carter freezes, “No!” He protests, “I wouldn’t…. I’m not….”

Claude silences him with a quick kiss, “I’m teasing,” he tells him, “I just mean, that you’re so fucking perfect at this, you’re a natural.”

“OK.” Carter nods, and then wraps his arms around Claude’s waist, pressing a kiss to his shoulder, “You’ve got to know I wouldn’t manipulate you like that though?”

“I know.” Claude grins smugly at him.

“So it was ok?”

“It was perfection.” Claude tells him.

After dinner, Claude says he can’t face the humiliation of another chess game, so they settle in for another bond movie.

Carter knows Claude will join him in bed, so he waits, perhaps a little anxiously, while Claude makes his phone calls.

“You’re tense,” Claude says as he turns out the light, turning into Carter and snuggling against his chest.

“I wanted to ask a favour.” Carter says, feeling a little more confident now the lights are out.

“Ask away.” Claude grins at him.

“Well,” Carter lets his hands card easily through Claude’s hair, it’s become one of his favourite past times, “This week is all about me learning, yes?”

Claude hums easily, “Yep.”

“And obviously you’re more experienced at scening than I am, which is why you’re helping me with that…” Carter can tell he’s starting to ramble a little, especially when Claude huffs a little breath of laughter.

“Just spit it out.”

“Well,” Carter can feel himself blushing a little, “It’s just, you’re obviously a lot more experienced at giving blow jobs than I am… so I was wondering….”

Claude sits bolt upright in the bed, “Oh hell yes.” He grins at Carter, “Happily, gladly, I will give you any and all pointers you need.”

Carter laughs, “You’re just saying that because you get a blowjob out of it.” He says with a teasing grin.

“Nonsense,” Claude winks at him, “It’s because I’m such a kind and giving person.”

That’s how Carter ends up with Claude’s cock in his mouth, Claude’s hands on his jaw, and Claude murmuring soft words of encouragement and direction. He’s always loved giving head, mostly because he loves the feeling of making a sub fall apart beneath him, and with Claude’s expert tuition he knows he’ll be able to make his subs disintegrate completely.

Claude holds out for surprisingly long, but Carter’s a quick learner, and by the time he’s perfected his technique Claude is squirming and panting and gasping Carter’s name as he comes down his throat.

Carter’s achingly hard, but he gives Claude a minute to get his breath back before he crawls back up his body for a kiss.

“Fuck my face.” Claude asks plainly, “Please Hartsy, please.”

“Oh christ,” Carter groans, because Claude is flushed and debauched looking and there’s nothing Carter would like more. “Like this?” He gestures to how Claude is lying, flat on his back.

Claude grabs a couple of pillows from where they’d been thrown on the floor and tucks them against the headboard so he can prop his head up before grabbing Carter by the hips and tugging him instantly upwards.

It’s impossible not to moan as Carter slips his cock between Claude’s easy lips. Claude offers no resistance, just lying, pliant as Carter fucks into him, sucking when he can, but mostly just holding his mouth open. Carter can’t help but stare down at the tears building in the corner of Claude’s eyes as he takes every inch of his cock so obediently. “You’re such a good boy,” he whispers reverently, “Look at you, taking everything I’m giving you so beautifully.”

Claude’s flushed from the praise, choking and drooling around Carter’s cock and it doesn’t take long until Carter is spilling over his tongue, letting a little dribble decadently over his lips just so he can lean down and kiss it off.

“You’re something else, you know that right?” Carter says gently when he’s got his breath back, “You really are.”

Claude stretches up to steal a kiss, “You’re not so bad yourself.” He tells Carter, and they trade lazy kisses until they fall asleep.

The morning of their last full day starts the same way the others have, with admittedly, a little more flirting during the run, and Carter taking a little more time to stare at Claude’s ass during their yoga routine.

Over lunch however, Claude seems a little nervous, and it ends up falling to Carter after they’ve finished to prompt him to share his plan for the day. “I know you’ve got something,” He says, a teasing glint to his eye, “So you may as well tell me.”

“It’s not that,” Claude blushes, “I just…” he looks down at the table, before looking back up at Carter, “Obviously, rewards are a huge part of a Dom’s repertoire, but I didn’t know if you wanted to practise that on me…” he trails off, looking down again.

“You didn’t know if I wanted to practise?” Carter asks, teasing gently, “Or you didn’t want to ask for a reward because you weren’t sure you deserved one.”

The blush staining Claude’s cheeks answered the question for him.

“I think I’d like you to wait in my bedroom after your shower today.” Carter lets his gaze flicker over Claude, “And make sure it’s a thorough shower”, he adds, before leaving Claude sat at the kitchen table, winking at him before he leaves the room.

He takes his time showering, giving Claude time to get his act together, shower and end up in Carter’s room. He knows exactly what he wants to do, and it’s something he’ll admit to himself that he’s dreamt about doing before, before he even knew that scening with Claude was an option for him.

When he’s done with his shower, towel slung about his hips, he goes through to his bedroom to see Claude kneeling patiently by the side of the bed, also clad only in a towel.

“Hello,” Carter grins, sitting down on the edge of the bed, letting his hands run through Claude’s damp hair.

“Hi.” Claude stares resolutely at the floor.

Carter chuckles softly, his hand moving to stroke Claude’s cheek, “Now, I’m starting to think you don’t see why you deserve a reward at the end of this week.” The flush on Claude’s cheeks lets him know just how correct he is with his assumption, “And that seems pretty strange to me, since you’ve been positively angelic all week.”

Claude shrugs, “I’m supposed to be good.” He answers, perhaps a little mulishly, “It’s my duty.”

“True,” Carter doesn’t stop his hands stroking over Claude’s shower-damp skin, skating over his neck and shoulders with feather light touches, “But it’s not your duty to ensure a new Dom is trained up ready for your team.” He lets his fingers play with Claude’s lower lip, effectively stopping him from arguing, “It’s not your job to think up all of these scenarios, hell,” he grins down at Claude, “Yes, you’re supposed to be a good boy, but it’s not your duty to be my good boy.”

Claude flushes at how possessive Carter sounds.

“So,” Carter leans a little closer so he can speak quietly in Claude’s ear, “I would like to give you a reward Claude, will you allow that?”

Claude whimpers, and nods.

“Good boy.” Carter grins, straightening up, “Face down on the bed then.”

Claude scrambles to obey him, giving Carter opportunity to snatch the towel that’s around Claude’s waist, allowing him a glimpse of Claude’s hardening cock, before he’s lying obediently on the bed.

Carter takes his time rearranging Claude, spreading his legs, drawing him up onto his knees, absentmindedly thinking how like child’s pose that they always do at the end of their yoga routine it is, and realising that he’s never going to be able to do that without thinking of Claude.

“How long can you hold this for?” He asks quietly, his hand smoothing over Claude’s spine.

“However long you want me to Sir,” Claude answers.

Carter snorts, “Nope.” He tells him, “I want you to tell me if your hips or knees start to hurt, got it?”

“Yes Sir.” Claude says obediently.

Carter takes his time setting between Claude’s spread legs, letting his hands roam over Claude’s round ass. When he leans close, thumbs spreading Claude’s ample ass cheeks apart and lets a huff of warm air skirt across Claude’s hole, his captain lets out a breath and swears.

“Tabernak. Sir.” He whimpers in surprise.

“Oh come on,” Carter chuckles, “It’s not like you couldn’t have guessed this was what was coming.” He muscles in closer, before reaching out and flickering his tongue just briefly against Claude’s hole.

Claude whimpers gratifyingly.

“I want those noises,” Carter tells him, giving him another lick in reward, “Don’t keep quiet ok, I want to hear you Claude.” With that, he buries himself in Claude’s ass, licking and sucking like he was made for it. His hands on Claude’s ass cheeks keep him steady, allowing him to thoroughly rim him, to fuck into him with his tongue without Claude being able to squirm away.

He loses himself for a while, Claude whimpering, moaning and swearing. He’s just as responsive as Carter had hoped he would be, just as perfect. Carter lets himself work one spit slick finger inside of Claude, rubbing the pad of it against Claude’s prostate until his Captain is writhing, and clearly nearing orgasm.

“Tell me when you’re close,” Carter instructs, and when Claude nods in agreement, goes back to his task at hand.

When Claude shouts that he’s close however, Carter stops, pulling away completely, letting his hands stroke up and down Claude’s sides instead, his mouth pressing kisses against Claude’s shoulder.

Claude whimpers, “I thought this was a reward.” He pouts.

“It will be.” Carter grins at him, “But you need to be a little bit patient for me first.”

“Anything Sir,” Claude tells him, “Anything.”

“Good boy.” Carter tells him. He brings him close to the edge twice more with his mouth, and then a fourth time, with first two, then three, then four fingers fucking in and out of him, until Claude is sobbing and begging.

“Claude,” Carter says softly, after the fourth time Claude has nearly reached orgasm, “What do you want beautiful boy?”

“Sir, please.” Claude turns his head to look at him, “I want you to fuck me.”

Carter hums thoughtfully, “I don’t know,” he says, stretching himself out so his body blankets Claude’s, his cock rubbing up against Claude’s oversensitive hole, “That sounds an awful lot like a reward to me sweet boy.”

Claude moans, burying his face in his arms.

“Do you think you deserve a reward yet?” Carter asks sweetly, pressing kisses to the shell of Claude’s ear, “Do you think you’ve been such a good boy this week that you should have a reward.”

Claude sobs.

“Tell me the truth,” Carter instructs him.

Claude mutely shakes his head.

Carter laughs, “Roll over then.” He tells him.

He takes a moment to admire the scene in front of him, Claude’s cock flushed and achingly hard, leaking precum onto his taught stomach, tear tracks down Claude’s face from where he’d been sobbing and begging. He looks, in a word, wrecked.

“You’re so beautiful,” Carter tells him, before leaning down and wrapping his mouth around Claude’s swollen cock.

It doesn’t take long before Claude is begging and swearing and telling Carter that he’s close again, and Carter pulls off his cock with a pop. “Beautiful boy,” he grins up at him, “You ready for that reward yet?”

Claude hides his eyes, but he does nod.

“Really?” Carter grabs some lube, and slicks it over his cock, lining the head of his cock up with Claude’s open, desperate hole. “Really?”

“Please Sir.” Claude begs.

Carter hums thoughtfully, “Not until you tell me why I’m doing this.”

Claude sobs again, but takes a breath, before shakily admitting, “It’s my reward Sir.”

“That’s right,” Carter thrusts forward, just a millimeter, not even putting the tip in, just playing with Claude’s entrance, “And why do you get a reward Claude?”

Claude groans, and looks away.

“Claude,” Carter reaches out, grabbing his chin with one hand and forcing him to meet his gaze, “You tell me why you’re getting this reward or you don’t get it.”

“Sir,” Claude sobs, “It’s because I’m a good boy, because I’m your good boy.”

“Oh fuck yes.” Carter sighs as he sinks himself to the hilt in one smooth movement, Claude’s ass accepting him easily. He fucks in with a quick and steady rhythm, leaning down to kiss the tears that are flowing freely down Claude’s cheeks, his abs rubbing against the head of Claude’s cock as he does.

“Fuck Sir,” Claude whimpers, “I’m close again.”

“I know you are.” Carter tells him, “And that’s ok, because you’re my good boy and you’re going to come for me whenever you want to.”

Claude tips his head back and within a few thrusts from Carter, he’s shaking apart, coming between them, his head tipped back, his mouth open in a silent scream.

Carter himself feels like he’s been on edge for hours, and the tight clench of Claude’s body around him is all it takes to tip him over the edge into his own orgasm.

It takes a few moments for Carter to come back to himself, but then he’s slipping out of Claude, noticing the way his eyes are closed, his breathing evened out. “You with me Claude?” he asks, nuzzling Claude’s tear stained cheek with his nose.

Claude hums a little, but doesn’t really reply.

“I’m going to go get something to clean you up.” Carter tells him.

Claude’s still out of it, when Carter returns with a warm wash cloth, which he first uses to clean the tears from Claude’s face, and then the come from his stomach and his ass. He’s still out of it while Carter runs down the stairs to grab a bottle of Gatorade for each of them, downing his own instantly, and he’s still out of it when Carter wraps his body around him, and presses a kiss to the back of his neck.

He doesn’t mean to fall asleep, but he does, and when he wakes, the afternoon sun is streaming through the window, falling across Claude’s freckles. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to Claude’s shoulder.

Claude hums, “Not too shabby yourself.” He mutters, his voice cracked and achy sounding.

Carter huffs, “Thought you were still asleep.” He admits with a blush.

“I mostly am.” Claude rolls over to curl into Carter’s side, “Fucked out and sleepy.” He grins up at Carter, “That was… incroyable.”

Carter grins at him, and steals a quick kiss, “Nap some more if you want to.” He tells him, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.

Claude takes him at his word, and falls quickly back asleep. Carter stays for a while, just watching him, but eventually untangles himself, and heads down to the kitchen. Claude’s cooked for them every night they’ve been here, but it’s nice to be able to return the favour, even if he just makes a simple pasta dish using up everything in the fridge since they’ll be leaving the next day.

He’s just contemplating whether to put it in the oven to keep warm and wait for Claude to wake naturally, or whether to go and wake him, when Claude appears behind him, wearing just a pair of sweats, his arms sliding around Carter’s waist, standing on his tiptoes so he can rest his chin on Carter’s shoulder.

“Smells good.”

“Figured it was time to return the favour.” Carter grins, turning in Claude’s arms so he can kiss him, “Besides, you were very unconscious.”

Claude hums, “Someone fucked the brains right out of me,” he says with a smirk.

“That I did.” Carter says proudly, refusing to be embarrassed by it.

They sit at the kitchen table to eat, but Claude tangles their feet together under the table, and shoots Carter shy grins every other mouthful. After dinner, they do the washing up side by side, and then head to the couch in the living room.

“So,” Claude says with a sigh, tucking himself into Carter’s side, “How are you feeling about next season?”

Carter chuckles softly, “Can you guarantee you’ll assign me a sub that’s as angelic as you are?”

Claude grins up at him, “I think you’ll have no problems even if they aren’t.” He nudges Carter softly with his shoulder, “My ass is still sore.”

Carter grins down at him, “Poor baby,” he teases.

“And maybe,” Claude blushes, “Like, next season, if we’re on a roadie or something, and neither Danny or Ryanne are there…” he falters a little, looking up at Carter, “I could come to you?”

“Anytime.” Carter tells him honestly, drawing him into a sweet kiss, “Anytime.”


The first day of training camp is always a little bit hectic. Of course, not everyone there will make the final roster, but there’s a lot of new faces, trades, rookies, call-ups. Carter can’t help but take note of those who are obviously subs, wondering who he’s going to be assigned to. Still, he also catches Claude’s eye from across the room, and grins at him. When Claude just offers a tired smile in response, he remembers everything Claude had told him about his nerves regarding the call ups.

He makes a point before skating out onto the ice for the first time to knock his shoulder against Claude’s. “Remember what I told you.” He whispers.

Claude frowns up at him.

Carter smirks, “Bat those eyelashes Claude, I’ll fucking kill a man.”

He skates out onto the ice with his Captain grinning happily after him.