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Every Breath You Take

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Expressing feelings is hard, you can internally experience those intense desires but words are unnecessary as they can only do harm, but there’s alternatives to tell how you feel to the person you hold dear.

Or at least... he tries.

Long missions with longing to be by your side, the letters with few sentences but filled with being there for you and protect you, but his job interferes at the most important moments. You grow impatient and know is not his fault while a little pain in the chest grows in small steps. You know he’ll be back so why worry? You know he’s strong so why worry? Maybe is just the feeling of being held by his arms, to being kissed and loved and maybe have a night sleeping together or two is what makes the impatience run amok in your heart.

The sound of someone coming closer cuts the thread of thoughts with high hopes being the one you were waiting resulting to be on the opposite, it was a crewmate with a report with the status about supplies, with a weak smile you thank the effort while going to pick something to eat, according to Ilsa eating something sweet helps quench bad feelings the idea of a toast with honey sounds nice however the memory flashes of how come you like such dish while eating it.

“Come on! It tastes good! Trust me on this one captain” Beatrix beamed at you on another of her attempts to make something sweet taste normal despite the unholy amounts of sugar the woman doses with. Surprisingly she just passes a toast with two tablespoons of honey she collected at Lumacie.

Such toast had delicate flavor and for once not making your stomach churn by the sweetness, not noticing someone was already on the table with a cup of coffee and ready for his usual comment “Finally you make something worth eating” Eustace said mocking his fellow Society companion “UGH! What about you say something nice for once!? Captain tell him something! He always makes fun of me” she whines “Well…” you can’t really say no to him, less with that intense gaze that makes you feel a little hot and awkward, he knows how to tease in an instant “Well what? Ah! Could it be….Captain you are on his side!? No fair!” falling to her knees Beatrix cries a little more “Bu..But the toast is delicious Bea, I believe Zeta will like it as well!” to save yourself you said that to cheer her up “Really? I’m glad!”  quickly she hugs you and kisses your cheek with glee, she really is something, Eustace scoffs while finishing his coffee in silent enjoyment because seeing your smile is enough.

Night falls and tired from moving supplies to the ship you want to take a long bath and sleep but something made you put your battle gear up and sword in hand, slowly walking outside with clear perimeter you look around if any thieves or monsters were approaching but not a sound or movement were heard, probably it was your imagination…until your turn your back and something or better said, someone catches you “You let your guard down... but impressive reflexes, as expected” the erune whispers while licking your neck a bit and letting you go, furious red cheeks meets his visible eye as you protested to just let you know he was coming back late from a mission.

He just enjoys to tease and play with you, not that you don’t mind at all, however something was a little weird with his behavior, as the light from the moon illuminated his silhouette which made more than a sight with his platinum hair and ice blue eyes, one covered by the patch Mahira made for him to help with his light weakness “You ok?” you ask while getting closer with curious gaze, he takes both of your hands and nods, when he does that means a private conversation with you and only you in the bed.

Both comfortable he lets you to pet his fluffy ears, knowing you love to do so as an apology for being out for so long, you missed his touch, the little smiles and his deep voice, just by calling your name you feel in the moon and seeing stars then taking advantage from the dim illumination above the sky he’s on top of you “May I..?” as suspected something was odd as your feelings grow stronger too “I wanted to do it too” shyly you accept his request. It has been a long time without feeling each other as one, Eustace is seen as an anti-social gun wielder who gets the job done and is fluent in sarcasm however he has a nice heart that has been hurt and his trust cold as snow but by meeting you plus understand his pain and struggles, he trusts you with his soul and vowed to do his best making you happy sure your relationship is slowly developing as a bud in the process of blossoming but you do really love him with all your heart.

The room is the only witness of the moans and cries you make with each kiss, bite and care he does to you, from your neck, to your lips and going under to lick and suck your wetness begging for more, to his delicate ears your voice is the best music and he can’t take it anymore, cursing the full moon and the effects on erunes he goes full ahead and prepares you to receive him with patience he sure has “You’re my pray tonight” growling biting your shoulder with care of his fangs marks you like the wolf inside him howls for a mate.

Slow and fast movements accompanied by melodies of love and carnal instinct, two individuals of different races were one that night, coming close you called his name over and over again with the heat not letting you see more than a white noise and your ears drunk by his voice. Rational thoughts zero and climaxed both drown by ecstasy and liberation of fluids and sweet nothings, only for you.

Collapsing in bed he holds your hand and a whisper escapes his lips while beads of sweat are over his face and a little smile, you were too tired to hear most of it but clearly satisfied you could communicate your feelings and being ready for the greatest sleep you haven’t had in months.

“Every single day I enjoy with you is amazing…” were the words.